Takemikazuchi Mythical – Shiva Dragon

For those that want to farm it.

The Takemikazuchi farmable monster analysis post has been put on the backlog and may never make it off since he’s fairly useless. It was just bad timing for him.


6 thoughts on “Takemikazuchi Mythical – Shiva Dragon

  1. Is takemikazuchi the best dungeon to farm for dogs? The invade/drop in the fire/dark dog dungeon is just too stupid. Takemikazuchi dungeon seems good, if you have the other sengoku too.


    • Dog drops have been inconsistent for me running it unfortunately. Also a wopping 0 skill ups out of 10 feeds for dark. I use A.Bastet to run it instead of ShivaDra. A. Bastet, Verdandi, Cao Cao, A. Ameterasu, Liu Bei, A. Bastet. The bastests and Verdandi get the balance boost, Cao Cao’s delay makes the 50% boss gimmick a non starter, and Ame is just there to bind clear since she has a green sub and a fairly low non skilled up cooldown.


    • Yeah, I think it’s a more than reasonable choice, especially if you have the rest of the pantheon. It’s 20% for a specific drop here and about 25% in the skill up dungeon, but here you get to benefit from 10x.


      • I just did some farming and the 20% number isn’t quite right since the drop rate isn’t 100%. It’s close, though, and the dungeon gets better the more Sengokus you have to skill.


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