Godfest Help Post: PCGF 5/31-6/2

The PCGF has finally been announced and the final results are the same as recorded at this site. All featured gods will appear at 4x rates and come with +50 eggs of a single, random stat. This makes this PCGF extremely good value for players of all types, especially those that are looking for any of the 6-stars specifically. The recent debut of the 10-stone, GFE-only REM on JP will justifiably make those same players question whether they should save their stones, but it’s difficult to judge how worthwhile it is to wait, especially when NA never knows when we’ll ever get such an event.

As usual, I’m offering to help players out by answering questions. Questions don’t have to be limited to the PCGF and can be about almost anything such as team composition and general direction.

Here are the rules:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
  • WordPress flags comments with multiple links. I still get the comment, I just have to approve it manually for it to show up on the site. So if your comment doesn’t show up, this might be the case.
  • I generally reply on a first come, first serve basis, but if there’s a low hanging fruit I’ll address that first.
  • I will post a comment in bold red when I stop taking questions for the day or end the post altogether. Please look for and respect these cutoffs before posting! I’ll allow questions after the day 1 cutoff to queue up for the next day, but no new questions will be taken after the day 2 cutoff.
  • No new questions will be taken after the godfest ends. Questions asked in other posts may be ignored; please wait for the next godfest!
  • Follow-ups to existing questions will be taken as long as the post is still open for comments.
  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.
  • Why is X monster rated higher than Y monster? – The monster ratings aren’t there to be an accurate, authoritative resource on a card’s power, but are more used as a ballpark estimate to give a relative idea of how useful a given card or pantheon is which is used to help evaluate godfests.
  • Why is the overall rating not an average of the lead and sub ratings? – Long story short, when grades are given using the normal distribution, cards that are both good as leaders and subs get a boost while ones that are bad as both get penalized. This is because most cards in the game are usually only good at one role, not both.

127 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: PCGF 5/31-6/2

  1. Love your blog Setsu! Hope to see you continue playing PAD and making posts.

    I am rank 392, “budget” IAP (probably spent around $300 in the past 800 days playing). My favorite team at the moment is Panda, but I’ve also run button teams, LKali, Luci, Yomidra, DQXQ, and MZeus.

    Padherder is https://www.padherder.com/user/Girbot/monsters/

    I’m kinda disappointed that Ra didn’t make it into PCGF because I’d love him for my button teams. But I’m thinking it might be rolling anyway since it’s Light Gala, and Genie would also be good for SI on some button teams. Chances at Escha and DKali are also nice, and maybe I can roll some subs to put together a decent water team for dungeons where dark/light isn’t great. I’m also working on saving up for XM, so rolling a dupe Uriel would be nice too.

    I’ll have around 200 stones when PCGF hits. Is it worth rolling most of my stones for the ones I don’t have/SI & XM dupes/MP/Light Gala? Or should I keep it down to some yolo rolls and save my stones for the next 4x GFE instead for more MP and maybe things like Sherias Roots?


    • This is something that’s really, really difficult to give advice on. I think you’ve identified all the main points on this 4x PCGF vs 4x GFE. It’s a hard decision. And I believe most of it comes down to your own feeling since there really isn’t a good way to measure it any other way. How much do the 6-stars appeal to you? Is Uriel and Xiang Mei really something you want to pursue? Maybe you’re feeling like you want something new to work on now, so maybe the chance of getting something now is better than waiting for an event that may or may not come? But maybe there’s some gods you want that aren’t featured here? These are a few of the things you have to consider.

      Basically, I think at the stage you’re at where you already have some great teams and it looks like you have a good understanding of the game itself, you have to go with what feels best for you.

      Sorry that I could not help more. I spent a while trying to break down all the alternatives logically, but I didn’t get anywhere. If you still feel lost, it would help to know more about your goals and such. Otherwise, it might be good to hold off pulling the trigger on anything and reassessing what you want form the game. This PCGF is good, but it’s not like it’s *that* good compared to the alternatives and since you already have some great teams I don’t think there’s a huge rush.


  2. YESSS!!! +50 to a random stat! I freaking called it!! (Of course, there’s no proof for that, but I still called it. Yay me.)

    Back to help post:
    Rank: 396
    Main Teams: Rukia, Ra Dragon, Awoken Ra
    WIP: Goemon, DQXQ, multiplayer, better Ra Dragon
    IAP: Not planning on spending too much anymore, but this Godfest is too good to pass up.

    What do you consider to now be the best Ra Dragon team for me, given my box, and factoring in Skill inheritance, etc? This is mainly concerning having a near foolproof method of beating Arena 2, discounting Vishnu, Ilsix, and other impossibly broken monsters. I know you already answered this before for me, but there have been a few changes and I believe Dacho has released his preliminary Arena 2 RaDra team a while ago (with DKali x2/Orochi/Indra).

    Given my indubitable purchase of a pack of stones (or 2) for this Godfest, I am able to +297 any monster necessary, and I have enough Pys/skill dupes to max skill said monsters. I am also almost certainly going to purchase Ragnarok Dragon, assuming it’s in the next MP rotation. Tans aren’t a problem either, given the fact that only three days passed between the iterations of Tan infestation.


    • To be perfectly honest, I don’t really follow Arena 2 farming teams since I don’t really see the point with Arena 1 coming back. However, from what I’ve seen of Ra Dragon teams, I’m favoring Reco’s setup of Ra Dragon / DKali / DKali / Isis / NY Ama / Ra Dragon since the entire team is bind immune. As for skill inheritance:
      – Damage shield: NA is at a huge disadvantage for not having Fencer. So the closest thing would be Genie who deals with Ilsix, DQ Hera and DKali. However, it doesn’t look like have one. So you’d probably have to run something like Susano to deal with DQ Hera, then maybe concede to Ilsix (or I guess you can run Maeda for that).
      – PreDRAs: This is another place where not having Fencer kills us. Not having Lightning means you don’t have any clean alternatives. So you’re probably going to have to use Orochi here and hope for the best. Or I guess you can dedicate another inheritance slot to something like Ra.
      – Damage enhance: Most teams seem to use something like Sheen which usually ends up one-shotting either Kali, I believe. Kanna is also an option, but it looks like you’d have to settle for Muse.

      I think Reco put Orochi on Isis, Fencer on Ama, Lightning on Ra Dragon, Sheen on the other, and nothing on either DKali. But he used a lot of different setups so maybe I’m confusing them.

      As for Ragnarok Dragon, all MP cards are currently available for this event, so you can buy it now.


      • Update: after buying two packs of stones, and another 60 on top of that, I managed to pull…
        Scheat. Both literally and metaphorically.
        I guess it’s time to say goodbye to IAP for a long time.

        On the other hand, I did manage to get 300K MP for RagDrag, +297 four monsters, and buy two Woodpys on top of that, so it wasn’t a completely crappy Godfest.

        Wood (pun intended) you say RagDrag is a good option for a Ra Dragon team? He doesn’t get the full 144x multiplier, but at least he has more HP and a haste in his skill. That God Killer seems nice too. If RagDrag is a good choice, should he inherit any skills?


        • Ragnarok is a fine option and probably the best Ra Dragon option after DKali, especially after all his buffs (he’s also getting a dragon killer, if you hadn’t noticed yet). Personally, I’m not very excited about him, but I can see where he’d be a good option for someone that wants to run Ra Dragon and lacks a second DKali.


      • I just rolled Genie in the Godfest. Would you say it would be better for me to put Genie on Amaterasu, or should I use Raphael? I only have one Raphael, but you did say Raphael had more utility on your Arena 2 Xiang Mei clear post, and I don’t know if that only applies to Xiang Mei or can be extended to other teams as well.

        Also, thank you very much for the hard work you put into this blog. Having to answer so many requests every time a Godfest rolls around is no easy task, and the fact that you put in as much effort as you do to give the best and most educated reply to each one is simply marvelous. Thank you very much, and keep on doing good for the P&D community!


        • Like I said, I’m just going off of what I’ve seen from Reco. He has Fencer on NY Ama so I’d think Genie would be the next best thing for dealing with Ilsix (unless you want to fit Maeda and a little RNG ito the mix). I don’t think Raph is a great choice for Ra Dragon as it’s kinda awkward against the DQ Hera preemptive as the hearts could destroy an activateable board. In the end, though, Arena 2 isn’t really something you need to farm so the differences shouldn’t really matter as long as you get the job done.


  3. Pad herder https://www.padherder.com/user/Agod/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;boxfav,0

    Mains: RaDra and Panda.

    IAP is very seldom as of late
    Not too much related to the godfest here but I was curious as your opinion on the light 4 gentlemen guy. No HP boost but obviously an insane amount of damage output seeing as light rows aren’t too hard to come by. I feel like I’ll cave and just end up getting xiang mei as I feel I have the subs for her (although I have some decent pieces to the light guy) and she seems more reliable in terms of resilience.

    And I’m also curious as what the trend is for RaDra teams now with S.I. Understandably every dungeon has its own tricks so there’s no perfect skill to give RaDra but if there’s one that seems to frequent that would be awesome!

    Love the blog and got my brothers to start checking it out frequently!


    • Hi! Random passerby here, hoping to give some comments 🙂 From what I’ve heard, Xiang Mei is only really good when you can get 2 or 3 of her, so her team requires large amounts of MP allotment. As for the light one, you have some really good subs (at least in my opinion) for him- Superman, Saria, Wukong, Raphael. Well whoever you get in the end is your final decision, but you have good subs for both.
      As for S.I. on radra, I’ve heard some people say they put dkali active, which makes sense since radra is so reliant on a good board. You can also put a board refresher like Maeda Keiji, or some utility that’s on a shorter cooldown.


