Godfest Help Post: 3/31-4/1

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Chinese & Sengoku 3/31, Constellation 1 & 2 4/1
Day 1 Day 2
Chinese Sengoku Const. 1 Const. 2
Individual B+ C- B+ B-
Combined B B
Individual A- B+ B+ B-
Combined A- B
Individual A- B B+ C+
Combined A- B

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions about just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

With work sucking as usual, so much to grind in PAD and the release of Tree of Savior, I was debating just skipping this post this week. I’ll see how it goes, but don’t be surprised if I cut off the comments each day earlier and give less in-depth answers than usual. Anyways, here are the rules:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • WordPress flags comments with multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment when I stop taking questions for the day, so please be patient and wait for a reply the next day.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will be taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 3/31
Name Lead Sub Overall
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B B+ B+
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B B+ B+
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B A- B+
2389 - Awoken SakuyaSakuya A B A-
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B+ A- A-
2265 - Fierce Warrior, Sanada YukimuraSanada Yukimura B- A- B
2267 - Peerless Strategist, Mori MotonariMori Motonari B B+ B+
2269 - Diligent Spy, Ishida MitsunariIshida Mitsunari B B B+
2271 - Dashing Dandy, Maeda KeijiMaeda Keiji B C C+
2273 - Deliberate Rebel, Akechi MitsuhideAkechi Mitsuhide B- A- B+

One of the best possible godfest lineups. I expect many people to let loose on this day. I interpret the quality of this day as a portent of things to come. They usually don’t give us premium lineups unless they have something else big in the works. Since PCGF is still over a month away, maybe a collab or something is coming soon. Or maybe they just wanted to make some money again after last godfest’s horrible lineups.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 4/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
Constellation 1
2416 - Thorned Mechanical Star God, AntaresAntares B+ B+ B+
2418 - Milky Way Mechanical Star God, AlreschaAlrescha B+ B+ B+
2420 - Dark Plant Mechanical Star God, SpicaSpica B+ B+ B+
2422 - Musical Winged Mechanical Star God, PolluxPollux B+ B+ B+
2424 - Destruction Palm Mechanical Star God, CastorCastor B+ B+ B+
Constellation 2
2553 - Sharp Cane Mechanical Star God, DenebolaDenebola C+ C+ C
2555 - Pincers Mechanical Star God, AcubensAcubens C+ C+ C
2557 - Quick Blade Mechanical Star God, AlgediAlgedi C+ C+ C
2559 - Waking Up Mechanical Star God, AlcyoneAlcyone B+ B+ B+
2561 - Dream Scythe Mechanical Star God, HamalHamal B+ B+ B+

Outside the RBG Constellation 2s, everything is fairly useful. Not a great day, but not horrible, either. If Sephiroth and Lightning are any sign, high-level leaders without SBRs might become a more common so 2x SBR subs would become more important.

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  1. I know you probably hate when people do this, but the second to last bullet point on the listing of guidelines for the help thread has a grammar error.

    “Follow-ups to existing questions will taken as long as the post is still open for comments.”

    I apologize if posting this here is inappropriate, but I thought I’d let you know (even if it is fairly minor).


  2. Hello again,

    should I use my stones this godfest? I dont like the constellation series and I dont think I need anything particular from the first day. Or am I wrong?

    Rank 279
    IAP Sometimes
    MP 180k
    A Shiva/Dominating Warrior King Caocao/Red Valk/Reminiscent Norn, Urd/Echidna
    A I&I/War Deity Odin/2x Blue Sonia/A Isis

    Best regards


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    • IMO, your Shiva team is pretty good, but your I&I team would LOVE some heart makers, and your water box in general is pretty sparse… aside from your 3 6* GFEs :P. As such, if you DO decide to roll, make it day 2 since Water gala will be up, and you’ll have a better shot at getting Andro or gabe, or some other fantastic water subs like Hermes, Orochi, Hatsume, etc.


    • I think you’re right in that you don’t really need anything from either day. I will point out, though, that both the Chinese and Sengoku form the sub core for many teams; even more if you consider slightly suboptimal choices. The PCGF may offer more things that help your current teams immediately, though.


  3. Yup. Day one looks really good, will roll as many times as possible. Fingers crossed for Akechi, though I’d be happy with Haku as well. And the Gala of Flame isn’t necessarily bad either… I’d be thrilled with Uriel #2 (for Orchid) or Zeta Hydra (for skill transfer).


  4. https://www.padherder.com/user/Combaticus/monsters/
    Rank 219, iap.
    -My main team is ama for farming and clearing descends.
    -I have a Karin team and an Urd team with pretty good subs I think
    -I have Lkali and a yomi team that I feel like could use some better subs

    I am planning on only rolling on day one, and am not planning on spending money for this GF to save for PCGF. I have ~30 stones from the events. Let me know if that’s a good plan, considering I have:
    -A. Karin and B/D Karin


    • Considering nothing from this godfest really helps you immediately I’d be wary of rolling. It’d be one thing if you wanted to IAP to cash in on the great value this godfest presents, but since you’re only half committed by using free stones it tells me you’re just doing it to do it. Just my interpretation, though. If I’m right, though, I’d just save the stones for PCGF. If not, then I think it’s hard to go wrong rolling day 1 even if you do risk a few dupes.


  5. Relatively new player here, just looking for general direction advice.
    Rank 155, IAP

    Current team is a red progression team with NY Yamato, NY leilan, RGY, Gigas, Hino Kagutsuchi, with a friend Shivadragon.

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/ProfGast/monsters/

    Just looking for input on what teams I should be building towards, since I have a nasty habit of levelling up everything at once instead of focusing on a single active team. Have cleared up to Two Heroes, some weaker descended such as Goddess, and am currently trying to get over the wall that is King of the Gods.

    Any advice appreciated.


    • Your best teams going forward are Sakuya and Saria-Thor, even if they might be a little incomplete. For Sakuya, you obviously run LKali and DKali, then to fill out the rest of the team you can use easy to acquire farmables in LValk and Verche. Pollux is not a bad choice to replace LValk if you can cover wood elsewhere. Awoken Orochi is a good option to cover water and wood.

      For Saria-Thor, I’d probably run Thor / Saria / Wukong / Baal / Pollux / Saria. While this team is full-REM, it lacks a bit of synergy. Venus is also a strong sub consideration if you need more burst. LValk is also an option since there are so many heartmakers to pair with.

      Your current Yamato team is not bad, but it will only get you so far. I’d also keep your water box in mind since you have a strong core with BSonia, Andromeda, Gabriel, and Orochi.

      As for which option to go forward with, it’s hard to say since they’re pretty even at this point. It should come down to playstyle preference. I think there’s a slight meta preference to Saria-Thor, though, since being tanky is very important for the current endgame.


      • Thanks for the response Setsu, greatly appreciated. Out of curiosity what *is* a good endgame red team that could get me far? I see Freyr, Raoh and Shiva Dragon on your aggregate list but are there any other red leaders who can be used?


        • There’s really only two endgame fire teams right now, Shanmei and Raoh. You actually have the makings of a decent Shanmei team, but she does cost 300k MP. Raoh and Raoh-Freyr are worse, but still good. Outside my list, there’s like Shiva and Horus. Tsubaki is not embarrassing. Maybe RSonia gains some relevancy as a fire lead after her leader skill buff? Fire’s historical strength is farming and GungHo has rarely strayed from that, which is why the options aren’t so great. It could be said that Shanmei is really the first pushed fire lead.


          • Thanks again for the insight Setsu. Gives me something to think about though it may not actually help my habit of spreading the goodies around too many monsters. Rolling day 1 rounded out my fire box a bit so I should be able to improve my farm/progression team for now. Just have to figure out if I want to go TPA or rows…

            More interestingly, it also dropped two Scheats and a Skuld for me which means with the Bleach collab dates announced, gives me the option of chasing after a Rukia, or choosing to cash them in for MP goodies.

            Decisions decisions.


  6. Hey –

    Looking for an opinion on whether or not to roll here. I am interested in trying to flush out one of my dark teams. If I can pull Haku/Akechi/Zuoh I’d be in pretty good shape as far as Pandora goes.

