10MM (GungHo Fes) Tournament Results

I definitely don’t have the skill to be competitive here. Nor do I have the hours to grind for the god run. So I’m giving up on top 0.1% (which is a fairly meaningless metric, anyways) and hopefully this will stand for a crown. I feel there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have to scramble for a better score in the last couple days, something I’ve never had to do before. I think it’s well within my capability to replicate this run and since I flubbed on Meimei, I can definitely eke out a thousand or so more points to hopefully secure my top 1%.

GungHo skipping three ranking dungeons to here (Satan, Tokaigi, Wadatsumi) makes me glad I didn’t invest any time in writing a prep post. Although I was likely going to discontinue the post series anyways since there really isn’t all that much to cover. All that’s really left are specific strategies for each dungeon; while I don’t mind discussing high-level strategy, it’s not in my interest to reveal the nitty gritty of each dungeon; it is a competitive format, after all.


11 thoughts on “10MM (GungHo Fes) Tournament Results

  1. I got a 2.4% I’m so proud of myself. I hope it stays in the top 10% though, last time in Cauchemar I placed in 6% and dropped to 11%. But I think I’m safe. Stones are all going to +eggs right now, one roll in godfest landed me Thanatos, no thanks.

    The key to this tournament seems to be high combo counts, use an active every turn. But that’s pretty obvious lol…

    I did… F1 Horus (I had a good board), F2 Spica, F3 Antares, F4 Alrescha, F5 Horus, F6 Castor. I got some really great skyfall tough to give me as well a combo average of 8.0. It would have been higher had my stylus not orb dropped on me on Haku (she still died anyways thank goodness). I’m liking preset teams, but I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority regarding that. Or maybe I just really like the Constellation 1 gods.


    • On the contrary, i think that the strategy is to AVOID using actives if at all necessary (only do so on meimei, sakuya, and fagan). Try to clear floors without spending those precious seconds using an active.

      F1: none, F2: none, F3: antares, F4: none, F5: horus, F6: castor is the ideal way to go imo. Floors 1,2 and 4 only have a measly 1.2m hp after all.


      • I think you should save Anteres for Fagan. I think 3x damage on reds (Hathor, Hathor, Antares) is going to get you a higher Max Damage score than 2x on darks (element weakness). This is assuming you get lucky and have 6-8 red orbs for Meimei and can break into that 600k damage range with Hathor or Antares.

        I’m think I locked myself into top 10% getting 124,964 points, but I used a skill every turn. I was hoping to be able to get up to 130k and maybe get a crown. I think the only way I could improve my score is to lower the time spent by not using skills on F1, F2, and F4. I don’t think I can make enough combos with only two time extends on the team to one shot them without that extra multiplier though 😦


        • You generally want to use Antares on Meimei since you’re most likely to increase your maximum damage there in spite of her defense. The only other option is if you already have 8+ fire orbs and can use Horus for the extra second to combo the full board (the OE is useless since all your fire orbs — including those made form hearts — will already be enhanced).

          You use Castor on Fagan to make sure you kill him, not for the maximum damage bonus.


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