ROdin Thieves’ Den ATK Requirements

The highest HP + DEF monster in the dungeon is the wood ogre with 117,133. That means you need 40 ATK +eggs on a uevo ROdin to guarantee a pure push button kill no matter what is randomly spawned ((2143 + 5x) * 50 = 117, 113, x = 39.852). However, for those that don’t have the ATK eggs to spare, ATK latents are an alternative especially now that they’re relatively easy to acquire through PreDRA Infestation.

ATK Latents 0 1 2 3 4 5
+Eggs Needed 39.852 35.566 31.280 26.994 22.708 18.422

This table doesn’t address possible rounding issues, but I’d assume rounding up is fairly safe. Please let me know if any of the numbers end up being wrong.

As I have plans for Saturday, I may miss the debut of this dungeon. A bit unfortunate for sure as I really want the +eggs (the lack of 10x sucks).


5 thoughts on “ROdin Thieves’ Den ATK Requirements

  1. Anything relatively fast for those who don’t have a Rodin but practically every other option? I could always just use shidra matching but it’s probably twice as long. Could do ult goemon on 4 and swipe on 5. Also have a max level but unplussed vritria so maybe goemon 3 vritria 4 swipe 5?


    • I haven’t really looked into it, but I’m using a Vritra instead of a third ROdin so I don’t have to use +eggs. I may do a little YouTube research later today.


      • My only concern leading with shidra but not having rodins is will I have enough damage to do final floor with a goemon and vritria sub. I think I can probably sub Yamato and ares as the other 2 and just use shidra actives to get goemon up. Not ideal but maybe better than doing matches on all 5 floors


        • My concern with your plan is if the blue ogre shows up, goemon push will not kill. (half damage due to elemental resist), then you are forced to swipe immediately unless u have a backup push button mon.


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