    Rank 266
    Light IAP
    MP 150k
    B.Soniax3/AI&I/Andromeda — Also run with AI&I lead
    DMeta Scrub Farm Team

    My Sonia team is good, but I want a team that has a different playstyle. I’ve looked at AHorus and ASakuya, but my sub support for those teams isn’t stellar. I lack a decent number of key subs here and there to put together any other Best in slot teams aside from my Sonia team, and this seems like a good fest to round that out.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!


    • A Sakuya dupe would suck, but outside that, day 1 looks good for you. If Pandora is something you really want to pursue, it’s very unlikely that there will ever be a godfest better than this. Although you should note that Zuoh is 1x rates day 1.

      The thing is, if you want a different playstyle than BSonia, Pandora isn’t that far removed (high damage and tankiness with rows). What you really need for Sakuya and Horus are Kalis, but those also come day 1. So upon further inspection, day 1 looks even better? The only other option would be to wait for PCGF or a good 4x GFE, but since you already have so many nice gods I don’t know if PCGF is even that great for you. Personally, I would roll day 1.


      • Sorry to double up on you, but I got some interesting pulls. I whiffed on Chinese, but the following are notable pulls: Perseus, Akechi, GZL, Saria, Verdandi, Urd. Do any of these rolls have a significant impact on my box? (https://www.padherder.com/user/Osiris/monsters/)

        I was thinking that it might open up some of my green since I have two michaels and 3 meimeis sitting around lacking a respectable lead. The Akechi is obviously great for me, and sort of pushes me towards thinking Yomidra could be good (Yomidra, Escha, Akechi, Pandora, Okuni). I didn’t land any Kalis unfortunately, and I don’t really know what to make of Saria or the Norns with my box (or in general). Verdandi looks to be a good lead in the TPA vein?



  7. https://www.padherder.com/user/nekobus/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    rank 184, non-IAP. working on an Urd team that goes Urd/Urd/Cao Cao/RSonia/Kagutsuchi, paired with either another Urd friend or A.Freyr.

    Normally I would save my stones no matter what but I’m wondering if I should roll Day 1 in this godfest at least a few times, since there’s a flame gala that I could benefit from and a slim chance of a ROdin, not considering how good the pantheons are. I have about 50 stones saved up, so how many times should I roll?

    Also, I’d like to know if there are any other potential teams in my box right now. I can’t see anything (especially considering the state of my box), but maybe there’s something I can work with.


    • Day 1 is not horrible for you, but I wonder if it’s still worth rolling in. In addition to the fire gala, Sanada works wonders in tandem with Urd even if he does not have TPAs. Leilan isn’t horrible, either, but I think your current options are better for an Urd team. Then you have no dupe risk in one of the highest value godfests possible.

      That being said, what you really need is a leader to give you some direction. Urd will get you pretty far so I don’t think there’s a huge rush to find another lead, but you really need some more options. Something like Shiva would be ideal, but just having options will give you a better idea of what godfests are good for you. I think waiting for the PCGF would be the prudent thing to do as the lineup usually has all the best REM leaders.


  8. Hey Setsu –

    Wondering if I should roll in this godfest (most likely day 1). I’ve been saving up stones for quite a while now and haven’t rolled in a godfest since New Years. I had been planning on maybe waiting until the PCGF but wondering if this is a good godfest to roll in with the chance to get Akechi and a second Haku for an Awoken Pandora team (still in the early stages).

    Rank 384
    IA Status – Not anymore
    MP 126k
    Stones – 140

    Really enjoy reading your posts, so thank you! Any advice would be appreciated!


    • Considering how well developed your box is I’m not sure how good the PCGF is for you since some of the more obscure cards won’t make the lineup. You’re probably better off picking and choosing your fights based on the godfest lineup, how the dupes lineup and how many of the rolls you want badly. Since you want both Haku and Akechi, only have one at most of the Chinese gods and still need a couple of the other Sengoku, this is probably as good as it gets for you. If you’re committed to Pandora, I’d go ahead with it.


  9. Hey Setsu,

    I just wanted your opinion on rolling a few or waiting until PCGF

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/harhar1472/monsters/
    IAP Status: None/don’t plan on it
    Rank: 315

    I mainly run Awoken Yomi and Awoken Ra, with a bit of Awoken i&i. In this godfest, I’d hope for haku (currently my dark full board change is lumiel or dkali, haku would help a ton for yomi), or a mori motonari for i&i. Obviously Eschamali would be wonderful but not much hope in that.

    Lastly, can I have some insight on my MP purchases? I don’t think I am close to having appropriate subs for any of them except NepDra, but with the release of new MP monsters in Japan, I’m leaning towards the red one since I have Gadius, uriel, and NY Mitsuki as subs (pulling another uriel during fire gala would amazing).

    Thanks for your help,


    • It’s hard to go wrong rolling day 1, but are there better options? Hard to say, but since you already have two great teams the “roll for value” adage doesn’t really apply to you even though you don’t have a large breadth of gods. So I think if you want to target certain gods, this is certainly a good opportunity to do so. Even if you don’t hit any of your wants, if you hit any of the featured pantheon gods at all, they will serve as the core for future teams (okay, maybe just the non-light ones).

      Even with the new MP offering, the MP Dragon chart linked to in my FAQ still holds true.


  10. Rank: 311
    IAP Status: Non-IAP
    Stones: 35
    Day: 120
    Box Space: 265
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/FrostZenith/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Team: Awoken I&I / Hermes / Hatsume / Gabriel / Andromeda / Ryune

    Flex spot tends to be Andromeda as I value Gabriel’s max skill vs Andromeda better stats/awakenings.

    Awoken Lakshmi / Hatsume / Gabriel / Andromeda / Awoken I&I / Awoken Lakshmi.

    I think I have a fire team ready, at least for farming. Awoken Leilan, Urd, 2 x Scarlet (one max skilled and one 10/11). Though I don’t know if I should have Urd lead or try to roll for a better one.

    Looking at this Godfest, day one seems best as Karin would be the absolute best, another Leilan wouldn’t be bad and a Haku or Akechi would make my dark box stronger. However, day one is fire gala. Day two has a more favorable gala, but lackluster pantheon.

    Should I roll? Or wait for a better godfest or invest in my team a bit more?


    • I&I x Ryune can clear so many things in the endgame, you should focus on investing in that. Also you should max skill Andromeda whenever you can, she has a stronger kit than Gabriel. Your water teams are basically the ideal teams though, I don’t see why you would want Karin. Karin doesn’t fit well onto Lakshmi teams either.

      Rather than roll to build up another color, why not focus on your very strong blue box? Additionally I don’t see why you would want another Haku when you already have one (unless you are wanting a D/D Haku). Most endgame dark teams don’t use multiple Haku. If you’re going to roll I say do day 1, those are the two best sub pantheons rolled into one (and Akechi is in it so yeah). Day 2 won’t do much to help you especially since the RGB of Constellation 2 is mediocre and Jammer-meta is not a thing.


      • Thanks for your response!

        My core team for I&I is pretty set. Anything else I pull would be mostly for flexibility and flex spots dependent on the dungeon I need to run. (eg. Orochi for delay, Isis for bind clear, Amon if I need the counterattack, alerscha if I need additional hazard removal etc, Blue odin for secondary burst, even Awoken Sakuya for gravity + bind clear).

        The only exception I can think of is Karin as secondary board change and combos well with Hermes/Hatsume. Also Lakshmi would like as it will prove to be my only board changer there (and combos well with Amberjack).

        I think your right that a secondary haku is not idea, unless I pull a Pandora in the future.

        As for investing my core team is done except for the following issues,

        These are the things I need to do
        * Finish plus Andromeda (currently 244)
        * Finish plus Gabriel (current 6)
        * Max skill Andromeda (currenly lvl 1)
        * Wait for Awoken Hermes (the evolve)
        * Plus skill Awoken Hermes (only have 1 Bubpy)
        * Finish Plus Lakshmi (currently 6)
        * Finish max skill Lahshmi (currently 4/5)

        I think I can complete this or get close to it during the next 10x descend (or come very close to it) with natural stamina. Is there something else I missing, that I should stone for?

        Thanks again!


        • Looks like you’ve got everything to me! I’ve heard for Arena 2 that Orochi has become an almost-key player, but outside of that he’s pretty situational.

