Gainaut Legend Plus Solo – Neptune Dragon

If I solo farm this, this will probably be what I use.


5 thoughts on “Gainaut Legend Plus Solo – Neptune Dragon

  1. I just realized I have two Hermes, a Karin, and an Orochi in my box @_@ But at the same time, I don’t have 300,000 MP and I don’t have Andromeda so I don’t think I’d get much use out of Neptune Dragon except for farming Gainaut… *must…ignore…the MP…shop…*

    Any other team setups you think can do this? I’d probably farm this with another player instead of solo.


  2. Would Neptune dragon be a good buy if I have 2 Hermes akarin aorochi andro and a bunch of other water like blonia and blodin or radrag with the subs of 1 dkali orochi isis indra chocobo


  3. I’m seriously considering getting Neptune Dragon at the MP shop next time it comes around and using him to farm Scarlett – Mythical for MP points. Having a blue poison/nuke for PreDras would make this possible.

    Current Team – all hypermax – A I&I, Mori Motonari, A. Karin, Sumire, DA. Gabriel, Ryune.

    Neptune would replace Sumire.


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