Weekly Roundup 68

The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • PADherder
  • 5 ranks – Meh.
  • I didn’t write my thoughts on the reveals from the last JP stream, but there wasn’t a whole lot that got me excited. The very best reveal was the Zeus Dios uevo which is going to be amazing for co-op farming; he’s basically a farmable Toshiro. The five skill boost whale is interesting. Then all that effort I put into skilling up the JP Dragoncaller systems might pay off a little.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • I wouldn’t expect anything from JP this week after blowing their load last weekend. Maybe some more details on a collab.
  • NA also had a pretty big content update which unfortunately has me running in circles trying to re-max skill several useless old cards that got cooldown upgrades. It looks like our next collab might be PAD Academy or Shinrabansho. It’ll also be interesting to see when we get the June Bride REM and if it’ll actually be in June.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 68

  1. A Zeus dios team for coop? That is very interesting(and I agree, dios uevo is pretty killer for a farmable). Can you point out an example of a Zeus dios team farming a specific dungeon? I’m pretty stumped on what subs he would need.


    • Haven’t really looked into it yet, but you can probably use a leader like Awoken Liu Bei or MZeus and run the subs much like how the Toshiro System is already used (3 on each team, then some damage enhance and/or utility to round it out).

      I think it takes too much work to use him as a leader at this point in time. While you could use an active like Lu Bu to take you down to 1, that takes any dungeon with a preemptive out of the equation. So you’d have to follow up with a heal of some kind, but that’s already two active slots used.


      • I’ll have to wait around and see more plays of JP putting him to good use. One player used Zeus dios for farming the new light dragonbound dungeon. It is absolutely absurd.

        I love it for a near- farmable team.


  2. Amen on the cooldown tweaks. It took me 11 tries to get the last skill up on Sandalphon and then it took forever to get Famiel’s fodder to drop let alone try to skill up. Bleugh.

    I’m hoping Awoken Indra and Awoken Vritra can make up for the disappointment I felt seeing Awoken Sun Quan… Vritra especially will need so much love to be relevant. We’ll see I guess.

    Also what’s your opinion on Kirin’s current state? I just pulled her today–years late, as usual (looks at DMeta with shifty eyes).


    • I’m no setsu. But my opinion on Sakuya as of this current meta is that she is still powerful, but has even more cons than what she had before. Apart from squishy hp(even with susano in there), she just dosen’t have any good light heart orb makers apart from chocobo and lemon fruit Dragon with mediocre stats, something that New dungeons emphasize heavily on nowadays.

      Her offensive damage, good recovery and utility continues to triumph against many of the latest gimmicks today however.

      Tl;dr still excellent, but newer dungeons will find more hurdles than before.


      • Pretty much. As tankiness gets pushed by Xiang Mei and burst gets pushed by You Yu, Sakuya will see less and less endgame relevancy as time goes on.


  3. Couldn’t find if you’ve posted elsewhere; mind sharing your thoughts on Miru? She seems decently strong, (perhaps not nearly on the levels of Xiang Mei + co., but still fairly viable?)


    • She seems pretty strong for a farmable. However, unlike the new Sumire and Kaede, not having a consistent string of hearts via haste actives makes her slightly less functional, even if the bind immunity is pretty sexy.


      • What makes me excited is the 4 seconds of extra time from just the leaderskills.. makes me think that a noob like me can play her without hesitation


        • Not to mention the extra time you get from her active, too.

          I might make a Miru if only because the evo mats are so prohibitive that it seems like a nice project. I really don’t know where the line between fun and unfun is, though… like MHera and MZeus are decidedly unfun to evo.


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