Godfest Help Post: 4/30-5/1

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Indian 1 & 2 4/30, Archdemons & Japanese 2 5/1
Day 1 Day 2
Indian 1 Indian 2 Archdemons Japanese 2
Individual B B- B C+
Combined B C+
Individual C+ D B+ B
Combined D B+
Individual B- C- B+ B-
Combined C- B-

God dammit, GungHo. Seven hours until the godfest and still no official NA announcement. Well, since the EU announcement has accurately reflected the NA godfest for a long time now, I’m going to go ahead and use that information. If it’s different, I’ll deal with it then.

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions about just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

It’s hard to fool people with a godfest of this quality, GungHo. With the PCGF around the corner and the possibility of the FF Collab, it’s unlikely many people will bite on this godfest. It’s also worth noting that day 1 is the first time that the Metallic Stars have been excluded from 3x. Anyways, here are the rules:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • WordPress flags comments with multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment in bold red when I stop taking questions for the day or end the post altogether. Please look for and respect these cutoffs before posting! I’ll allow questions after the day 1 cutoff to queue up for the next day, but no new questions will be taken after the day 2 cutoff.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will be taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 4/30
Name Lead Sub Overall
Indian 1
1954 - Awoken ShivaShiva B+ B- B
1955 - Awoken LakshmiLakshmi A- D B-
1956 - Awoken ParvatiParvati B+ B- B
1926 - Heaven-Shaking Thunderdragon, IndraIndra C- B+ B-
1927 - Abyssal Darkdragon, VritraVritra B B- B-
Indian 2
2079 - Divine General of the Sun, KrishnaKrishna B+ D B-
2080 - Wise and Moral Goddess, SarasvatiSarasvati A- D B-
2081 - Divine Creator of Order, VishnuVishnu B A- B+
2082 - Scholarly God of Fortune, GaneshaGanesha D D D
2083 - Magic Hand Slayer Goddess, DurgaDurga B C B-

What a pathetic godfest day. Mediocre leaders and — outside Vishnu — horrible subs. The 8.1 killer awakening update made a few of the old Indian 1 uevos a bit more relevant, but nothing critical. Both pantheons need some upgrades, but it’s more likely Indian 2 will get help in the near future. With You Yu basically preempting Sarasvati in every way, here’s hoping they get that help soon.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 5/1
Name Lead Sub Overall
2503 - Explosive Demon Lord, BelialBelial B- B+ B
2504 - Resolved Demon Lord, AmonAmon C B+ B-
2505 - Awoken AstarothAstaroth A- B+ A-
2506 - King's Gaze Demon Lord, BaalBaal B- B+ B
2507 - Awoken Archdemon LuciferLucifer A B+ A
Japanese 2
2278 - Art Goddess of Entertainment, Ame no UzumeAme no Uzume B- B- B-
2279 - Vigorous Hunt Gods, Umisachi & YamasachiUmisachi & Yamasachi B B B
2280 - Miko Goddess of Protection, KushinadahimeKushinadahime C B B-
2281 - Creator God of Twin Skies, IzanagiIzanagi D B C-
2282 - Placating Founder, OkuninushiOkuninushi B+ B+ B+

There’s much more value here than day 1, but the pickings are still a bit slim. Astaroth and Lucifer are great leads, but outside that nothing stands out. So unless you need something for a very specific reason, this day is probably a pass.


71 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 4/30-5/1

  1. Credit to Fether on Reddit, but an updated MP purchase guide was recently made. I’m not sure if you have seen this yet, but here you go!


  2. Rank: 309
    IAP status: $50 IAP total. 10 dollars spent this month. Will no longer IAP for a while.
    Current Developed Teams: Astaroth, Bastet, Ryune,
    Future but undeveloped Teams: Blue Sonia, Saria, Yomi.


    I’ve been trying to sort the monsters as done to the top. however, it’s hard to get the sorting fixed to my liking. Pardon me for not making my box easier to read.

    Though my question may appear ignorant of me to ask, I have to know, will I be better off rolling in the PCGF?

    In all honesty, I only feel like rolling once and then conserving 50 stones. I only want a vishnu for bastet, and maybe lucifer for my dark team (still deciding the day) I have 15 so far. Thank you for your responses in reddit.


    • I’d imagine Lucifer is highly likely to make the PCGF. Vishnu also has a decent chance to repeat, but he’s not as certain.

