Fire & Shadow Dog Dragon Farming (Done)

Here are the final results of my farming:

Fire & Shadow Dog Dragon Mythical – 100 Runs (5000 Stamina) – 2x Drop
Monster Drops Rate Stam / Drop
Fire Shibamaru 22 22.00% 227.27
Dark Shibamaru 28 28.00% 178.57
Total 50 50.00% 100.00

I actually didn’t do much more farming after my previous post, but with 10x going on and how soul-crushing farming these things are I decided to just end it. I finished skilling my first Sanada (5/22) and my second Akechi (5/15, the first one was done via Badpys). I wanted to finish a second Sanada, but I actually don’t see where I’d use him at this point in time. Seeing as I surprisingly don’t have a third Akechi, the extra Shibamarus are going to rot in my box for a while. The third would be fairly useless, but who knows, maybe the Sengoku will get the 3K treatment and get split uevos right off the bat.

For those still trying to finish off their Akechi but also have an Ishida, remember that the last dungeon of this series has skill ups for both. This may make the decision easier for those that have to choose between doing this or 10x. Also of note, the Mori Motonari skill ups were voted into the water survey dungeon so that’s something to consider before farming the next iteration (water & light).


8 thoughts on “Fire & Shadow Dog Dragon Farming (Done)

  1. I rolled 2 Mori Mononari but cant really see a use for him. His leaderskill is unwieldy and a 14 max cooldown skill is awfully high even if its pretty awesome, Akechi and Sanada at least have that active to justify the low weighted stats and few awakenings.


      • Truthfully, no. Im guessing he shines when used in a 5-8 turn cooldown Haste heavy team, pop Motonari at mid boss in order to get everything back up for the boss?


  2. Congrats. I have both Senada and Akechi but I can’t force myself to play this game anymore. I’ll drop in and use normal stamina but gone are the days where I would stone for stamina and farm as much as possible.


  3. I have two Ishidas, but as low/no-IAP it feels like a lot of investment for a card that doesn’t feel worth it.

    Maybe GH will bless Ishida’s eventual uevo to make Zuoh teams better. I can’t really see where to use him otherwise…. Do you think that might happen?


    • Ishida is very powerful, there’s just very few places to use him effectively. His uevo would have to be quite excellent to either supplant Sylvie as a leader or another sub on the same team.


  4. Is the Maeda Keiji System worth it? I mean you can infinitely reshuffle your board right? Also, What’s better in your opinion, Sylvie-Freyja, or I&I+Ryune?


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