Hephaestus Mythical – Shiva Dragon

This is where my Spica video would be if they didn’t explicitly screw over wood with the Shieldras. Really, GungHo? In a fire dungeon of all places?


2 thoughts on “Hephaestus Mythical – Shiva Dragon

  1. What do you think about this descend boss? his orb converter + enhance seems to be quite useful along with his decent weighted stats. Perhaps like a Raoh team fit incase you don’t have sanada


    • There’s definitely potential. As you mentioned, he’s especially good on a Raoh team. He combines with Leilan without making jammers and in other situations Raoh can convert them away anyways. He also slots in well on Shiva Dragon. The awakenings are a little unfortunate, but he’s definitely one of the best non-special descended bosses we’ve gotten in a long time.


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