      Then judging from your box, there will likely be quite a few non-dupe rolls in the PCGF. However, both days have a decent dupe risk for you.

      So I’d say that waiting for the PCGF is almost always better, especially since it’s only a month away. This godfest is pretty horrible and I’m not sure if Vishnu is worth the risk (and Bastet isn’t getting any better). I feel like the only way you could justify rolling for him is if you also banked on the rest of the pantheon getting uuevos some time in the new few months, but considering you already own 3 Indian 2s that’s probably not a great reason.


      • Thank you very much from the response!

        I will probably wait, but will risk just one roll on day 2. Both days do have dupe risks involved, and I do want to get the best bang for my buck. Your response was reassuring and has provided me the willpower to conserve stones. Have a good day!


  3. Hi Setsu, thanks for doing these! I have a question/challenge for you – given this box, no REM rolls, and 300k MP, what’s the fastest and best way to build a team capable of Arena/Arena 2?


    Rank 389, comfortable spending a few stones for pluses, latents and skill-ups but probably not much more for REM. I’ve invested a lot into Bastet and Verd teams but I’m starting to realize that I need stronger teams.

    I think I have some potential for an Awoken Pandora team (not optimal), an I&I team (close to optimal) and a RaDra team (would need to use Fat Chocobo). I just don’t know how to choose!


    • That’s a tough question to answer and skill inheritance only makes it more complicated. I think you correctly identified the teams you could use, but they all have their flaws so it’s hard to choose one. I think all of them can clear and reasonably farm Arena 1, but 2 is another question.

      I’m personally leaning toward Pandora since I’d prefer to be risk averse with your MP, especially since you don’t have the 2nd DKali for Ra Dragon. The big missing piece is the second Pandora, but you can get by without her. The core team would be Pandora / Zuoh / Akechi / flex / flex / Pandora. First thing I would do is find a co-op partner and make a Grisar. Making one of your dupe Hakus into her devil version is also a good idea.

      For Arena 1, the flex spots can probably be Grisar and Loki and it should theoretically be on farm status when hypermaxed, although random binds, like on the tama floor, could lower your clear rate (at least until inheritance).

      It’s obviously more complicated for Arena 2. The biggest issue is finding a way past the PreDRAs. The only non-inheritance solution is Lilith, but it’s questionable how good that team is. Although the poison is good for things with perseverance, too. For inheritance you have Ra. Orochi is also an option and you’ll probably need a delay for things like Vishnu anyways. One of the remaining question is Ilsix; you may just have to give up those runs. To address him you’d need to inherit something like Genie or find a water/heart orb changer. As for what to run, I’d probably still do Grisar, but the last spot is somewhat up in the air. The team probably won’t be consistent until you find a good inherit setup. But I don’t think that really matters since it’s not that important to farm this dungeon.

      Another option is to go Neptune Dragon if the Arenas are your only goal, but considering where the game is going, this may not be a great idea.


      • Thanks for the detailed and well-considered response 🙂 I guess the thing to do is focus my farming and development on my dark box/pandora team. One follow-up question: what do you mean when you say “considering where the game is going, this may not be a great idea”? Do you mean the new MP monsters coming out? Or the focus on multiplayer?


        • I mean two things: 1) Arena isn’t really a defining bar of what’s good anymore (multiplayer is a big part of that) and 2) skill inheritance enables every team to cover their weaknesses so the spread between the best and rest isn’t as pronounced anymore.


  4. Hey, Setsu. First of all, thank you for making these help threads. They have been really useful for me, and whether or not I commented on one, they all provide insight into my PAD experience. Thank you for that.

    Rank: 376
    IAP: I typically buy a pack of stones every time a pair of Godfests shows up.
    Current MP: 123K
    Main Teams: Awoken Ra/LKali/HKali/RKali/AIsis/ARa
    Ra Dragon/RKali/RKali/AIsis or Orochi/Indra or Awoken Ra (Working on replacing an RKali with DKali after hypermaxing it)
    Other teams can be found in the PADHerder in the Teams tab

    I have a few questions this time around:
    1. Would it be a good idea to make a separate team dedicated to clearing Annihilation multiplayer dungeons and the like? Regardless of the answer to that, what do you consider to be the best leaders for multiplayer dungeons?