          Given that Andromeda’s sprites don’t need to be evolved, you probably won’t need to dump too many stones to max skill one (unless you go like 0/15+ like I did on Perseus bleargh).

          I would recommend you just go ahead and reserve most of your stones for farming 10x +eggs in descends. I certainly don’t want to discourage you from rolling once or twice for Karin this fest, however I believe 10x is a much better investment of your stones instead of throwing ALL of them at this fest.

          Awoken Lakshmi’s recent buff has made her super, super good again as well, by the way ^-^ Wish I had one…or Parvati… if I could give you my 11 Bubpys I would 😦 I’ve heard the multiplayer alt. dungeons have much higher Py spawn and drop rates than the coin dungeons. Give them a try? But don’t stone for those.


          • With 10x co-op eventually being a thing, I’d be reluctant to advise non-IAP to stone for 10x at current rates. With reduced stamina costs (half?) and getting 1 MP per 1 stamina spent, that’s going to be ridiculous value. It’s a long ways off, but if you’re planning on stoning 10x I’d try to budget it as much as possible in order to take advantage of this new hotness.


            • Its one of the reason I’m a bit hesitant for stoning for plus eggs. Also I’m already able to clear up to challenge 9 currently. I don’t think I getting more fully plused subs will allow me to start clearing challenge 10 (especially since I need 1.3 -2.3 to fully max my team). But perhaps I’m undervaluing plus eggs.


            • They make a big difference, especially RCV on a team like that. ATK also has a big impact. I was farming Belial skill ups with Shiva Dragon and used a +0 friend. It ended up doing like 50% less damage on certain floors by not being hypered.


            • I was completely unaware of 10x applying into co-op in JP. @Daniel definitely budget your stones wisely and try to save up for when/if that comes stateside. The MP reward for clearing is only even better.

              @setsu Thanks for clarifying 🙂 Apologies for my error.


            • It’s not confirmed yet, but it seems like it’d make sense. I think the wording was that *all* dungeons would be available for co-op, even guerrilla dungeons that aren’t in your group, so it should extend to descendeds and 10x. I believe they already had 10x for co-op dungeons already, so that also supports the theory. The there’s other advantages like non-IAP being able to realistically push button and the MP per stamina thing that really makes it attractive. With them pushing co-op so much, it would really make sense for them to push it in this direction too.


            • Thanks for all the help! Ended up rolling 5 times and saving 10 stones.

              Ryune, Leilan, L. Kali, Blue Valkyrie and Blue Sonia. Well, I did ask for a Blue board changer, w/ haste that combos with Hermes and Hatsume. I have so many options now.

              Also, gungho really doesn’t want me to make a non-blue team.


      • Generally Gabriel is better on Ryune-I&I for the better ATK and healing. The last thing you need on that team is more HP. Although I can’t deny the allure of the time extend. Also, Karin is basically a perfect fit for his team since he already has Hermes and Hastume.


    • Since you already have a endgame-worthy team, you need to decide where to go from here and the answer will become more clear. Do you want to keep improving your current team or do you want to expand your options? What you do with your stones depends on that decision.

      Recommending one path over another is difficult. I can tell you if you don’t eventually diversify your box the meta will pass it by, but preparing for that as non-IAP is a challenge as predicting when and how GungHo will implement another power leap is nearly impossible. What I’d probably do if I had your box is prioritize hypering your current starters, even if that means having to pump some stones into the process. Where to go from there is up to your preference. Judging from your box, which is somewhat sparse outside water, a PGCF would have the most value for sure. But if you have a particular direction you want to take, the mixed bag that is the PCGF may not be the best choice.

      As for this particular godfest, it does look fairly good for you. I do like Karin on Ryune-I&I very much, especially since you already have Hermes and Hatsume. With Karin you’d have two 2/3 board change combos giving your team a lot of flexibility. I’d also agree Mori would be a nice addition, but is far from critical; he’s more of a Neptune Dragon sub imo. Then, of course, the rest of the day 1 gods are all excellent (except maybe Maeda).

      Galas are a hard thing to judge. Obviously you’d like it to match your needs, but since it’s so unlikely for the stars to align, most of the time you have to ignore it.

      So overall I’d probably pass on this godfest, but depending on what you want to accomplish I could see rolling as being a good choice. It’s hard to go wrong rolling on day 1.


      • If only the days were reversed, I would probably use all of my rolls.

        I think I use some stones (2-4 pulls) and save the rest for PCGF. Alternatively, I should use some on increasing box size, increasing my friends list.

        A box size of 265 and friends list of 60 is harsh.

        I don’t know how to take my box. Since the beginning my box was very specific and its needs obvious. But now that I’ve gotten here, any improvements wouldn’t be particularly game changing and most of that value would be in sub flexibility.

        I suppose a good strategy is to roll for my main team, and keep an eye out for potential from rolls that don’t fit in either I&I or Lakshmi.


  11. Hi Setsu, thanks for going the extra mile and making this post, they’re always helpful to have. I was wondering if this godfest is worth it for me.

    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Kobold/monsters/#31,0,31,511,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0
    IAP status: 1 pack on rare occasions
    Rank 299
    I still mostly run Verdandi, and sometimes Hathor atm. My Lakshmi team is starting to be usable enough though, so moving on to that.

    I’m thinking that if I pull, I’ll do it on day 1 since I only have Meimei from Chinese elements, although I already have 3 from sengoku. Day 2 with 0 dupes from pantheons and water gala to help Lakshmi/Ryune sounds good too though (but I have deep, unjustified hate for jammer meta). Does that sound about right?


    • I think any benefits you may get from pulling any Chinese would be outweighed by the chance of rolling rather useless Sengoku dupes. Unless you have a specific reason for rolling day 1, you’d probably be better served waiting for the PCGF. I’d also avoid day 2. You’re very far off from a water team and risking the water gala just isn’t worth it. In addition, it’s not like Alrescha and Acubens are good for those teams, anyways. Again, if you’re not rolling for anything specific I’d wait for the PCGF.


  12. Hi Setsu,

    Hope you are surviving your busy time at work. I’m now not sure when I should be rolling. Your advice has been very much appreciated in the past and has helped me get a lot of the pieces I needed to clear c10s fairly reliably now. I have a feeling this GF is not right for me and I should save for pcgf/4x but wanted to know your thoughts on what gfs I should be looking for in the future. I’d love Akechi for Panda but am concerned about risk of dupes. Let me know your thoughts!

    Non-IAP, rank 432.

    Main teams:
    APanda with a combo of Haku/AHaku/Hanzo/Persephone (D/R or D/G)/Satsuki/Lu Bu/Lilith and grisar/nephthys/aamir in training.
    AShiva/Cao/Hino flex : Urd, Yamato,Leilan, Ame,Ares

    Teams in the works but in the backburner:
    skuld (post buff)/scheat/nut/famiel/karin



    • You’re at the point where if you want a specific roll, you’re pretty much going to have to bite the bullet and risk the dupes. With Sanada and Akechi being the best pantheon gods you don’t have yet, you could try being patient and wait for them to be paired with something more favorable. I guess it depends on how much you really want Akechi and how patient you’re willing to be. Akechi will almost certainly make the PCGF, too, so there’s also that option (although I’m skeptical if the PCGF is really any better for you). You could go either way and it’d be completely reasonable. Personally, I’d probably do at least a couple rolls since Akechi is just that good.


  13. Hi Setsu!

    Pretty casual player here until recently.
    Rank 154, Non-IAP

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/wngsprd/monsters/

    Main teams:
    – mini lu bu/Vector Finn/Dark Liege/Zuoh/Kakkab
    – Kanna/Pollux/mini da qiao/NY sandalphon/NY Kaguya (working to max these)

    Got 62 stones at the moment. Day 1 looks attractive. Should I roll for it or wait until PCGF and just continue to build up my Kanna team (or other possible teams)?

    Any other general and/or team-build advice are also appreciated. Thanks in advance!


    • Yes, I’d definitely wait for the PCGF. Day 1 is almost exclusively subs, but you need a good mix of leaders and subs, something that the PCGF will certainly offer. It’d also be a good idea for there to be at least one good featured pantheon roll for your Kanna team, which looks to be your team of choice for the immediate future. The great thing about the Kanna team is that most of the subs will easily transfer to a future Saria team. I’d also strongly consider raising your Raphael if you find a Saria-Thor team to be an attractive option.


