Weekly Roundup 59


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 5 ranks – 900 never. I’ve never once grinded purely for rank exp and I don’t intend to change that so I don’t see myself hitting 900 until much later in the year. I’m slowly running out of things to skill up so I see the bulk of my exp coming from +egg farming. Getting to 900 is “easy”, after that… I don’t even want to think about it. Eight digit exp per rank for 931+? To put it in perspective, someone at 939 has about twice as much total exp as I currently have. 970 has about five times as much. Much respect for those approaching 1000.
  • The JP stream bombed, once again. No new REM evos was a kick in the nuts. The NA streams might be bad, but they might actually be better than JP’s. At least the NA streams are ironically funny. Michael and Antonio might be horrible at PAD, but I find their streams to be authentic in an awkward yet homey way. The JP streams are just a group of shills trying to peddle their slowly dying product and waste everyone’s time.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • With the recent JP stream reveals and not wanting to take the wind out of the FF sails, I’m not expecting any new uevo announcements (Ares and Persephone when?).
  • With each passing week, the possibility of getting the 4th anniversary uevos becomes more likely. I was thinking they’d stagger their releases over several weeks, but after not getting anything last week I’m not sure. I’m eagerly awaiting uuevo Pandora and uevo Zuoh.
  • NA would garner much goodwill if they included 10x in their next event. Even if the dungeon lineup isn’t optimal, at least the perception that we’re on par with JP would go a long ways. I’m not counting on it, though. Always getting 2.5x skill ups would be nice, too, but once again, I’m not counting on it.
  • Over-under on NA getting the FF Collab? Honestly, it’s hard to set a number since it’s uncertain if we’ll get it again ever. The last delay was 189 days. FotNS was about a month. Eva was about three months. Shinrabansho was about five months. Hello Kitty was two weeks. NA actually got Batman a week before JP. There’s not much of a pattern here. Here’s hoping it comes within a month. I’ve gotten over the excitement (and inevitable disappointment) associated with collabs, but anything exciting for the game is good in my eyes.
  • Speaking of collabs, I somehow doubt Batman v Superman will be used as an excuse to bring back the DC Collab, but one can hope. The movie releases this weekend in Japan as well, so it seems unlikely as FF runs until 4/3.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 59

  1. > bring back the DC Collab

    MFW ult Supergirl’s leader skill will be changed to x120 or whatever the fuck top end banned-from-NA collab golds are getting nowadays.


  2. hey setsu, I have looked for a chart or graph of rank exp required beyond 500 and could find none. It appears you seem to know your facts, so I was wondering if you could link the website or table you are getting the numbers from? thanks! Love your posts!


  3. Hi Setsu. Slowly but surely you’ll reach the 900 🙂
    What do you think of the new Aamir? I know you’ve been waiting for it.
    Thanks for the good work here. I like to read your posts.


    • The buffs to Aamir are unimpressive. On top of an already good farmable we’ll take everything we can get, but somewhat similar to DIza it’s not like it’s going to change his status all that much. The rows are better than auto-heals, but you’re not going to see people suddenly clamoring to use him on their teams because of this specific change.

      His new leader skill is worse in my opinion. There was actually potential in a flat 25x since you could throw good assist skills on the carbuncles and have a respectable farmable trash farming lead. 3x ATK, 1.5x HP is boring even if fitting Zuoh on the team is much less restrictive.

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  4. Hi Setsu, is Sets your real name? Is it japanese?(asking because obviously you can read japanese)

    Also, how far do you think you will keep PADing? I’ve had some friends from rank 40 that suddenly just stopped playing, and I thought I was going to stop in a month or so after my first year (thankfully I was wrong!) but do you ever plan on putting an end to your blog? maybe when PAD dries up a bit, especially since we are NA? thanks


    • It’s not my real name. It’s based on a Japanese word. Saying I could read Japanese at a first grade level would be pretty generous. I’ve been on this Earth long enough that I don’t think about things like that anymore; when it’s time to stop I’ll stop. The game is slowly dying, though, although it’s hard to notice sometimes.


  5. I’m not sure how to fix the PAD problem. It might not be possible. Arena and MP dragons were both pretty bad for the game. Descendeds are trivial, and pis and the only reward. Frankly I’m a filthy casual compared to setsu, and still have a hypered teams for all the top tiers. I’ve been playing just free stamina for a month or so, definitely feeling the slow death.


  6. Dang, your rank is higher than guys like Reco and Paprika.

    None of the revealed descended drop ults excited me (all Kaguya needed was one SBR and I’d try to shoehorn into my wood teams), but I don’t know. The Dragonbound and Gadius buffs are pretty cool. I look forward to them.


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