    2. As you can see I have quite a few teams on which I have quite a bit of work to do in terms of choosing the optimal subs and hypermaxing them. So, in order to concentrate my efforts on one area, what single team do you suggest I work on? Whether I have the necessary materials or not is irrelevant; all I’m concerned with is putting the optimal subs, given my box, into the team that can be most easily completed and will generate the best results.

    3. Do you recommend I use Day 1’s Godfest to farm monster points so I can buy a Ragnarok Dragon? Given my IAP status, I’m going to get 17 rolls regardless. I’m just wondering if I should sell the eggs I expect to get in exchange for Ragnarok, as opposed to keeping the rolls and trying to come up with new teams for them.

    Any help you may have to offer is greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for taking your time to help out those with less knowledgeability for Puzzle and Dragons!


    • 3) If you want to “farm” MP points by rolling 17 times… I would actually recommend doing it during like a 4x GFE godfest as you will get much more bang for your buck


    • 1. The best leads to clear the Annihilation dungeons are, well, Machine Zeus, and to a lesser extent, Machine Hera. Zeus in particular is nice since you can take advantage of subs like Amaterasu, Raphael and Genie to get past some of the more difficult dungeon hurdles. Is it worth making teams for either of them? Right now, there just isn’t much reward for running Annihilation dungeons unless you specifically want more skill ups for Zeus and Hera. There are better places to run for rank exp and MP. So until more content comes out, or if you just enjoy co-op, I don’t think it’s worth it.

      2. Considering you already have a great Ra Dragon team, there really doesn’t seem to be any dungeon that’s out of reach for you, especially since Ra Dragon has so few weaknesses. So I guess the question is: why do you want another team? None of the teams in your teams page are an improvement, so I think it comes down to preference. I can help you a bit more if you can answer that.

      3. I wouldn’t recommend it, no. The main reason being: why do you even want Ragnarok Dragon? I guess if you just want to complete the Ra Dragon sub arsenal, there are worse things to do. However, it’s not like I’d try to dissuade you, either. If it makes sense financially for you, then why not?

      However, there are more efficient ways of getting MP. Outside the aforementioned 4x GFE, you could try farming MP during this or future 10x MP events. Especially after inheritance hits, there are plenty of great brain dead co-op farming teams. Scarlet in particular is great for farming MP. I’m not sure how efficient it will be considering your rank, but from what I’ve been overhearing the stone to MP efficiency is pretty good. However, I don’t know the details since co-op doesn’t really interest me.


      • My main reason for working on another team is to add a little variety. I know Ra Dragon is the best team in my arsenal now, but I do get a bit bored at times doing the same thing over and over in terms of playstyle and execution, and having another team available at my disposal to use if I ever get tired of RaDra would make endgame farming and challenges much more interesting. I’m also looking for a team that would help me in terms of farming +eggs and MP and whatnot, because right now I don’t really have any well-defined team to quickly and efficiently farm (my ShivaDra team is also a work in progress).

        In terms of Ragnarok Dragon, I wish to acquire it to add to my box space, and to give myself another option for teambuilding. But with the Four Gentlemen MP cards coming out soon, is it worth it to save 300K MP for later or get them within the next 17 hours for RagDrag?


        • If you want to be more proficient at farming, work on your fire cards. If you just want an alternative leader, you have just about everything at your disposal so I’d just pick a team based on preference. My basic point was that since you already have an elite team that you can default to to clear just about everything, then it doesn’t really matter which alternate teams you pick.

          I’ve never used my Ragnarok Dragon, if that makes any difference. It’s probably better to wait and see.


          • Thank you very much for your input, Setsu! I taken your advice into account and will start working on the teams you mentioned. One last question, and I’ll get out of your hair this time around: what do you consider to be the best latents for Ra Dragon for Arena 2? Would they be the same as those of Arena 1, more specialized for the new monsters, or just straight up full Dark Dmg. Res?


            • You need to run the math on the team you’re running yourself. There’s too much sub variation to say there’s a “best” set up now.


  5. I have a quick question about my bastet team. Currently it is a complete team with a sasuke, vishnu, etc (the rest aren’t important). If i get a second vishnu and max skill it, would it be viable to replace my sasuke with the second vishnu? With the 6 turn cd (and enough skill-ups on my team), I should be able to permanently have an increased drop rate of wood orbs.


    • Yeah, Vishnu is way better than Sasuke.

