Such Skill


Feels good to be better than 99.2% of you scrubs (actually no it doesn’t, especially considering the JP 1% cutoff was 134k+).

Also, fuck Horus.


8 thoughts on “Such Skill

  1. I dislike events designed entirely to eat stones. Especialy when the main make it or break it element is RNG for 6 straight floors.

    And combo gods with no time to extend aren’t very fun


    • This is pretty much the definition of ranking dungeons, though. Except this time you were stuck using a stupid bird with no option to tailor the team around your strengths and weaknesses.


  2. kinda sad that I was 10.1%. Did three runs with natural stamina, figured 120K would be enough to last me for the whole event, then checked on the last day. Was 8.6%. Figured that’d be fine. Woke up this morning, and 10.1%. Not even salty.


  3. I ended up in the top 5% or so. Really proud of myself 🙂 I did have RNG swinging in my favor but I did manage to eke out a strong board against Kirin and Fagan in my good run.

    I personally love Horus!


  4. I actually rather liked this tournament. Helps that I ended up at 0.1% of course 😀 but even without that I’d say it does level the playing field for everyone especially those who are non or little IAP. Of course GH won’t make this the norm but every so often is fine IMO.

    @LoreNYC it brings back the old days of playing Anubis with no time extends :). Helps to have been one of those who cut our teeth on that meta prior to the glut of TEs.


    • I started when there were already time extends and at the time, Anubis looked like a complete impossible joke and Kali was my target for orb wizardry. Now Kali seems extremely easy but I haven’t mastered stacking and other damage metas made Anubis at most a sub for me. Perhaps one day I’ll mess with him when I can make 11 combos on a full board without skyfall (ain’t happening) but atleast in 7×6 he can be fun. He still has amazing active and pretty great awakenings to sub on a ton of teams.

      Astaroth is the team I practice with with no time extend and damn it feels hurried some times.


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