      • The 3x Xiang Mei team (4x total) is the best version of the team, but even if you only have 1, she’s still better than most teams out there.


    • I like Xiu Min very much even though he doesn’t seem to have caught on as strong on JP as Xiang Mei or You Yu. Still inferior to Ra Dragon (what isn’t), but he looks like a fun team since I’ve always enjoyed bursting with rows. I’m definitely going to buy one myself. I definitely think you have some great subs for him. As for him vs Xiang Mei, I think she’s better, but if you’re not excited to play her then there’s no reason to get her, especially since you already have a Ra Dragon team that can clear everything. It’s also questionable whether you have the subs necessary to run her; you should probably only run a single Gadius and not having 2 or more Uriels hurts.

      I don’t think much has changed with Ra Dragon technology. As for SI, I think it’s most common to put a damage enhance (Kanna, Sheen) or board change (DKali, Lightning) on him. Don’t quote me on that though, as this isn’t something I really keep up with. It’s probably best to coordinate with your friends so you have complementing skills that match up well for whatever dungeon you’ll be frequenting.


  4. Pad herder:


    Name: Josh
    ID: 359,966,297
    Rank: 358 as of this post (tomorrow is Monday dungeon so about 365ish I guess)
    MP: 200k
    IAP status: A grand total of $5! 😉

    My only legit teams:
    A.Panda, DValk(SI Ronia), Akechi, Zuoh, DD Haku

    A.Sakuya, LKali, A.Apollo, A.Venus(SI A.Thor), A.Isis

    Hi, it’s me again… I wasn’t going to ask anything, but with the new skill inheritance update, I just have to ask for advice on what to inherit on my stuff.

    After doing all my studying on guides and stuff, I’m still at a point where I’m kind of stuck on what to do. All those stupid guides just say to put DKali on everything, easy for them to say, they’re rank 6969…

    So, do you have any good ideas on what I should SI for every monster on my team? I already did Venus and DValk, and I’m working on my Apocalypse for Panda, but other than that, I’m stuck…

    Thanks so much, you’re amazing =)

    PS what’s your ID?


    • You’re probably stuck on SI because you’re thinking too broad. There isn’t going to be a setup that’s good for everything. Nor do you have to inherit something on all your cards. You can narrow it down by targeting a specific dungeon (maybe 2-3 max) and creating a setup that’s just right for that dungeon. Another way to look at it is identifying your team’s greatest weaknesses, then filling it in with SI.

      If you look, it’s not that hard to find my ID.


  5. Hi Setsu, love the blog and all the work you put into it! 🙂

    PadHerder: http://www.padherder.com/user/Ilackoriginalite
    Rank: 228
    Main Teams: Leilan, RSonia for farming, trying to build A. Luci
    IAP: Maybe buying a pack this GF depending on the advice I get

    So, with the new PCGF lineup being announced, I’m not quite sure whether I should roll. The majority of the cards are pieces I don’t own, many of which I don’t really benefit from. This also happens during the light gala, of which is probably my weakest element. Honestly, I feel like what I’m missing are strong leaders to really propel me into the late game. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

    P.S. What would be my best A. Luci/Panda team?


    • Usually it’s a no brainer for players like you to roll in the PCGF. Unfortunately the voting turned out to favor veteran players more than newer ones. That being said, I still think rolling this PCGF will give you a lot of value. Even if many of the cards don’t seem like they have an immediate impact on your current teams, right now you just need to stock up on good cards. This is because the meta is always changing, so the more good cards you have overall, the easier it will be to keep up in the future. When you can switch gears to targeting specific gods depends on how lucky you are, but the best indicator is usually how high your average dupe risk is.

      You should probably start with a Lucifer team since he has a wider array of subs. Since there’s so much overlap, you’ll eventually be able to make a Pandora team, too. However, until you can awaken your Lucifer, you can probably lead with Pandora. You don’t really have much synergy in your subs, so I’d probably just start with the ones that are the most powerful. So basically Pandora, Persephone, Loki, and Hanzo.


      • You allude to something I’ve been brooding over a little bit ever since I saw how good the voting was in this pcgf. In the past, people decried new players voting in gods like Neptune and Luci. Thing is, as we all know or should know, noobs are the lifeblood of games — a bit messy, but the circulation keeps one alive. Thus, I find veteran-skewed pcgf voting a little alarming, though proportional decline in the new player population is of course not the only obvious potential hypothesis for this (others involve, e.g., better access to information for new players and/or more motivated vets).

        I don’t follow pcgf voting trends closely enough to know whether there is anything to this. What do you think?


        • Since it’s opt in voting, I think the veteran players tend to care more. As someone who’d consider himself middleground (started in Jan, so this is my first PCGF but I’m rank 250+), with one friend that’s very new (started about 1.5 months ago) and another friend that’s a vet (started a few years ago), I can definitely say that both I and the veteran player were more keen on what we wanted in the GF while the newer player didn’t really care as long as he got good value.

          On top of that, I think the spread of information and the metagame has become more defined so that players tend to have more agreement over which picks are considered strong/useful at any stage in the game, which leads to fewer ‘noob’ gods, especially at the early to mid levels. A big example of this is rerolling where new players are already taught from the start that a select handful of pulls are worth sticking with, and the cut off for what’s acceptable has gotten higher over the years.


        • I agree with most of what they anonymous replier said. I’d like to add a few things, too:

          – I think the fact that the MP cards now define the endgame, it was inevitable that all their best subs were voted in before things that could help newer players. Then even some newer players know that the MP cards are OP and vote for their subs even though it may not benefit them the most.
          – Unlike JP, NA cannot vote from within the game. I think that little bit extra effort combined with NA’s horrible publicity mean the voting is further skewed to the veterans.
          – Unlike JP, NA can see the results of the voting as it happens so it’s easier for veterans to game the system.


      • Follow up post: I’ve updated my padherder with all my new cards. I think after this somewhat successful PCGF, I can now make some viable late-game teams, notably my new I&I (!) or A.Luci. Which would you think would be better for the long term, and what is the team I would make?

        Thank you for any advice; I think I represent most everyone when I say I appreciate you for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions and how much work you put in 🙂


        • I don’t remember you box well enough to know what is new or not, so I’ll just go with I&I and Luci being new.

          Long term, I’d say Luci is better, but it’s closer than the JP tier lists would lead most to believe. In the end, I’d favor the dark team since historically light and dark have been the most dominant elements in the game. However, your own preference should take precedence.

          For Luci, I’d probably start Pandora, Haku, Hanzo, and Loki. Inheriting a bind clear on Awoken Anubis is a good idea to shore up that weakness (that Dark Dragon Swordsman looks like a good option). Persephone is also a good sub option.

          For I&I, I’d probably start Karin, Hatsume, Andromeda, and Mori. Then you have utility like Orochi and Isis.


  6. https://www.padherder.com/user/Arruna/monsters

    Main team: Hathor, looking into DQXQ once her awoken comes by

    Rank 284

    Is there a team that might fit me better than DQXQ? She doesn’t seem too tough to play, but I’m not sure if I have a team in there that might be stronger overall due to sub options. I’m also curious when the best time would be for me to roll, considering my only current aim is DKali.

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    • It looks like you already have 10 of the 25 featured gods so it’s questionable whether this PCGF is really that good for you, especially since 8 of those remaining are 6-star GFEs. Although it’s hard to say if any better opportunities will arise before the next PCGF at the end of the year. The only other options to roll for DKali is a 4x GFE event or the GFE-only REM JP just got. It’s questionable whether the next 4x GFE event will be better than this, but it could be something you might find worthwhile to gamble on. For the GFE-only REM, it’s questionable whether NA will get it in a reasonable amount of time, if ever. It’s not an easy decision, but if DKali is really the one thing you want, I think it’s worth it to take a shot and roll now.

      For Awoken DQXQ, I’m not sure you have the required parts. The first hurdle would be color coverage and you don’t really have great options to cover wood and dark. Probably the best version of your team would be Raphael, LValk, Defoud, and Venus. If you roll during the PCGF, maybe you’ll get something from the light gala?

      You might want to consider running a wood team. You could run a decent Parvati or Sylvie-Freyja team. You have some good wood subs in Michael, Meimei, Perseus, and Sylvie. Wood isn’t in the greatest state right now, but that might be your best bet going forward until you roll some more impactful cards.


  7. Thanks so much for helping so many people!

    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/jakebrady5/monsters
    Rank: 345
    123 stones currently

    Main Team – Awoken Ra, Sakuya, AALuci
    WIP: Saria

    I am sitting on a good number of Pi’s, Snow Globes, and Tamadra, so can quickly max monsters, just waiting to establish priority. Plus eggs are where I feel most behind, but 10x descends are helping a ton ofc. This fest does still seem high value for me, 13/25 I do not own.

    Priority is really what I need a pointer on. Which rolls would help the most, but also which teams to prioritize most? Finish 297’ing the Ra team, or move on to max AALuci for Arena? Or maybe I need to devote more energy to making a push button team and stone + eggs? No ROdin sadly.

    Thanks so much for any feedback!


