PAD Academy Rolls 2016.06.13

Sweet Jesus, that silver rate. I guess that’s what happens when there are so few golds in the machine (compare this to FF which had a relatively generous gold rate because there were so many in the machine). If I didn’t roll GKali, I would’ve had 100% silvers over two packs (Theuriga counts as a silver imo).

I (of course) rolled another pack after this and got my Sasuke. I’m sad I only got one, but there’s no way I’m rolling more. Maybe next year…


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  1. Congrats on the Green Kali! I got mines on roll 12, but didn’t get my Sasuke sadly. I had all the golds from last time so I guess I’ll stop while I’m ahead.


  2. Rolled six times last night, first roll was a gold egg, super excited, Theurgia came out. Ok, I wanted her actually, so that’s fine. Second roll, gold egg, OMG WHAT LUCK….second Theurgia. Hmm. =__= Three silvers later, gold plus, SS Isis! Stopped there, pretty happy with my luck 😀
    Just rolled two more times, since I wanted Sleeping Beauty, and it would be nice to complete the silver set…Snow White, and then Sleeping Beauty. Thumbelina and Sleeping Beauty were the two silvers I wanted the most, so it’s probably best to quit now, rather than spend (potentially) a ton of stones chasing Cinderella.
    I guess I’ll have to give up on the Athena dream again, but Isis is super cute, so I can’t really complain. GungHo, thanks for showing some mercy to me this time around.. ^_^;


      • Thanks! I’ve never played a rainbow lead before, but maybe this’ll be a good excuse to learn 😀

        I think I can put together a reasonable team with BValk / Sun Quan / 2x LKali. I feel like there should be a better build where I just inherit LKali onto the leaders, since splitting damage across two colors doesn’t seem great, but off the top of my head I don’t know how to make that work.

        People on the PAD forums have been talking about combining her with Sephiroth for an attacker build, which seems like it could be interesting. Time to start digging through Japanese youtube!


        • Back when she first came out, that team you just listed was the ideal setup. A lot of people have been experimenting with mono-blue, or attacker builds since then, and I don’t really know how successful that’s been, but I’m still using the classic build, and it’s better than it used to be thanks to the buff! (1.5x HP and attack for healer and attacker types, up from 1.3x) We’re rocking 2.25x/36/1 now!

          (note: Most SS Isis players prefer the non-uvo’d version’s LS, as being a healer team we have low HP and high rcv, so it’s better to increase the HP than the RCV)

          Some meaningful inherit ideas are: Ame no Uzume on leaders, and maybe AThor on one of the subs. Inheriting Ame makes for a 2.25/36/1.5 team, which is a minor improvement, but a nice one, since you’re effectively only giving up a small heal in exchange for a RCV multiplier not far from the 1.69x of the other uvo, so that’s pretty nice. Thor is the perfect burst for the team since he doubles both light and blue damage. While SS Isis is generally viewed as a hobby team or a vanity project, with nearly 50K HP and a 36x multiplier, you’ve actually got a reasonably competent endgame leader. The only problem is the attack multiplier is fairly low, so adding a second two turn burst can really help you in tougher content where you might struggle to one shot enemies.

          Aside from that, you’re probably pretty good! That’s the majority of knowledge I’ve been able to glean from various threads. I have NO CLUE about pairing with Seph, so… good luck if you go that route I guess…? 😀


  3. Congrats Setsu. – She is actually quite fun to play, I may have to revise my opinion on these color match row leaders.


  4. I don’t know if gold count is a factor. Some of them just have really, really bad rates (Batman, Shinrabansho). Last week’s Shinrabansho was just as bad as last time despite having a decent number of golds.

    Hello Kitty on the other hand? Got a few Pompompurin dupes from just 15 or so rolls.

    Pardon me if I asked here earlier, but which website tracks Japanese REM pull rates?


    • The number of golds in the REM always has a positive effect on overall gold rate. Of course the Shinrabansho gold rate is still going to be terrible since they only added 7- and 8-stars, but the overall gold rate did increase.

      Also, lol at inferring Hello Kitty might have a good gold rate after 15 rolls. I got 4x 8-stars from the NY REM in less than a pack, I guess that REM just shits out 8-stars, yeah?

      I think the only site that consistently tracked pull results was Pad-Plus, but they haven’t done it since Bleach, I think. Game8 or GameWith has a REM simulator which is allegedly based on actual pull data, but they don’t tell you the actual rates. Otherwise you’re just going to have to watch whale videos or find a forum that does the same.

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