Shinrabansho Notes


Fourth roll; I’m done. I was recording, but I’m too lazy to make a video for such a short roll session for a relatively poor collab REM. I felt compelled to put forth at least minimal effort for an Athena variant and was willing to sacrifice a pack in the pursuit; now I have 13 remaining rolls with which to acquire Academy/June/Summer silvers.

I’m not going to do a full collab review for this since there really isn’t much to say, but I will make a few points:

  • In general, trying to roll Kiriko for Xiang Mei isn’t worth it. As is, she’s good, but not amazing and Saria makes her fairly irrelevant for SI. That could easily change with a uevo, but you should just wait to roll when that actually happens.
  • Sakuya, Athena and RSonia Another are all relatively weak and are mainly SI fodder for their somewhat unique actives. I guess they could have some niche relevancy in co-op.

10 thoughts on “Shinrabansho Notes

  1. Wow, congrats! Only four rolls for a 7*!

    After several lackluster godfests and thus ~4 months of non-IAP, I bought a pack each for FF and PCGF, and my luck finally seems like it’s turned around, since I got 4 6*s from FF, and Eschamali on roll #15 during PCGF, who was the one card I *really* wanted (and a bonus Orochi as well!).

    I’m tempted to do a yolo roll in Shinrabansho, but I’d really like School Athena, and I don’t want to squander my newfound luck…


  2. I yolo rolled 3 times hoping for a Kiriko. Got 3 silvers. I agree this collab is a deep trap. So few decent cards compared to the loads of useless fodder.


    • On my JP account, I’ve never rolled a gold egg from the Shinrabansho collab. Something like 25 rolls total.

      Fortunately, I did get Kiriko and Asmodeus on my NA account, but all the same, it’s quite the trap.


  3. There is hope yet! Shinra Bansho comes back every year!… I think. So grats! At least Shinrabansho Athena had the highest attack for the longest time until powercreep happened~~

    On another note, Setsu. I was planning on writing a blog for my friends and I was wondering where do you get your P&D resources from. (i.e. Icons for awakenings, icons for monsters, etc).


    • Shinrabansho had a 6-month gap, then a 5-month gap. It hasn’t been a year since NA first got it. This is the third time within a year. We’ll probably slow down, though, as we creep closer toward Japan.

      (inb4 updated Shinrabansho announced in Japan next week.)


  4. Saria has basically the same active but her typing and attributes bork her a little in comparison. I can see her working for skill transfer though.

    Always found it a little peculiar that Kiriko has been the only 5* without a uevo.


  5. I wonder who the best card is to put Saria’s skill on for XM; I’m planning on mamiya.

    It really irks me how neither Ame no Uzume (Healing Cheer) nor Rozuel (Healing Hymn) are healer type


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