    • Both Ra and Sakuya will have a hard time farming Arena 1 without the heals from DKali, so if that’s a priority I’d go with raising your Luci team. You already have the two most critical parts in Eschamali and Akechi, so maybe all you need are some time extends depending on your skill level. One interesting sub I’ve seen on a few different Luci/Pandora teams is Awoken Anubis with some type of bind clear inherited. He’ll also give you the time extends if you need it and pairs well with Zuoh’s board change.

      I don’t think you need to prioritize a push button team, at least not for solo. If you really want efficient +egg farming, you should look into making a team for co-op. Many teams are completely farmable and won’t need a ROdin. At worst they might need a Ra which you already have.

      This PCGF doesn’t look bad for you, but a lot of that is determined by how many of the 6-stars you want. I think if you can see yourself making good use out of them (like, do you envision using them on a team someday), then I think it’s a good time to roll. I think DKali really opens doors for your Ra and Sakuya teams, so personally, I’d lean towards yes.

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  8. Thank you so much for offering to help! I find your blog very helpful and interesting, particularly the Godfest review posts.

    Rank: 186
    ID: 352,701,442
    MP: 4k
    IAP: Planning on a pack or so for this Godfest, depending on advice.


    Both of my teams are WIP, but I use these:
    DD Haku: Echidna, BD Hermes, Drawn Joker, DW Vamp
    Yuna: LKali, Sakuya, LValk, Aamir

    I started playing a couple of months ago and really love the game, but feel like I have hit a plateau. I can run some of the easier descends, but have trouble with others (particularly Zhou Yu, which I need for Awoken Sakuya). When I read guides online, they mostly ask for specific monsters (many of which are in this Godfest), so I improve the teams, which makes them not powerful enough to clear content.

    Based on my box, which team should I work on in order to clear Descends and approach the Arena? Do you recommend rolling in this PCGF?


    • It’s very hard to tell you were to go since you have so few gods. Even if I told you a direction based on what you have now, by the time you collect more gods, that advice will likely be completely obsolete.

      I’ll tell you what I tell most new players: try to roll for maximum value and while you accumulate gods, the teams you should run will basically make themselves known. So with that in mind, I’d say this PCGF is good for you. As a bonus, there are quite a few good Sakuya/Yuna subs in it like DKali, Indra, Susano, LKali, and Orochi and there’s also things to complement your Haku in Pandora, Lucifer, Eschamali, Akechi, Yomi, and even dupe Hakus.

      As for where to go in the mean time, I think you should just go all in on Yuna who is probably the very best leader in the game for newer players. You have some fairly good sub options for her in LKali and Sun Quan and her main strength is sub flexibility so you can pretty much put anything else in the rest of the slots. Not to mention she does a lot of damage. From what you have right now, I’d probably run Yuna / LKali / Sun Quan / LValk / Aamir / Yuna.

      I feel like the key to clearing Zhou Yu is having a delay for the boss so you don’t have to deal with the various tricks he throws at you. If your Sun Quan isn’t ready, maybe you can grab an Echidna. I think if you have a delay, Zhou Yu shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I have a rank 160 alt on JP and beat him with a fairly poor Nephthys team and I believe Yuna will have an easier time if everything is leveled up.

      As for Arena, that’s a very long ways away. I’d keep trying to improve your box and see where it takes you.


      • Thanks for the encouragement and advice!

        I didn’t get many light monsters (just a dupe Sakuya), but I did get 3 good water cards (I&I, Scheat, Ryune) and a lot of dark cards (Pandora x2, Akechi, Lucifer, Yomi).

        With this, I am still going to focus on the Yuna team you mentioned, but is it worth building a dark Pandora team with my monsters? Which evolutions should I aim for? Am I missing critical monsters? And for the other three… Can I build a good water team or do I need other cards?


        • It’s probably worth investing in a dark team as having some variety means you can deal with different types of dungeons.

          You can make a pretty decent Pandora team of Pandora / Haku / Akechi / Lucifer. Or you can pretty much run the same team with Lucifer. For Pandora, the only real regular you’re missing is Zuoh and maybe DValk. For Lucifer, Eschamali is nice, but not 100% necessary. Same with Yomi Dragon. Considering your current subs, I don’t think there’s an overwhelming need to get any of them, though.

          You’re still a few cards short of a decent water team. I could see You Yu being decent for you, though, as Hermes, Scheat and Ryune are all capable starters. If you get a few more row subs, you can run a Ryune-I&I team.


          • Thanks once again for all the help and effort you put into your posts!

            For the dark team, which version of Pandora do you recommend? Since I have two, one of each or both the same?

            I YOLO rolled once more with scrounged up stones and got Isis – does this change the water team possibility? Which subs should I aim for?


            • The choice between the two Pandoras is up to your preference. I generally prefer the extra RCV and TE from her uuevo, but I also recognize that the haste on her awoken is quite powerful, too. I’d probably go one of each since you probably don’t want two uuevos and you do want the option to lead with Awoken Pandora in the future.

              Isis is a utility card and isn’t one I’d consider a core sub outside of rainbow teams. So, no, she doesn’t change anything for your water teams. She’s a great card to have, though.


  9. First off, thank you for doing this.

    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/monger/monsters
    Dungeons: working on 5×4 technicals, Legendary Seaway, and clearing some easier descends (ex. Sphinx, Gaia, Takeminakata)
    IAP: Light
    Stones: Currently 13 rolls. I am considering buying an additional 2-6.

    Main team: Yamato /RSonia/Ares/ (Echidna/Samurai Ogre/Uriel) / Yamato
    So far I’ve been clearing easier descends by bursting most floors, but a 20x (or 25x) multiplier with no tank multiplier will fall off eventually. I do have a few other potential leads (LKali, Haku) but the subs are overall less powerful than the Yamato team.

    I had been planning to spend most, if not all, of my stones in the PCGF, but with few fire monsters I’m concerned about my current team being improved. Should I take the risk and hope I roll good subs/leads?


      • Definitely yes, imo. PCGF is always good for those with less developed boxes, and this one is no exception. There are several great leads in there (Sakuya, Pandora, Luci, DQXQ) that will all take you very far into the game, and in terms of godfest value this one is by far the best since you have no dupe risk at all (except maybe Haku, but even she’s good for inheritance) (Uriel is good in dupes).


        • Thanks for the advice. An endgame (well, further-into-the-game) lead would be great to have, even if I can’t get better subs until later. Haku dupes wouldn’t be bad, I could work towards awakening one but leaving the other as D/D.


    • It sucks that there isn’t much to improve your fire box, but despite that, this PCGF is worth using all your stones. First, Shiva isn’t considered an elite leader anymore, but he’s more than capable of getting you well into the endgame and will allow you to reuse most of your fire box. Then, of course, there’s a multitude of great leads and subs from other colors that will improve your overall box.

      In the meantime, if you want a tankier lead, you can run with RSonia. You can run a team of like RSonia / Haku / Vritra / CDD / Drawn Joker / Beelzebub. Not an ideal team, but it should get you through most of the content your Yamato team can’t.

      So basically, I’d see what you get from the PCGF and see where to go from there. No matter how it turns out, though, you’ll need to start investing in levels, skill ups and +eggs if you want to take the next step.


      • Thanks for the advice. At this point I’ll take what I can get, but fire would be nice. The Ronia team looks nice, I’ll just need to farm Joker/Devil Dragon. For levels I should be good, since I can check PAD every hour for the jewel dragon urgents; for plus eggs I just need to try harder and make plans for 10x runs; and for skillups… pay more attention to rare monster urgents and coin dungeons, I suppose.


          • I would add that the game is in a sense pretty much unplayable without padx or equivalent information source. Come for the guerilla dungeon timing, stay for . . . well, sanity.


          • I had tried PADX, but the times weren’t accurate. Looking back, I managed to put in the wrong timezone somehow. I did download PADGuide, though. Thanks for the recommendation.

            As an intro to a followup (well, followups), here were my relevant pulls:
            Featured: Rodin, Shiva, Idunn&Idunna x3 (!), Susano x2, LKali, Indra, Sakuya, Pandora x2
            Gods: Apollo, Ganesha
            Useful other stuff: Lalia, Fuma Kotaro
            Skill inheritance (?): Fire Dragon Swordsman x2, Mitsuki, (Light) Wee Jas
            Somewhat useful other stuff: Cyberbeast Leonis and some other cyberstuff, Dragon Rider

            I think my priorities for progression should be to put together an egg farming team and to awaken Shiva, plus improve my fire team in general (skillups, etc). After that, I’m not sure.

            Teams under consideration (and questions):
            -A.Pandora /Uuvo.Pandora/Haku/Vrita/Vampire/ A.Pandora. Looks solid on paper, especially with the possibility of Joker and Devil Dragon.
            -LKali /LKali/Chocobo/Fuma Kotaro/Vampire/ LKali. Heavy light and vulnerable to binds. Would Sakuya be a better rainbow lead? How many Kali changes is too many?
            -Thor /Indra/Apollo/Sun Wukong/Valkyrie/ Saria. Never played a tank team, so I don’t know how good this is.
            -Feels like I’m being told to do I&I/Ryune but that’ll probably never happen.

            Would you be willing to give me some thoughts as to teams? I feel like my light box has improved a lot, but Pandora looks like it has more opportunities for expansion.
            Even if you don’t get the time, thanks again.


