Challenge Dungeons 24 Lv10 – Solo Raoh (Or Not)

This is where my solo Raoh clear would be if GungHo didn’t decide to fuck me over — and many other players, by the sounds of it. No, I’m not going to find a friend to enter and exit the dungeon for me multiple times just to record a clear. So, instead, here’s Reco solo clearing it in his typical fashion (because JP had the option to solo it… I know, amazing concept):

This was the first Challenge Dungeon set that was co-op, but was the only one before they removed the single player button. So let’s just hope GungHo was lazy as hell this time and all future Challenge Dungeons (which will all be co-op) will be available in the Special tab as well. I was actually looking forward to soloing this dungeon since the co-op weighted difficulty actually makes for a pretty good challenge.


7 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 24 Lv10 – Solo Raoh (Or Not)

  1. I feel you lol The multiplayer set of challenge dungeons make em not even want to go for any pis… Just wanna get the predras and shiet and book it.


  2. >Spend a couple hours doing napkin math to design a plausible Nephy solo team like normal
    >See that you can’t enter solo anyways
    >Sigh so hard that you start coughing because you’re out of breath


  3. This challenge set is particularly BS because I don’t have a new phone, and my phone is so old that the game WILL NOT LET ME PLAY CO-OP.


    So I cannot get ANY of the prizes from this set. So that sucks. Like, a LOT.


    • Is it an Android phone or iOS? If iOS, you can copy the data files to another phone and play on it without needing a device transfer code (I did this a while back, so unless they’ve changed the implementation, I know it works).

      So, if you’re on iOS and have a friend with a modern phone who will let you borrow it for an hour or two, you could copy over the data files, play through the challenge set, then copy the data files back to your own phone. Sucky that you have to jump through those hoops, but less sucky than missing out on the rewards, perhaps.

      If you’re on Android, the only process that I know for sure works is to set up a device transfer, but then the problem is that you can’t set up another one for 30 days. If you have a spare iOS device (like an old iPod touch or something), you could transfer to a newer iOS device, play, then transfer back to your iOS device, then set up a data transfer back to your Android device after 30 days. This is the exact thing I did.

      If you don’t have a spare iOS device, I think you can probably still do it, but I don’t know how and it may require rooting your device and/or the one you’re transferring to.


      • You can attach your PAD account to your Google account. iCloud, too.

        The iOS data copy is blocked on newer iOS versions. Something like 8.4.

        You can copy with root (Android), but most devices wipe data in the root process.


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