Godfest Help Post: 3/18-3/19

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Constellation 2 & Archangels 3/18, Constellation 2 and Japanese 1 3/19
Day 1 Day 2
Const. 2 Archangels Const. 2 Japanese 1
Individual B- C+ B- B-
Combined C+ B-
Individual B- B+ B- A-
Combined B B
Individual C+ B C+ B+
Combined C+ B-

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions about just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

I’m still pressed for time, so once againdon’t expect prompt replies this time. I’ll probably close the comments earlier each day than usual. Apologies to anyone who I can’t get to. Anyways, here are the rules:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • WordPress flags comments with multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment when I stop taking questions for the day, so please be patient and wait for a reply the next day.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.

Skill Inheritance

Skill inheritance obviously changes the game significantly, but since it’s brand new on JP we haven’t really seen its true potential yet. Therefore I’m going to pass on adjusting the grades based on it this time.

Thoughts on the Constellation 2

Usually when there’s a new pantheon I’ll write up something on each member, but Constellation 2 (or Mechanical Star God 2) is so boring there’s really not much point. Alcyone and Hamal are obviously nice, but unlike Sanada and Akechi they need a bit more to be extremely relevant pre-uevo. Hamal is a nice leader pair with Yomi Dragon, though. As for the RGB gods, well, they’re pretty much a big miss that reminds of when the Angels hit. There’s some potential there, but their lack of focus prevents them from working well with established strategies. Their actives have potential with skill inheritance, but that’s more a consolation than anything. As for jammers and machines, well, there might be something there eventually if GungHo keeps pumping cards out for them.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 3/18
Name Lead Sub Overall
Constellation 2
2553 - Sharp Cane Mechanical Star God, DenebolaDenebola C+ C+ C
2555 - Pincers Mechanical Star God, AcubensAcubens C+ C+ C
2557 - Quick Blade Mechanical Star God, AlgediAlgedi C+ C+ C
2559 - Waking Up Mechanical Star God, AlcyoneAlcyone B+ B+ B+
2561 - Dream Scythe Mechanical Star God, HamalHamal B+ B+ B+
2498 - Scorching Dragon Angel, UrielUriel B- A- B
2499 - Divinized Archangel, GabrielGabriel B- A- B
2500 - Archangel of Annihilation, MichaelMichael B- A- B
2501 - Archangel of Creation, RaphaelRaphael B- A- B
2502 - Seraph of Corruption, LuciferLucifer B- C C

The Archangels besides Lucifer are all solid subs. They’ve lost a little of their luster with the uuevo Heroes, but their stats and types keep them relevant even though their awakenings might be slightly inferior.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 3/19
Name Lead Sub Overall
Constellation 2
2553 - Sharp Cane Mechanical Star God, DenebolaDenebola C+ C+ C
2555 - Pincers Mechanical Star God, AcubensAcubens C+ C+ C
2557 - Quick Blade Mechanical Star God, AlgediAlgedi C+ C+ C
2559 - Waking Up Mechanical Star God, AlcyoneAlcyone B+ B+ B+
2561 - Dream Scythe Mechanical Star God, HamalHamal B+ B+ B+
Japanese 1
1726 - Awoken HinokagutsuchiKagutsuchi D A- C
2322 - Awoken OrochiOrochi B A- B+
2323 - Awoken Susano no MikotoSusano B- B+ B
2324 - Awoken Amaterasu OhkamiAmaterasu B+ B+ A-
2325 - Awoken YomiYomi A- B A-

The Japanese 1 have been a great pantheon since their awokens. Orochi in particular has shot up in value and dupes of him only got better with skill inheritance.


89 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 3/18-3/19

  1. Not planning on answering any questions tonight (but who knows, I might have time and be bored). I’ll get to them sometime tomorrow, most likely in the evening.


      • If I may, and completely in my own opinion, Linka is a mediocre leader by endgame standards. 36x damage is nice, but no HP or RCV boosts means she is going to have a much, MUCH harder time in longer, harder dungeons. She can hit high damage numbers, but her LS is literally A.Yomi’s, just one combo shorter and 35% weaker.

        At best, she joins SS Isis and Christmas Kirin as hobby leads, they are all capable enough leaders, just… a bit behind the meta. At worst, she’s a mediocre leader with little utility as a sub. Box cheerleader/Waifu.


  2. Hello, Setsu. I need a bit of help with figuring out what to even do with my PAD life. Below is a link to my PADHerder (as requested). I believe it has the info you requested, but I will mention here that I am lightly IAP (a couple bucks a month, usually), and I am trying to build teams for pretty much any relevant lead in my box.

    My main team is currently Nephthys, but I have a strong interest in getting Ryune and Sakuya functioning.

    PADHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Wuggles/monsters/


    • You are far away from a Ryune and Sakuya team. Your best option right now is to find a Raoh BFF then use a Awoken Freyr, Urd, Leilan, Yamato, X team. X can be any number of farmables like Gigas, Hera-Ur, Haephestus, etc. Try to awaken Leilan. Then hope Yamato UUVO comes to NA soon that turns Yamato into an attacker.

