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The Past Week:

The Future of the Blog

With Tree of Savior turning out to be almost everything I wanted from a game — outside the typical MMO launch issues, of course — I’m going to be dedicating a large chunk of my free time to it (which is saying a lot because I had vowed never to play an MMO again). This means I’ll have less time for PAD and thus less time for this blog. I still want to hit 900 reasonably fast so what time I have budgeted for PAD will be spent actually playing the game instead of blogging about it. In a way, it will pretty much be the same as the month of March was; I still intend to continue the main regular posts (godfest help, REM reviews, aggregate JP list, ranking dungeon prep), but the more superfluous stuff will be discontinued.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • I’m totally out of the loop as far as JP, again. I guess the current thing going on is the next iteration of PAD Academy which is probably why we didn’t get new uevos. It really seems like they’re dragging their feet in this regard, but special REMs, GFEs and MP cards are where the money is. I’m still hopeful for awoken 3K and uevo Sengoku later this year, but it may come later than I would’ve liked. In other news, it looks like more buffs are incoming.
  • It’s 10x on NA so it’s time to go full hermit mode. Since it’s only a week and I have to split time with ToS, the 297 count will be lower this time, but I also want to hit 200 total 297s this event so I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to budget my time.
  • It’s been a very long time since NA got new uevos. It’s starting to get a little annoying, but at the very least they’ve thrown us enough toys to keep us distracted. Here’s hoping they save any changes for after the ranking dungeon; it would be a huge mistake to change the meta after players have already invested so much time and money into getting a top score. I’m referring mainly to the 8.8 awakening buffs.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 61

  1. What do you do about binds with your A.Pandora endgame team listed on your teams page? I had though a Yomidra was mandatory as a sub for endgame A.Pandora and A.Lucifer teams for bind removal. Do you just not use it at all in dungeons where both leaders might get bound?


      • Awoken Hinokagutsuchi is the main one I can see, it has the 50% resolve then binds(or -99 turn skill delays, followed by Grisar which may require skills) so I would think you would need a bind cleric or a delay if you ran into him.

        I haven’t done it myself though, still preparing. Do you just hit him hard, eat the skill binds, and kill Grisar with no skills without matching the mortal poisons?


        • Kagutsuchi doesn’t do much damage even in Arena 2. You’ll be able to stall out the bind unless you’re very unlucky with the orb spawn, but if you play correctly even that isn’t a big issue. Also if you bring Lilith or a similar poison — which is pretty much necessary for the PreDRAs and Pys, in addition to other poisonable resolves like Kaguya and Zhou Yu — Kagu is trivialized.

          Just about every non-preemptive bind in the game has a way to be worked around and there are very few sweeping preemptive binds in the endgame (Nordis is all I can really think of off the top of my head). Yes, there are situations where you have to bring a bind clear, but they are few and far between.


            • Right now I barely know anything about the game, but if I feel more confident in the future I might make a separate blog for that purpose. However, I’d imagine the post quality would be much lower since I can’t imagine I’ll put as much effort into it as I do this one. I’ll definitely post about it here if I do.


  2. Are there any dungeons you have not cleared. If yes I’m assuming the list contains only machine Hera and Zeus multiplayer dungeons


    • Yeah, Machine Zeus and Super Ultimate Dragon Rush or whatever. I just have so little interest in multiplayer. I do have the Machine Hera team for Zeus, as well as the evo mats for him, but I just have so little motivation to do the dungeon.

      Although when we get the updates where you can co-op everything in the game and get MP per stamina spent, I’ll have to adjust. I’m considering a way to button farm 10x with readers or whatever.


      • Okay, I follow PAD Reddit and look at the NA JP updates Reddit page that is linked from your website, but I did not know anything about the updates you just said. Do u follow the JP version of padx because you can somewhat read Japanese? Or am I totally missing an awesome source of JP updates? Or am I just an idiot? Haha


  3. Haha I’m in the same boat as you. Thought I was done with mmo’s but tree of savior is keeping my interest despite that. IMC seems determined to make a quality product which allowed me to overook some of the more glaring issues with the game. I’m glad your enjoying it setsu. May I ask what class your using?


    • The playerbase seems to have some huge issues with IMC at the moment, but outside server stability and ping, none of them concern me or the way I currently play too much. Although I believe if I was who I was while I was playing Ragnarok, I’d probably have many of the same complaints (mostly about trading). But outside some issues, yes, I think ToS is a great game with a lot of potential. It’s just too bad that the game still seems like it’s in beta.

      I started with an archer (currently A1 > QS2), but with my ping being so bad an auto-attack build didn’t seem like it was going to work. So I switched to wizard (currently W3, planning the cookie cutter W3 > Elementalist 3 > Warlock build) and things have become much better. I decided to take a cookie cutter build until I learned more about the game since so much of the information currently available is so unreliable.

      PAD has really intruded into my ToS time this week, but I’m hoping to put in a lot of time into it soon (before the servers die again to F2P).


  4. Hey Setsu. Been following your blog for a while. I really appreciate the work you’ve put into it.

    I recently heard that Skuld was getting some changes. Though Padx doesn’t reflect anything, I heard she was getting changed to be a static 3.5x atk for water attribute and then 1.5x atk for matching 5 orbs with at least one enhanced.
    That seemed pretty legit to me and since I’ve never built a water team, it seemed now was the time.
    Here is what I came up with based on my box.


    I haven’t seen much excitement on the subreddit about the changes to Skuld so I thought I might be missing something. On paper, this looks like a killer team with a lot of flexibility for subs.

    I asked the subreddit and got some great ideas there. I went from not being that excited about rolling a dupe Skuld to being pretty stoked. I just wanted to get your take on it.

    Here is my padherder for reference.

    Again, thanks for all the work you put into the blog. It’s helped me a lot!


    • Skuld’s going to be very good, but there isn’t going to be much hype over a rare 6-star that’s not all that much better than other options.

      I wouldn’t pair Skuld with Ryune. This leaves you with a team that does less damage than when paired with another Skuld, but also constrains your possible subs since you have to use B/G cards to get the RCV bonus. If you just pair with another Skuld, your sub pool isn’t nearly as constrained since any RCV you get past the first two Skulds is just a bonus. Not to mention that a Skuld pair team should have enough HP for most situations. If you want a tank team, just use I&I-Ryune instead.

      I won’t be taking a look at your box; I’m trying to keep any questions that would require me to look at your box in the bimonthly Godfest Help posts. If you’d like a more in depth answer, please try again there.


  5. Where do you live (state is fine)? I notice you post at literally all of the different hours in the day and I am curious as to what you time zone is


  6. The sisters are back Setsu!! Awoken DQXQ! :D, kind of wear losing their Healer type haha but happy nonetheless that they are reunited


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