  10. I should have expected this to be coming up, but part of me completely forgot about it (nix that, all of me).

    Anywho, here’s my PADHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Wuggles/monsters/

    I have been maining Awoken Freyr since the last time I was here. He is probably the most powerful lead for my box, but I have rolled things such as Indra and Sun Wukong since then. Do you think I should abstain for a more Freyr suited event, or go for it anyway?


    • imo Freyr doesn’t have a high enough ceiling to warrant rolling with him in mind. It’s not like the alternatives would be much better to roll in, either. If you think about it, a normal godfest would have two featured fire gods and it’s not like the fire GFEs beyond Gadius (in the PCGF) or Urd (you already have her) are all that great. So if you passed up this opprotunity, basically what you’re gambling for are two great fire pantheons to line up with a fire gala or 4x GFE. Comparatively, this PCGF is 4x to everything and has a pretty solid line up. It’s not like Gadius, Uriel or Shiva (as a lead) would be bad for your fire box, either. I think there’s enough positives to warrant you rolling now. Especially when your box is still developing, it’s probably better to have things to work on now rather than later.


  11. PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Ranelar/monsters
    Rank: 425
    Main Teams: Panda, Urd, I&I
    WIP: Saria, Blonia, Lakshmi, Freyja, Verd
    IAP: Yes. 1.5 packs this PCGF since I’d like to get something like 75% of the cards featured

    I’m heavily invested in Panda, that’s basically where all my plusses are. But, I now have 300k MP burning a hole in my pocket, as well as Gadius/Gadius/Uriel/RRH/Valen/Yamato (not healer, but yea). I’m wondering if XM would be a good investment (particularly if I roll another Uriel or 2), or if I should just keep playing around with Panda and wait for something else in the future. It’s taken me about 7 months and more money that I would have wanted to get to this point, so I probably shouldn’t buy something unless it’s gonna make a huge difference. I can currently beat Arena 1 with panda, and I haven’t attempted Arena 2 yet.

    My panda arena 1 team is Panda/Zuoh/DR Persephone/Akechi/Hanzo. For arena 2 I am thinking of replacing either persephone or hanzo with lilith (if I replace hanzo, I don’t have an active available in the first level, but if I replace persephone I don’t have god killer).


    • For Xiang Mei I think you at most want to run 1 Gadius and if you aren’t running multiple XMs, then you want at least two Uriels. Until then, I’m not sure it’s worth the MP. I don’t think there should be any rush especially when Pandora already destroys just about everything in the game. The only real good reasons I could see going in on XM when she comes out is if you’re super excited for her or you just want a change of pace and a slightly different playstyle (but tbh, I’m not sure just how different XM is from Pandora). Otherwise, it’s probably best to sit on it; she’s not going anywhere and who knows how the meta will change in the near future.


  12. Wasn’t expecting this much interest. I’ll try to get through as many questions as possible today, but I might not get to everything above this post so please be patient. I probably won’t get to anything after this post until tomorrow.


  13. Hello Mr Setsupad 🙂
    PadHerder : https://www.padherder.com/user/mrpitou/monsters/
    Rank : 473
    IAP : reallyl light, a 30 stones pack @ xmas and the special one time bargain … 32$ ^^; ?
    Stones saved until now : 35

    Main Teams :
    – Panda Chan
    – L Kali
    – Saria x Thor

    WIP teams :
    – Sephiroth
    – Ra
    – Awoken DQXQ (dupe dqxq patiently waiting for evo to be available …)

    My white whales are : Loki, Fallen Angel Lucifer, Amaterasu, Kanna, Eschamali, Sakuya -.-
    I’m not that much into the MP monsters, I’m sitting on 400k MP and can wait to buy the perfect one.

    I think I have a really strong green box but except a bastet team I was thinking of a spica x spica or a green row team but can’t decide which leader to use.

    Also I don’t really know if I should invest more +eggs in the pandora team or is my team strong enough.

    Thanks for your time 🙂


    • Wood is not in a great place and none of the teams you could make would be better than any of your existing teams. You’re really missing Vishnu for a great Bastet (and eventually Bastet Ace) team, anyways. But if you wanted to make a Spica or any other wood team just for the fun of it, then you should. I find Spica to be a very fun team to play. It does have some glaring weaknesses, but if you play a more tanky, row-based team, you can get through most of the dungeons in the game.

      If Pandora is your team of choice for the endgame, then you should really look into hypermaxing the entire team. +eggs make all the difference in the most difficult content.


  14. https://www.padherder.com/user/SaltyBoys/monsters/

    IAP: Little (only bought the 1 time deal so far)

    All my monsters are awoken and leveled, just too lazy to indicate as such in my padherder. This is my alternate account and has only played for about 234 days now? It has 100 stones saved up and I haven’t really rolled that much in godfest to be completely honest (though i spent like 80 stones on FF collab with no result ._.) Im guessing i should roll for sure right?


    • I don’t think it’s “for sure” considering you already have 10/25 of the featured gods. While it’ll definitely be fairly good value to roll, you should also factor in whether you really see any of the featured gods fitting into the future plans of your box. I’m not sure which teams you’re running, but your box looks to be at the point where you have to start factoring that into your roll decisions. So basically what I’m saying is, yeah, it looks safe to roll, but don’t roll just to roll, put some thought into why you’re doing it before doing so.


  15. Rank: 337
    IAP Status: I’ve spent money in PAD recklessly in the past, and it has made me become quite frugal. For PCGF, however, I’d be willing to spend $23 for 6 more rolls if it’d be worth it.
    MP: 80K
    PAD Herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/gavriel13/monsters
    My NA PCGF Have/Want List from reddit: https://gyazo.com/fd6e865f34dc9348037d951801f480c5

    Do you think it’s worth rolling this PCGF? I currently have 4 saved up rolls, and as I said before I’m willing to spend some cash to buy myself an additional 6 rolls at most.

    Thanks for your help, I really enjoy your blog!! 😀


    • Hi! A random potato here. Honestly speaking, a large portion of this pcgf is mainly influenced by the meta trends in JP and new future releases (xiang mei, you yu, etc.);
      As a quick breakdown, this pcgf is broken down into a few parts:
      1) Future MP releases, anticipation of JP releases
      You Yu, Xiang Mei –> Scheat, Gadius, Uriel, etc.
      2) Current meta picks –> MP dragon subs and other meta tank/ rainbow subs
      Dkali, lkali, indra, orochi, eschamali, pandora, Ilm,blonia, ryune, etc.
      3) Over-hyped units that are either not that useful for a lot of people, or has scaled off due to power creep.
      Shiva, yomi, rodin.

      Taking a look at your have/want list, I think that most of your wants fall into the second category. I think rolling a few times would be a good choice for your box (even if you get dupes of say, Indra or Akechi since they’re really useful and akechi is good for skill inheritance). Whether you spend any other stones on it is up to your own discretion, which you should base off of how your previous rolls are.


    • You’re definitely in the territory where it’s not immediately obvious that rolling is a good idea (according to your image, you have 10/25 of the featured gods). On the other hand, you have many of them marked as wants (13/25) and 4 of them marked as “don’t care”, but you also don’t have them already. So basically 17/25 are things you want or do not already have. It seems like using your 4 rolls here would be a good idea (then personally I think Susano, Raphael, Indra, and Akechi are all decent dupes since they are useful for SI). Although if you have any doubts about spending money, then you shouldn’t. In fact, if you do roll, you should resolve yourself beforehand either way since what you don’t want happening is to roll garbage, buy some stones, then roll more garbage.

      I could provide a bit more detail if you provided your teams or teams you want to build, but with the information given, that’s what I think.


      • Thanks for the solid advice! I ended up rolling a total of 11 times (Bought 6 rolls, used 4 initially, and grinded for another magic stone). Here were my rolls:

        (4 ★) Mistrain – 3rd or 4th
        (5 ★) Raphael – 2nd
        (5 ★) Hermes – 2nd
        (5 ★) Cerberus Rider – 3rd
        (5 ★) Berry Dragon – 2nd or 3rd
        (4 ★) Fire Dragon Swordsman – 2nd or 3rd
        (5 ★) Apocolypse – 2nd
        (5 ★) Genie – 3rd or 4th
        ~At this point I actually began cheering for silvers~
        (5 ★) FA Luci – 1st (WHOO!)
        (5 ★) CyberBeast Leonis – 1st (Meh)
        (5 ★) Pandora – 2nd (WHOOOO!)

        Besides the obligatory silver eggs that come with every time I roll, I think I got some valuable rolls out in Pandora and FA Luci! I think with those two I can really start developing my dark row team…except, I need a little bit of guidance 😛 Who should I use as my leader taking into account these new rolls, FA Luci or APanda? Additionally, should I evolve my second Pandora into Awoken or Uuevo?


        • You can probably go either way, at this point it really just depends on preference. I prefer Pandora, myself, but maybe Luci is better for you considering your current sub pool.

          The big thing you’re missing is a board change; Haku and Zuoh are usually standard here. So your options are to inherit something like Apocalypse or just rely on heartmaker -> heartbreaker to get your critical mass of dark orbs. You could also inherit Satsuki for the ability to clear jammers and poison. The team for either lead pretty much makes itself: Pandora, Akechi, Loki, HVamp, etc.

          Which Pandora uevo you go for depends on preference. I prefer the extra RCV and time extend, but the power of haste can’t be denied, either.


          • I was really, really hoping to get Haku in PCGF, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully I’ll get her or Zuoh soon so I can really get cracking. Again, thanks for the advice!