      Wait for a PCGF or 4x GFE to coincide with Flame Gala and hope to roll for any number of red row devils/attackers, belial, sanada, yamato, red valk, minerva, cao cao, chiyome, etc.


      • I feared as much. I’ve been searching for a Raoh friend ever since I pulled Freyr, but I haven’t found too much success. I suppose I shall wait. Thanks for the help, sir/madame. 🙂


        • To find Raoh friends, use puzzled ragonx.com and click on Friend Finder. Look for Raoh at Main Leader Only and search. Send invites to as many as you can. You’ll have more people accept you if you have your Freyr up as your current leader and if she is Hypered.

          Good luck!


        • I found 384,101,381 (IGN: Bolts) randomly in-game a few weeks back and he accepted my request when I was sporting a sweet base evo L30 Freyr. He runs a hyper Raoh in slot 1 and I’ve never seen him swap it to something else, although he is rank 543 so availability may be an issue, depending on your rank and whether you still have a BF request available.


      • acx gave pretty great advice and I agree with all of it. One issue I see is that it’s somewhat difficult for tank teams to get off the ground when you don’t have the +eggs for them, especially when it comes to RCV. So just keep that in mind for your expectations for the team.


        • Oh, I fully know that. I am actively farming dungeons to death for plus egg drops. But even without pluses, suggested team cleared Izanami Mythical without issue, and I am just pairing with Judinous’s hypered Urd.


  3. Hey there, I’m working on a Linka (mostly for fun) and was just wondering your thoughts on Alcyone as a sub for her, or vice versa. I don’t have either Pollux or Alcyone, and it seems like at least one of them would be necessary to run her. Do you think he would significantly help me, or would I be better off rolling for something else/with something else I already have? Really any thoughts on running Linka are appreciated, light has always been my main color and she seems like a lot of fun to run.
    Also if yes, no need to worry about warning me on rolling for a single god, I know my odds (especially being low-no iap currently) and will think of it more as a long term project. Thanks for any advice you can offer!
    PADHerder: http://www.padherder.com/user/Beat/monsters/


    • I haven’t really thought about making a Linka team so I’m not all that informed. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the lack of skill boosts, meaning something like Pollux is iffy. Alcyone does have a skill boost making him a better choice. I was wary of the double orb change at first, but then I remembered Eschamali on Yomi Dragon worked quite well so there’s no problem there. Maybe you can run a uuevo Wukong to help fill out the rest of your team with skill boosts. But yeah, you’ll need at least one of Pollux or Alcyone to hit 100% SBR (the lack of SBR makes LValk difficult to run, sadly).

      As for running Alcyone as a lead instead, I probably wouldn’t run Linka as a sub, but if you have an attachment to her I don’t see why not. I do think Alcyone is a slightly better leader.

      With your box I’d say it’s more than reasonable to roll for Alcyone. PDX is also reporting a light gala so maybe you can snag a few of the light gods you don’t have already. Awoken Apollo seems like he’d be a very good fit. Pollux would be a good option at the very least. Thor might be a necessity in certain places.


  4. Hello again, same question should I challenge my luck this godfest?

    Rank 276
    IAP Status: most likely during PCGF or some really good GFs
    A Shiva/Dominating Warrior King Caocao/Red Valk/Reminiscent Norn, Urd/Echidna
    A I&I/War Deity Odin/2x Blue Sonia/A Isis

    Orochi & Kagutsuchi would be my target, but again there’s a lot of “crap” pulls possible.

    Best regards



    • I think you should wait for a better Japanese 1 godfest. The Constellation 2s are just too poor and the better ones, Alcyone and Hamal, you don’t have immediate use for. The pantheon comes around fairly often so if you can wait a couple months I’d do so. I’d also like to think that Orochi would make the PCGF, but who knows.


  5. Not a GF post. I know you built a Scarlet system, was wondering how often any of them find a spot on a team? Assuming a solid fire box would you say it’s worth the trouble to max skill one or two? Thanks


    • If you run Raoh, the first one is amazing and the second can be very useful. Outside that, I find very little use for them and they’re more a trophy than anything (although I do run Raoh a lot, so I do get a lot of use out of the first one). That could change, though, if RSonia gets her leader skill to also include dragons which many people are praying to come with the upcoming GFE buffs.


      • Gracias:) With 1/2 stam multi’s running I just max skilled and evo’d my first and I think I’ll go ahead and max skill a 2nd and leave her unevolved just in case


  6. Should I ham roll for Raphael?

    I have a fairly complete A.Ama team which he could slot into as an alt. Normally I’d skip and hold off for the PCGF, but I have a lot of skillup mobs from the recent Dog Dragons burning box space. I’ll probably roll once anyway, but I have 10 rolls available and I’m not sure I should spend them all.

    Regardless if I don’t get him, I’ll likely skill up a Dog so I still have access to the skill.

    Rank 252
    Non-IAP (Casual)



    • It’s hard to recommend rolling since the Constellation 2s are bad and you also risk dupes with Uriel and Gabriel. On the other hand, there’s supposedly going to be a light gala which could help fill out the rest of you light roster. I don’t think it’s all that bad to roll, but yeah, I’d try to save as many stones for the PCGF as possible. Definitely don’t spend them all.


