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  • After a week of no uevo announcements, I think it’s safe to expect some this week. What they actually announce, though, is up in the air. There’s just so many likely candidates at this point.
  • One point of speculation is  since JP hasn’t announced the godfest lineup that there’s a chance of a new pantheon or GFE set (JP usually reveals the lineup with the new event announcement). Seems unlikely, but there’s a small chance.
  • As for NA, there’s an expectation to get new uevos after two weeks of nothing. If you haven’t already, it might be a good idea to start gathering materials now.
  • There’s also speculation of this being a two-part event which is almost certainly true due to the announced 3x skill up duration. There’s further speculation that the second half will feature 10x. While that’s certainly possible, I’m skeptical. It seems like NA would rather give us ideal 10x events rather than give it to us more frequently; with many of the best descendeds happening this part of the event I feel we won’t get it. However, if we get another Descended Challenge I guess that would make up for it. Edit: Well, the next coin lineup has Tengu, Valk and Sowilo, so it would be a pretty sweet 10x event after all.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 60

  1. Bleeeeeeeeugh 10x during my university finals…. I weep.

    Still better than nothing though. 5 stones worth of 10x is better than no 10x at all!

    I did notice that x3 skill ups lasts an absurdly long time. I can’t complain (although so far I’ve gone 0/12 total on various skill ups so I don’t know how real x3 is for me) given that Belial’s dungeon is here and I can finally try to skill him up.


  2. “•One point of speculation is since JP hasn’t announced the godfest lineup that there’s a chance of a new pantheon or GFE set (JP usually reveals the lineup with the new event announcement). Seems unlikely, but there’s a small chance.”

    … You’ve got a guy on the inside, huh? 😛

    Blue finally has a color leader to be proud of, so that’s cool. Plus, it’s a ROW color leader, so yay I suppose. PLUS, it’s a blue GFE, and it’s 5*… WOO FRICKING HOO! It’s been a long time! 😀

    Red gets an odd card. A 2.25/14/2.25x leader, and 2 turns 50% shield and 2x for dragons/machines isn’t bad for an AS, so there’s some potential there. No clue if it’ll be as good as Raoh/Freyr, but still, interesting to see what comes of it.

    Lastly, OMG THAT MP CARD. I’ts been a very long time since I’ve wanted a card so badly… 9x, for 3 heart matches is unreal, crazy OP for the work it takes. She’s Lakshmi on crack. Hell, even her AS is Lakshmi but better…

    My only question is will there be a blue one? Please GH? PLEASE?


    • Shit. They’re based on the 4 gentlemen flowers, the Orchid, Crysanthemum, Bamboo and plum. Bamboo will be green, plum purple, and chrysanthemums are more likely to be white than blue, so leaning towards blue getting skipped. Meh. We shall see if GH takes mercy…


  3. Since you can read Japanese just fine, if you had known how long you were gonna go into this game, would you have played on the JP version instead of the NA version?


    • I know like first grade Japanese at best, so the JP client is still a struggle for me, especially now with skill inheritance. It’s hard to say which server I would’ve picked had I been fluent, but I can at least say I don’t regret going NA. I’ve met a lot of great players and it’s been a blast being able to speak to them in my native language. I don’t even mind the lack of collabs anymore since most of the rolls become obsolete in a couple months. The content delay actually gives me a chance to be more efficient, especially since you can use JP as a testbed for what’s good or not. The main downsides are worse freebies and more expensive stones, but I can live with that for the most part (that won’t stop me from complaining, though).


      • yea, I have noticed that I can see what is good, and since I am a non-IAP player, I can see what monsters have skill ups in JP that will eventually come to NA, so I know where to throw my Piis, haha


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