Weekly Roundup 57


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 57

  1. Well shoot, it appears that Arena 1.0 becomes Arena 2.0 with the scheduled maintenance (source: PAD NA’s Twitter). That was a gap of what, about 60 days? Could’ve been worse, but it still feels pretty quick.


    • Yes, it’s stupid, but we knew about it for a couple weeks now thanks to an EU Facebook team that isn’t retarded like the NA one.


    • They’ll be generous with Py giveaways when Antonio and Michael can clear Arena.

      We’ll be skeletons before then!


      • I don’t even think Antonio has a +297 team and he’s been playing since the game was released. It’s sad.

        I’d actually be fine — happy, even — with the current giveaway quantity if they were instead distributed through the 10-stamina, random spawn dungeons that JP has been getting. Having some control over which Py you get would go a long ways toward helping players progress and you get a stone to boot.


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