      Although, in general, I wouldn’t let the permanent skyfall buff be an overriding reason to run a 2nd Vishnu. The 2nd Vishnu becomes increasingly less good the more hastes you have on the team.


  6. Hey Setsu, I just wanted some general advice.

    Rank: 203
    IAP Status: None
    Main Teams: Set, Leilan, RSonia (farming)
    Padherder (sorry about the levels and awakenings, I added them all by hand): https://www.padherder.com/user/dlegend11111/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    I’m not sure whether I should roll day 1 or 2, as there are many gods in each series that would benefit me a lot. Any advice would be appreciated, as well as any teams I could make. I’ve hit a wall in the harder descends and honestly, I don’t think I can progress further with my current monsters. Thanks!


      • Sorry, thought I got everyone.

        I’m not sure why you’d want to roll day 1 in particular. I guess Shiva would be a nice lead for all your fire subs, but he isn’t worth risking all the other bad rolls. Same with day 2, Lucifer isn’t worth it. Was there any reason in particular that you thought it would be good for you? Seems like waiting for the PCGF would be best for you.

        I think you should look into making an Awoken Pandora team. Pandora / Persephone / Hanzo / flex / flex / Pandora looks like a good start. Flex can be one of Vritra or Loki and the other can be a farmable like Vampire. Not a great team, but I think it’s better than what teams you have listed. You have some good subs, especially in fire and water, but what you’re really lacking is a leader so Pandora is by far your best bet.

        Also, I can’t gauge where you are in the game if you don’t tell me. Where is your current wall?


        • Harder descends like Sonia Gran, Hel Mythical, Surtr Mythical, Zeus Hera Mythical, Zeus Mercury, etc. Originally, I thought day 1 might be good for me because of Lakshmi, Shiva, and Krishna, among some other GFEs.


          • At the risk of sounding arrogant, those dungeons aren’t all that difficult. For the most part I’d think you could clear all of them with a RSonia team so it’s entirely possible that your team building is falling short.

            I still think Awoken Pandora is the way to go and she should be able to clear all those dungeons, even with the subs you already have. The team will take some work, though, requiring skill ups and +eggs to really shine.

            Those are not bad leaders, but I feel like they are on the power level where you make do with them; not something to go out of your way to obtain. Once again, I think you’re better off with Pandora, at least until you roll more gods.


            • Alright, thank you for all your advice! Also: could RSonia be considered a ghetto board changer for Pandora, or is being off color too much of a downside?


            • She’s not the worst, but I’d prefer something on-color. The exceptions would be if you needed a board change for a certain dungeon or if your RSonia is already hypermax and you just need that power boost to help your team find its legs in the beginning.


  7. https://www.padherder.com/user/admiralfox/monsters/#31,0,24,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,1

    Rank: 203
    IAP Status: None
    Main Teams: Ra, Awoken Pandora

    Hey Setsu,
    I’ve been saving up for PCGF and I’m hoping to roll for a second DKali in order to get Ra Dragon and I was hoping you could look at my box and tell me if that’s a wise choice. I had seen at one point that having Ra means going for Ra Dragon might not be a good choice? I really enjoy playing Ra team so I thought that Ra dragon would be a good MP dragon choice.

    Next, I was hoping to eventually … master or get a good A. Yomi team? As a next challenge sort of thing. And as a lesser challenge, a team for each element.

    But yeah that’s just some extra information. My main question today is Dark Kali and PCGF and Ra Dragon prospects.

    I’ve been clearing Descends pretty decently – having difficulty on challenge dungeons 8, 9, and 10 typically.

    Thank you!


    • If you have any other suggestions or analysis on my box regarding future MP purchase prospects, I would appreciate that a lot as well. Thank you once again!


      • Nah, I’d sit pat and see where this new round of MP cards settles. Even after the cards themselves are revealed, there’s a good chance that following uevos will make them better so right now it’s probably best to take a wait and see approach. The exception would be Shiva Dragon for farming as it’s unlikely that we’ll get a better farming lead any time soon (at least I hope not).


    • Ra Dragon is the best team in the game. The only team that is arguably the same/better is Xiang Mei. I believe it’s a significant upgrade to Ra.

