Weekly Roundup 67


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 7 ranks – It was a bittersweet return to PAD. While I was glad to have plenty to do, most notably including the FF Collab and a ranking dungeon, I was constantly reminded of the poor aspects of the game. Namely, a severely punishing collab skill up fodder rate on top of an already rage-inducing skill up system and a ranking dungeon system that encourages shitters like me to fish for a god run rather than measuring actual skill. Despite that, I had fun. While I’m still wary of committing all-in again, I’m definitely keeping PAD in my gaming rotation.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • There’s a JP stream happening later this week or something. Prepare for disappointment (pls no gungho pls).
  • The NA maintenance was delayed a day which is somewhat disconcerting, but hopefully skill inheritance does get pushed. While that feature is less interesting that it seems, at the very least it’s something to do.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 67

  1. Im hoping you can find a way to get hooked again because part of my enjoyment plays off you excitement in this blog.

    I know you’re down on coop, but I’ve actually found myself enjoying coop – it’s a chance to interact with new people since none of my IRL friends play anymore. You like the solo aspect of the game, but have you considered playing with followers, like setting up a discord channel for an hour and posting a game#/minimum team requirement and streaming as you help random followers?

    Also, even though you don’t like multi-player and thusly don’t care about mzeus or mhera, any chance you could make a post about tackling those dungeons solo once SI comes out, like with Sephiroth, in order to skill mzeus or farm skill delay resists?


    • Barring a new, exciting game mode, I doubt I’ll get into the game as much as I have in the past, but by most people’s judgment I’ll still be playing — and spending — way too much. But yeah, as long as the updates are underwhelming, that will be reflected in this blog. I mean, I’m sick of writing about mediocre GFEs and MP cards that take no effort to create teams for.

      I’ve contemplated setting up something to farm co-op dungeons with followers or whatever; either for +egg or MP farming. One of the big turn offs there, though, is the downtime between runs due to setting up the room. I’m not really good enough to carry anyone through the harder dungeons even though I probably have the teams for it. I’ve thought about streaming, too, but I already feel like I have so little time nowadays that I’m not sure I could fit it in.

      I might do a write up for skill inheritance — probably more like a reference page for common setups for specific dungeons — but since I’m feeling pretty lazy I’ll wait and see if another resource like reddit does the same before doing it myself.


        • The problem is skill inheritance is best utilized to combat specific dungeons, so there’s no real point writing about Yomi Dragon, or any lead, in the abstract. Any reference I create for be for specific teams for specific dungeons.


    • I’ll be testing my own seph team for solo Mzeus, the skills required: 2 for F2, 1 for F6, 1 for F7, 1 for F8 (optional), 1 for F9, 1 for Mzeus, 2 more for Mzeus (optional)

      F2: Heal and shield
      F6: bind clear or delay
      F7: delay (poison works but not recommended)
      F8: fenrir (optional but highly recommended)
      F9: delay or refresh (I prefer refresh, some prefer delay)
      F10: Bind clear or secondary orb refresh (optional). Damage enhance (required). CTW or time extension active (optional but recommended for farming)

      This puts the total at 6 required actives + fenrir + bindclear/refresh + ctw = 9 active uses.
      Ideally you have two one-time actives on sephiroth leaders and the all of your subs will see two or more uses.

      For example, Dkali can heal and also orb-refresh for F9.
      Green odin can heal and also do the f6 unbind with the help of hastes or additional delay.
      Inherit orochi on yomi so you can delay f7 and ctw f9.
      If your shield is fast enough (dmeta), you can inherit pretty much anything onto it: fenrir, batman, isis/rinoa, maeda keiji…
      Usually you will inherit one of your F2 skills onto Isis if you bring her.
      Usually you will inherit A.yomi onto Susano if you bring him.

      You can also rng your way past the resolve on F7 by doing a 5-dark 4 combo and hoping for no skyfall but this means an orb refresh is required for the mortal poisons on f9.

      Super common subs (*)
      Common shields: DMeta (*), Yuna, A.Susano, Kushi, Rei
      Common delays (usually inherited): A.Orochi (*), D/R Batman(*)
      Common board refreshes: LKali/HKali/DKali(*), Maeda Keiji (*), Lightning
      Common heals: Dkali, Odin[dragon]
      Common bind clears: Odin+, A.Isis (*)
      Damage boost: Lu Bu, Sheen/Karat/Facet

      Also… something to remember for charging skills on f4 (gears): you don’t need to mass attack since all of your monsters should have skill delay resist on them. So no need to screw up your board.


  2. That ranking dungeon was the least fun I’ve ever had in PAD. I’ve never played a color-match team, and I’m terrible at this game without infinite time extends. I ran it about 6 times, never even broke top 30%, and quit because I have better things to do with my life (like cry while farming FF skill-ups…)

    …actually I just remembered no-awakening dungeons exist. Not sure which I hate more <_<


    • At least no awakening dungeons you can try to improve your situation with your own team.

      I understand what they’re trying to do with preset teams, though. Regardless of whether it actually levels the playing field or not or by how much, it at least gives the perception of that. Hopefully they don’t make it happen more than half the time, though.


    • I like this ranking dungeon because it actually testing the player’s skill with preset team. The other ranking dungeons, it is too hard to competed because not everybody have the best team.


      • That’s really only true for the top 1% and even then a scrub like me can get in without much effort through brute force. Skilled players will more easily/consistently get a high score and the gap between the have and have nots is likely smaller, but in the end it really doesn’t change much because those spending money will just have an advantage in a different way.

        The whole point of my ranking dungeon prep posts were that it’s easy for many, if not most, players to get top 10% even without the “ideal” teams. I think most people just don’t care enough or are turned off by the false notion that not having the JP team(s) precludes them from scoring well. When it’s really a lack of knowledge of the scoring system that’s their biggest enemy. Or maybe it’s just laziness, which isn’t an insult. It’s totally understandable since GungHo failed to shed a good light on the game mode and make it more straightforward and accessible; I wouldn’t want to spend effort on it either if I had a misconception about what really mattered.

        Presets also preclude people from tailoring their team to their strengths and weaknesses. Which can be quite frustrating in a game where most of your effort is put into acquiring and raising a team that suits you the best.

        I do think presets are a good thing, though. If only for a change of pace. And if it makes more people take the mode seriously, I’m all for it, regardless of the actual reasons.


  3. I’ve done 15 runs of the Legend level of the Alrescha/Pollux skill up biweekly. I already MSed my Pollux on Pys because I wanted to hypermax her right away for Thoria (it was worth it, she does not disappoint).

    15 f@*#%ing Pollux fodder drops out of 15 runs. I am so salty. How will my Alrescha skill up if out of 25 runs I have 3 Alrescha fodder drops so far? Madness!


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