Limited Activity for March

It’s crunch time at work so my free time is going to be extremely limited for the month of March. What spare time I do have will be spent actually playing the game, so the blog will go relatively neglected. These are the following post types I’m going to try to keep doing:

  • JP Aggregate Leader List
  • Godfest Help
  • Ranking Dungeon Prep
  • Brag posts, obviously

This also means I won’t have time to address everyone’s comments, so please keep this in mind if I don’t reply. Any team questions should be reserved for the Godfest Help post. You can still try asking in case I find the time before then, but once again, if I don’t reply you know why.

Thank you for understanding.


16 thoughts on “Limited Activity for March

  1. Hey setsu, I have a yomi team that’s slightly developed. I want to make it better. Can you help me?

    Here’s my PADherder.,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxatt,0

    Also its RCV is pathetic and I’m wondering whether i should go for awoken pandora or for UUevo pandora. Could you tell me the potential dark teams in box and which uevo would be more useful?

    Sorry for troubling you. Have a nice day! Thanks in advance.


    • OK so there are 2 high level teams in this box.
      A. Sakuya, 2x LKali, A. Yomi, Dkali.A.Sakuya.
      nepdra, gabriel, Andromeda, Odin, skuld. Nepdra.

      This nepdra team isn’t optimal, no hermes hurts, but its still very strong. Also, requires an MP dragon.

      I would focus on that sakuya team. Dark izanami can be used for a shield in place of a Kali ( pick one) as needed.


  2. Hey Setsu, I’m sorry for taking up your time. If you want’ you can ignore my earlier post about pandora teambuilding. Good Luck at work and PAD!


  3. Setsu I’m a long time reader of your blog, I just had a quick question would the team Awoken Sakuya/Dark Kali/Awoken Yomi/Dark Inzami/Ark(the one with 4 dark resists)/Awoken Sakuya be able to clear arena or not? Thanks in advance!


    • Just about anything can clear Arena if you get lucky enough. I can’t imagine a Sakuya team using Ark being very optimal, though, as you’re basically forfeiting a sub slot.

      I actually took a version of the fabled Dark Sakuya team into the Arena and I can tell you this: if you suck, the team sucks. Having to factor dark into the equation precludes any gains you may make through the superior dark subs unless you’re an excellent player.


  4. Thinking about skill inheritance yet? I have a few dupe Verds sitting in my box that might make Rozuel a worthwhile Raoh card. Unbindable bind clear with a pretty high % chance using either skill 1 or 2 and a 14 turn 2/3 board.


    • There’s not much to think about. There’s so much flexibility that it depends on what you have access to and what you’re trying to clear. On top of that, the Tans are so easy to acquire that it doesn’t really matter if you “screw up” or not. I’m considering skill inheritance much like latents: only a few teams for a few specific dungeons will have hard and fast setups. Granted, assist skills are much more useful than latents and possibly more situational, but the way you think about adding them to your team should be about the same.

      Your example is a pretty good demonstration of this. Rozuel as a TPA sub doesn’t fit very well on Raoh. However, if that’s what you have to work with — as in not-Misato and not-Eren — then why not?


      • Having an OCD box definitely is going to be a help when it comes to that flexibility:) The only other really good fit I’ve come up with is binding Awoken Meimei to Jize for my Pandora team. That would be an 11 turn 2/3 dark and heart board and a fairly dependable way of dealing with the Predras


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