      PCGF isn’t necessarily the best place to roll for DKali; that would most likely be a 4x GFE godfest. However, the PCGF might offer you enough value otherwise that it becomes better overall. And I do believe JP got 4x GFE during a PCGF before… but I could be remembering incorrectly. I do think it’s worth aiming for the team, but just keep in mind that Ra Dragon is no longer head and shoulders above all other leads at this point in time.


      • I currently have 34 pulls saved up. Thank you for the advice.

        If you have the time, would you mind revising my page once more and suggest another team that I could aim for? I know that a second DKali is important to RaDragon, are there any other pulls I should be aiming for?

        With 34 pulls saved up, depending on the 4xGFE, would it be wise to split it between that and PCGF? Or should I come again and ask then when / if 4xGFE is announced?


        • I’ve been a big Pandora fan for a long time. The team you have on PADherder looks pretty good, but it’ll take skill ups and +eggs for the team to really shine. I personally think her and the couple other teams that are on her level — just a bit below Ra Dragon and Xiang Mei — make it safer to take a wait and see approach to spending MP.

          I’d just wait and see what the lineups are for either before making a decision.


          • Thanks setsu. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me (us). I’ve been working on my Pandora team but just haven’t fully committed to it yet as Ra gets me through a lot of dungeons and I quite enjoy that team personally.

            Would you say only buy Ra Dragon after /if I get a second DKali?


            • In general, yes, you should have the 2nd DKali before buying Ra Dragon. Otherwise you need to be aware of the limitations the team will face. However, unlike when Ra Dragon first came out there are plenty of decent leader alternatives so unless you really just want a Ra Dragon team there isn’t quite the same motivation to commit with only 1 DKali.


  8. Hey Setsu! This is a really cool thing you’re doing here.

    I’m a new player trying to figure out where to focus my time and stones. I already rerolled once and and got the Princess Valkarie, which seemed impressive but is apparently an awful lead. Now I’m trying to figure out if I should roll all my stones on this godfest and make something I can continue forward with, reroll and hope for the best starter this fest has to offer, or roll a time or two to get something useful and hold the rest till a better godfest.

    I’d rather not reroll, since I’ve dropped some cash on this account and gathered up a bunch of mats in prep, but now’s the time to do it if I’m ever gonna…

    Rank ~80
    My teams are currently pretty shit since Valk isn’t a good lead. Looking less for specific team help and more for how to best avoid waste of time and resources.

    Thanks for anything you can offer!


    • Just my own opinion but looking at your box, I don’t see any REM monster of value outside of Blue Valk. I would reroll for a better lead but this godfest isn’t particularly good for starters. Also, since you put some money into this account and would rather not reroll, I would just focus on leveling as much rank as possible (150 REM roll) and wait to use your stones at PCGF where there will be better leads all around.

      You could try your hand at rerolling until you get a Norn (Urd, Verd, Skuld)
      ^^ list of good reroll starters


    • Unfortunately, your box is fairly poor. It’s not that BValk is necessarily a bad lead, but she’s a very poor starting lead. It looks like your other REM rolls were from DC which are also fairly bad.

      So how can we save this box? That’s an extremely tall order. First, never roll in a collab REM for a very, very long time. At least not until you have a complete team that can clear an amount of content that is satisfactory to you. Then I’d just try to do the best you can to progress in the next month until the PCGF. Acquire and save every stone you can and roll them all when the PCGF hits NA. Then we can figure out where to go from there.

      Your only remotely usable leader is Tyrannos, so I’d try to put together a decent fire team from farmables. I’d definitely look into acquiring and skilling up a Red Samurai Goblin. Other good fire farmables that might be within your reach are Gigas and Echidna. I Samurai Ogre also isn’t bad for the skill boosts. For now, I’d use the Flame Baron and Drall you already have. I’d do my best to make as many Urd friends as possible and pair your Tyrannos with her.


      • This is definitely not the advice I was expecting! BValk is indeed my only REM pull, as the rest went toward the New Shiny DC collab (yay newbie mistakes). Thanks much!


        • Well, I’d recommend rerolling, but there’s no point in making someone feel like they’re forced to do so. It may lead to a more difficult beginning, but you’ll eventually roll something good if you save your stones for it and spend smartly. So if you’re resistant to it in any way, just know that it’s quite possible to work through it.

          If there wasn’t a PCGF so soon, I’d recommend just rolling in the nearest godfest regardless of quality (including this one). But in this case I think the smart thing is the wait a month; hopefully it isn’t too painful to do so.


