PreDRA Infestation Results 2/27/16

Don’t really want to build a table for this (as I don’t plan on dumping drop data on this in the future), but here’s what I got:

  • 69 runs of Legend (99 stamina)
  • 6831 stamina
  • 160 Baby PreDras
  • 47 colored PreDras (9/8/8/9/13)
  • 39,500 MP
  • 5.78 MP per stamina
  • 572.46 MP per run
  • 67 stat latents (13 HP, 12 ATK, 15 RCV, 12 AH, 15 TE)
  • 71 resist latents (12/9/14/18/18)

The team I used was Lucifer / Ra / Cerberus Rider / Ra / Ra / any friend with one skill boost. Lucifer, one Ra and Cerberus Rider had two skill delay resists each for the last three floors. I didn’t get as many runs in as I would’ve liked since I was still half asleep (7am? Thanks a lot, GungHo) and wasted time using up all my best friends.

Was it worth it? For the latents it was. There are some regrets wasting time on farming lights this rotation, but who could’ve known when they’d finally give us this dungeon. I doubt I’ll farm this dungeon regularly. I mean, the latents can go on anything, but I’m not sure there’s enough critical targets where I’ll have to farm this regularly (assuming we get it regularly).


17 thoughts on “PreDRA Infestation Results 2/27/16

  1. Question about the Pre-DRA infestation, the Baby PreDRA have Gadius skillups, is it worth it to use them as such or should a moderately new player (Rank 177) start worrying about MP?


  2. What’s your opinion on Master vs Legend? It seems Master has 100% drop rates so it looks like the better place to farm.

    (Also, I now wish I hadn’t sold those baby predras. Darn!)


      • Legend is more time efficient for sure.

        I only have 145 sta so I only got so many runs out of 2 stones (4 Master, 1 Legend). I at least managed to max skill a Gadius.

        Got 2 dark resists, which is great! Not sure how to feel about the 2 time extends I got. They could be secretly useful, but are they?


        • Now that the top teams aren’t dominated by combo teams, time extends have improved a bit. Teams like Astaroth, Lucifer and Pandora are tanky so they don’t need the resists quite as much, but could benefit from a few more fractions of a second to match since their teams have little to no time extends.


          • I see. Already have A. Astaroth, and the other two are within reach.

            Are there any stat spreadsheets anywhere of PreDra dungeon runs? Japan has had it for a few months, so I can’t imagine there not being one already.


  3. Hello Setsu, I am wondering how do you usually use the HP/ATK/RCV latents? In my view they are really not that useful and far worse than resist latents or skill delay latents in terms of end-game. As far as I understand, once you feed them to any monsters then they cannot be replaced by feeding other latent Tama later anymore. So the HP/ATK/RCV latent Tamadras are just annoyingly occupying my box space and collecting dust for now. Is there any decent use of them?


    • You understood wrong. You can overwrite them later. The oldest ones get cycled off as you add new ones. You just throw them on any monster you want.


  4. For Non-IAP that want to skill up Gadius, go for it. It would take about 18 months casually running this dungeon 3 times a week + whatever we get as MP rewards to reach an MP dragon. The babies for skill ups are going to be a minor time difference.

    Oh I also made a chart comparing the dollar cost of farming this dungeon for both latents and MP. It’s generally better than rolling to sell everything. It’s also better to stone this for a single latent than a dungeon offering 1 invade if you have the time.


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