  14. Hi!

    Rank: 179
    IAP Status: Light IAP
    Stones: 55
    Monster Points: 10k
    Box Space: 350
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Skay/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I’m currently using my Ryune team with Sumire/ Siegfried/ Famiel and Ars Paulina, doing much better than with Ra (the leader that i started the game with) and horus teams that i tried to run before. I’m still fairy new to the game and don’t know what should i roll for ;/ Last GFE x4 i got 3 times okoninushi and another 2 verdandis (got 3 now! so many dupes ~~). I’m often reading your blog since i started plaing the game (hited 100 days mark this week) and i think it’s really helping me out to improve so i conlcuded i will give it a try and ask for help 🙂 So should i roll day 1 and try to fish something for my future dark team or wait till day 2 for water gala to kick in and roll then for ryune (need better subs) – or mb as a still fresh player i should wait for the PCGF that evrybody is talking about?

    Thanks for any help! And sorry for my ban english (it’s not my native)

    Greetings from Europe to evryone!


    • Yeah, it looks like Ryune is your best team. Sadly, neither day offers much to help you immediately. Day 1 is great value, but I feel like you’re better served waiting for the PCGF which should hit NA in within a couple months.

      While I always advocate that newer, non-IAP players maximize their value, which day 1 certainly would, I just feel you’ll get better overall value in the PCGF. The problem with that advice, though, is whether you have enough in your box to hold you over until then. However, day 1 doesn’t really help you there, either. Risking day 2 for the water gala might seem appealing, but it’s too risky for my tastes when the PCGF is so close. So, in the mean time what can you do to improve? Sadly, most of water’s farmables aren’t worth the effort. I’d definitely look into max skilling that Siegfried, though. Obviously, more skill ups and +eggs are good. I’d consider trying to find a co-op partner to do alt techs with you. I’m actually not sure of the details nowadays, but I’m pretty sure they’re still a good source of rank and fodder exp, occasionally drop Pys, have skill up fodder for Siegfriend and Famiel, and also drop +eggs once in a while. This one looks like it could be fairly good for you: http://puzzledragonx.com/en/mission.asp?m=1903. There are couple that also drop evolved Famiel skill up fodder. Just a thought.


  15. HI Setsu, thanks again for taking the time to provide advice for all of us. It is immensely valuable. Here are the goods:
    Rank 359
    86 stones

    Primary team is AShiva, AHino, Cao, AFreyr, Urd/Yamato. This team will be 297’d for all after this 3x event (woot!) and I’ve been able to clear up to Ch8 with it. I could probably clear Ch9 as well but haven’t tried yet. I have some good dark pieces (Haku, Akechi, Satsuki, Hanzo, Perseph, DMeta, Gryps, etc.) and so I’ve really been hoping to get Panda at some point, although this could be due to a couple of my RL friends who are crushing it w/ Panda teams and are making me jealous. At your suggestion I have tried to put a DMeta team together but I just can’t quite get the hang of the HP conditional consistently yet. I probably need to plus it up but I’m focusing my plusses on my Shiva team for now.

    Chinese is my highest-ranked Pantheon so I am tempted to roll Day 1, but I’m also happy to wait for 4x or pcgf since my AShiva team is good enough for me to not feel like I’m missing out on too much (yet). What are your thoughts on if I should roll? Thanks!


    • Congrats on your almost 297 team. Have you thought about trying this C10? It’s the easiest we’ve had in a long time and all you really need is some way to deal with Parvati’s enrage. I don’t remember if this C9 is hard or not.

      Yeah, HP conditional leads take a lot of getting used to. If it’s not your thing I total understand.

      Is there any particular reason you want the Chinese? They’re great, but It doesn’t seem like they’d help you all that much immediately. Already having Akechi seems like another deterrent, too. Although on the other hand, where do you roll? PCGF will almost certainly have Pandora and maybe you pick up some other lead? Maybe wait for Heroes + a pantheon you have no dupe risk for? 4x GFE for more MP? I don’t know, it’s hard to say. Once you get that first really good team completed, it’s hard to advise where to go.


      • I’ve thought about running C10 but I’m currently obsessed with 3x to get as many plusses as I can. 🙂 The only reason I want the Chinese is because they are considered to be very high value, even when you have dupes. However, based on your feedback I’ve decided to hoard my stones until the next PCGF (or a GF in which Pandora is available as well as Gala of Darkness). Thank you very much for all your advice!


        • Yeah, Chinese are good dupes, but dupes are still dupes. It hurts a bit less to get a Chinese dupe, but you still want to avoid them unless you have a strong reason for getting one (like you want all 3 flavors of Haku for different teams), but that’s just a luxury.


  16. Hey setsu, it’s me again. Considering rolling day 1 and wanted to get your take.

    Rank 454, non-IAP, have cleared all the Rushes except Yamato, can farm Scarlet, Z8, and Nordis, completed both of the most recent C10s (Kali and Shiva).

    Padherder here: padherder.com/user/mischiefmaker/monsters/

    Still run Ra now and again, but almost all of my difficult runs are done with Pandora or Lucifer; I did roll as recommended in the 4x godfest and managed to land a Persephone, Loki, and third Haku among other goodies, so my dark box is actually starting to have some diverse options.

    Current goals are to clear Arena and the Annihilation-level multiplayer dungeons, perhaps by brute-forcing Machine Hera with stones and using her to clear the others, but I’m kind of running out of things to work towards (#firstworldpadproblems, I guess) other than vanity/luxury accomplishments like max skilling a Z8 and a Grisar.

    So, a few questions for you:

    1. Should I roll day 1? On the plus side, Chinese and Sengoku are two of my four most desirable pantheons, along with Heroes and Archangels, and the gala lines up pretty well too, as I’m envisioning a potential Freyr/RValk/Yamato/Scarlet/flex/Raoh team. Finally, I’m at 220k MP and still waffling on a Yomi Dragon.

    On the negative side, I risk dupes of Sakuya and Haku, although there are worse things than having a fourth Haku, and of Ishida and Akechi, plus Zuoh isn’t boosted. I’m also not sure that there’s anything featured that I could roll (other than MP for Yomi Dragon) that would enable me to do things I can’t currently do, which is a bigger concern.

    2. If I shouldn’t roll day 1, what should I be looking for to roll? Should I be waiting for a chance to land Zuoh/Pandora/Claire/something else that makes my Pandora/Lucifer teams marginally better? Or should I still be rolling for value because who knows where the meta will go? Or should I just enjoy having a currently-S-tier lead and hoard my stones until the meta shifts, then decide?

    3. Help with Arena. I’m thinking Lucifer, r/d Haku, Akechi, Pandora, Okuni, Lucifer. Do I need a Yomi Dragon, and how much? If I don’t plan on farming it, would you recommend I wait for skill inheritance, or just take the plunge and give it a shot now?

    4. Plus eggs. I’ve got a 297 stored up now and will likely have another 150 or so by the end of this event. Thoughts on where they should go? I’m thinking r/d Haku for Arena and then I’m out of ideas, unless I pick up a Yomi Dragon, in which case I’ll obviously do him/her/it next.

    4. Motivation — I’m starting to feel like my Pandora/Luifer teams basically obsolete everything else, and why bother working on a Freyr/Raoh team or rolling for Lakshmi subs if the team’s ceiling is equal to or below my current team. So I was curious — you have, at various points, had teams that dominated the metagame, for several months at a time. What do you work towards during those times, or do you just put the game down until there’s something interesting again?

    Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your thoughts.


    • 1. I think it’s reasonable to roll day 1. While dupe risk sucks, that’s pretty much always going to be the case with a box like yours. There are always “better” opportunities in the future, but if something strikes your fancy now then you should just go for it. I mean how much better would a PCGF actually be for you? I guess 4x would be better MP EV, but if we go by JP standards 4x should be a fairly frequent thing in the future.

      2. It’s actually becoming less easy to recommend rolling in 4x GFE. It used to be automatic because of DKali, but with so many DKali clones coming out lately the absolute need for her has diminished significantly recently. So I guess when you get to that point where you have a team that’s destroying the endgame, you just have look at you box, find a team you want to pursue, go hard after it, and reevaluate your box as you acquire new toys.

