+Egg Update

There’s still a couple more days of 10x, but I’m reaching my limit so I probably won’t farm too much more. I didn’t keep track of how many +eggs I’ve farmed and I’m too lazy to go back and count, so here’s an image dump of my +eggs instead:



8 thoughts on “+Egg Update

  1. Well, there are 50,835 in that picture. Which is more than 50,000 over my total plus egg count. I am not a big fan of farming pluses 🙂


    • I currently have 10 extras total, but 5 are split into 96s so they don’t show up in the image. But yeah, it’s somewhat strange how 10 doesn’t feel like much at this point. I already have 3 of them pretty much locked in for Odin Dragon, Ragnarok Dragon and Juza (of all things). I thought I was done with farming, but I’ll probably try for a few more before Goemon leaves tonight. If we get those collabs… well, hopefully we get 10x again or Thieves’ Den soon.


  2. Very nice! I finished at 60, not even close compared to you haha. But once again thanks for the Goemon, glad you were also farming hard since I pretty much spammed your lead during the event.


  3. I think I’m starting to come around to your logic of spreading the pain out with preferring more frequent but less derpy 10x farming. This binge farming is rough.


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