Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

A while back I recommended making a Swallowtail for Ranking Dungeons and other purposes. I thought it was only fitting to skill one up. Will I ever use it? Probably not, but that goes for the majority of cards I make and skill up.

Sorry, don’t quite have enough +eggs to throw around to hypermax it without regret.


6 thoughts on “Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

      • I’m not actively farming Badpys (or any -pys for that matter).

        Do you roll the Pal machine during Enhance carnivals? I can see that helping. (I mostly save my points for the Rare monster and Evo mat ones.)


        • I guess you couldn’t detect my sarcasm. I get tired of people asking if it’s worth to skill up via dupes vs. pys. Exp is cheap, fast and mindless to get. Pys are scarce, time consuming and mentally trying to get. Most would feel the same after clearing Arena 1 close to 200 times and alt. coins thousands of times before that.

          I get 20+ pal rolls a day; I pretty much have to roll everyday to not waste points. The only pal rolls outside enhance materials that help me in any way are the Yatagarasus.


          • Oh. I was being rhetorical. My sarcasm meter is a little busted when it comes to the net.

            I mean, I get that -pys are super-scarce (like 1 per 2000 stamina at best). I understand that Extreme/Super King dungeons are where it’s at. (Never actively stoned; only farmed off natural stamina.)


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