      3. Yomi Dragon would make things much more consistent. Like you could clear it with that team pretty easily I’d think, but it might get frustrating depending on what kind of RNG you get (especially on random binds). If this is Arena 1 we’re talking about, I’d say you can just go for it right now. If it’s Arena 2, well, I’m not even touching it until skill inheritance if that means anything to you.

      4. I know people that are in a similar situation to you. No MP Dragon, but Pandora/Lucifer just destroys the current endgame. Now everything else seems somewhat pointless. I guess you just have to find a new goal and if you can’t then maybe it’s time to take a break or, god forbid, move on. For me, I have a pretty big goal which is to eventually hyper every pantheon and GFE card which also includes alternate uevos. I don’t think I’ll ever get there, but right now I’m having fun working toward it (it’s that goal that always has me complaining about the lack of 10x).

      There’s also the social aspect which keeps the game fun. Co-op has really helped in that respect.


      • I actually think a PCGF will be pretty bad for me in terms of overall value since the dupe risk would be so high; looking at JP’s Feb. PCGF, outside of 6* GFEs I’d only care about Isis, Panodra, and Sanada. So I decided to go for it:

        Griffin Rider, LMeta #2, GSonia, Liu Bei #3, WoodBahn (seriously, when did it become Forest Gala?), Berserker Z, Alnair #2, Satsuki #2, Basilisk, Urd, Maede, Laila, Maede, Antares, Thumbelina #2, Undine.

        Still didn’t get any of the RGB Chinese or the two Sengoku I wanted, but Urd should fit in nicely on the Freyr/Raoh team I’m building, and I suppose I can’t be too sad about pulling a 6* gfe while also avoiding all my pantheon dupes. Satsuki seems like s/he could be great for skill inheritance and I might mess around with an Antares team at some point too.

        All in all, not crazy excited about the results, but I did get one big hit, and I suppose the more developed your box is, the harder it is to have a great godfest.

        Thanks again for the advice, and good luck with your extremely ambitious goal!


  17. Hi, Setsu!

    Rank: 343

    IAP Status: Not anymore (I spent $120 once over a year ago)

    Stones: 25

    Teams: Radra (dkali/dkali/indra/orochi); A. Pandora (Zuoh/Claire/Loki/Hanzo); Sanada/Raoh for 5×4’s (Leilan/Leilan/Femme/RD Cao Cao) – more information in the teams section in padherder

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/verik/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Wondering if I should roll in either day.

    In day 1, Akechi would be great for the A. Pandora team I’m in the middle of building. I have two of every Chinese besides MeiMei (don’t have her), but I wouldn’t mind dupes, even though I don’t really have places for them. At this point, the only rolls I really really want are Akechi and Isis (I’ve been rolling for Isis in every GF she’s been in to no avail). If only water gala started on this day :\ I don’t particularly need anything from the flame gala, besides maybe Freyr.

    Day 2, I don’t particularly need anything. The only reason I’m considering it is cuz Isis and Rodin, and the chances of getting either is low.

    Thoughts? Should I roll?


    • Day 2 is just bad. There will almost certainly be a better water gala in the future and I’d imagine there will be plenty of better Egypt 1 godfests.

      Yes, day 1 has dupe risks, but at the point in the game you’re at that’s not really something you can escape. Since you already have some great teams, you’re better off rolling to improve them than rolling for value, anyways. So even if the only roll you needed was Akechi, I don’t see a big deal in rolling for him. The other Sengoku you don’t have are already useful and will presumably get uevos “soon” which will only make them better. The Chinese dupes have added usefulness due to their leader splits getting killer awakenings and their awoken actives being good for inheritance.


  18. Setsu, thanks for continuing to post even when youre busy…

    Rank: 311
    Days : 155
    Stones: 75
    IAP Status: non IAP
    Username : elizagray

    padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/elizagray/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Dungeon status: Currently only clear up to C9 usually, with the last C10 being my only successful 10 clear… I main Yomi, whom you suggested way back when I last posted.
    Team: Yomi- Apandora- okunushi- zaerog- haku-yomi
    But my main desire is to build my Apandora team, and so I really want that akechi.
    Currently I have her hypermaxed, and the team planned with what i have is
    A pandora- lu bu (or lilith)-aamir – zuoh- hanzo- a pandora

    Should I roll on this godfest? And is there anyway I can make a team with my box to clear higher stuff?

    Thanks so much!


    • I don’t think rolling this godfest is a bad idea. I think you correctly identified Pandora as you best leader going forward so it makes sense to try and improve that team. Since you already have Zuoh, it doesn’t hurt that he’s only at 1x day 1. Not having any Sengoku also helps and Chinese dupes are as good as they’ve always been, if not better.

      Your box is kind of at that tipping point where it would still make sense to roll for value, too. Like Akechi will almost certainly make the next PCGF. Despite that, I think you’re at the point where you want immediate improvement so it may not make sense to wait 2 months or so for it.

      As for the Pandora team itself, I’d try to avoid Lu Bu, Lilith and Aamir. They’re great role players, but shouldn’t be regulars. I think Zaerog is a better choice. Yomi is probably a better general-use damage enhancer than Lu Bu or Lilith, especially since she adds some valuable time extends. I’d also consider running Haku and Okuni when you have to even if they’re not devils.


      • Rolled all my stones, no samurai or chinese… in fact I got a constellation 1… I’m not sure how to proceed from here


  19. Yet another round of Chinese Godfest. Somehow managed to accumulate 3+ of each one but none of Genbu. You seem to think green is underpowered and I don’t disagree, but it’s gonna be all out for this baby (and maybe Akechi as a consolation prize)!


    • Wood is moderately underpowered, but is just severely punished by the inordinate amount of dangerous fire monsters in the current endgame. Maybe the wood Gentleman Flower can breathe new life into an element that sorely needs it (not getting my hopes up).


  20. Rank: 244
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Faust/monsters/
    IAP: Mild IAP? (a 20 here or there)
    Dunegones: I can clear the older mythicals without stones, but usally can’t make it past C7
    Username: Faust

    Hi Setsu,

    I am on the fence about rolling on day 2 (yup, day 2). I currently have two norse/dragonbound teams: Ryune/I&I and Saria/Thor:

    Ryune/Blonia/Andromeda/Gabriel/Flex (A. Karin, Sumire, Water Dragon Knight, A. Isis)
    Saria/Wukong/LB Apollo/Raphael/Flex (Shining Dragon Knight, Fuma, or LMeta)

    I’m currently working on hypermaxing my water team, so I am currently using multiple heartmakers to compensate for a lack of RCV. As you can see, my Ryune/I&I team is a missing a couple of key players for orb changing synergy, specifically Hatsume and Hermes. I&I is also on my wishlist because it would give me a spike for potential Ryune/Blonia and Blonia/Blonia teams (I have a lot of subs that are compatible with Blonia’s leader skill). I could also really use another heart breaker for my water team, especially with so many heartmakers, and SBR for my light team, so Pollux and Alrescha could be really helpful. So I potentially have a lot to gain from the water gala and constellation 1’s (with risk of a dupe Castor or Antares), but have little interest in constellation 2’s (except maybe Alcyone) so I’m on the fence about rolling this godfest.

    I hope to hear back from you. Thanks!


    • Ugh, that’s rough since Constellation 2 is just so bad overall. None of the Constellation 1 should make the PCGF, so that out is gone, too. I’d also be surprised if Hermes made it, too.

      So it feels real bad to say so, but day 2 may be worth rolling in for you as you get an improved chance at so many key water subs like Hermes, Hatsume and Orochi in addition to the Constellation 1s you wanted. I’m with you on the fence, here. I say just go with your gut. Only you know your financial situation, your PAD goals and other such circumstances, so if everything lines up I think you’re giving yourself a good chance of improving your teams.


      • So I just pulled three times and got Alcyone (light SBR+heartbreak), Alrescha, and a dark dragon knight (not so good). So basically I have all my wanted pulls for constellations and no dupes yet. Now I don’t know if I should quit while I’m and wait for a water gala without such a weak godfest or if I should keep going for Hermes, Hatsume, Orochi, etc. Any thoughts?