            • The great thing about Zuoh is that he’s basically always available so you can line him up with a good pantheon lineup in a standard godfest. Good luck!


  16. https://www.padherder.com/user/Draco435/monsters/
    (Hopefully I updated it correctly and have all of the relevant monsters inputted)

    Rank: 329
    IAP: None a single dime
    Stones: 200 saved up

    Ilm & Awoken Leilan System
    Light Awoken Sakuya

    I believe I have a pretty developed box. From what I can see I have 11 of the 25 gods available in the PCGF. I wouldn’t mind a second Pandora to evo into the Awoken form though. If I get a Gadius, I can make a Xiang Mei with the 2 Uriel’s that I already have.

    So I am not sure if I should roll right now, wait for a 4xGFE or the 10 stone GFE REM (which might never show up in NA). Btw should I evo my current Pandora into the awoken form or keep her as the ult form and hope for a second Pandora later?


    • Yeah, it’s not obvious if you should roll or not. I’m not sure what teams you’re looking to improve, but you’re currently playing Sakuya and Ilm and you mention Pandora and Xiang Mei. Are those teams you’re looking to build and/or improve? Because that should really be the impetus for rolling or not. I think this godfest could definitely help all of those teams and there’s very few godfest line ups that could say the same. Yeah, the GFE REM looks great for you since you’re missing so many GFEs, but do you really want to sit on 200 stones until it comes to NA? I guess these are all things you have to weigh into your decision as for how much to roll, if you roll at all?

      Personally, I would roll because there’s a very real chance you could improve your teams, but I don’t have enough information to say to what extent.

      I’d only change Pandora to her awoken form if you planned on leading with her. Since it doesn’t look like you have a team for her, I’d just leave her as-is until you do.


      • Currently I’m kinda in a slump with PAD so I would not mind seeing if I can get a new team going so that I can start playing around with it. I just feel like I am running around in the game like a headless chicken right now, trying to find something to do. I use to run an Awoken Bastet team but ever since I got A.Sakuya shes been kind of left behind. I wouldn’t mind improving the Sakuya team into a Dark Sakuya team but I need D.Kali’s for that. As for Ilm I feel like i’ll just leave him with the Leilan System team for days that I just don’t want to think too much.

        Awoken Pandora and Xiang Mei are both teams that I wouldn’t mind making to tackle the top tier end game dungeons. I had made a Pandora team back in the day that was fun to play. I haven’t finished Arena 1 yet and I would definitely like a team that can take on harder dungeons that Sakuya just can’t do.

        So I think I’ll roll but I still don’t know to what extent. Roll all 200? 100? Until I get D.Kali/Gladius/etc monster? Thanks again for your help. If you need anymore info please let me know.


        • I’d probably roll a pack or so (85 stones) then see how you feel after that. If Xiang Mei and Pandora both interest you, then I definitely think this godfest is worthy of blowing all 200, though. If the GFE REM interests you then I can see hedging your bets and saving like half your stones, but it’s going to be hard to get more value than this PCGF.

          But that’s just my opinion. Hopefully you think it over and find an answer that’s right for you.


          • Thanks Setsu, I was thinking about using about 100 stones on this but I think a packs worth sounds better. See if the REM gods are on my side or not. If not, then I fear the rage rolls.


    • Since you don’t have a large amount of gods, I’d continue trying to accumulate more of them so you have more options. I don’t know if you intended to roll this event or not, but since you only have like 5 of the featured gods, this would be a good time to do so.

      As for teams, I think you have the right idea with I&I and your team on PADherder looks good. She should be able to take you pretty far into the endgame and is probably your best team right now. I’d look into raising your Snow White if binds ever become a problem. I’d continue investing in this team until you get more options.


      • thanks for the input! really appreciate it. yeah i had 45 ish stones saved up. only pulled uriel of the featured gods, and have a couple rolls left.


  17. Just want to leave a note here to thank you on making and giving advice out to players before any godfest. Out of all the writeups I read, godfest help posts are my favorite ones to sse different types of team composition, interesting talk about the meta, and so on.

    Do keep up the good content on here.


  18. I own 11/15 gods featured…. And out of what’s here, I really only desire Haku, Akechi, Susano, Uriel, DQXQ, Kirin, and maybe I&I (I do have a dupe Sun Quan but Awoken Sun Quan leaves me with a really bad taste in my mouth).

    But I”m also at the point where, even though I am “technically” nonIAP (I only do the 5 stones for $1 or the most recent bundle deals that GH gives once in a blue moon), my box has begun to lean more towards cherrypicking, where a few select things I want/need are scattered amongst numerous pantheons. So unless the stars were to somehow grant me a miracle with PCGF, I will never have more than 3 – 5 cards I actively want out of a given godfest (GFEs included).

    Which means that this PCGF, having 5 or 6 cards I desire, is slightly above average. And the Light Gala coinciding is just more win for me, because I want things like Apollo, Venus, Baal, Wukong, etc….. and so in the end this is about as good as it can get for me. So I can’t complain.

    I do have one question though…

    Between 5,000 MP or +50 +eggs, what should I do? Sell for the MP or keep +50 eggs? I’m leaning towards the former but hoo boy +50 is a lot o_o


    • Yup, that logic sounds right.

      As for the MP vs. +eggs… it’s a hard decision. However, while I think some whales might want the +eggs more, in general I think the MP is worth more. The argument for taking the +eggs is that MP is now “easily” farmable during 10x MP events and co-oping something like Scarlet. And it can be done with (almost?) completely farmable, low-effort teams. The argument for taking the MP is that, well, it’s still more stamina/stone efficient to farm the +eggs yourself. The recent update to Thieves’ Den really makes +eggs cheap and quick now.

      I can’t speak for players that are struggling for both MP and +eggs, but from my point of view, it seems like you take the one that advances your game plan further. Like if you just bought an MP card and don’t really have desire for another, go for the +eggs. But if you’re slowly building up the MP for the card to lead the subs you already have, then go for the MP. That probably doesn’t help much, but I don’t necessarily think there’s a correct answer either way.


  19. Done for today. I answered more than I expected today in hopes of helping more people before the godfest starts, but as such I won’t be answering more questions until tomorrow evening. Feel free to ask more questions and, as always, I welcome follow-ups.


    • All attribute: Pandora / Eschamali / Aamir / Vampire / Akechi / Awoken Pandora.

      You shouldn’t really “aim” for anything. Roll for value and see where it takes you. Once you get a few more gods under your belt, then think about making and improving a specific team. You need to take advantage of the fact that you have a low dupe risk atm. If that also coincides with potentially advancing a team, then that’s just a bonus. In the mean time, do your best to advance your Pandora team.


  20. My current luci team is:

    DG Persephone (max skilled)

    But for pcgf I just got a pandora. I already have her maxed and ready to go, but I don’t know which sub to replace for her. I was thinking either persephone or haku, but I’m not too sure.


    • Hi, Setsu!

      Herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/anderle
      Rank 419
      Light IAP
      Teams: A Pandora, Ryune, Skuld…

      I just rolled everything in the PCGF (37 rolls) and I’m very happy with the result (2nd Panda, 2x Haku, Eschamali, Orochi, Ra, 2nd Ryune, Susano, FALuci…). In fact, I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities I have right now.

      I suddenly have a near-to-optimal A.Pandora team (and almost hypermaxed), a new-born FALuci team, several potential combo teams (Sakuya, Ra, etc.), Norsebounds… I’m thinking on focusing on a combo team now, given that FALuci pretty much plays like Pandora, but I guess Luci can be better on niche situations, and I want to give Eschamali a use…

      I was thinking on buying a Radra in case I was lucky enough to land a 2nd DKali, but it’s almost the only card that I wanted and didn’t get today. Now Yomidra seems like a better fit, but I don’t think he’ll top Pandora. I think I should keep my MP and go with A.Ra instead of investing on an incomplete Radra team, but I’d love to hear your opinion.

      Thanks for keeping the good posts coming!


      • Yomi Dragon has his uses, but as you said, it won’t outperform Pandora. Running Eschamali on Pandora is a good option if all you want is extra damage. I don’t see any reason not to eventually raise a Lucifer; at worse he’ll be a utility sub for Pandora who only gets better the more SI options you get.

        As for combo teams, I think I prefer Sakuya over Ra, but either way is fine. I just think the active skill limitation is too restrictive. You should make the call based on your preference, though.


  21. Hey Setsu, thanks for all the help and advice you give to the PAD community. I for one very much appreciate it. Love your blog.

    Region: NA
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/bigdiesel%40gmail.com/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Rank: 350
    Main Teams: Saria/Thor, ABastet, AFreyr, Blonia, Parvati
    WIP: Zaerog8
    IAP: I only do the cheap $1/$5 deals that come around once in a while

    What is my strongest team and/or where should I be focusing my resources?

    Should I roll in this godfest?


    • Your strongest team is Saria-Thor, which is pretty much the “ideal” team. I’d probably swap in Apocalypse over LValk, especially now that he’s getting a uevo. I guess it depends on which dungeon you’re running, but I do like the DQ + Apoc interaction. I can see where LValk could be preferred, though. I mean, Ilm is also a nice option and so is Venus, so it’s like you’re short on sub choices. I don’t see anything else in your box coming close to that team.

      You only have 7 out of 25 of the featured gods, so if there’s anything in particular that you wanted, I think it’s pretty safe to roll. You won’t really find any help for your Saria team (light gala doesn’t really count, but is a nice bonus), so it really depends on what kinds of teams you wanted and if any of the featured gods appeal to you.