    • Raphael is not necessary for an Ama team, and the fact that you have Venus means you’re only missing one piece for the complete ideal: Either a dupe Da Qiao, or a Sandalphon. (in fact, I am so so so so so so so so so so so jealous of your venus… *sighs*)

      My Ama team is: Ama / DQ / Valk / chibi valk / Sandalphon / Ama and it gets the job done. A dupe DQ, a Baal, or a super-uevo Wukong is even better than a dupe Valk. Sandalphon is a staple if you’re tackling end-game content but Venus’s every-5-turn-burst is usually more than enough, especially if you use Baal or super-uevo Wukong or a dupe DQ to stack on the rows.

      Honestly, replace SQ with Sandalphon. Amaterasu farms Sandalphon like nobody’s business, especially with a Venus in tow. Blow up things with Venus when you need to (like Raphael on floor 4) then wait on Sandalphon (you can’t die if you have some HP +eggs) and then blow him up again with Venus. Sandalphon will do you a world of good, and, thankfully, he’s finally getting an ultimate evolution this year!

      Raphael is very situational. I use him infrequently on my Thor / Saria team. 5 rows is shiny but his active isn’t as helpful as you think, especially since Ama autoheals, and any rage hits that would one-shot you, you can usually plan around (and if the dungeon regularly one-shots you, like Challenge 9/10, you probably shouldn’t be taking Amaterasu there)


      • Thank you both for the feedback. A.Ama was a world of difference over my LMeta. I have an unevolved Sand and a NY Sand, so I’ll give them a shot over my sq.


        • NY Sandalphon > regular Sandalphon as it stands right now. Depending on Sandalphon’s ultimate evolution, it could become NY = regular or NY _>

          I used to use L.Meta as well 😀 And yes Amaterasu is such an upgrade, she is very powerful. She will take you through so much of the game!


  7. + Region: NA
    + [Padherder] (https://www.padherder.com/user/Berimon/monsters/
    + Hardest Dungeon: C8
    + [Teams] (https://www.padherder.com/user/Berimon/teams/)
    + Non-IAP

    So, my A. Horus team is steamrolling right along, clearing some mythicals. I’d like to have use my A. Freyr though, it seems like you could build a tanky team with him like I&I/Ryune. I’ve picked up a bunch of really good leads, but struggling to find any subs to make a solid team.

    Thanks for any help.


    • Yeah, unfortunately you just don’t have the box to make a good Freyr team. The only key sub you have for the team is Yamato so I’d probably want to pick up at least one more good fire sub before you consider the team. Then you can fill out the rest of the roster with like Chiyome and Prometheus. I’d also strongly considering pairing with Raoh instead of ROdin. As for other teams, I’m not really seeing anything. I think your best bet is to stick with Horus then see what the PCGF gives you.


      • That’s pretty much what I was thinking, I’ve just got so many fire subs (and none of other colors), that it seems like a decent shot. And I’d use Raoh if I had any on my friends list, but I’ve got like 10 ROdins, so I put that on the padherder team to see the stats. Wish I could use my I&I and Saria, but maybe someday.

        Anyways, thanks for the info. 😀


  8. Was tempted to roll on the day there’s JP 2 and then remembered that currently my most desired cards are 1) actual dark cards, not fenrir or durga #2 and 2) venus and then I saw Heaven’s Gala so nope… The trauma of rolling Fenrir is enough to keep me away from the REM for a while anyways D:

    Good luck to everyone rolling 🙂


  9. PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Cobalt314/monsters/
    Rank: 349
    IAP status: Mid-heavy, working on reducing that
    Current Monster Points: 1000

    Main teams: Awoken Ra/LKali/DKali/RKali/AIsis/ARa
    Ra Dragon/RKAli/RKali/Indra/Isis/RaDra
    More in-depth information, along with other teams I frequently use, can be found on the PADherder in my teams section.

    Hey, setsu. I have read many of your blog posts about ranking dungeons, tier lists, etc., and I have to say that they have been very informative and very helpful. So first of all, thank you very much for doing your blog! Second, I have a few questions concerning the Godfest and my teams on which I would like your opinion, seeing how you’re very experienced in the team-building process.

    1. Right now, I’m considering heading in two directions with my Yomi Dragon team: one includes using Eschamali, and another includes a second Yomi Dragon. Currently, I have neither. Should I keep rolling in the Godfest in hopes of Eschamali, or should I just roll until I have enough MP to buy YomiDra?

    2. What Ra Dragon team do you recommend and/or plan on using in Arena 2? Do you think it would be as consistent in the new arena? Also, given the new skill transfer mechanic in JP, what do you think would be a good skill combination for said team?

    Any insight you have on any of the above would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!


    • Regarding question #1, why not do both? Your best chance of rolling Eschamali is going to be during a 4x GFE godfest, and those are also the godfests with the highest average MP value (since GFEs have higher MP values and having only one featured pantheon doesn’t matter as troll golds sell for the same price).


    • 1. I’m not sure what your motivation is for running a Yomi Dragon team. As in, what content are you aiming to clear with it? Without that information it’s hard to give precise advice. However, in most situations you’re going to want both the Eschamali and second Yomi Dragon so you may as well try for both? Your best bet is to wait for another 4x GFE godfest to maximize both your MP and chances at rolling her.

