MZeus Solo Clear


I’m still not quite enthusiastic about doing co-op, but it’s a tool waiting to be used, so I may as well use it. This will probably be one of those things that I enjoy more as I get used to the process. Although I’m looking forward more to co-op Liu Bei with Dios swipes than MZeus.

Thanks to Nez for the solo guide. Not 100%, but I’m not sure any MZeus runs are at this point. Now I can farm SDRs to my heart’s content. At the very least I’m going to recoup the SDRs I used to make the team and hopefully get a few random skill ups along the way.

Yes, that’s Odin Dragon.


11 thoughts on “MZeus Solo Clear

    • Force should only be used on a team with 2 other delays inherited (for example D/R Batman and A.Orochi). The strat then is to use D/R Batman on the bind floor, A.Orochi on the light golem, and Force on F9. Obviously since you’re asking this question, however, this doesn’t seem to be an option for you. This team revolves entirely around Odin Dragon, with the rest of the slots slightly flexible depending on whether or not you care about being killed by SDR invades. So no, not a chance.

      That said, Sephiroth can solo this dungeon in 50+ different ways so if your box is good enough you should be able to make something from a quick Youtube search + dungeon simulation in your brain.


  1. Do you think attackeretsu could replace Odin dragon or do you need the hp and the haste along with passive heals. I used a sephiroth team to solo my first mzeus but had to stone knowingly for the preemptive early and back draft later on. Lubu is really just a guarantee kill in case you only get 4 black orbs but I brought valen for blue red since I forgot to take him out for my dupe idea along with white and green yomis and ichigo. I have everything in this guide except Odin dragon but rather spend mp towards bamboo and chrysanthemum


    • As Nez said, this team is an Odin Dragon team. There are a million other Seph teams that can solo the dungeon at a decent rate, but this one has the highest rate that I know of.


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