  22. Hi Setsu!

    This is quite the random question. I’m maxed out on MP (yea, kinda whale), and trying to figure out what to roll / do.

    Any idea if Xiangmei is going to start being available soon? The only cards I really want are Eschamali, the new Facet (and carat & other princess – have none), and Sylvie (not in PCGF). So…..really 2 cards, haha.

    But the main question comes down to, are +50 cards really good value, rather than selling for MP? I have 325 stamina, so even assuming push button Goemon, I’ll round down, so 1 stone = +25, so +50 = 2 stones. But I guess rolling gets me a chance to get Eschamali or Facet.

    I can’t just roll without either Xiangmei being available or using the +eggs as purely +fodder.

    Thoughts? Roll at all, don’t roll?


    • As far as I know, Xiang Mei should hit NA tomorrow.

      Looking at the decision to sell rolls for MP or keeping for +eggs just in terms of stone or stamina efficiency doesn’t tell the entire story. It comes down to need. Do you really need more MP? Would +eggs help you more? Maybe you just don’t want to dedicate time to the monotonous chore of farming +eggs as your time is worth more to you?

      Whether you roll now or not depends on whether you think there’s a better alternative.


      • And quick check, I should buy 2-3 Xiang Mei’s? Even given all the other new people coming out? If so, 2 or 3? (I rather buy less if 2 vs 3 isn’t a big deal but I think arena teams I see are 3? Not that I’ve even tried Arena 2 – I beat Arena 1 and farmed it slightly but gave up arena 2)

        I have all the other subs for ideal team so that’s not a concern. I also have RaDra and YomiDra, so it’s more a luxury alternative end game team.


        • Personally, I think you should go either 1 or 3. If you can fill up the roster with like 3 Uriels and a Gadius, I don’t see 2 being a huge improvement considering the cost. Then 3 is just for the luxury of neigh invulnerability, but isn’t really necessary. Why not start with 1, see how you like it, then commit more if you want to take the next step?


  23. hey setsu, I just wanted to say before i made this post, ive been following your blog actively for a few months now and i really wanted to thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making your posts informative and insightful. i feel like they have really enhanced my padding experience.

    Im a pretty veteran pad player myself, I’ve almost reached my three year mark. I am strictly non IAP, ive never spent any money on this game, though sometimes i feel more and more inclined to. hopefully i never will, for the sake of my wallet.

    Electro@PF (NA)
    Rank 539
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Electrolyte/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Main teams: Neptune Dragon (hypermaxxed), Awoken Bastet (pretty much hypermaxxed)

    I’m at the point in the game where I’ve cleared pretty much everything except Arena and Mecha Zeus / Mecha Hera, so right now im focused on building a team that can reliably clear Arena 1 and Arena 2.

    Because I have a Gadius and 2 Uriels, I was planning on purchasing XiangMei to clear the Arenas (my Nepdrag team is imperfect so I dont trust its reliability; I dont have any heartmakers besides Skuld.) Im still lots of monster points away, however, if I sell all of my trash, my dupe (unused) blue sonia and (unused) Kanna, Ill have enough by the time XiangMei comes around. it wouldn’t be perfect though, Im still trying to figure out my best option for sub 4 on that team; i was thinking maybe yamato takeru, or urd, or phoenix rider. Im not sure.

    So now a wrench was thrown in my plans since I rolled a DKali from this gf (my first Kali ever) and now Im thinking that maybe I should invest in Ra Dragon instead. I only have DKali but I have almost every utility sub – Kanna, Awoken Orochi, and Awoken Isis. I am missing Indra and a second DKali, so the team is obviously not ideal.

    I guess my question is, what should the next step be for me? Im really not looking for a variety anymore since I have plenty enough to toy with, I just want to be able to clear Arena lol and idk if I should do it with XiangMei or RaDra. Or perhaps wait to roll more NepDra subs and use him. I was hoping you could give me some advice!



    • I’m in the same boat as you zhangxious-thoughts. I had 2 Uriel’s before this GF and the first monster I rolled today was Gadius. I think PAD is telling me to go for Xiang Mei. I’m still 50k MP off of Xiang Mei so I need to look into what I am not using that I can sell off to get her (probably BOdin or 3rd Kali + others).

      The 4th slot I was considering using a Red Riding Hood with Urd’s skill inherited onto her. That way I get access to quick heart maker when I need it or Urd’s skill.


    • The rule with MP Dragons is you should only buy them if you already have the team. I understand that you want to jump into the Arena, but going in with a half-assed MP team might betray your expectations; it’s not like any version of that dungeon is super-easy even with the correct versions of the teams. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but I’d think you regret buying Neptune Dragon without anywhere close to a complete set of subs for it, or at least I think you should. Do you really want to repeat this?

      However, if you really must buy one, Xiang Mei is likely the better pick and it’s a lot easier to fill in a usable sub than it is on Ra Dragon. Either way, ust know what you’re getting into without a full set of subs.

      Your Saria-Thor team looks pretty good, just saying.


  24. Hey setsu, glad to see you’re back playing and posting after your short break! Hope your work stuff went well.

    Current status: rank 495, non-IAP, have cleared all the Rushes except Yamato, can generally clear C10s (though often choose not to since I have a healthy stockpile of pys), can farm co-op M+ God/Devil rush.

    Goals: In the short term, I’d like to clear all the multiplayer content for stones before 9.1 gets here; then I’d like to farm the rogues for MP so that I can afford MP cards if/when they become required for keeping up with the meta. I’m thinking I will throw stones at MZeus and/or MHera which will accomplish both goals as long as I have the subs to fill out the team. At some point I will tackle Arena (maybe when I finish skilling up r/d Haku).

    Teams: I basically play Pandora exclusively. I don’t have any teams in progress at the moment, though I’m fairly excited for Awoken Persephone and even more so for Awoken Liu Bei, and will build teams for MHera and MZeus if/when I acquire them.

    Padherder: http://padherder.com/user/mischiefmaker/monsters/

    My dupe risk is reasonable, I think (have Yomi, Susano, Sakuya, FA Luci, 2 Akechis, DQXQ, 3 Hakus, and 4 Kalis, plus Pandora and ROdin who I wouldn’t mind dupes of, so 8/25), and the overall value seems pretty high.

    On the other hand, I don’t see anything that’s immediately useful. if I rolled Gadius/Uriel, I could pursue an Orchid team, likewise Ryune/Scheat/Skuld for Bamboo, but it seems unlikely that I’ll land two or more of those, and I think for awoken Liu Bei I’d want at least Perseus and Spica, neither of which are featured. Light Gala doesn’t seem great for me either.

    What do you think? I feel like my question is pretty similar to Girbot’s (first comment) so I’d understand if you don’t have definitive advice to give, but I appreciate getting your perspective all the same. I think I’m leaning towards rolling because all my friends are and because it’d be fun to get some new projects, but if you feel strongly that I should hold out for, say, a 4x heroes or archangels, I’d be willing to wait.

    Finally, thoughts on teams for Machine Hera, Machine Zeus, and Awoken Liu Bei?

    Thanks as usual for all your efforts in analyzing and providing advice!


    • It looks like you have *a lot* of work to do to make a usable wood team. Like you said, not having a Michael and Perseus also hurts. What you’d need is — also like you said — a Heroes and/or Archangel godfest with a wood gala and Australis/Sylvie at 3x+. Who knows when that will happen next, though, especially since GHNA seems to be doing everything they can to avoid frequent wood gala + godfest overlaps. However, if that’s what you really want to pursue then I don’t see any reason not to wait for it. Your existing teams look very capable so there’s no particular rush. This is just something where you gotta follow your instinct and not let what others are doing influence you too much.

      I’m not really sure how a Liu Bei team would work at this time, so I can’t really give too much advice on his team comp. Like, I feel like there’s a conflict of interests where you want a lot of slow actives to activate and burst, but you also want fast ones to heal when you need to.

      You’re asking the wrong person about co-op. The MHera team basically makes itself — generally throw on Okuni and whatever dark dudes you like at the time — but I don’t think you can run MZeus. What the team really needs to clear the really hard stuff are delays and things like Raphael and Amaterasu just so the team can function past preemptives. I guess if you’re looking to farm lower-end stuff, Wukong and DQXQ should suffice, but I don’t see any reason to run him over MHera in that case.


  25. Hi Setsu, your blog is one of the three pillars of PAD knowledge that I consult (the other two being padx and r/puzzleanddragons). Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your opinions quite a bit.

    Region: NA
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/bentocat/monsters/
    Rank: 290
    Main Teams: Yuna, Verdandi
    WIP: AShiva, ASakuya
    IAP: Non-IAP

    I’ve already finished rolling for PCGF, and just got I&I, DKali, Pandora, Hathor, and Venus (bad rolls omitted). With these new gods and my current box in mind, I have three questions:

    1) Can I immediately make use of any of these PCGF pulls as either subs or leaders?
    2) Have I been overlooking any potential teams (Saria, Blonia) in my box, or do I still not have the right subs?
    3) Any suggestions on how to build / improve my main + WIP teams?

    This is my first time posting for advice and I’m also not too hardcore of a player, so answers for even one of my questions would be immensely helpful. Thank you!


