Devil Rush – Awoken Artemis

A shitty video for a shitty team.


7 thoughts on “Devil Rush – Awoken Artemis

  1. So I recognize that this team is probably (read: definitely) subpar to some of your other lineups, but I am curious as to your specific reasons for disliking Awoken Artemis as a leader?

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything, it’s just genuine curiosity. I personally don’t see much potential for Awoken Artemis/Ares/Hermes as leaders WHEN COMPARED to other leaders that exist and so I’m wondering what your stance is.


    • It’s a lot of work to do for relatively low damage and an HP pool that’s too big for its own good. Gravities and poison are huge weaknesses and pairing with Freyja isn’t exactly a good remedy because then you need water orbs AND an active to burst. The general lack of time extends really hurts too. Perseus would be a good way to address both problems, but… yeah. I’m thinking that the two original Ceres cards could be good though, but it’s a bit unfortunate that you can’t really stack the team with hastes to go along with them a la Cloud/Amaterasu. I can’t really speak for Ares and Hermes. although I’m sure the big picture problems also apply to them.

      That being said, the damage is good enough for most situations so I’m starting to come around on Apollo and Persephone. Their damage is inherently worse, but I think the right mix of killer subs should be able to address most situations and the RCV boost is much appreciated.


      • I think Ares has a much wider sub pool compared to Hermes and Artemis since board changers with red and wood are more common. And I definitely agree with the “too much HP for their own good”, you have almost 100,000 HP but healing that back makes it more of a hindrance than help. My Thor/Saria team runs around 50,000 HP but also has a ton of healing meaning even if there’s only 3 heart orbs on the board, I can heal back around 20,000 HP provide I don’t completely mess up my matching.

        I’m really interested in how Persephone will play out as a leader. I remember you mentioning the conflict between her prongs and a tank team’s preference for rows…which would explain the very low damage output of my Amaterasu team (3 rows only…) in comparison to other Ama teams that have Wukong, Venus, Baal/etc. The fact that she needs Dark/Water and thus doesn’t conflict with Pandora makes her a very lucrative option for me given that I have 2 Persephone and 3 Pandora…


        • If any of the Awoken Greeks make it big, I believe it will be on the back of their sub flexibility and the ability to use any combination of all the great killer awakening subs there are now.

          Rows are generally better than TPA for teams with low multipliers since you can make better use of the 6×5 real estate; much of that being because you can blob rows, but TPAs have to be exactly 4. The blobbing part also makes rows better with OEs which Persephone and Apollo also promote.


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