      2. I still haven’t given much thought to Arena 2. I’m basically waiting for dacho or whatever other JP whale to spoonfeed me the next latest and greatest. Until an “ideal” team and setup and decided upon, there’s just too many variables especially when it comes to watch assist skills and latents can be on your friend’s lead.

      That being said, I do like the groundwork laid by Reco’s first Arena 2 clear with Ra Dragon. I think running NY Amaterasu over Indra is very appealing, making your entire team bind immune which means you’ll almost never need the base skills of Isis and Ama. So you can basically put anything you want on them. The most obvious candidates are some kind of delay (one of the Orochis), a damage shield (Indra, Susano, etc), an orb shuffle (Maeda), and/or some kind of damage enhance (Kanna, Sheen). This all just speculation, though. I’ll wait for more information before taking any drastic actions like re-latenting my team.


      • Pandora looks to be your strongest endgame leader. I like running one other Pandora as a sub, but the second is a bit iffy. I think you’d be better served running a quick orb changer instead. Since you don’t have DValk, Hanzo is a strong option. Persephone is also a consideration. Her wood for isn’t devil, but isn’t a horrible choice. Her fire form is, however, and after the awakening buff she’s actually pretty good. She doesn’t have any rows, but the god killer should do a lot of work.

        As for which Pandora form to run, people have diverging opinions. I personally prefer her uuevo version for the extra time extend and RCV (which could be extremely valuable if you don’t have all the +eggs yet). It’s also the preferred form if you’re short on Badpys, but you don’t look to have that problem. Since you already have a uevo Pandora with a couple of skill ups, I’d just uuevo her when it comes around, see how you like it, then make a decision from there.


    • Well the first question should be: which Arena? The next would be: which team? I’m going to assume Arena 1. You have the makings of good Ryune-I&I and Saria-Thor teams, but you’re not quite there. Like you said, your best bet is probably dark. I think Pandora is the way to go, but you should be able to reuse many of the subs for Lucifer if you want to switch later.

      With that in mind, this godfest seems pretty horrible. It’s basically just Hamal for Lucifer which isn’t the greatest. I’d pass.


  10. Thanks for doing these reviews. I always check your reviews before deciding to roll on a godfest or not, but never actually take the time to comment and say thanks. So, thanks!


  11. Hello Setsu,

    Thanks again for all the blog posts. They are really awesome and helpful.

    IAP: Maybe 2x per year, if godfest is good enough.
    Rank: 283
    Main leads: A. Pandora, A. Sakuya, Anubis, LMeta and A. Minerva

    I took your advice during the last godfest and invested in my A. Pandora team. I am desperate to get Badpy’s in order to skill up my team (any advice?). I am currently running: A. Pandora / Zuoh / Akechi / Haku / Vampire / A. Pandora.

    I have a Loki that I am getting the parts together to turn into A. Loki. I also have a Lilith, a Batman+Gloves, a Persephone, Nephthys and a FA Luci.

    My main question is about replacing the Vampire Lord. Do I need uuevo Pandora? I don’t have that or Dark Valk, should I roll for one? Or, do I put Persephone on the team with her skill and high RCV?

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Gekko

    Thanks again for the help,



    • I think we’re at the mercy of GungHo as far as Badpys. Outside challenges and ranking dungeons, we just have to hope for more freebies. Hopefully we start getting the random spawn dungeons like JP so we can choose the type we want. Getting Arena 1 back will be nice, but most players need the Pys to farm there, so that doesn’t help all that much. If any of the Badpy challenges are too difficult, I’d consider stoning if you think you can do it in a few tries.

      I don’t think you need to specifically aim for Pandora and certainly not the very rare DValk. Your current roster looks very good as is. I’d probably wait until your team gets its legs under it, a few good clears under its belt and then decide what to do. I mean if a good Heroes godfest rolls around, you may as well try your luck, but I wouldn’t obsess over it. I do think Persephone is a good replacement. Her wood uevo is a better immediate choice even if she isn’t devil type, but I do like her devil form after we get the awakening updates (which will give her an SBR and god killer). I agree that the RCV is a good reason to run her.


  12. Are you recommending an extra Awoken Orochi for inheritance purposes? Or just any of them in general? I’ve got B/R Orochi and 2 non UEvos.

    Always super convenient when 1x’s line up perfectly like this. I know Day 2 is a pass for me, since I’m chasing Eschamali, and perhaps Sylvie, plus I’ve long since wrapped up collecting JP 1 dupes.


  13. That’s it for today. Compared to the insane amount last week, this was a manageable amount of questions. Although I’m not sure if it’s because there’s just less interest in this type of post now or because the godfest was shitty and almost everyone could figure out to not roll in it themselves.


  14. Regarding Persephone, wouldn’t it be prudent to wait until JP reveals the awoken, which ought to be coming pretty soon? I suppose you can always de-evo a D/R or D/G, but it seems like the awakenings and typing of the awoken might influence where you want to spend your badpys.


