Optimal Boards Updated For Heart-Cross Leaders

Sumire charts taken from 村人A’s Twitter. Includes boards for row, TPA, and row-TPA hybrid.

Miru charts taken from hey’s Twitter. Include boards for combo count, row and TPA.

There doesn’t seem to be a Kaede chart yet. I assumed the Miru TPA chart could be used, but there could be differences in order to reach Kaede’s three-wood combo requirement. If anyone has any leads, please let me know, thanks!

Link: Optimal Boards page.


9 thoughts on “Optimal Boards Updated For Heart-Cross Leaders

    • Kaede is higher effort for higher reward. Theoretically a 4/64/4 team, it’s able to tank preempt and rage hits that rukia and sephiroth cannot. On the scale of leader potential, it should definitely be higher than those 2. Whether or not the gap is an whole tier is debatable.


    • I think it makes a lot of sense considering the heart-cross is so broken now. I’ll take a better look at it this weekend when I’m making the aggregate post, though.


  1. Hello (again), setsu. I had made this post twice before (once at the PCGF help, which was closed soon after, and once here, which I believe didn’t go through) to ask for your help with teambuilding.

    To summarize- I had solid pulls from the PCGF, including Rodin and Shiva. Currently, my goals are to awaken Shiva and establish a plus farming strategy to clear more content, but after that I’m divided. Here are the teams I have available:

    A.Pandora x A.Pandora: Uuvo(A?).Pandora – D/D Haku – (2 of Vrita, Drawn Joker, Vampire)
    Pros: lots of rows, tankiness is good, room to grow with stuff like Devil Dragon and maybe A.Vrita
    Cons: no orb changer for Haku currently, nothing bind immune

    A.Sakuya x A.Sakuya: LKali – LKali – Apollo – (Indra, Athena, Valkyrie, Chocobo)
    Pros: 2x LKali is nice, high damage ceiling, variety of subs for that last slot
    Cons: no hp/rcv multiplier, need to inherit for consistent bind clear, some potential subs have bad awakenings

    Thor x Saria: Sun Wukong – Apollo – (2 of Fuma Kotaro, Indra, Valkyrie, Athena, Uryu Ishida)
    Pros: variety of subs, can clear dungeons burst can’t
    Cons: mix of rows and tpas, nothing bind immune, I’ve never played a true tank team, some potential subs have bad awakenings

    I was leaning Pandora towards, but I’m wondering if the light subs available make Sakuya or Thoria a better choice. Would you be willing to give me some thoughts?

    As an aside, thanks for helping me and everyone else during the PCGF. I probably would have stopped playing soon after I started if I hadn’t seen what you have accomplished.


    • As per the site rules, more complicated questions need to reserved for the biweekly Godfest Help post. I only have so much time and I don’t want to half-ass an answer either.

      For Sakuya, not exactly sure what you mean by “need to inherit for consistent bind clear”, but Awoken Sakuya clears binds.


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