Short (?) Break

There’s been several small reasons why I’ve been turned off to the game lately:

  • Multiplayer-only challenge dungeons
  • Jewel invades in 10x
  • No new collab
  • No major update (skill inheritance, etc)
  • No new ranking dungeon
  • Arena 2 being shit
  • Several old friends have appeared to stop playing
  • Tamadras in the mail

However, they’ve all coalesced in a single week and when combined with a few other circumstances they’ve made me reconsider what I was doing. Where before I could distract myself since there was enough things to occupy my attention, it wasn’t like that this week. So I’ve decided to take a break from hardcore play.

The overarching reason for this break is that I have little reason to continue the grind. While 10x was a blessing, it’s also a curse as I basically finished hypermaxing everything remotely useful in the game. This really only leaves two long term goals for me: ranking up and vanity hypermaxes. All my rank EXP comes from grinding skill ups and +eggs, so when the +egg grind seems pointless all that’s left are empty rank ups only for the sake of ranking up. I was somewhat excited to get 10x + Goemon again, but the jewel invades gave me just enough of an excuse to give up on the entire process.

So, in short, GungHo has failed to keep me engaged through a combination of poor decisions and coincidence. Now it’s up to them to give me a reason to play hardcore again. Until then, I’ll be cutting down my play time significantly. The game is still great at its core, but at least in the short term I won’t be devoting as much time (and money) to it.

If this is like any other game I’ve played hardcore in the past, I know there are some people out there that would think I ruined the game for myself by pouring so much time and money into the game and advancing too quickly. This may have been close to a rational thought a decade or so ago when there was much less game selection, but nowadays getting through a game’s content is almost a good thing as it frees time to visit other options. Which I intend to do (Tree of Savior, Uncharted 4, etc.).

What does this mean for this blog? Well, I’m sure most have noticed that I’ve put significantly less effort into it as of late. Some of that is laziness, some of that is being busy, but in most part I feel like there just isn’t anything interesting to talk about anymore. Teams are boring now, much in part due to MP cards and skill inheritance. Latents are mostly pointless. Skill inheritance is so circumstantial that there’s little point in discussing it. Co-op trivializes content, especially after one obtains MZeus. Even ranking dungeons have lost their luster due to preset teams, skill inheritance and most of the scoring mechanics being solved. So, in short, regardless of whether I decided to take a break or not I think the blog would’ve slowly continued to ramp down anyways.

I intend to continue the tier list posts since they’re so easy to do due to the script. I’ll still probably do the godfest help posts as long as there’s interest, but I anticipate less interest as the overall blog viewership dwindles due to the lessened activity. I’ll still likely do collab reviews if only for my own research. Outside that, most posts will cease, at least until the game becomes more interesting again.

Will I quit the game? I don’t think so. Unless PAD actually does go full co-op, the beauty of the game is that you can pick it up whenever and get a few dungeons in. However, PAD really needs to step its game up to get me to play again in earnest.

See you next week.

33 thoughts on “Short (?) Break

  1. Not a goodbye or anything but thanks for all your hard work. Most, if not all, useful information that you have to say are in your previous posts. It’s always nice to hear you chime in on new mechanics and monsters but after awhile, it seems to be more of the same or insignificant content (latent resists? new chibi rem?). And even commenters on your blog seem to repeat the same questions.

    PaD has slowed down in innovative content, even for a non-iap player like me after 1000+ days; but we’ll look forward to it if, or when Gungho, happens to reel you back in.

    Or you could make a Tree of Savior blog. Haha j/k.

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    • Thank you. I agree the lack of innovative content has made the game less interesting. Here’s hoping they come up with something great!

      As for ToS, I’d love to eventually blog about it, but I’m still skeptical that it’s a game I can commit to for the long haul. It’s floundering a bit in Korea and I’m wary of how well it will do in NA now that SA and SEA — which look to be the two biggest international player bases — have their own servers. F2P can be both good and bad. Here’s hoping IMC pulls through.


  2. Same feels here, Setsu. Skill inheritance in particular has been the major turn off for this game for me. What’s the point of teambuilding when you can just pick a color and throw shit on it?

    Anyways, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next, and here’s to hoping Gungho fixes their shit up.


  3. Whether you wind down the blog or not I’ll probably always be dropping by to see what’s up or what’s new. I love reading through your tier lists and your godfest help posts, even if it’s just for the jewels of sarcasm I can find to brighten my day hahaha.

    I’ve found myself playing a lot less this week as well, although that’s partially due to needing to catch up on my part time job after the semester’s ended. With Kanetsugu hitting Sunday though, I’ll probably be binging on that in two days…

    Your blog has been super super helpful to me, thanks so much for everything you’ve done, see you soon(ish?) 🙂

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  4. Honestly, I’m starting to feel the same way a bit, even though I’ve only played around 570 days of non-iap. I’ve beaten arena 1, and hypered quite a few things. I feel the only things I work towards nowadays is trying to buy and MP card, which I’m pretty late to, since I’m almost ran 450. A few of my friends do play pad, but all of them are pretty casual, and I’m almost 100 ranks above all of them. I really enjoyed your blog posts, and I just want to say thanks for all you’ve done.


