Because Why the Fuck Not?

Gotta conserve those Woodpys for that awesome wood MP card that’s never coming, right?


8 thoughts on “Because Why the Fuck Not?

  1. Setsu, you seem like a clever kinda guy. No, correction, you are a brilliant dude, with sharp wit and a fantastic writing style.
    Now tell me, why the fuck are you wasting your time, energy and money doing this moronic, repetitive, pointless shit instead of something constructive with your life?

    Go climb a mountain, cycle the world, meet some truly beautiful women. At the very least write a novel. Don’t waste your brilliance on GungHo – they really don’t deserve it.
    Yours, a former fan.


    • I’ll risk answering this seriously.

      As unlikely as it may seem, I’ve done a fair amount of world traveling, some outdoors trekking and met a wide variety of people. While every second spent doing so was a treasure, I also found that none were essential to my life. As I’ve grayed, I’ve found that I’m a simple, boring person that requires little to be content. Namely a cozy bed, good food, better internet, and a few video games to devote myself to. Maybe a drink with friends once in a while.

      Never thought of myself as a writer, but since I broke my high school English teacher’s heart by majoring in engineering instead of humanities, I do take it upon myself to “write” once in a while, like through this blog. Lest my written English fall prey to emotes and memes. If I were to write a book, it would be titled “How Not to Be Victimized by a Myopic Game Company” (not from personal experience).

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