    • 1) I’ve been pretty happy using DKali on Yuna. Since dark is always hard to cover for light rainbow teams, you may as well go with the best overall rainbow/combo sub in the game. She’s also obviously be great on Sakuya.
      2) It looks like you have a lot of great pieces, but there just isn’t enough to justify the investment in a new team. Personally, I’d probably stick to improving your Yuna and Sakuya teams.
      3) I think for Yuna, all I’d really advise is running DKali over DIza. You probably don’t want to run Sakuya as a regular, either, so I’d considering running something like LValk, Wukong, Ariel, or maybe even Maeda, depending on what you need for that particular dungeon. Her strength is her flexibility.

      For Sakuya, I don’t really know much about the team, but once again, running DKali over DIza should be a no-brainer. You might still need DIza’s shield for certain situations, but I’d like to believe Yuna would be sufficient most of the time.


  26. Hey Setsu,

    I would like to thank you for the time you put into this blog and answering people’s questions. You are definitely a great asset to this community.

    Shydori (NA)
    Rank: 463
    MP’s: 137,554

    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Shydori
    Teams: https://www.padherder.com/user/Shydori/teams/#228319

    I was wondering if you could give me some hints on which monsters I should focus on/hypermax to make 2-3 teams capable of clearing the hardest dungeons and upcoming ones.

    I got quite a few latents in bank and about 5 297’s monsters ready to be fed but I am not sure who to use them on.
    What are the best latents for YomiDra teams? I see people do 5 dark, some rainbow, some 2 Skill/3Dark, or some weird combos.

    I also did some rolls on the PCGE, got some really good cards and the usual crap.
    Which ones should I get rid of?

    PCGE Rolls:
    – Isis – Chrono Turtle – Lemon Dragon – Fallen Luci (x2) – Scheat – Earth Dragon Swordsman – WoodBahn – Water Wizard, Sharon – DQ&XQ – L. Kali (4th one)
    – Ares (2nd one) – Aketchi – Fuu – Grape Dragon – Maeda Keiji – Zwihander

    I have a total of 5 Blonias, two of which are not leveled, evolved, nor skilled. Not sure if I should sell them for 100k MPs or just make the Blonia Dream Team.

    I also have some sticker girls, fairy tale, 3 Tsubakis, 3 MeiMei’s, 2 Ronias and a Chibi Ronia, 2 Urds, 2 Horus. I’m not sure if they’re worth keeping or selling for my future MP purchase. Any suggestion on what I should buy? Is ShivaDra still worth it?

    Thanks in Advance!


    • Who you hyper should always be prioritized by which team you want to use the most. Without knowing which teams you want to use/prefer the most, it’s hard to give advice as the possibilities are too broad.

      If you want to farm Yomi Dragon with Arena 1 and not dedicate a skill slot to a shield, you’ll need to pretty much dark latent the entire team to survive the DQ Hera preemptive. You do need to make sure your team has enough base HP before doing it, though, But in reality, it seems easier just to inherit a shield. So in the end, I guess it doesn’t really matter. SDRs and TEs are probably the best for general use (although Yomi Dragon teams tend to already have enough TEs).

      In general, you shouldn’t sell anything unless you need the MP immediately. Even more so now with SI. I don’t particularly like giving advice on what to sell since it’s too time consuming. I’d rather you ask if you should sell a few certain cards or not.

      I mean, if you want to rock the BSonia team, then do it. Seems decent for farming.

      Refer to the chart in the FAQ for what MP Dragon you should buy, if any.


      • Thanks for your input.
        Yomi Dra and Blonia have been the teams I have been using the most.
        I want to buy a Xiang Mei since it seems like the most powerful card at the moment but I can’t afford 3. I could probably afford 2 if I sacrifice my whole Blonia team, Skuld and a few other dupes, but at the same time I don’t own a single Uriel.

        What are your thoughts on You Yu?


  27. Rank: 337
    IAP Status: Non-IAP
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/pfpad/monsters
    Goal: Arena 1
    Team: https://www.padherder.com/user/pfpad/teams/#218968
    Tentative Team Setup: FALuci / Okun / Haku / Claire / ?

    Q1: Hi setsu, I was wondering what you think my best team & chances in Arena 1 would be once I hyper all my cards? I didn’t get an Akechi but I did get an Eschamali, if that’s any use in my team. I know my major setback right now is not having Yomidra, but I’m nowhere close to 300k MP. I can either use Typhon w/o the type bonus, or inherit Isis/Sakuya onto LuBu/Anubis.

    Q2: If my ultimate goal is Arena 1, should I also revert evos & use D/D Okun & D/R Haku, assuming they make it on the team?


    • Friendly neighborhood PAD player just helping out.

      Eschamali is great on FA Luci; her OEs add so much damage, and she fixes boards like nobody’s business. You already have enough rows to where OEs are more efficient. Unfortunately, you’re in the awkward situation in which you don’t have a board fixer who works with Haku, so you’re out of luck for a good burst board option.

      I’d say FALuci / Okuni / Claire / Haku / Eschamali is your best Arena team right now.

      Can’t answer Q2 that much cause I have no Haku ;(


      • Don’t I need a bind clear for Arena? Right now I might just inherit Hanzo/Goetia onto FALuci as a makeshift Haku fixer. If I don’t get any better at this game I guess I could also put Hades on someone. I did get a dupe Sakuya though, so if uuevo LuBu is great, that’ll just be my bind clearer combo.

        I guess there’s always the new Aamir, I hadn’t considered him.


    • 1) I agree that Lucifer is your best Arena 1 team and that Eschamali should be on it. I don’t think a bind clear is that high of a priority in that dungeon. There are a few random binds that lower your chances of clearing the dungeon, but it’s unsure whether it’s worth dedicating a slot just for that as most binds can be worked around with proper planning. If you find you really do need one, I do like an Anubis in that role as he gives the team much needed time extends, but he’s not quite as good if you don’t have a Zuoh.

      2) To be honest, I’m not sure how much you need killers beyond Lucifer’s for Arena 1 specifically. For Haku in particular, the lack of SBR makes it difficult to also run DValk. If you’re having problems consistently dealing with the Kalis, I could see trying to work fire Haku into the mix.


      • Thanks setsu! I’ll have to get over my anxiety of going into dungeons with binds w/o a bind clear. This is definitely a long term goal, and I’ll probably just wait for Arena1 to return permanently before I start wasting my stamina away.


        • Arena 1 is forgiving enough to where you can risk going without a bind clear (Arena 2 probably isn’t, though).

          The biggest problem bind-wise is probably Kaguya. It’s possible to survive the bind, but it can be pretty sketchy. Without a bind clear, you’ll need a delay or poison to deal with her.

          Outside that, there isn’t much that can’t be worked around. The only preemptive ones are the randoms from the tamas and the ones from Kraken and Apollo that only affect wood cards. Kagu can also be a problem, but he’s gonna be a problem anyways.

          Maybe by the time you get your team ready, maybe you’ll have Anubis (or some other option) ready too? Then you won’t have to stress over it.


          • Duly noted. I’m not going to get a Yomidra any time soon (nor do I really want one tbh…), so I’ll work around it. The challenge makes it fun, right? 😉 I’ll start skilling up an Aamir just in case it’s too frustrating for me, and farm those tans to inherit dupe Sakuya on Anubs. That way if I feel I need a bind clear, I can sub one of them in.

            Thanks for all the help!


            • Yup, I wouldn’t be in any rush to grab a Yomi Dragon. Maybe when the inevitable buffs roll in (that or they make new MP card that absolutely needs it as a sub). Good luck!


  28. hi setsu! big fan of the blog and first time poster. just rolled a bunch this pcgf and i thought i’d get your insight on my next move(s). take your time as well, i’m in no rush!!

    name: inuit/r
    server: NA
    rank: 351
    MP: 200,000

    padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/ender88/monsters/
    main teams: awoken pandora, shiva dragon (femme)

    i’d mainly just like to know which MP monster you’d buy with my box. i’m torn between xiang mei and ra dragon but if you think i’ve got a box for you yu or i’d totally be willing to entertain that as well. it’s killing me being so indecisive and i don’t want to make such a big investment (MP) without knowing for sure that it’s a wise choice. i’ve looked over the MP monster flowchart as well.

    my xiang mei team would probably be xm/gadius/uriel/valen/flex and i’ve got a lot of the ra dragon subs as well. i’m excited to hear what you think. thanks again!!



    • also can be noted that i’m not entirely confident in my ability to activate radra every turn — i invested a lot into awoken yomi and the playstyle ended up being a little too difficult for me at the time.


      • You’ll find that 10 time extends is enough to enable people of almost every skill level to effectively use Ra Dragon. Yomi is one of the most difficult leaders in the game to use.


    • You need the team before buying an MP lead. I don’t see that for either Xiang Mei or Ra Dragon so I’d advise getting neither.

      You actually do have a better set of subs for You Yu. One of his main strengths over most of his MP peers is sub flexibility, so that’s not too much of a surprise, but you have what I consider two of his premium subs in Scheat and Hermes. Andromeda is also a good option. The only thing you’re missing is a premium board changer in Ryune or Skuld. You could run something like Karin, Famiel or Mori instead. Or you can inherit Urd on something.


