Weekly Roundup 63


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Next Week and Beyond:

  • With Awoken DQXQ being released, the rest of the pantheon will be highly anticipated. Will Liu Bei save wood again? Will Cao Cao be underrated, then turn out to be the best of the lot again? Will Lu Bu even get an awoken? If so, will he be vastly overrated again? Will all the scrubs that vote Sun Quan into the PCGF finally be validated?
  • If GungHo decides to start work on another pantheon, the likely candidates are: Indra and Vritra (awokens), Indian 2 (uuevos), Sengoku (uevos). After that you start to get really deep with: Japanese 2 (awoken), Egypt 2 (uuevos), Constellation 1 (uevos) and Angels (uuevos). You could also say the Greco-Romans are fairly deserving of new forms (split or ultimate awokens when).
  • This will be a busy week on NA for me. In addition to 10x, any urgent dungeons and the usual evo material grind, I have the following on my plate:
    • Skill ups: Water Carnival (Mori dupes), Gaia, BvS, Dark Insect Dragon (CDD), Water Insect Dragon (Exa Hydra, maybe), Linthia (mainly for Dub-Myths), Ancient Dragons (Loki, Awoken Hades), Gran Reverse (maybe), Kanetsugu (Lucifer).
    • Evo material: 3x Zhu Bajie (Xiang Mei), Indigo (Persephone), Hephaestus (Ares), Armadel (Ares), 2x Xuanzang (DQXQ), 2x Zhou Yu (DQXQ), 7x Hera Beorc (dupes for uevo).
  • I also still have to get cracking on the Satan Ranking Dungeon Prep post. I haven’t had much motivation as there really isn’t much to say about this dungeon that hasn’t been said in previous posts. I’m thinking of making a page for general ranking dungeon information instead of regurgitating much of the same info each successive post, but that also requires a lot of work.
  • There’s a small chance we get Awoken Hermes and Apollo this week, but they’re more likely to land somewhere in the two weeks after this one.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 63

    • Probably Sakuya since she’s unbindable, but DQXQ does have a higher damage potential, even if it’s somewhat awkward to get there (especially on 6×5).


  1. I wish I could try ADQXQ but DQ is crucial to my Amaterasu team and I don’t have a Wukong, Apollo, or Baal to replace her. Should I roll any of them or a dupe DQ though, that would be great… ADQXQ looks like a lot of fun, I watched some JP videos and she steamrolls, however she’s very orb hungry and thus active reliant, and has no HP or RCV multiplier which hurts her ability to stall. Still very powerful though, there are several Arena 2 clears already plus solo farming the Grisar devil rush (had a ton of dark latents for the latter to survive Grisar).

    Very excited to see what SQ and Cao Cao will bring, as usual I only have one of each so the decision to change or not will be dependent on what they become, I’ll likely change SQ though, I made him BG and max skilled him but the team he was going to go on ended up getting dropped when Awoken Thor and Saria became a thing. I hope Cao Cao will still remain relevant to Shiva, mine’s is freshly hypermaxed. But maybe he’ll be a good leader in his own right.


  2. So you’re going all in on Xiang Mei x3? Is that a pretty big deal or are you so flush with MP that it’s kind of a relief to have something to spend it on? 🙂


    • Maybe. It’s likely the rest of the series will be revealed before NA gets her so I’ll have time to make a decision. I do have quite a bit of MP.


    • I find it difficult to believe that any of the others will be on her level, as I honestly believe she’s stronger than they expected, that being said. I’m certainly anxiously awaiting the rest of them.


  3. Setsu! I finally beat Arena with Awoken Panda! I realized I prefer her team of A. Panda/UUevo Panda/Zuoh/Dvalk/Yomi/ A. Panda over my Saria/Thor team.. the long time extends really help out with making rows + 6 combos sometimes… my only concern right now is that the healing is a bit tough with this team… with Saria and Thor, one 3 match is nearly half HP….but I still have to finish hypermaxing it I guess, so maybe that will help!

    Thanks for your advice! First thing I did after beating Arena was to come thank you for tips! haha


  4. Is Awoken DQXQ being released in North America? I currently have the sisters at the state where I can evolve them to either DQ or XQ, though this doesn’t seem to be favored from what I can tell.


  5. Setsu! Congrats on the top ten! (assuming it’s not a copycat :P) https://www.facebook.com/notes/puzzle-dragons-north-america-gungho/athena-tournament-dungeon-rankings/1273980945963828

    Anyways: “You could also say the Greco-Romans are fairly deserving of new forms (split or ultimate awokens when).”

    Pretty sure we’ll be getting reincarnated Uvos. Presumably available post awoken to maintain the (generally) improved AS, and to gate off the (presumably) most powerful form from newer players.


    • It might be surprising, but yes, it’s me.

      Whatever their next form is, anything to get rid of all those useless awakenings would go quite a long ways.


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