  9. Hey Setsu,

    End game – beaten Arena, Non IAP,

    Probably not rolling in this godfest, although Awoken Meimei and Green Sengoku would be nice for Skill inheritance but I’ll wait for Dark gala /Sengoku

    SInce you are quite partial to Pandora: in Arena, if I run into Kaguya-Hime, its almost instant death, do you have any work around for that? I was thinking about leveling up Anubis + Lmeta for Skill inheritance to deal with binds. RIght now I’m going to hypermax Lilith as I think she can deal with resolve bosses + nice boost to damage. but I wonder if its optimal? Do you have any current plans in terms of skill inheritance with your Pandora team?

    So now that I have a legit end game team and I also have other teams that are capable for tough content, I wonder if it would be wise to invest in a Farming lead, particularly Shiva Dragon… I tried your advice with Urd + Shiva Dragon and Castor + Yomi dragon and they results were mixed. Obviously they won’t produce the same level of damage, so i was thinking of using my 300k MP and investing in a Shiva Dragon..I have 2X ares, Uriel, Urd, only missing Yamato.

    I want to be able to farm tougher dungeons that have some dark hate mechanisms with little effort..
    For Example, I was thinking If I could do like Shiva Dragon/ 2x RD Ares/ RGY/ Diza/ Shiva Dragon or some variant of that to cheese Scarlet and Devil Rush Mythical with the devil killers? I dont particularly like multi-cooping so that’s one of the reasons why I want a Shiva Dragon to do the harder content myself.


    • Unfortunately I haven’t put much work into inheritance. The main reason being I’m lazy, but also because there are so many possibilities that the stance I’m taking is: when it becomes a problem, I’ll deal with it then.

      I do think the typical solution for Kaguya is to run Anubis or say “fuck it”, hope she doesn’t spawn, and if she does, hope she keeps making hearts for you.

      I don’t think Shiva Dragon is a bad idea, especially considering what you want to do. I can’t say whether he’s good for those particular dungeons as I haven’t done the math, but the theory is sound. There’s always a risk with committing MP, but unless there’s a PAD sea change, Shiva Dragon will probably be the overall most useful MP card (not best, but most useful). Then Hephaestus Dragon opens up other possibilities as well. Of course, I’d continue to keep an eye on the new MP cards out of JP.


  10. Hi Setsu!

    Rank 363
    MP: ~327K
    Stones: ~60
    Current Teams: Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, Awoken Pandora, Verdandi, Awoken Sakuya
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/tally/monsters/

    1. I’ve skipped a lot of godfests, as I only get one or two hits per fest, and I’ve struck out on Susanoo for my Sakuya team so many times that Sakuya’s already become outdated. The only gods of interest here are Vishnu day 1 and maybe Astaroth day 2, but I already have Luci. Where should I roll next? PGCF or 4x?

    2. I have the pieces for Yomidra but am wondering if I should wait for this next round of MP monsters to be fully revealed (my light box might work the MP light flower and if there’s a wood flower I’d really love for my wood box to be revived).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    • 1. Since you already have some good teams and a fair amount of gods, the PCGF gets a bit worse for you. While this doesn’t rule out rolling in it, I think you need to identify which teams you want to advance and pick your godfests based on that. Since dupes will always be a risk, you need to ignore that now and roll for what you need.

      2. I personally would wait, but the exception would be if you also wanted Yomi Dragon as a sub for your Lucifer team. I guess it depends how far you want to push that team and how much faith you have that he’ll remain relevant. Also consider that with two MP cards in each rotation, you won’t have to wait quite as long as you used to for one to come back.


      • Thanks for the feedback!

        As a sub, how much would Yomidra add to my Luci team beyond being an unbindable bind clearer? I’ve gotten by with Panda or AIsis (never really invested in Sleeping Beauty or Aamir) in those situations where I can’t one-shot or tank through a bind, and I’ve gotten really lucky having almost all the other relevant subs including Eschamali. Yomidra would make a less orb-hungry farming lead, but like you said, seems to be losing relevance, so I don’t know if that alone is worth it.

        At this point, I feel like I just need a piece here or there, but obviously finishing skilling up my teams would help a lot. I can clear some C8s-C10s, but taking the next step seems to require either an MP card or fully optimizing my existing teams.


