I Knew I Max Skilled Five Sumires for a Reason…


Time for more stupid system teams I’ll never use.


14 thoughts on “I Knew I Max Skilled Five Sumires for a Reason…

  1. Love that team setsu!

    But! A lot of people doesn’t have 5 sumire 😛 I just have 3 😦

    What do u think about these subs
    -Awoken Isis + Skill Inheritance Awoken Amaterasu
    -Alrescha (pop her to make blue + 2 sumire to do shield)

    It’s almost a perfect system + u have unblind.
    And… Skuld for alrescha? (OE green)

    Skill transfer A. I&I , thor or Freyr to a sumire for burst.
    Skill transfer A.Yomi to a sumire for enhance yay!

    What do u think? 🙂

    Maybe 6 sumires are very great but I pref a unblinder 😦


    • This isn’t a serious team. It’s along the same lines as things like the Chinese or Scarlet systems: a novelty that doesn’t have much practical use. You trade flexibility for consistency and ease of use. It just so happens that Arena 1 is a fairly good matchup.

      Admittedly, Sumire does have a lot more potential as a leader than other system leads. So if you want to use her as a “real” team, I can’t blame you. I think some of your ideas sound good, but there’s no real reason to get carried away with inheritance.

      You seem to worry too much about binds which is something that should really be addressed on a dungeon by dungeon basis. Take Arena 1, for example. The tama floor has a decent chance of binding a Sumire lead. But in almost all cases you can outlast it with just the 50% shield. The case of both leads getting bound is extremely small and isn’t worth changing the team for. Then, the video also demonstrates the ability to live through Kagu’s bind. So it really depends on the dungeon.


    • 3 Sumire and 2 Alfecca plus friend Sumire should work as a system too… Keep 2 and 1 as a group, and 2 and 1 as the other group and you should have enough different orbs to keep the combos seperate.


  2. My alt mains Sumire and she’s pretty kickin’ but I do wish I had one more to cycle actives better. That team you have is just lolzy. Congrats I guess? XD


  3. LOL, thanks for posting this video Setsu. I’m loving how effectively stupid it is. 🙂


    • Seems pretty damned strong. The heart-cross mechanic is ridiculously strong now, so much so that it’s pretty close to broken. Sure, you actually need to have 5 hearts and you need to take the time to match them in a cross, but with Kaede and Sumire you’re pretty much guaranteed to activate due to their actives and time extends. These qualities remind me a lot of another leader: Xiang Mei.

      I’m looking forward to it a lot as I never thought my 3 Kaedes would have a use beyond waifu material and being a constant reminder to roll more.

      For what it’s worth, Game8 debuted her at A, then recently moved her to S. Sumire was also at A and moved up to A+. Miru was at A- and now at A+.


      • Did You Know: The LS attack bonus is tied to whether the shield is up, and the shield carries forward on sweep (dropping if there’s a preemptive). If there’s no pre-emptive, you don’t need to cross hearts again to get the attack bonus. The Sumire video demonstrates on floor 4.


  4. Hi Setsu.

    In light of announced Sumire Uvo, I’m looking for some team forming advice for my best Sumire team. Padherder is current:


    That’s one i’m thinking of. You can see on my PH that I theorycraft teams I can make (especially with blue) A LOT.
    I’m very light IAP, Rank 552. NA server.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I’m mostly looking for rationale why X team you might suggest would be best. I’m thinking Alrescha is OK on the team… I like Haste. But.. 2 Alrescha? dunno. If I use Alrescha active BEFORE 2 Sumires, that would be acceptable, right?

    Also, what are your thoughts on Sumire teams, Pure OE, or OE/Row, or OE/TPA, or OE w/hybrid of row and TPA, and why? I was curious about this after I noticed your optimal sumire boards. None were just pure OE without row or TPA.


    • Questions like these should be reserved for the biweekly Godfest Help post as stated in the rules.

      As for the Sumire boards, I don’t know why there wasn’t one for pure combo. I only repost what I find, I don’t actually know the logic behind them or even if they’re actually “optimal”.


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