  5. Pretty much the same thoughts I’ve been having. Even as a non-iAP player I’m basically out of content since I’ve beaten all of the SP dungeons and have hypermaxed all of my non-novelty teams. I don’t really have any interest in co-op, so there isn’t even much to look forward to from JP.


  6. Hope you enjoy your break Setsu. I’ve learned a lot from your blogs and writing. Its unfortunate that PAD made people lost interest a lot lately, but I’m hoping we will get new collabs, monsters, and interesting mechanics soon. I look forward to whatever posts you decide to write in the upcoming future!

    Thanks a lot, Setsu!


  7. “Arena 2 being shit” <- are you perhaps referring to Arena 3 instead?

    I enjoy reading your posts, especially the tier lists. Have a good break, Setsu!


      • So much this. I would log in and run arena to kill time and Stam. Now I log in once a day to fill my box with a tam and not much else. I thought skill inheritance was a terrible idea when it was announced and the forced multi is the stains.

        Not as big a whale as you but I’ve put a couple thousand into the game.

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  8. I’ve played since nearly day one and I’m slowly running out of things to do too. What an effing amazing game. To have kept me occupied for roughly 3 years:) Nothing else has ever come close. Have absolutely loved reading the blog. You need to let us know if you find anything else promising for mobile!!


  9. On the same page as you. I haven’t been into in the past 3 weeks or so just because theres no content. The fact arena 1 got taken out and replaced with arena 2 is a badtrip because I don’t feel like doing arena 2. I’m probaly just going to wait for You Yu to come out and buy him because he seems the funnest of the new MP series (i enjoy the z8 playstyle).

    As for Multi, I really do hope that this doesn’t become big. They have no matchmaking and make it extremely hard for NA users to find other players (other than the PAD subreddit Discord server).

    Nevertheless, I will continue to look forward to your tier guides/analysis, I enjoy them and find them useful.

    Thank you setsu


    • To be honest, I’m not sure what else they can add to the game to make it better for me. Multiplayer was a great idea, but the execution was poor and the circumstances don’t agree with what I want from the game. However, I actually have some faith that they can get me to come back to the game hardcore. Only time will tell, though.


  10. Sorry to see this post Setsu. I’ve enjoyed reading your content here, and hope you’ll continue to share your opinions and experiences with those of us who aren’t putting the resources into this game as you are.

    As for me, I’ve played 805 days, and reached level 429… I try not to IAP too much, but I’ve spent a couple hundred on this game – so I’m definately not coming from where you are on my experiences and opinions… But, where I’m at is enjoying how some of the game is accelerating now that I’ve built enough critical mass in my teams to clear and farm some later game content, and anguishing over the choice of Courage or YomiDra for the second MP purchase that I can afford to make.

    But, I do think that the multi-player still needs work. Personally, I’d like some additional level of communication in the multi-player dungeons. Now that stamina is 1/2 to enter, I’d love to see them add an option to offer to restore your partners stamina if you fell you blew it for them. I think the coop dungeons should continue to be 1/2 stamina to enter, but no continues. And, if you fail both players should get a 10 second timer to restore partners stamina, and if offered, you should get a chance to accept or decline. I’m weird on this, but I hate how my friends in the game are just random people who I don’t really know, and all I can really say during a match is ‘nice’… It keeps me from taking on content that I don’t know if I can clear because I don’t want to cost someone else for my learning process. I liked it more when you could play 1 player. Might be different if I actually knew anyone in my friends list, but nobody that I know personally plays this game seriously so I’m hesitant to jump in with people and try to clear something that I’m not sure if I’m ready for. Some would abuse such a system, but I’d feel a lot more willing to try to push outside my comfort limits if something like that was implemented.

    I’ve still got work to do to clear some of the end game content, and I have no idea how you guys ooze plus eggs – while I have some good creatures max skilled and max leveled, I have only one +297 – you could try to hypermax a beast without using stones to restore stamina for a different kind of challenge.

    As you hinted, it may be a willingness to invest too much in the game that took away the excitement for you… I have been trying (and not always succeeding, but trying) to only use stones that I earn from some of the changes that they keep making to these dungeons. So, as an example with 5 stones available when the Bleach colab came out, I rolled one time and had Rukia turn up. Let me just say that the feeling of appreciation for my dumb luck put a smile on my face for days. I think that is part of what this game should be about, appreciating when the RNG gods bring you something unexpected.

    But, that said, I do think some other challenge is needed. Something like the cost restricted dungeons, but not in a soul sucking hateful way… Like a daily bonus that was something a little more wacky… Like you must run an off type mono-color team against mythical dungeons. Bonus stone for clearing again with that team. Sounds goofy, but it might get some end game players to make a green team, instead of just criticizing how poor green is, etc… Just for something different. Or, bring some of the ranking dungeon mechanics into a daily bonus…. Score more than 20million damage in a descended dungeon today and get an extra stone, etc…

    Anyway, thanks for reading this, and thanks for all the great stuff you’ve contributed here on this blog.