    • Yes, but you may as well start working on it now. If Pys are an issue then you’re probably better off using one of her uevos anyways, judging from what we’ve already seen.


  15. Hey setsu, can you tell me if you think I should roll? And if so on which day?

    Rank: 299
    IAP-status: none

    Currently Running Teams:
    A Sakuya: L Kali/L Kali/Xmas Archangel/A Amaterasu (D Kali/Indra)
    A Amaterasu: L Valk/DQXQ/A Venus/Sandalphon (Raphael/Xmas Archangel/Sun Wukong)
    A Shiva: A Hinokagutsuchi/A Leilan/Echidna/chibi chiyome (Nim/Sonia/ROdin/RL Leilan)
    Ryune: A I&I/Skuld/Hermes/Hermes (BlOdin/BlOdin/A Isis)

    Working on Teams:
    FA Luci: A Haku/Persephone/Lu Bu/??? (Grisar/Zuoh/Sonia)
    Ra Drag: Fat Chocobo/D Kali/A Isis/Indra (really far away from making this)
    Bastet: (no really good subs…)

    I have 36 stones right now. I was planning on saving up for players choice, but I am being tempted by the second day Jap 1 pantheon. A dupe Kagu would work fine on my Shiva team, Susano would be a good fit on my Sakuya team and a start for my Bastet team, Orochi would be good on my Ryune/I&I or my RaDra team, and Yomi would be good to possibly start building a team around or as a flex sub on some other teams. Basically, anything other than another Amaterasu from Jap 1 would be good. However, the other pantheon isn’t great and I may be better off saving for player’s choice being non-IAP. Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any advice you have for me. Thanks for all your posts and for always helping the PAD community out!


    • It wouldn’t be terrible to roll, but considering the state of your box and that you already have fairly functional teams I’d pass on this godfest. Even if you may not necessarily get those three specific rolls you want from this godfest during the PCGF, the expected value is just so much better. Unless your PADherder is out of date, it looks like you have a lot of work do on those teams anyways (levels, skill ups, +eggs, etc) so I’d focus more on that than possibly getting more rolls that will really only serve as a distraction.

      I’d suggest picking a single team to focus on; there’s nothing wrong with developing multiple teams, but limited resources like Pys and +eggs should go toward a single team so you can progress through the endgame. I’d probably go with Sakuya (LKali, LKali, DKali, Isis for now). Amaterasu is also a reasonable choice. Ryune-I&I is also fine, but I don’t like your sub choices nearly as much. But in the end, how you want to play is up to you.


  16. Hey setsu, I was not able to get your input last time. Hopefully you are not too busy and can comment on my box!

    Current Rank: 364
    Stones: 28
    MP: 191,742
    No IAPs

    I’ve been playing PAD for years. My team progression has been Hermes, Lucifer, Lu Bu, Kali, then Sakuya. After I formed my awoken Sakuya team it has been my go to team for most descends. The problem now is that I am starting to face a ceiling and dungeons are demanding more survivability as opposed to straight damage. I have never cleared the Arena dungeon and Challenge lvl10 dungeons are a coin flip sometimes.
    Last GF I used all my stones to roll for a D.Kali. I was not successful, but was able to get some new hero gods.

    My main question is, if I want to start clearing these high end game dungeons, should I still try to roll for better exclusive cards? Or can I build a really nice Arena 2 team with what I have. I feel like most of my teams are missing 1 or 2 crucial subs.
    Should I sell some monsters (like the two Blodins I recently pulled) for MP and purchase a dragon?

    On a side note I have been leveling my Raoh team and was thinking maybe I can use him to tackle high end dungeons? When I tried this team I do get worried about preemptive binds. Not sure how viable this team is. My current team has two awoken Leilans. Is a scarlet system just straight up better?

    Sorry I have so many questions, I have put a lot of time into this game and now I have no idea what team to put my energy into in order to progress further. Thanks for all of your posts. I has helped me out a great deal in the past.


    • I think you hitting a wall has more to do with lack of +eggs and skill ups than your team composition. PAD is a game of grinding and you have to eke out every small advantage you can to progress. Since you already have a reasonable Sakuya team there’s little reason why you shouldn’t be able to clear most of the endgame. Maybe you can’t clear the ridiculous content like Arena 2, but few teams and players can. Would a DKali help? Sure, but it’s been demonstrated that you can clear Arena 1 without one.

      I don’t see an Arena 2 team since the best teams (pre-skill inheritance, mind you) all require an MP Dragon to be optimal. Lucifer is your best bet, but a Yomi Dragon sub is needed to for consistency. In short, I actually don’t think Arena 2 is a reasonable goal to aim for, at least not at this point in time. Skill inheritance changes things, but I’d take a wait and see stance before going forward.

      Selling off part of your box for an MP Dragon is the next logical step, but you have to evaluate how much better they would be for you. Since this is for the extreme endgame and I’m assuming you’d have to sacrifice a lot, we need to be very strict with our evaluations. Ra Dragon is out of the question with no DKali. Neptune Dragon is missing Orochi and Hermes, but is otherwise close. Yomi would be the best for you since you have some of the parts for its team and it could also sub on Lucifer. This would be the best way to go for clearing Arena 1 and would set the groundwork for Arena 2. I guess the questions are how much do you have to sacrifice MP-wise and how dedicated are you to grind out the Pys and +eggs to make the teams endgame worthy?