        • If you have doubts about Yomi Dragon then it probably isn’t worth it. It’s still a great card, but there’s no point risking buyer’s remorse over something that you don’t have a critical need for.

          There’s no reason to believe a hypermaxed Pandora or Lucifer team can’t take the next step past C10 (which I guess would be Arena 1?).


  11. Hello.
    I’d like to say that I’m still a greenhorn PaD player. I recently started searching for forums for help with my game progression. So far, my primary goal has been to collect good monsters in order to build a proper team. Thus on many GF, I’ve rolled about 3 times (usually 1-2x per day on GF) after I hit rank 120. Before this rank, I only had two good monsters (Isis and Meimei) and no real team to back them up. Now I question if I should stop trying to “collect” some good monsters and start building (and leveling) a team with what I have now. I still don’t think I have any cohesive team but I think I should have enough to start working on a poor man’s team. Any advice?

    Also I’ve already rolled for day 1 (3x) and got: dragonette (sold), Artemis, and Verdandi.
    If I roll again, it would be on day 2 and only 1 time.

    Rank: 147
    Current main leader: G/D Meimei or on weekends B/L Isis
    *Combo practicing with Ichigo and LKali sporadically
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/chuchi/monsters/


    • For a new player I think you’re taking the right approach. While having a proper team is obviously the goal, when you’re new to the game it’s better to focus on acquiring as many quality gods as possible. The more you acquire, the direction you should go team-wise will dictate itself. Right now, I’d do my best to save stones for the PCGF, though.

      You actually have a few decent team options, but it’s looking like fire is your best element. Although it’s hard to say which is the best leader. Yamato, Antares, Tsubaki, and Gadius are all decent options, but their leader skills aren’t the easiest to work with in the early stages.

      Another other option is to start a Verdandi team. You don’t have any of the good R/G subs, but a basic team with Meimei and Artemis as subs isn’t horrible. The pros of this team is that it’s easy to use and should be easy to find friends for. If you do go this route, you could probably go with a balanced team and use Cu Chulainn and Medjedra to fill out the rest of your roster.

      The last option is the combo route involving some mix of Ichigo, LKali, Hathor, and Isis. I think the other options better, but something good could easily materialize here.

      I’d probably go with Verdandi since she also gives you something to work for via farmables while you wait for the PCGF. However, where you go should be up to your preference. I’d also keep Akechi in mind for the future since he’s a critical sub for almost every dark team in the game.


  12. Gonna tentatively make the cutoff for today here. There’s a chance I’ll have time to answer a couple more questions after this, but I don’t want to commit to it so ask at your own risk. I’ll still be taking questions for tomorrow and, as usual, I’ll take follow up questions.


  13. Rank: 344
    IAP status: $80 IAP total. I’m probably done spending money for a while.
    Current Developed Teams: Urd
    Future but undeveloped Teams: Gadius, Perseus, green TPA team (no leader), Thor


    I’m not planning on rolling in this Godfest, I’ve banked 115 stones for the next PCGF, and I’m hoping to have around 30 rolls by the time it comes around.

    The only team I use at all is my Urd team. I like Urd, but I’m getting a little bored playing with only 1 team. I feel like I’m close to several other good teams, but none of them are quite there yet, I think my Perseus team is my next bext option, followed by Gadius. I’m hoping with the PCGF I’ll get some needed subs and/or leaders to complete some of my teams which are close but not quite there yet.

    I was hoping you could look at my teams and see if there’s anything I’m obviously doing wrong, (for example my main urd team only has 4 SBR’s, but I don’t know who I should get rid of or who to replace them with). Is there a team in my box better than my Urd team? Also do I have a Durga team?

    Thanks, I really enjoy reading your blog.


    • Yeah, what you’re lacking is a high impact leader, but you’ve correctly identified the best ones you have. I think you made the correct choice in going the Urd route. Perseus is fine, but for the amount of work you need to do to hit the full 25x while also getting no other benefits is rough. I guess if you get no other leaders he might be your best bet going forward, though. I’m skeptical of how good Gadius is without at least one Uriel or Yamato. How much have you tried using Krishna as a leader?

      I don’t think there’s anything you’re doing wrong with your Urd team. If SBRs are a problem then you can just run Antares. Kagu eventually gets an SBR, too. I don’t think a Durga team is worthwhile.

      Saving for the PCGF is the right idea as all of the best leaders usually get voted in. Hopefully you can snag something good.