        • As much as I hate waiting for a Greek godfest or a second water gala, I guess I just answered my own question 😛 I’m happy to spend occasionally, but rolling entirely for the gala seems a little nuts. Maybe I’ll use my remaining stones to take a couple of stabs at Rukia 🙂


  21. Going to cut off the questions for today here for today… I’ll try my best to get to the questions that were already asked. With the Bleach Collab announcement, I’ve got even more on my plate. I’m not expecting many questions for day 2 so I may cut off the entire post prematurely, too. For those rolling tonight, good luck!


    • I read your comment, dashed to Facebook as fast as Usain Bolt, and saw that your words were true. God help everyone’s wallet. Thankfully, I’m more tempted by FF 2 than Bleach since my water box is fairly scant (read: no Scheat) so I can safely pass without feeling pain in my heart.


      • I think a lot of people feel the same way. Character popularity aside (although as an old man I’d like to think FF is much, much more popular, but I really have no idea), it’s just so much easier to put together a Lightning and/or Yuna team.


  22. Hello, was wondering if I might get some advice on whether i should pull/how much I should pull for this upcoming godfest or if should just wait for PCGF or GFE special?

    Rank 224, Non-IAP
    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/vargs/monsters/
    MP: 123k
    Stones: 70

    Teams (most used->least used):
    A. Pandora (uvo pandora, uvo lu bu, a. lucifer, akechi)
    A. Bastet (uvo verdandi, uvo vishnu, uvo vishnu, G/R uvo liu bei)
    LKali (echidna, a. isis, a. yomi, attackerasu)
    A. Lucifer (a. pandora, uvo pandora, akechi, uvo izanami)
    A. Yomi (same subs as a. lucifer)

    Other teams: Ronia lol, Verdandi.

    Teams that could be: Gronia, Blonia, A. Lakshmi, A. Amat.

    My A. Pandora team is pretty viable already (Aamir as unbindable bind clear, Yomi for fingers, have enough subs for All Att.), though I’m missing a reliable way to clear jammers/poison. Was looking at board change and can’t decide if going for Haku would be worth it when there’s Suoh to consider as well. There’s also the fact that Haku on A. Pandora would have to be D/D, while Haku on A. Luci or A. Yomi should probably be A. Haku.

    Essentially, wondering if it’s worth it to pull this GF for Haku (or Meimei, I suppose). Wouldn’t mind getting Mori or Ishida either for possible future teams. Karin might be usable on some possible blue teams as well?


    • Usually I’d advise that rolling for something specific is a bad idea, but considering your box and how good day 1 is I’d say it’s a good idea to roll. Even if you don’t have an immediate use for them, all the pantheon gods are useful (with the light ones having least overall usage) so there’s definitely some good potential.

      So the decision comes down to the other options. PCGF is certainly an option since Haku is almost guaranteed to make it, but I’m not sure if you gain all that much. Zuoh at 1x is certainly disappointing, but you can’t always have everything. That being said, if all you want is a board change and it doesn’t have to be Haku, then there will be more opportunities in the future to roll for him at 3x and 4x, possibly with a better pantheon lineup (although I’m not sure what that would be for you, exactly).

      I’m not sure what your preference is, but I’d recommend just rolling now. I’m putting a lot of stock in Sengoku uevos this year, so potentially getting some now will pay off big in the future.


  23. It seems we have found the reason why they giving us such a good godfest. We are getting bleach collab soon(?), So rip my wallet


  24. Rank: 220
    IAP status: Very light
    PADHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/ferretwraith/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Hi Setsu! Thanks for the advice you’ve given me on previous godfest help posts!

    My question this time is… what should I be looking to roll for and hyper max next? Most of my playtime is spent clearing king of the gods with my red valk team (takes ~4 minutes if you care). I have recently started using a Castor team with a yomi dragon friend to clear some descended dungeons. I avoid using Sakuya because the “activate leader skill or die” gameplay stresses me out.

    I am a little unclear on what I should be going for next. I have enough + eggs to hyper max another card now. I was leaning towards using them on Haku, as I believe she is my most flexible dark sub…? Followed by maybe putting eggs on Pandora next?

    I don’t know what sort of pantheon / carnival lineup I should be looking to roll on. Do I double-down on trying to roll in another GFE + dark carnival, risking dubs, to try to finish out having even more options in the element? Am I at a point where I should only be rolling in 4x GFEs to pray for Eschamali and big MP rolls to sell for a dragon? Should I avoid the PCGFs because of a risk of dubs? Should I be dumping all my stones tomorrow in hopes of rolling Akechi and filling out my box with some more fire carnival cards?

    Thanks in advance if you find the time to reply to this.


    • I’d probably wait until the PCGF to roll. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to roll today since Akechi is that good, but he’s almost guaranteed to make the PCGF lineup and rolling there would give you an opportunity to start diversifying your box element-wise. It also looks like you have plenty to work on in the mean time, so that helps.

      I think hypering Haku next is the right idea. I’d also agree with Pandora after that. I think your Castor team is your best bet in the short term and Pandora is the best long term, so it makes sense to invest in those two first.


  25. Rank 256
    IAP : Every once in a while
    PADH: https://www.padherder.com/user/conflux/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxatt,1

    Hey Setsu! I’m wondering if I should roll on the first day. I’ve got a good amount of stones saved up and it seems pretty good. Some monsters that stand out are Sakuya and the GFEs (Eschamali, especially). The Chinese gods seem like a good investment for the future, because you can stack them on teams. I’ve been dying to build some new teams (90% of the time I use my WIP A.Shiva and YDra).

    The counterargument is that Okuninushi, a valued sub on YDra teams, hasn’t shown up in while and may come mid-April with the risk of a shitty pantheon along side it. PCGF is also coming as well as the BLEACH collab.
    So do I do it? or do I save?

    Thanks in advance.


    • I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to roll day 1. You already have the non-Sakuya Chinese and Akechi. The argument for Chinese dupes should only be used when you’re rolling for something else you need, but in this case it doesn’t look like you actually need anything. If you want to try out Sakuya, I’d suggest waiting for the PCGF instead since she — almost certainly Eschamali — will make the lineup. This will also give you the opportunity to pick up other shoo-ins you might need like Pandora while also potentially picking up various leaders since you wanted to try other teams. While rolling specifically for Okuni is kind of gross since the other Japanese 2 are fairly poor, I’d recommend that over day 1 regardless of the circumstances because you actually have an immediate use for him.


  26. Random Q: Do you think it’s worth investing in a Volsung? I read your farmable monster analysis, but right now I’m considering replacing Choco with him. I’m a non IAP.

    My staple team: ARa/LKali/FatChoco/DIza (sometimes Christmas Lilith)/AOrochi or AIsis (sometimes Muse)
    I’m considering replacing FatChoco with Volsung as this team has crappy RC, only has 60-80% SBR, and already has a bunch of HP thanks to DIza or AOrochi. The extra time extend is a bonus. Choco isn’t God/Devil either, and no one else on the team is Dragon or Attacker so the typing and damage debuff are mitigated. It seems like the 6 turn cooldown would be really nice.

    I do have a Gadius and 2 Uriels though.. so it might be better just to skip straight to the new MP waifu instead of bothering.


    • How do you heal when your board change has no hearts? Why not just get Linthia or Gainaut instead if you want a replacement?

      There’s no guarantee Shang Mei will be any good, especially if Gadius remains one of the better sub options.


    • Nah, I’d quit while you’re ahead. There’s certainly some value left for you on day 1, but the chances of rolling them are so low that disappointment is almost assured. Unless you want something specific, I’d pass. As for what to roll outside this, I’m not really sure. The PCGF only seems mildly good for you since it looks like you already have many of the gods that would make it. I might wait for a good 4x GFE since it seems like you’re somewhat lacking in that department. I wouldn’t recommend rolling in Bleach unless you have an attachment to the IP.


