Weekly Roundup 56


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 13 ranks
  • 10x – Thank god it’s almost over.
  • The Godfest Help Post has been going well. I think it really helped that they announced the godfest so far in advance which allowed the questions to be spread over many days. Hopefully this becomes a trend.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • It should be interesting to see where JP goes with announcements this week. With the stream uevos being somewhat disappointing, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them pump out some new ones. More awoken Greeks seem like the easy call, but Awoken Indra and Vritra, awoken 3K, uuevo Indian 2, and maybe even uevo Sengoku could be in the works.
  • One reason they might skip uevos this week is the reveal of finalized skill inheritance details. We still need to know the exact constraints and how costly it might be.
  • The other thing they need to make good on are the descended uevos they announced in the stream. By extension, there could possibly be more reincarnation evos (revos?) announced. Finishing off the Mystic Knight cycle seems logical. Here’s hoping they make many of the old stalwart farmables a bit more usable (Healer Girls, Heartbreakers, Ripper Dragons, etc).
  • With NA getting Awoken Pandora so quickly there’s no telling what we’ll get. Uuevo Heroes are translated on PDX so there’s a chance we’ll get those soon.
  • There’s also the worry that NA could implement Arena 2 at any time. I’ll be getting in some Arena 1 farming this week for sure (ugh).

14 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 56

  1. How I wish I weren’t always swamped with schoolwork. I feel like being out of school, despite having a job, tends to result in more free time… but that might just be me having a severe case of “the grass is greener on the other side”. Needless to say, I’ve heard rumors that the next update in EU is doing to be refreshing the Arena to Arena 2, meaning NA isn’t far behind, and sadly I don’t think I’ll be sneaking in the clear I was dreaming of. Had I had more time to burn the 50+ stones I stocked up, I would have tried. But alas.

    It boggles my mind how you’ve managed to speed from Rank 700 to almost Rank 800 so quickly! And when I first started following your blog, you weren’t even at 700 yet! Simply awesome. It must feel so good to have all that stamina.


  2. “•It should be interesting to see where JP goes with announcements this week. ”

    Predicting disappointment. Nostradamus time: Green gemstone princess for sure. One or two more A.Greek. No news on the AS Transfer system. 2 Revos announced. No other updates…

    OK GH, I set the bar, now prove me wrong by announcing all the things. I DARE you. 😛


      • Sometimes it sucks being right 😛 (Although there’s still time for some Revos to pop up! :D)

        Zeus dragon is surprising news. Interesting way to (try and fail to) balance power creep by limiting awakenings and no sub element, but he’s pretty damn OP. I cannot WAIT to see the hell that is his dungeon. Predicting it to require a journey of no less than a thousand miles to FIND the dungeon on PAD R, and THEN it’ll be a no-continues rush of the 6 MP dragons, each harder than Mecha Zeus, followed by Zeus Dragon, who just laughs and directly charges your bank account instead of attacking.

        If this makes it to NA, predicting that they put him in Carlsbad Caverns or the Grand Canyon.

        Curious if this entails a “farmable” pairing for each MP dragon. Not banking on it, but I’d love to see a Posiedon Dragon in the Marianas Trench. 😛


  3. It’s gonna really suck if we get Arena 2.0 before 5×4 Izanami, since a LOT of Yomi Dragon players (myself included) have been waiting to farm dark latents, but I expect that to end up being the case 😦
    Should have just bitten the bullet months ago and bought them, but oh well…


  4. I honestly don’t think there’s any worry about Arena 2 coming soon. They got Awoken Pandora, uevo Urd, and uevo LIza out quickly but it still takes them an extremely long time for non-descend dungeons. Example: it’s been 4.5 months since Star Den of Thieves in JP. I’m betting PreDra Infestation would have taken just as long if the skill up rotation didn’t depend on it. Arena 1 also took nearly 4.5 months to make it here.


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