      You have a pretty good Raoh team. Yamato / Leilan / Sanada / Scarlet would work nicely. You don’t need the Scarlet system, one is enough. I don’t know what preemptive binds you’re worried about. There are very few sweeping ones in the endgame anymore and the random ones can be worked around. At the very least it should be possible to add a bind clear as an assist skill later on to address this.


      • Thanks for the quick reply. I will definitely start working on plusing and skilling up my team. One last question. If I do end up getting a yomi dragon for my lucifer team, would the team function better than my raoh team. Assuming I skillup and plus everything of course.


        • In general, yes, the Lucifer team is better. If only because I can’t see Arena 2 being easy for Raoh-Freyr. Outside that, though, it’s probably pretty even. Just keep in mind that skill inheritance can really change things.


          • Thanks you so much for your input. Before skill inheritance I’m gonna try max egging the teams out. Will probably blow some stones the next time a +egg events comes around. Hate to admit it, but I have been pretty lazy when it came to plus egg/ skill up farming. been playing for years and only have 3 max egged cards haha. Thanks again for the advice


  17. Hi Setsu,

    First time I could use some advice but was thinking about getting thought about next moves.

    I’m non IAP, lvl 400ish, mostly running with ShivaDra (recent acquisition), A. Bastet and A. Ra (stopped using Ronia/Beelz when I bought Shiva dra)

    Currently aiming to clear c10 contents.

    My pad herder (filtered) : https://www.padherder.com/user/Tibow1/monsters/#31,0,31,1535,268435455,0,,0,0,0,gt,5,0,0,0,;rarity,1

    As I got A. Pandora, Zaerog and recently rolled Eschamali, was maybe considering investing in a dark oriented team.

    But could maybe use some of the Jap 1 on Day 2 as I was never lucky with Susano, Orochi or Hino (I have already A. Yomi and A. Ama)

    Or should I pass and wait for next GodFest (or keep my 35 stones for +eggs during next x10 descends) ?

    Thanks in advance !



    • This godfest is pretty bad. I wouldn’t roll for what are essentially roleplayers. Your stones are better spent waiting for the PCGF, 4x GFE or something else. I don’t know if you’re at the point where it makes sense to drop stones for +eggs. It’s a good investment, but since you don’t have an obvious endgame team to +egg I think it’s better to roll for more gods.

      I don’t really see a dark team. You’re lacking a sub or two to make a Pandora team. I’m not sure it’s worth pursuing Yomi since you already have Ra.


      • Thanks for feedback !

        I also thought I should keep my stones but a confirmation is great.

        REM gods were not that great recently with me so guess I’ll just continue developing my Shiva dra team to farm and for ranking dungeons ( except the current one 😉 )


  18. Hey Setsu,

    I don’t really plan on rolling this godfest so I don’t really have a question in that regard (perhaps a yolo roll).. but I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out in your previous godfest posts

    Thanks to your advice (+egging monsters etc) and Mischiefy1, I was able to beat my first C9 and C10 rather convincingly even with non ideal teams.. Its amazing how much +eggs really do help. Its probably because this challenge set only has 3 floors so planning for each boss wasn’t as difficult but it is an accomplishment nonetheless for me.

    Thanks a lot for your time and thorough help. Hopefully the next godfest will be better!


  19. Hey Setsu (or anybody friendly to help :D)

    To start off, my padherder (with teams) is here:

    I have a few solid teams, but I really want to make a combo-based team. I recently rolled a bastet as well as evolving my Awoken Shiva–however looking at guides and such I don’t think I have the right subs for them. I’m not too familiar with sub-requirements for combo teams but I’m not sure if I have the subs that are often recommended or “needed”.

    My goal is to clear the descends, my most recent issues that come to mind are combo-resists (requires 4 or more combos) which is tough for my row-based teams.

    Ideas for a combo-team?


    • Similar to my Bastet team, but I was running through descends with Bastet / G. Valk / Parvati / A Meimei / Flex / Bastet for a while. Flex, from your box, can be A Ceres for unbind, Kush for shield, Xmas Alraune for delay or probably the standard Verdandi.

      The lack of triple Wood TPA sucks (which I don’t have either), but running 3 sub cards with TPA will probably suffice to destroy most descends.

      Also go watch some high play-level videos on YouTube (Reco, Paprika, kosuke). I could barely manage 5-6 combos before, but seeing examples on how to match really can improve speed and ability. I average 7-8 now.

      Hope this helps!


    • Is there any reason you want a combo team specifically. Even if you had the subs for Shiva or Bastet — which you don’t — they’re still both inferior to Sakuya.


  20. Hi Setsu, I finally figured out how to work PadListener and I could always use some “pro” advice.


    My current rank is 514. I’m non-IAP. My main leads are currently Awoken Bastet, Awoken Yomi, Awoken Sakuya, Awoken Horus.

    I currently have 42 stones (had 49 but rolled once and got Maeda Keiji and attempted a few times to get a Crown to no avail). Should I continue to roll in this Godfest or should I hold off for a bit?