  27. Rank: 304
    IAP-status: none
    Stones: 61

    Currently Running Teams:
    A Sakuya: L Kali/L Kali/D Kali/ A Isis (Xmas Archangel/A Amaterasu/Indra)
    A Amaterasu: L Valk/DQXQ/A Venus/Sandalphon (Raphael/Xmas Archangel/Sun Wukong)
    A Shiva: A Hinokagutsuchi/A Leilan/Echidna/chibi chiyome (Nim/Sonia/ROdin/RL Leilan)
    Ryune: A I&I/Skuld/Hermes/Hermes (BlOdin/BlOdin/A Isis)

    Working on Teams:
    FA Luci: A Haku/Persephone/Lu Bu/??? (Grisar/Zuoh/Sonia)
    Ra Drag: Fat Chocobo/D Kali/A Isis/Indra (really far away from making this)
    Bastet: (no really good subs…)

    (My padherder is a little out of date, but not any major changes; I just max skilled my second L Kali and my D Kali and gained a few levels on them and got A Isis and max skilled her. I wanted to update, but my padherder proxy wouldn’t work)

    1. When do you think the next PCGF will be?
    2. Last time you said you didn’t like my sub choices for Ryune/I&I, what subs would you use from my options? or did you mean that I don’t have the right subs for the team in my box?
    3. Should I roll this godfest? and if so, which day?

    Thanks again setsu. I love reading your posts, and really appreciate your help.


    • 1. Should be in a couple months, probably at the end of May.
      2. I don’t remember what I said last time, but it just looks like you don’t have a full team. You basically have two Hermes and no orb change synergy which makes the team so good. Basically, I see no reason to run the team given what you already have.
      3. If you’re serious about running a Ryune-I&I team, picking up a Karin would be a good idea. Akechi is also obviously good. So day 1, depending on how much you want Karin.


  28. Rank 461
    IAP: pack o month, trying to cut down, not really working
    Padherder https://www.padherder.com/user/kleptosidewinder/monsters/

    Teams: YomiD, Pandora, AALuci, ARa, Bastet, Verdandi
    Working on : I&I, Thor/Saria,

    So maybe this is a help from godfest instead of help for godfest. So I rolled today, finally got my Akechi (!), but in the process, picked up my second DKali. I’ve been eyeing RaDrag for a bit.

    1) Can you run RaDrag reasonably without Indra? I got a Hyper DKali (and now a second), Hyper Isis, A Ororchi, DIza, etc. No Kanna either (but I have ALoki)…

    2) With more and more monsters having a DKali skill these days, is it worth hypering extra DKalis? Should I be saving them for skill inheritance? Maybe hyper the DKali and wait for another monster for skill inheritance (Maeda Kaiji?)

    Thanks, your website rules.


    • 1. Indra is no longer as critical as he once was, but that’s only after skill inheritance. Since you have NY Amaterasu, she can cover your SBRs and you can inherit some other sort of shield on her. Although I’m not entire sure what that would be since you don’t have Susano, either.
      2. Two hyper DKalis are still useful if you’re running Ra Dragon.


      • How did I not notice Ra Drag has no SBR? Maybe I’ll wait on buying him till I have better solution. Good call, thanks!


  29. Hi Setsu.

    Rolled for Akechi/Haku for my Panda team, because that’s all I care about….

    Now the proud owner of a FIFTH Gadius. (And still not a single Kali). I don’t know what the odds of that are as a non-IAP but geez enough already.

    Fingers crossed that the MP Orchid God makes a great Gadius system leader.

    I think I’m just going to wait for a dark gala GF or PCGF.



  30. Hey Setsu,

    Its me again. Rank 403, Low IAP (Spent like 20 dollars this godfest cause I wanted Akechi or Meimei =( sigh)
    End game.. beaten almost everything except mythical plus rushes…

    So I rolled hard this godfest cause I really wanted Akechi as hes my only missing piece and I have his skill ups and wanted to try during 3x skill ups… but things dont workout..

    but anyhow, my question this time isn’t what team I should build towards/invest towards, but rather, I just want to diversify my team and just build teams for various descends/farming. I really like building teams and I want to build enough teams so I can “farm” weekday dungeons/descend monster drops like (Scarlet, Nordis, or even the more recent descends etc)

    tldr: I just want to have teams that can switch around to make certain dungeons really easy to farm (I want to make it as mindless as posible). I like team building and want to know if I have anything now that I rolled some nice toys

    My end game teams are:
    1a) Saria/Thor – with the assortments of Light monsters.. there’s no real set team for this combination cause I remember you explained that Saria/Thor is great because of its flexibility in subs.
    1b) Panda – I have everything but akechi, but it seems that these two teams are enough for diversity in terms of end game content

    2) Sakuya/Bastet etc

    But based on my new rolls (Castor, Uriel, Ares x 2, Australis x 2, Shiva, Horus, Denebola, GGY (LOL), Karin!).. anything I can do with them?

    It seems that with my Karin Roll.. I have a strong water row team? Andro, Mori, Karin, Hermes ( should I go for Awoken), Sumire and pair with Nepdragon?

    I think I can do a Shiva team, or Horus team, but it wouldn’t be as ideal… I don’t know what to do with Castor but I’m sure he fits well with Luci but I like Panda more cause shes waifu.. perhaps he can be skill inheritance for my Claire later.

    but the most intriguing pulls are the two ares and Uriel.. I feel like I have everything for a Shiva dragon team… I don’t really want to use my 300k MP on an MP dragon… so would I still be able to farm stuff easily with an Urd/Shiva Dragon Pair? Or perhaps Diza/Shiva Dragon pair? I feel that those pulls can help with a nice farming team etc. Or should I invest in like a Uevo Goemon Lead to making farming stuff easier?

    I was also curious if I had a strong Freyr/Raoh team… the God Ares don’t really fit, but if Awoken Ares becomes like Attacker/Devil or some sort, would I have a decent team for that? Or perhaps use this previous split evo with the devil killer and attacker type

    Sorry for the long post again. Please let me know if you see anything else


    • You can definitely pair Urd with Shiva Dragon, but DIza not so much due to the HP reduction. It won’t be quite as mindless, but it should work for the most part. For harder stuff you can potentially run Castor-Yomi Dragon. For the special descends, those require specific teams to farm.

      Goemon might be a good investment if you plan on doing co-op 10x farming in the future. He’s really only worth the investment if you intend to stone for stamina, though, as his main strength is saving time.

      Dark Ares is used frequently on Raoh for his devil killer.


      • Ah.. Castor and YomiDragon ….Thank you Setsu…
        – Man This is such an awesome suggestion… should my focus on this team be on rows or gods with orb enhances? or just mix around to fit the dungeon?

        For Shiva Dragon, – Fire gods?
        – So something like.. Urd lead w/ R/L Ares, R/L Ares, Uriel, Flex? with like A. Horus or something for Enhance? but essentially fire rows right?

        And Freyr – Raoh – The subs here are just really flexible from Rsonia to Scarlet and Ares right? Thank you for the Dark Ares suggestion, might use him to help farm Scarlet.. I never thought dark Ares would be good enough cause he only had 1 row vs RL Ares and I saw that your “my teams” suggestion didnt really have Dark Ares as a flex so I didn’t think he would be a good sub! I might just do one RL Ares and one RD ares. that is until Awoken Ares comes along and obsoletes both haha!

        and Finally, I really appreciate that advice to pursue something based on personal preference. It makes the game a bit more enjoyable than to just constantly try to keep up or predict which end game team one should invest in. Thanks for making me realize that and sorry I didn’t understand that earlier haha!

        I guess I’ll just wait for the right Sengoku GF with Dark gala to optimize the chance for Akechi! Guess I gotta keep saving his skill up materials haha!

        Thanks again!


        • I think you can just mix OE and rows. Just run the best subs you have. Although it really takes something like Eschamali to get enough extra damage out of an OE sub, so if you have 100% enhanced orb rate, but still need extra damage, rows might be better.

          Yes, just fire rows for Shiva Dragon. You might want to consider a damage enhancer since Urd means you’ll be doing less damage.

          Killers really make a huge difference. Think of it like having 2 extra copies of the same card on your team. Of course it isn’t that simple with rows and such, but you get the idea.

          I always try to recommend playing to your preference. There’s only so far “the best” team will take you since things change so much do quickly in this game. And there’s little point in playing this game if you’re not having fun, anyways.


  31. 9 rolls and not a single Chinese or Sengoku. What the hell?! I think I’m cursed….

