Godfest Help Post: 2/29-3/1

2657 - Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato Takeru2658 - Adored Starsea Goddess, Andromeda2659 - Brave Vanquishing Deity, Perseus2660 - Fervent Monkey King, Sun Wukong2662 - Awoken Pandora
2009 - Awoken Horus2010 - Awoken Isis2011 - Awoken Bastet2012 - Awoken Ra2013 - Awoken Anubis
New: 2641 - Gods' Enemy Monstrous Wolf, Fenrir

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. Overall grades are not an average of the leader and sub grades, but based on the normal distribution of all combined pantheon ratings.
Godfest: Heroes 2/29, Egypt 1 3/1
Day 1 Day 2
Heroes Egypt 1
A- A
A- C+
A+ B+

4x to the featured gods makes this a very attractive godfest, especially for those chasing one of the elusive 6-star GFEs. It helps that both the pantheons are competent and that a dark gala is active. The addition of Fenrir to the GFE pool is the only negative to this godfest (although wood players are left wondering when they’ll ever get a wood gala to overlap with a godfest). This will likely be the best opportunity to roll until the PCGF.

Edit: 4x means you’ll have a greater chance of rolling a specific featured god, but since there’s only one featured pantheon the chances of rolling any pantheon god are lower overall. This means for newer players who should be prioritizing overall value, this may not be the best godfest to roll. For more experienced players, this is still a great godfest to roll. This was brought to my attention from a user comment and I feel I should point it out here for more visibility (I should have pointed it out in the first place).

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions about just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

I’m still pressed for time, especially with 10x, so don’t expect prompt replies this time. I’ll probably close the comments earlier each day than usual. Anyways, here are the rules:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • WordPress flags comments with multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment when I stop taking questions for the day, so please be patient and wait for a reply the next day.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 2/29
Name Lead Sub Overall
2657 - Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru B+ A- A-
2658 - Adored Starsea Goddess, AndromedaAndromeda B+ B+ A-
2659 - Brave Vanquishing Deity, PerseusPerseus B+ A- A-
2660 - Fervent Monkey King, Sun WukongSun Wukong B+ B+ B+
2662 - Awoken PandoraPandora A A- A+

With their uuevos, and Pandora’s awoken, the Heroes have returned to being the best overall pantheon in the game. Pandora is an elite leader and the rest are not bad. They’re also all great subs, making them one of the few pantheons in the game that are both good as leads and subs (which is what boosts their overall grade).

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 3/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
Egypt 1
2009 - Awoken HorusHorus B+ B B+
2010 - Awoken IsisIsis B+ B+ B+
2011 - Awoken BastetBastet A- C B
2012 - Awoken RaRa A C B
2013 - Awoken AnubisAnubis A B- B+

Egypt 1 has been slowly declining, but they’re still the best overall pantheon for leaders.


160 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 2/29-3/1

  1. Hello Setsu sama!

    I was wondering if u could check my teams and give me some feedback on them.

    Rank: 245
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/kappaslave/
    IAP: usually don’t but occasionally go apeshit

    I play on NA but have all my monsters on Padherder maxed level/evo’d for convenience so some have the JP exclusive forms.


      • Your Pandora team is the best by far. It has the most potential, synergy and can also be used as a Lucifer team. I’d consider starting uuevo Pandora on Awoken Pandora if you feel you’re running into RCV problems. I’m also not sure that Lucifer is a good sub for Pandora, but you can feel out the team as you use it.

        The Saria-Thor team is the next best. It might be good to have the team as an alternative to clear things Pandora/Lucifer might have trouble with.


        • Ayy thanks for the feedback man.

          Also, what do you think of Awoken Artemis as a leader and as a sub?

          And do you think SariaxSaria is significantly worse than SariaxThor because of the lack of rcu?


  2. Rank: 114
    IAP: No
    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/CH1CK3NMAN/monsters/
    Main Teams:
    Sun Quan
    I was wondering if I should roll on day 2? Its a bit late to ask for day 1 as im posting this at 10:30 at night. I am a new player with not that great of a box. I rolled today (The first day) and I got Hanzo, Durga, Andromeda, Lucifer, and Massive Blade Zweihander. If I shouldn’t roll tomorrow, when should I roll? Thanks


    • I think you’re doing yourself a huge disservice as non-IAP by not starting with a better leader. I’d strongly suggest rerolling for a better lead, as unattractive as that might sound.