    As well, I could use some advice for an MP dragon. I currently have about ~400K MP. I sorta have the the cards for a Yomi Dragon / Ra Dragon / Ragnarok Dragon purchase, but I’m pretty undecided since I’ve been able to clear the toughest content (Lvl 10) without them so far.

    Lastly, I’m kinda at a standstill for where to go to improve my box. Are there any specific pantheons you recommend I roll in to help improve my box / teams?

    I appreciate the time taken, and thanks again for any advice!


    • This godfest is garbage and if you don’t need anything specific from it, I’d pass.

      For MP Dragons, refer to the chart I linked to in the FAQ. If you have further questions we can go from there.

      You’re at the point in the game where you need to identify what teams you want to progress with, which subs you need for them and then roll specifically for them. You always want to improve your EV as much as you can — good second pantheon, good gala, 4x GFE, PCGF, etc. — but that’s not always possible. As non-IAP you need to be particularly strict with evaluating when to roll, though. It looks like you’re lacking +eggs so I’d concentrate your resources there if you want to improve.


  21. Hey Setsu,

    Non IAP – Rank: 396
    Beaten Arena 1, C9-10


    So… I decided to Yolo Roll.. got Maeda and figured, hey its a god, might as well keep trying my luck.. Rolled 6 times.. Maeda, Kanna, Ronia, Venus, Wukong, Izanagi.. This was probably one of my best results.. All 6 rolls were gods.. which leads me to my teams.

    I’ve beaten Arena and C10 with Sakuya, but I know that its not “stable”.. and I know that I cannot farm it as consistently as I would like cause I am missing a Lkali (still ugh) but with these new cards, Are there any changes to what I should do with my teams? I guess my goal would be to be able to “farm arena 1” and tackle new C10s and harder descends… For example, I’ve beaten Scarlet with Sakuya, but it wasn’t easy and had some RNG luck that favored me. I also want to be able to solo mythical devil rush/God rush

    last time, you really liked my Saria/Thor team cause it was complete, however we mentioned that it will take awhile to skill up..Fortunately, last week was Ralph Skill ups and this time it is apoc skill ups.. so it shouldn’t be too bad to finish skilling the team.. with the new rolls, I have a feeling that this might be the team to dedicate my time although the others aren’t so bad too.

    Potential Teams:

    1) Saria /Ralph /Apoc /DQ, Flex / Thor
    -Flex: Lvalk, Wukong, Venus
    *Honestly, I don’t know who I should put on the team as the “core members” but please let me know. This might be my best team to tackle Arena 1/2 and C10s

    2) Sakuya/ DKali/ Lvalk/ Kanna/ Indra / Sakuya
    -Flex: Awoken Yomi (for his TE/Green), Orochi, Sonia Gran
    *I beat Arena using Fat Chocobo instead of Kanna so this might be an upgrade.. Maeda could be useful too with the orb trolling mechanics now, and I was able to max skill him with my saved up dogs.. I think this team just need Lkali to be very strong

    3) Awoken Luci/Awoken Panda teams..
    *I have been using this team lately and It has been pretty fun to be honest. I am able to do massive damage and even was almost able to beat God Rush Mythical with Awoken Luci.. Because most of the subs are interchangeable, I found it pretty easy to switch leads whenever I need to..
    I have a feeling A. Panda/UUevo Panda(soon) / Zuoh (Uevo soon) / Dvalk / A. Luci, A. Panda can make a formidable team. I guess I could get a Yomi Dragon for a sub for Luci, but I find it difficult to invest in it when Panda is just as capable. I remember you mentioned that the lack of Akechi makes this team less complete, but with the upcoming evo of Zuoh/Panda… should this team be the main focus?

    As for all the other descends, I have been using Awoken Bastet as shes still very capable. And I honestly find her gameplay style pretty easy. Now that I have Awoken Yomi, I feel that hes a decent card to invest in too? I have his Ideal team already I believe.. if anything, I love his awakenings….. but I remember you said his game style is pretty challenging/not as fun. I also have Awoken Anubis (lol jk, I suck).. I don’t think I have any other teams that are worth building around (missing Karin, Shiva, etc)

    So essentially, I want to be able to farm the harder content (Scarlet, Mythical God Rush/Devil Rush, Arena 1) and be ready to tackle some newer content sans those Mech Hera/Zeus… Should I just continue investing in all 3 of those teams equally? I remember someone telling me to have at least 2 end game teams, so I figured to ask you if you see any other potential teams I should pursue

    Thank you!


    • I’m quite partial to Pandora. I’m not a huge fan of Lucifer as a regular sub, but he’s a good placeholder for the interim. Short of making a Grisar, you could consider adding an assist skill to Cerberus Rider. Something like RSonia or Apocalypse could be a good fit for regular use, or you could go the utility route with something like Orochi.

      For farming that harder content you listed, that’s a pretty high bar without an MP Dragon. One thing your Lucifer and Pandora teams lack a good damage enhancer and without Akechi for the orb enhance I really don’t think the team will be very consistent in the Arena. However your Saria-Thor team should be ready to go, so there’s that at least. If you’re implying you want to solo Mythical Plus God and Devil Rush, I don’t think you have a consistent team for that. You’re better off finding a farming partner. For Scarlet, much the same, but the teams you have have a better chance of farming that given they meet the stat requirements for the various hurdles.