    So jealous of your Hakus and Akechi 😦

    Instead, I got TWO 6* GFEs (ryune and dmeta), two 5* GFEs (lmeta sold, lkali #2), and a crapton of Fire Gala cards. Why couldn’t the dupe Freyr have been Yamato Takeru </3

    I'm going to stop rolling on Fire Gala now though. With the addition of Denebola and Minerva to my fire box I have a fire monster from way too many pantheons.

    Also found out I apparently have a perfect Neptune Dragon team for Arena 2. So tempted.


      • Yeah, I’ve been resisting for now. My interest level in clearing Arena is really low and I’d rather try to make a Ryune x I&I team for fun. (I probably would have caved eventually had Ryune not appeared, ironically enough).

        Gonna just start saving stones again and maybe next time Sengoku comes around things will turn out better.


        • Well if Arena 1 comes back as a technical and still rewards a Py everytime, you’ll eventually want a team to farm that. It’s just that Arena 2 is not worth the effort.


    • Pandora basically obsoletes every other non-MP Dragon team so there doesn’t seem much point to making another. If you want a new team, it should be based off personal preference.

      Feel free to ask if a certain god is safe to sell, but I’m not going to do your dirty work for you.


  32. Rank: 207
    IAP: None, no plans for it
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/cellescent/monsters/ (slightly outdated; will update ASAP)
    Remaining Stones: 74 (can probably grab a few more today)

    Main team: Raoh/ALeilan/Chiyome/Squall/flex, waiting on suvo Yamato to come to NA and sub in for Squall. Flex tends to be Rinoa or Isis for bind clearing, depends if I need speed or want haste / devil boost.
    Making way through Legends, first few Mythicals of descends. Low-stress player, but figured I’d like to ask for advice if possible.

    Saved up a bunch of stones over time as past fests have been horrid. Pulled 5 times today, getting Rozuel, Kano, Fenrir, Scheat, Ivory dragon. Considering I now have Scheat and Bleach collab is coming: should I save my stones and shoot for a Rukia? / see anything worth investing in, outside of Raoh, in my box?

    Otherwise I was thinking about blowing all my stones today on the high chances for a Sanada, maybe ROdin or even a dupe Leilan if that might be useful. This seems like a super nice fest, especially with Fire gala for me.

    Thanks if you get the time to answer!


    • That’s a really nice Raoh team for your rank. It should take you very far in the game.

      I would not roll for Rukia just because you have Scheat, especially since you don’t have any other subs for the team. If you have an attachment to the character, maybe, but from a pure gameplay standpoint it’s not worth the risk.

      It’s going to be tough to outdo your Raoh team. You have a few nice pieces, but not enough to make a coherent team. If you want some diversity, I’d probably take a chance on the PCGF, see what it gives you, then go from there.

      Day 1 is a good day to roll for just about everyone. Being able to snag a Sanada or Urd would be quite valuable for your Raoh team and the other Chinese and Sengoku are great building blocks for other teams. Even a RSonia would not be horrible. The fire gala is an added bonus. I would not fault you for rolling this day. Just as a heads up, ROdin is 1x on this day, if that makes a difference.


      • Reporting in on results, I ended up using my whole load of stones on a huge streak of golds.

        With the five from earlier (Rozuel, Kano, Fenrir, Scheat, Ivory Dragon) it’s a total of 21 pulls;

        Dill Sirius (dark)
        Akechi #3

        Gadius #2
        Akechi #4

        Maeda Keiji
        Leilan #2
        Ishida Mitsunari

        Despite the lack of a Sanada I’m blown away by these rolls; thinking about implementing Minerva or Rozuel in flex for that defense break / bind clear, or even the second Leilan for raw rows. And all these GFE’s!

        Thanks for the advice! Quite happy I had the confidence to roll big today; and stoked that my team build garners approval.


  33. https://www.padherder.com/user/Akilatem/monsters/
    Rank 367
    IAP Yes, occasionally
    MP 318k

    I got super lucky and pulled the Akechi I was missing on my second pull and decided to stop. Now what? Now all I really want from either day are the obvious GFEs everyone wants, primarily: Eschamali, Tsubaki, DKali. While day 1 is obviously better overall, I have no more use for anymore Karin or Sakuya. In terms of GFE, day 2 has more of what I want at this point since my top picks are on 3x. Would I be any better off waiting for PCGF? Should I wait for another 4x GFE event?


    • If you’re targeting GFEs exclusively, I’d wait for 4x. The better rates are definitely noticeable. I wouldn’t roll in random godfests for GFEs if you don’t need anything else.


  34. Uh, to be honest I wasn’t expecting this many questions for today. So I’m going to make the cutoff even earlier today. I’ll try my best to get to everything before this, but I make no promises. I apologize if you get skipped.

    It’s extremely unlikely I’ll get to anything after this, so I’d appreciate it if no new questions were asked after this. Thank you!


  35. Rank 334
    Medium IAP
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Chun/monsters/

    Teams: Ra dragon, Dmeta

    Hi setsu,

    I’m bored with my ra dragon team and want to try something else. I have many dark monsters, but cant decide which to use.
    I considered I would either stick with my Dmeta team, buy a yomi dragon or level my f. Lucifer.

    Thing is, I am afraid that when I buy yomi dragon, there will be a stronger MP monster coming out, with all the powercreep and all.
    With f. Lucifer, I am not really convinced of his power…

    Thank you for your input!


  36. Hey Setsu – thanks for taking the time to help us noobs out! I’m a huge fan 🙂


    Teams: RyunI&I, RoBu, AYomi, ASakuya, APanda
    Rank: 374

    I’ve just cleared my first C10 this week and I’m hoping to take on Arena 1 & 2. I’ve finally saved a decent amount of MP (200K) to start thinking about my first purchase…I took a look at the MP Decision Chart and it looks like I should get NepDrag, but I also see a lot of teams needing Charite to beat Arena.


    Thoughts on Charite vs NepDrag (probably will be my sole MP purchase for a long time)?

    Is blue the right team to focus on? I think I might have a strong dark team as well, potentially meaning I should buy YomiDrag instead….


  37. To reiterate, I won’t be taking additional questions at this point. I’ll still answer follow-up questions to previous comments, though.


  38. Long time follower of your blog, kinda weird that my first post would be about something other than pad. I’m curious about your opinion on Tree of Savior so far. Id also be interested in your planned class/circle progression.


    • It’s hard to have an opinion because the launch has been a disaster as MMO launches tend to be. As a former hardcore RO and Mabinogi player, I greatly appreciate the art style and feel and while there are plenty of differences, you really get that same kMMO feel. At the very least, the game systems are very complex and there’s very little accurate information available so it’s fun to explore rather than have the optimal path laid out for you day 1 like Diablo III. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far, but I’ll withhold final judgment until the servers stabilize.


  39. Rank 345


    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Dracaryx/monsters/

    Main Teams:
    LKali: LKali/LKali/A. Ama/Sun Quan/DIza (sub Izanagi for A. Ama/DIza depending on dungeon)
    RoBu: Lu Bu/Ronia/Ronia/Persephone/Beelzebub
    A. Haku: A. Haku/A. Haku/Z8/Okuninushi/DIza

    I have 300k MP saved up and plan to pick up YomiDra next time it comes around. I rolled really hard aiming for Akechi, but no luck. I did pick up some interesting pulls, and am primarily wondering whether I have any RBG teams worth leveling/developing since I try to avoid feeding off-color.

    Red: I feel like I have a number of solid red subs without a capable leader (Shiva where are youuu 😦 ). I don’t have a leader for Cao Cao/Kagutsuchi’s TPAs, and I don’t have subs for ROdin/Gadius. Anything I’m overlooking?

    Blue: I pulled a number of interesting blue subs lately, but have very little experience with blue teams and don’t know what direction to go in. The leaders that stand out to me are Blonia, Sarasvati, and Lakshmi; can I make anything happen with my current box?

    Green: I currently have theoretical Verdandi setup of Verdandi/Vishnu/Liu Bei/GZL/Susano (sub Cu Chu for Susanoo depending on dungeon). The team is leveled but not skilled/awoken. Would this team be good for anything beyond what my current teams can already accomplish/is there anything better in my green box?

    Thanks for your time ^_^


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