Challenge Dungeons 25 Lv9 Solo – Awoken Pandora


3 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 25 Lv9 Solo – Awoken Pandora

  1. Ha nice job that’s exactly my team except the A.Panda sub is a DD Haku. I almost did it… So mad when I got Scarlet to a sliver of hp left, and she bound my leaders. I can probably do it this time now that I’ve seen somebody do it though. Thanks!


  2. Do you think there’s any way Shiva could do this? I was going to say “hell yeah” but then I realized Aegir exists.


    • Hmm. If you stack enough attackers and devils, which shouldn’t be too hard in fire, I think it should be fine. The random binds might be the only problem since you should be able to tank everything else, except the enrage, of course. The locked orbs probably won’t hurt too much on GSonia. You should be able to stall on Scarlet, too, so you can get the right orb changes back up to work around the locked orbs.


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