      This is a difficult time to be evaluating teams as things are still up in the air as far as skill inheritance. Sakuya is still a great leader, but with the increased focus on HP and/or RCV multipliers, I think that vein of leader will gradually die out. So that really just leaves Saria-Thor and Pandora (I prefer your Pandora team to your Lucifer team).

      As it goes with power creep, things slowly get worse over time and Saria-Thor has been out for a while (about 5 months on JP). One thing that always bugs me when I’m giving advice is “will the team I recommended even still be relevant by the time they invest all the +eggs and such to complete the team?”. So that’s just something you’ll have to weigh in your decision. This is also why I like choosing teams to prioritize based on personal preference since even if the team lags a bit in the future, at least you’re using a team you have a connection with. Personally, I’d probably prioritize Pandora, but if you want immediate access to Arena 1 I’d go with Saria-Thor.

      As for other teams, I don’t really see anything. Although there’s the possibility of getting Zeus Dragon as a farmable someday so having that hyper DKali will hopefully pay off.


      • Ah Thank you for the insight!

        Yeah after reading your posts, it does make sense. With power creep and the meta changing every so often, it is challenging to predict if a team will be relevant by the time it is fully +’s out and such.
        Its unfortunate that Sakuya is slowly dying out but I’m sure within a couple of months they will start to buff up these old leaders so that may give me some hope haha. But you are right, its definitely personal preference.

        I agree with your assessment. It seems that these Thor/Saria and Panda teams are good teams to invest in. I might just slowly invest in both of them. But I am leaning towards Panda’s team first cause of the time extends over the Thor/Saria team despite lacking the variety of subs available compared to the Saria Thor team

        If I were to build an ideal team for both what would they be?

        Awoken Panda/ UUEVo Panda/ Zuoh / Dvalk / Flex?
        *My Flex would essentially be rolling for Loki and Akechi right? Any other cards I should aim for?
        Why do you suggest Cerberus Rider over the other dark cards? The low active that allows for skill inheritance?

        For Saria/Thor, I’m a bit puzzled on which cards would form the core of the team?
        * Saria / Wukong / DQ / Valk / Raph? Or should Apoc be in there some where?

        Thanks a lot, Setsu!


        • The last spot for Pandora would be Akechi. For Arena you’d likely have to fit Loki’s active somewhere. Whether that is through inheritance or actually using him, I don’t know. I’d assume Cameo is great as an assist skill.

          Yes, Cerberus Rider is mainly good as a target for inheritance. I mean, an 11-turn Meimei board change would still be pretty amazing on the team, even on a sub with fairly poor weighted stats. It’s just something to consider since the Tans look fairly easy to acquire. You also get the benefit of using him on PreDras and such.

          For Saria-Thor, there are readers here that are much better versed on the team than I am, but I’m a fan of the Apoc + DQXQ orb change combo so that’d be my core. Then fill in the rest with what the dungeon requires. One of the team strength’s is sub flexibility so you shouldn’t lock yourself in. If you’re just looking for +egg targets based on what you might use the most, I’m not sure, but Raphael seems like a good bet.


  22. Closing the comments to new questions (not that there’s much interest left!). I’ll be taking follow-up questions for another day or so.


  23. Hey Setsu, thanks for doing this godfest helpdespite being so busy this month.

    I have some guidance for my JP box, rather than a godfest help
    Rank: 322
    IAP status: $100, probably not again anytime soon

    A.Pandora/Akechi/AD Lucifer/Zuoh/Yomi
    AD Lucifer/Akechi/A.Pnadora/Zuoh/Eschamali or Okuni

    hardest Dungeon cleared:

    Current MP: 450k

    Need help with:
    I’ve been trying to tackle the arena 1 yesterday with awoken pandora and awoken lucifer, but have been falling short due to lack of rcv and time extends respectively (plus I kinda suck)

    I recently rolled a second Pandora, and am planning a
    A.Pandora/Uuvo Pandora/Akechi/Zuoh/Lucifer team. Do you think this would be good enough to clear arena 1 rather consistently?
    Also, beach valk is in the MP shop right now for 300k. Do you think I shouldl by her and run
    A.Pandora/Uuvo Pandora/Akechi/Zuoh/beach Valk
    or do you think I should save MP for yomi dra or perhaps something else?


  24. hi setsu,

    Im trying to build a shiva dragon team(not the best in the game but best i can do so far). My shiva dragon is evoed and maxed out in level and 297+ and I will also be using a friend leader which is also a maxed out Shiva dragon. Currently my subs are red odin, yamato, ares, and uriel – all of which are fully evoed and maxed out in level. My odin is 297+ and all the other ones are on there way to a 297+too. As for latents, all of them have 5 attack boost latents each except for uriel which has 5 rcv and ares which has 5 hp enhance instead.

    Do you have any tips for me on how to improve my team? And ill be evoing my yamato once the uvo comes to NA. Thanks setsu!


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