  11. Machine Zeus + half stamina co-op is such a beating for anyone that wants to play random fun stuff. Its gotten to the farm mHera for ranks and plus eggs just because nothing else feels remotely close to worth it.

    I’ve been reading fo a long time and started commenting less and less because there wasn’t anything to talk about :/

    My buddy is really into the twitch crowd and enjoying multi player, but it just stresses me out that I might screw up and waste someones stamina. I don’t really want to play the game that way, I’m really disappointed in this progression. Maybe I should just care less about other people. Lol.


    • > I’ve been reading fo a long time and started commenting less and less because there wasn’t anything to talk about:/

      Yep, this is pretty much how I feel from the blogger side, too.

      That’s pretty much how I feel about co-op. I think multiplayer is a great feature and tons of people — including myself — enjoy it, but I’m just sour to it since it runs contrary to how I want to play the game most of the time.


  12. Hi setsu!

    Well, I had a break for +60 days and I came back and got fun again 😀 The problem of this game is the teams like MP Ra dragon, ect. They just rolfstomp all.

    Maybe they can make new requirements to kill monsters (for example, you need to do a cross of woods orbs + damage), and less diference of dmg multipliers (x9 vs x81? it’s unfair). Skill inheritance is just an excuse to do in the future more dificult monsters that will force u to use true dmg, delay, gravity, ect.

    And they should open the game. More coop. Maybe fights between players. Maybe a market player to player with MP points. Maybe clans. Idk, they have too much stuff they can do for the game. But they just release MP stuff D:

    Thanks for all, I’ve reading you for a lot of time. Everyday. I just have your blog in the 3rd page most visited xDD But I don’t comment a lot 😦



  13. Thank you Setsu!! You made this game great for me. I have enjoyed your writing and if you write any other blogs, I’d be interested in reading those too. Any chance on a bio of some kind? Be cool to know more about the writer. Great job and thanks again.


    • I try to avoid revealing too much about my IRL-self. Here are a couple things, though:
      – I’m probably a lot older than most think I am.
      – Occupation: software engineer
      – Location: Silicon Valley
      – I’m probably less of a weeb than most think I might be, but that was not true a year or two ago.
      – Favorite game of all time: Diablo II (changes depending on mood, of course)
      – Favorite game experience of all time: Ragnarok Online


      • You should try Path of Exile if you enjoy Diablo 2 🙂 it’s f2p but not p2w, all the micro transaction are cosmetic. I tried Tree of Savior but I get bored after lvl 150


        • Path of Exile is a fantastic game, but doesn’t really scratch any itches for me.

          It feels like ToS needs several months to get its legs under it; the main question is whether it’ll be around for long enough for that to be realized.


  14. First time comment. Thanks for this blog. i’ve been reading it for a few months now. it’s helped me in-game a bit.


  15. Hi Setsu, just wanted to say THANKS for all that you’ve given to the PAD community. I first found out about you when some IRL friends advised me to ask you if I should roll in a GF. I thought they were joking… I couldn’t believe that there was somebody out there who would be willing to devote time to help out dozens of total strangers on a regular basis. So much of what keeps PAD interesting are the goals we make for ourselves… what teams should I try to build? Who should I plus? Which leaders are best? How do I focus my limited time and stamina? You’ve really made the game much more enjoyable to so many by removing much of the confusion in the game and giving us the knowledge we need to set these goals. I really hope you’ve gotten at least as much out of writing this blog as we have from reading it. Best wishes!


  16. Yeah, the focus on multiplayer is hurting my enthusiasm as well. I just don’t love co-op games.


  17. Wow, this sounds like pretty much what I have been feeling recently as well. I’ve barely been logging in every day.

    For me, the biggest kick in the teeth was pulling Arena 1 before giving us a way to farm dark latents. I was working hard (and whaling hard) to build up a team for Arena 1, and then before I got to start running it it got taken away.

    I want hard dungeons that don’t 100% depend on me not flubbing a turn here or there. The trouble is, I don’t see how they can really do that with the current game design. I’ve been enjoying Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (though don’t spend money on their REM equivalent, it isn’t worth it)


    • The release timing of Arena 2 for NA was genuinely unfortunate. Although I believe Arena 2 never should’ve existed in the first place (and by extension, neither should the MP Dragons or Four Gentlemen).


  18. Thanks for all your work. I came for the Game8 tier list posts (there wasn’t enough discussion about them on the PAD forums to scratch my itch), and stayed for all the other content.

    It might be confirmation bias, but it feels like there’s been an overall “dip” in PAD lately. My friend list used to be maxed out at 300 almost all the time (I would drop people inactive for 10+ days, and their spots would be quickly filled), but in the last month I’ve removed more people than usual, and now my list is down to ~290, probably the lowest it’s been in over a year.

    As for myself, I’ve let a lot of stamina go to waste (which used to rarely happen), and some days I do nothing but get the daily login bonus. At this point, I’m just biding my time until Orchid arrives in the shop… though also, I started playing Granblue Fantasy just over a month ago, right around when the English translation came out, and got completely addicted to it. After going GBF, PAD just feels so… “casual”, I guess. It’s hard to go back.


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