      • Yeah not having Uriel of Yamato is the reason I’m not using Gadius. I’ve played with Krishna a little. I couldn’t seem to make him work with a friend Krishna. But with an A Shiva friend +Urd, Hino, Ame, and Leilan as subs I think I can do ok with him. I haven’t experimented with that combo that much, I just found it. Any other friend leader recommendations for a Krishna TPA team?


  14. Rank: 337
    IAP: Light (I’ve purchased a pack before, but I don’t usually IAP)
    Main teams: Awoken Ra, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Sakuya
    Stones: 67
    MP: 273,659

    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Jlinsta/monsters

    Hi Setsu, thanks for taking the time to answer questions.

    I’ve been playing for a while, but my general PAD knowledge is pretty low. I pretty much exclusively use Ra, Shiva, and Sakuya teams, and I’ve beaten most of the descended dungeons and will usually clear all but 1 or 2 dungeons of a given challenge dungeon series.

    I was wondering:
    1) Given the monsters I have, are there any teams that I should be focusing on building if I’m shooting to beat end-game content? If so, which leaders/subs should I be building up?

    2) Are there any cards I should be targeting that would really take any of my teams to the next level?

    3) Are my monsters better suited for the new MP dragons that are going to come out? Or would you advise me to buy a certain MP dragon now?

    4) Would you substitute any subs out of the teams I’m already currently running for someone else I have in my box?

    Thanks so much, Setsu. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


    • 1. I think you’ve correctly identified the best teams you have. Pandora is probably your best leader, but you’re lacking the majority of her best subs. I’m not sure how far your Ra, Shiva and Sakuya teams are developed, but if they aren’t hypermaxed I’d continue to work toward doing so. I don’t think it’s worth branching off into something else until you’re done there or the situation changes with new rolls.

      2. Obviously, DKali would go a long ways toward improving your team and would crack open the Ra Dragon door. Outside that I wouldn’t necessarily target anything, but if Pandora seems like an appealing team to you maybe you could prioritize godfests with her good subs (Akechi, Zuoh, Pandora, etc).

      3. I don’t really see any MP card teams in your box. Maybe Neptune Dragon or You Yu are the best options, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to commit to them without more research.

      4. For your main teams I wouldn’t change anything. Maybe get an Elia to replace Yomi on Sakuya.


  15. Hmm… Why doesn’t the GFE lineup get a rating in the table? The Gala’s value is very dependent on what colors you have/need, but the GFE selection (or the exclusions/reductions) seems to me to be as rateable as the pantheon selection. Eight or nine monsters at 1x instead of 3x (split roughly evenly between 5 and 6 stars) should have at least as much of an effect as a single pantheon at +2x. (It also matters whether or not the featured pantheons’ evos can appear.)


  16. Hey Setsu, quick question. My Awoken Pandora team is Pandora, z8, Satsuki, mitsuhide, zuoh, Pandora. How could i improve this team and what’s a better sub, uuevo Pandora or valk Claire? Im rank 265 last i checked and i have 53k mp with some 6 star gfes withheld…(Blue and red Odin, skuld, dkali) What should i do? I’m iap twice a year(PCGF).

    Thanks in advance.


  17. Hey Setsu,

    seeing as we finally got a Wood Gala to coincide with a godfest (the last crap one didn’t count), what are some of the differences between Sylvie/Freyja, Ryune/I&I, and Saria/Thor? As far as I can tell, the teams play roughly identically. I’ve been following your tier list for a while and it seems like Arena capability is the only difference. In terms of subpool, Sylvie can run Australis, who brings plenty of firepower and a great orb change. So why is green so underrated compared to the other two?



    • Wood isn’t underrated. It’s considered shit which is justified considering GungHo hasn’t thrown it a bone since Awoken Bastet. There are a few reasons from a high level. This is mostly an Arena thing, but there’s also been an inordinate amount of incidental wood hate for no real good reason. Mainly because many (most?) of the high-threat monsters in the game are fire. The wood sub pool is also ridiculously fragmented between rows and TPA which makes team building awkward at times. Lastly, wood just doesn’t have the same access to utility subs like other elements.


  18. Tried rolling for Lucifer. Not one single Archdemon, shockingly.

    Semi-OT: On my DC Collab roll spree, 4 of my first 8 rolls were all Superman. Not kidding. No other golds for me, sadly.


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