It Was a Long Event


In no particular order. I’d still like to finish two more Tsubakis before the next skill rotation–going for five for the hell of it.


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  1. Holy Scheat. Congratulations.

    My Perseus went 3/20+ so I gave up on him. Raphael went 4/30+ so I gave up and used Pys. Meanwhile LZL and Famiel max skilled at a rate of about 45%. *sighs*

    Z8 also went 0/11. Everything I care about…

    Not a good skill up event for me. I wonder if Shadow Sprite/Dark Carnival will come around sometime so I can go through that kind of hell with my Pandora.


  2. Tsubaki system, eh? Guess waifus gotta wife.

    I know it’s off topic, but would love to hear your thoughts on Lightning in the ff2 collab. Not going to be challenging radra anytime soon, really hurts for hp and seems orb hungry, but her 100x is actually achievable by players (like me) who don’t consistently beat 5 combos. I can’t think of another lead who is anywhere near that level of puzzling vs. Damage.


    • I don’t have a particular affinity for Tsubaki, just want to get the skill ups in while it’s not trifruit hell.

      Lightning looks extremely good for a card with no HP or RCV multiplier. The advent of skill inheritance combined with the flexibility of her active and leader skills help make up for her weaknesses. That being said, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about her being easy to use. I’d put her in the same ballpark as Yomi, a little less restrictive to activate due to not needing an enhanced orb, but you also have to get all the right elements. Making a row is very time consuming and in the same space as a match-five.


    • Oddly enough, Tsubaki is your other lead who deals a high level of Damage without much puzzling. She’s only 40x, but if you get three red matches you’re doing 120x. Three on color matches while activating the leader skill is possible with Tsubaki but would be quite difficult with Lightning. It will occasionally happen with Lightning, but you can’t force it with her since your orb changers are limited to heart-breakers. More than any other leader I’ve tried, Tsubaki is the essence of “I’m going to do a ton of damage every turn without having to combo properly”.

      However (like Lightning) Tsubaki doesn’t have any HP/RCV modifier and is vulnerable to binds, so she’s never going to be a top tier leader.


      • If you don’t mind, what is it that you do for work? How can u play pad so often? and like, where is your pad playing time? I am a senior in california, i get out of school at 2 pm, but even if I had infinite stones I still don’t have as much time as it seems you have. Maybe you are good at using time? thanks!


        • It’s all about priorities, right? I play maybe 2-4 hours on a good event day and 0-1 on a bad one. Good event days are in the minority (maybe like 1-2 days per week?) and I usually try to keep long sessions to the weekend.

          To give you an idea, max skilling a Scarlet/Linthia/Zaerog/Nordis/etc takes about 2-4 hours depending on skill up luck if I have the right team. So that’s a good example what I accomplish on a good event day. It’s technically faster now with coop.

          10x is another story, though.

          To be honest, maintaining this blog takes up just as much if not more time…


            • Maybe compared to the average player, but there are players that are much more “dedicated” than I am. It’s not like putting a couple hours per day into a video game is out of the ordinary. The average person should have several hours of leisure time per day, after all.


  3. Hi Setsu,

    Curious what’s the best level to farm in Wood & Dark Dog Dragons? When it’s regular and 2x drop?

    I’ve found on Legend, I’m getting reliable drops at the cost of 45 stamina, but would farming at Expert be better at 25 Stamina?… (Just for stamina efficacy?)


    • I’m assuming you’re referring specifically to Sengoku skill ups. No clue. I haven’t seen any data to convince me any way is better than another. I did Mythical on 2x because it “felt like” there were more appearances and better drop rates and there’s no real loss in speed or stamina as opposed to Legend. Purely anecdotal.


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