      Otherwise, it’s hard to say what to do. I’d probably keep grinding away with Sun Quan, wait for the PCGF (should happen in about 3 months) and hope for a better leader from that.


  3. Rank: 200
    IAP: Not yet but not 100% opposed
    PADH: https://www.padherder.com/user/Junco/
    Team: LuBu/Ronia so far, works well enough for simple mythicals like Kangetsu and Aamir.

    I was working my way towards an A. Pandora team, because it seemed like a good option for where I’m at even though I only have mediocre devils. However, I got a Yomi yesterday and am wondering if that would perhaps be better in terms of long term investment – something like Yomi/U.Pandora/Sat./Oku/etc, Goetia or A. Pandora or Sirius??

    I’ll go ahead and do A. Pandora anyway since I have everything gathered but a dark jewel. Also I’m only on C6 so there’s lots of room for improvement for me. But am missing gods like Haku and Akechi and Zuoh, so. Also, I really wish I had a REM heartbreaker.

    In terms of rolling, I still have hope for the dark gala but probably this is optimistic. I do wonder if Anubis is worthwhile enough as a sub for Pandora or Yomi to roll for. I have had a good hit rate so far with featured pantheon gods on color for the gala.


    • Considering your box, Yomi is currently the better option over Pandora. The subs you listed look correct. I’d strongly suggest trying to skill up the DIza for the team. The good thing is that there’s a lot of overlap between the best dark teams right now so you can probably reuse quite a few resources from Yomi should you roll the components for other teams.

      I don’t think it’s worthwhile to roll for Anubis as a sub. I’d probably continue progressing with your Lu Bu and Yomi teams and wait for the PCGF to roll.


  4. Hey setsu I rolled 3 packs today and a third dkali, a fenrir, and got THREE!!! australis…. 3!!! wtf am i going to do with 3 of that…… what would be the use for the third dkali and fenrir ….


      • what team would australis be for? i have sylvie and can maybe make a team with that. My green box contains vishnu, verdandi x2, gronia, ishida mitsunari, green valk, liu bei, kushinada, astaroth, sasuke, australis x2 , ggy, gzl, grodin, michael, bastet.

        sorry i dont have my pad herder ready my iphone wont want to set up and connect for some reason.

        Thanks Setsu!


  5. Rank:351
    IAP: Went insane for awhile, calmed down now
    PADHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/goldie
    Teams: Currently Verdandi and Spica, however i want to expand

    Hey Setsu, I just rolled a million dark guys and I figured I have a few good team options between Luci and Anubis. I was wondering what would be my best dark team choice with this box, and also what would be the best Anubis team with this box if Anubis isnt the best choice (since i really want to play him). Thanks!

    Note: I have enough mp for yomidra, if that would help my teams


    • You have pretty much all the key dark subs so you can pretty much make any team you want. Lucifer and Pandora are the flavors of the month for good reason so I’d probably start there.

      As for Anubis, I’d probably snag that Yomi Dragon to use as a sub here since you don’t have DKali. I’d also farm up a DIza and Zaerog. The last slot is probably best used by Awoken Haku. Other sub considerations would be Pandora and Yomi.


  6. Rank: 189
    IAP: $50 in 4 months. Used saved stones for this GF. Don’t mind spending more money as I see the game has provided me with hours of entertainment.
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/YungWolf
    Teams: Satan, trying to build a Pandora team.

    I like your blog setsu. It has helped me a bunch. Leveling up I got my hands on a Satan and had Satan friends so built a team around that. I rolled this GF and got 2 Pandoras and some other nice dark and devil mons. I keep seeing that she would be a good lead and I need to start working on a new team as my current Satan team is not getting me past later dungeons. Wondering what subs I should work on leveling up for her. And whether I should roll for say Akechi Mitsuhide soon or not. Thank you for your help!

    Current Pandora team: Pan, Pan, Zuoh, Perse, Vamp Duke w/ Pan helper.


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