The Best Part Was Saving Six Tamadras

Because we don’t get enough of those in the fucking mail.


11 thoughts on “The Best Part Was Saving Six Tamadras

  1. Is it really that hard to farm Ultimate Arena? Or is it a matter of change in gameplay, and having fun with it?


    • PAD is over…

      Who knows the extent of the damage control, so rather than get emotional I’ll just wait and see. I’ve been hearing that YamaP says you can get your card back if you revert the evo (in a future update), but that’s still ass as it doesn’t address the main point of contention that you’re directly gating access to content with a specific REM roll (of which dupes people have undoubtedly already sold for MP). The mere fact that they think they could get away with this AGAIN is a bit despair/rage inducing.

      This on top of the supposed waifu REM… smells like desperation… Since they can’t come up with another good game mode, we’re stuck with shit like this, I guess.


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