Weekly Roundup 65


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • Sick today, so going to keep this short.
  • 3 ranks – With so much 10x lately and jewel invades happening, I’m seriously demotivated to farm +eggs. Although I’ll probably do some Thursday to get the rest of the wood jewels I need for Hera Beorc.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • With very little to do this week, I don’t plan on playing much PAD. Which will allow me to grind out some more levels on Tree of Savior before it goes free to play.
  • Whatever comes out JP is what comes. All these gala and godfest exclusives are seriously depressing, though.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 65

  1. Waiting for the rest of Awoken 3K… Puzzle & Dragons has hit a lull with me as well lately. Partially because of school but even now that I have a little bit more free time with school out I still can’t be assed to play. Whenever Kanetsugu comes around I do plan on milking it out for what I can but ultimately something about the game has lost the vitality it once had. Can’t really put my finger on it, it’s a wide variety of potential factors I guess.

    Now that I’ve hypermaxed Shiva and Pollux I’ve basically finished up my fire and light boxes and I don’t really know where to go from there so that’s probably the biggest thing itching me right now hahaha. But honestly P&D used to be a lot more vibrant than it is now. I feel like the diversity of teambuilding has actually become MORE uniform despite the card count increasing…

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    • Skill inheritance has really homogenized teams’ capabilities which has made team building a bit more boring. Co-op team building is really the only space for innovation and that’s mostly because it’s new and co-op also has the downside of being relatively boring on the play side of things. I wanted to hit 900 first then take a break from hardcore play, but it’s looking like I might take that break earlier than that.

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      • Does that mean u need 14 wood jewels? In other words, YOU PLAN ON RUNNING THE DUNGEON 140 TIMES?!?!?!


        • You make it sound like running a dungeon that I’ve run over 10,000 times only a few hundred more times more is a big deal.


          • Haha as a non-IAP it is a big deal. But I just can’t imagine playing PAD that much in one sitting, at least once a week, for two years. You are a champer my friend, you are one dedicated man.


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