Shiva Skill Ups Are So Fun!

I’ll always have something to complain about:

Me: Collabs don’t have skill ups!
GH: Here’s skill up fodder.
Me: The drop rates are cancer!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me: Shitty collabs last too long!
GH: We’ll make it a week.
Me: Now there’s not enough time to farm skill ups!
GH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As someone that has skilled up countless monsters, I thought I was over the whole complaining-about-the-rates thing. However, when the fodder drop rate is so low, going 0-fer is one of the worst feelings ever. I truly hope they find a better way to distribute collab skill up fodder, but considering almost every collab does it the same way now — Bleach, FF, FotNS, Shinrabansho, etc, etc — it’s unlikely to change.

Anyways, I’m almost hoping they never improve Shiva’s cooldown again as farming Dragon Stones is a living hell. To be honest, I’m glad I don’t have a Balancile, either; her fodder drop rate is basically the same as Sephiroth’s in the first iteration of the FF dungeon.


11 thoughts on “Shiva Skill Ups Are So Fun!

    • For most of it, I did the hardest difficulties for both because I also wanted Athena and Kagato skill ups (for reasons). The good EXP from 1 didn’t hurt, either. I also tried some of the lower difficulties and, yeah, it was absolute ass. But it’s not like it was great in the higher difficulties, either.


      • As much as I’d like to skill up a non awoken Shiva, I may just slowly throw pys at him if they start to pile up. Skilling up things off rareish spawns in collabs, especially when you need to run such a high stamina cost level really makes me mad. That shit gets expensive really quick, and your frustration builds fast as you get 0 drop runs.


  1. I’m so tempted to just Py Shiva… the worst is going through several days of stamina, only to get like 5-7, and getting like 1 skill up…. ugh


  2. Dragon stones farming is a piece of cake compared to Balancile and the three new gold eggs (Athena, RSonia and Sakuya).
    setsu, how is your Atehan doing?


    • Athena was easy in comparison, but still cancer. Whoever thought of giving floors multiple possible card drops is a sadist.

      I already mentioned how stupid Balancile rates were and I’m glad I don’t have her. I actually max skilled the invade (maybe one off?) and only got 4 Balancile cards. Maybe when they give her a uevo they’ll make it easier to get her card.


      • The invade (poor man’s L. Meta?) was very easy to max skill compared to Balancile, maybe I just got lucky on drops but even here the balancile drop rate was way below 50%, although sample size is naturally small.

        Multiple card drops are clearly the countermeasure sneaked through the back-door to compensate for 2.5x/3x skill-up rates. On an aggregate basis I feel skilling up monsters has become even more stamina consuming than previously with 2x rates but without multiple floor drops.


  3. When I first started the game, This collab was the first one I was able to clear consistently. I had just started trying to get my ronia team off the ground and I REALLY wanted to skill up my Shiva for it. I managed to save up 23 of the dragon stones. I went 0/23. To date, it is the most depressing thing that has ever happened to me in this game. I got 6 more this time around and went 0/6 with 3x rates. I give up. It’s not worth it nor will it ever be worth it to skill up shiva imho.


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