  29. Region: NA
    PadHerder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Airride/monsters
    Rank: 374
    IAP: Insignificant amounts.
    Teams: A. Pandora, A. Parvati (That buff excites me)
    MP: 288

    Posting post-rolls, mainly want advise on what teams I should focus on building most; With the amount of rolls I had (A pack’s worth) for this godfest, I feel I got a lot of potential teams out of it. I’m unsure which to focus on most right now; I feel like I have serviceable teams for I&I, Saria (At the very least, a hilarious farming team), Freyr, and I might have a Xiang Mei team with Uriel, Gadius, RRH, and Laila. However, with just 1 Uriel, and Wedding Echidna being a ways off and me likely having to pay for a chance of Academy RRH with no stones now, I’m not sure if it’s worth it for now. Though with how great she is, it might still be worth it.

    I’d also just like advice for my current Pandora team (Pandora, Akechi, Zuoh, Persephone, Zaerog Infinity); Zaerog is fine, I suppose, but I feel I have something better for her. I tried Shantotto a bit, but the lack of skill boosts really hurt. I also have Thanatos (Not listed in Box, unsure if I’ll keep it if I need MP for XIang mei) which I feel might be…serviceable after the OE buff the elementals are getting, but I almost certainly have better stuff in my box.Perhaps that second Akechi I pulled, or at least inheriting him, may be serviceable.
    I’m also unsure if I should go for D/R or Awoken Persephone for the team; D/R has the God Killer, but Awoken has OE and Skyfall buff, and I’d use less Pys on it (I’m reluctant on wasting EXP, and after the abysmal FF collab luck I had in skilling up, I don’t trust skill up chances anymore).


    • Not Setsu, but personally I’d go DR. It’s not hard to skill up if you exclusively stone Super King Carnival (better drop rates, more exp, not that you probably need it). I max skilled two Hermes this way in a few hours, and it’s cheaper than Py farming. The god killer is also great, often making the difference between one shooting and getting one shot by bosses. However, an argument could be made for Awoken Persephone on the basis of her superior artwork and her double OEs helping to bridge some of the damage gap from DR’s god killer, as well as her objectively superior active and better RCV.

      Also, Zaerog is pretty decent seeing as you’ll have three hastes on the team, but I’d swap it out for a board change if you ever got one. Shantotto imo is inferior, as well as Thanatos.


    • I don’t really see a great team after your Pandora and Parvati teams, so if you decide to make a new team it should be based on preference. Just from a strength standpoint, a Saria-Thor team looks the best since Apollo and Ilm are solid subs, but missing a heartmaker in Wukong or DQXQ certainly hurts.

      I’d considering running Hanzo over Zaerog, especially after he gets his killers. He’s a good SI target, too. I’d probably go with fire Persephone, too, if only for the SBR which will allow you to use Hanzo.


  30. Once again, I was not expecting so much interest. I’m closing the thread to new requests from this point on. For everyone’s questions above here, I’ll get to them this evening.


  31. Aww, I missed the cutoff. But I’d like to thank Setsu as usual for doing this at all! In case either he gets overzealous, or someone else feels like chiming in, here’s my question:

    PADherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/ColdCandor/monsters/
    Rank: 172
    IAP: Sortof – I’m not opposed to spending some here and there if the game is enjoyable

    I’ve already rolled all the rolls I had saved up, but I’m curious if I should go balls-to-the-wall trying to get another roll or 2, or if I’m in a decent spot to keep progressing until the next GF. The teams shown on my link are pre-rolls, as I haven’t recalculated them, but I think I&I and Isis will potentially make excellent mods to my water team. Baal and Susano seem like good pulls, but I don’t know what I’d use them for. Pretty much everything else was non-event crap.

    Good luck everyone!


    • I don’t think it is much of a surprise, but I’d say with your box I would run a water team (and see where future godfests take me, of course). Having that BValk already opens a lot of doors. Exactly what would depend on your ability to make awokens and playstyle preferences, but I&I or Reine would seem to be the natural starting point.

      Beyond the obvious possibilities, I can’t resist pointing out that if you can awaken I&I, you can make an Isis team (Isis, A. I&I, Muse/CT or flex [probably Gab] if partner lead is A. Isis, Echidna [farmable; see also B/R Siegfried], BValk). Take that team back in time a couple of years and it’s pretty decent! Feel the rainbow! It’s more fun than just blowing the shit out of things with a couple of rows! ^_^

      (If you do, friend me. I always have a pentamax Isis up, because I am quixotic, and a pentamax A. Pandora, because I am not entirely crazy.)


      • Sadly, I’m no where near the ability to farm up the final form of most of my monsters yet – Jewels, descend monsters, etc are out of reach. Or at least were pre-GF… so maybe that’s changed?

        That said, my alt account has a fully evo’d and skilled Yuna that I think will pair very nicely with the 2nd tier uevo Isis. Haven’t had time to sit down and think about subs, though…

        Thanks for the thoughts!


  32. Hello Setsu,

    I got some new monsters during this pcgf, do you see any new other teams I could/should use. Since padlistener wont work with android 6.0 i added the last pulls manually so level & awakening isn’t uptodate.

    Although I’ll reach 300k MP soon, any advice what to buy Xiu Min would be my favourite. I’m still hoping for a raphael at the end of the week <.<

    Rank 319
    IAP: During pcgf I spendt some money

    A.Shiva, CaoCao, Valk Femme, Urd, Ama, A.Shiva
    Blodin, Blonia, Blonia, I&I, A.Isis, Blonia


  33. Hello and thank you for this extensive work! I just found your blog and I am impressed at the amount of work done here. Thank you for the effort!

    Region : NA
    Rank : 294
    IAP: $10-25 a month (treated as a subscription game)

    My PADherder lists my teams, WIP teams, and is up to date. Worked on it for this post actually.

    The advice I am seeking is this: I am currently at 290k MP, and I am very interested in both the Red and Blue gentleman MP cards to come. With the current monsters available to me, would you go Red or Blue?
    I am more interested in the Red, but my Blue box is strong so I am willing to skip the Red because of that. Finally, I could liquidate a lot of my box to get 2 Reds instead of 1 upon release.

    Thanks for any advice you toss up if time allows it. I can see you’re gonna be busy! Good luck and I’ll be sure to check your blog regularly.


  34. Rank: 180
    IAP: I got one special deal, but otherwise no
    Main team: Freyr (evolved once), shiva(evolved once), red valk, Yamato (evolved twice), and one of Gadius, Strawberry Dragon, or Tyran (not ult evo).

    I am currently farming legendary dragon’s footprints for exp, and I have not really progressed further than that. I can beat the legend dailies, but not mythical. I have beaten battle 45 in endless corridors, but can’t progress further.

    I drew a Blonia for my 150 pull, and during PCGF, I pulled Gadius, Liu Bei, Sun Wukong, Mitsuki, Akechi, Shedar, Genie, exa-hydra, grape dragon, susano, sleeping beauty, leviathan, and marine rider.

    Mostly I would like some advice in terms of general direction and team building. I feel comfortable with my current fire team, but would like something that I can use I dungrons with a heavy water presence or in the conditional technical dungeons. I also don’t want to invest in stuff that’s basically trash.

    Is there anything I should sell or feed to another monster?

    What credible teams can I make with my guys? I don’t seem to have the subs for Blonia, and I don’t think I have a credible leader for my other colors. Am I overlooking something?

    Thanks in advance!


  35. Hi Setsu! Thanks so much for your hard work! Hoping that you have time to help me!

    I used to play this game extensively, but took a pretty long hiatus from the game (quit around 2014, before jewels, coop, MP, etc.). At the time, I was running the following teams:

    1) L/L Ra, Echidna, Kushi, L/B metatron, Divine queen Hera
    2) Kushi, Gabriel, Megalodran, Cu Chu, Siegfried

    My details:
    Region: NA
    My Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/awuengls/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,268435455,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Rank: 231
    Non-IAP although I just spent some google play credit to pull in the PCGF

    I pulled a Kirin and some other random stuff before I quit. I’ve since come back for a bit, and I’m definitely a bit overwhelmed with all the things to do. I was wondering if you had some advice on where to focus my efforts, since what used to be sufficient for most dungeons is clearly not anymore!

    1) I was planning on building up my Ra / Kirin teams (in padherder) and trying to get them to their awoken states. The other places where I was thinking about focusing was potentially getting my dark monsters leveled. Here was where I was thinking about focusing my exp:

    Light: Kirin, Ra, Chocobo
    Red: Gadius
    Green: Kushi and feeding off color
    Blue: Isis, Orochi
    Dark: Castor, Akechi

    Does this seem reasonable, or would you make any changes to this plan? Are there other subs for Kirin / Ra that I should be focusing on?

    2) Are there any other viable teams and / or leaders that I should be trying to get upgraded?

    3) Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

    Excited to get back into the game – thanks so much for all your help!


  36. Everyone that posted after the cutoff, I’m not getting to your posts. Please try again next time.

    I’ll be keeping comments open for a couple days to answer follow-up questions. If you asked something before the cutoff and didn’t get a reply, feel free to bump your comment. Once again, everything new past the cutoff won’t be answered


    • Technically all of them are worthwhile. Because most of them you’d want them both as their base card and to have their active for something else. Probably the worst assist skills are Sakuya and Lucifer. Even the non-awoken Shiva’s 100% defense break could see uses. Then things like ROdin are good transfer targets.


      • True. I’m considering Awoken Minerva after I max her, unless there’s a better Dark -> Fire option out there.

        ROdin as a target I’m slightly iffy on. He’s a great stat/sb stick, but his native AS has a moderately lengthy charge at 15 min. That is, unless he’s only supposed to be fit for certain situations.


        • Fire is not known for it’s great bind clear options and ROdin is one of the better bind immune targets that has respectable stats.


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