June Bride Rolls 2016.06.27

June Bride REM Results 6/27/16 – 100 Rolls
Monster # % Rarity # % Gold / Silver # %
2949 - Saintly Bell Bride, Eschamali 0 0.00% ☆☆☆☆
1  1.00%  Gold Egg 29 29.00%
2950 - Scampering Newlywed, Gadius 1 1.00%
2951 - Innocent Newlywed, Satsuki 2 2.00% ☆☆☆☆
2 2.00%
2952 - Lovely Bride, Bastet 2 2.00% ☆☆☆
6 6.00%
2953 - Passionate Sun Deity, Ra 4 4.00%
2954 - Deeply in Love Newlywed, Akechi Mitsuhide 2 2.00%

20 20.00%
2955 - Saintly Ocean Newlywed, Ruka 7 7.00%
2956 - White Kimono Bride, Kano 11 11.00%
2957 - Dawn Bride, Izanami 17 17.00%

71 71.00%  Silver Egg 71 71.00%
2958 - Pure and Innocent Bride, Sopdet 17 17.00%
2959 - Crimson Lotus Bride, Echidna 14 14.00%
2960 - Miracle Heroine, Cinderella 12 12.00%
2961 - Covenant Witch, Lilith 11 11.00%

I don’t think I’ve rolled this much — either in a single session or overall — since the Summer REM in my misbegotten journey to acquire Pandora. The circumstances are a lot different than back then, though. Since then, I’ve gotten every single roll I’ve wanted, most of the time within two or three packs. It’s the gambler’s fallacy to believe that my luck would run out since I was lucky in the past, but I had mentally prepared myself for not getting every roll I wanted months ago. I had come to terms with the fact that even though I spend exorbitant amounts of money on this game, that it’s still beyond my means to acquire every card, especially when you consider the horrible rates. While I’m jealous of those that rolled Eschamali, I’m content with trying my luck again next year. I’m more than happy with what I have so far; besides, now it’s time to start saving for that dreaded Summer REM.

I usually post a roll video, but I considered not doing it this time since it’s a pain in the ass to compress and upload it, especially since it’s a bit longer this time (which is never a good indicator for roll videos). At the same time I don’t want people to think that I only upload videos of my good results, so I’ll eventually get around to posting it on YouTube, hopefully within the next couple of days (although, to be honest, it’s not like I had bad luck this time, either).


29 thoughts on “June Bride Rolls 2016.06.27

  1. Got lucky and rolled eschamali on my fourth roll lol pretty happy with the 20$ spend for once. I guess my luck evened out from the pcgf. Got nothing useful from that. I’d seriously still want to see you roll thou. It’s always relaxing seeing you roll and hear the music you match the video. It makes me feel so much better about whaling haha so thank you for all your hard (expensive) work in advance


    • Congrats. I remembered I wanted to make a C10 video too so the roll vid might take a bit longer, but I’ll eventually get it out.


  2. Ouch! Sorry to see you miss out on Eschamali, I know sunglassesmichael on the PF forums got his on roll #2 (!!!). It looks like you’re right on Akechi’s rates being suspiciously lower than his companion 5* crew. I remember being really impressed (and quite jealous) of how rapidly you acquired Christmas Kali and a multitude of other special REM cards but I guess summer season REMs seem to have been evading you lately.

    I personally think I’ve squandered all of my REM luck for the year (that would explain why after getting 2 NY Leilan back to back I’ve gotten nothing I needed out of the regular REM’s godfests…) after getting Akechi and Bride Izanami and calling it quits in 4 rolls.


    • Yeah, I’ve had good luck since summer:
      – Kaede: ~2 packs
      – Batman for the delay Batman: 1 pack
      – Halloween for Alraune: 1 pack
      – FF1 for everything: 2 packs
      – Eva for Misato: 1 pack
      – FotNS for Raoh: ~2 packs
      – Christmas for RKali: ~1 pack
      – Eschamali: ~1 pack
      – NY: 1 pack for 2x Ama 2x Kanna (lul)
      – Bleach for Rukia: ~2 packs
      – BvS for Batman and Superman: ~1.5 packs
      – FF2 for 2x Lightning: ~4 packs
      – Shinrabansho for Athena: 4 rolls
      – Academy for GKali: ~2 packs

      So… it’s hard to be salty about not getting 1 premium card out of so many. It’s also a lot easier to be happy for people that had good luck.


    • I reached a low point in rolling when going for the original Eschamali. I actually got pretty damned lucky, but it still didn’t feel good, mainly because going into rolling with the mindset “I absolutely have to roll this card and I’ll keep rolling until I do” really takes the fun out of it. Or at least I think so, especially when I had been doing it for over a year in a row. So I readjusted my outlook and rolling has not only gotten more fun, but not getting what I want doesn’t bring me down anymore. Either outlook is bad for my bank account, though.


      • Eschamali is actually what broke me from rolling as well; multiple packs, didn’t get her, and didn’t have fun doing it. I took a few months off and am a lot more relaxed about it now, and it’s been more fun. And I even got Eschamali recently, so it all worked out in the end! 😀

        As for that bank account…well at least this mindset is slightly better? I feel like the “I HAVE TO GET IT NOW” is much more dangerous.


  3. Bummer not getting Escha, I was really rooting for you! 😦

    One free stone roll so far, got me Satsuki, which is better than I thought I’d do overall, so that’s a good start. I’m gunning for L.Akechi, (And by virtue of rolling Satsuki, LBastet to a degree…) but I’m not gonna go more than a pack… I hope. 😛

    My true passion in the game is blue, so I gotta save some money for Summer REM. BUrd is no longer a game-changer for Lakshmi since every Lakshmi is nor running an Urd inherit, but I’m still VERY afraid of what new bikini-clad waifus will be released… It also doesn’t help how much I love Claire and Panda’s designs either, nor does it help that they will doubtless be getting buffed when the REM lands…

    Fortunately, I have a real job again, and can put some money aside for stones for the first time in 8 months! Two packs is my MAX allotment for this REM (And it’s really supposed to be one, but if I don’t come out of one pack with at LEAST Akechi, well… I know myself well enough to have put aside an extra pack… 😛 ), but summer will be more like 10, depending on what new cards are revealed.

    Side story, Summer REM was the first full pack I bought after going non-IAP lol. 16 trolls, and one Awilda, who I’m yet to actually use. Chibi Hera and Chibi Lilith have since been redeemed by skill inheritance, but still. If we can take the PAD Academy renewal as a sign, then there should be no chibis this time, and a lot more summer themed cards, so that’s good at least.


    • If they have some sort of Odin Lifeguard then I’m going to be so sorely tempted but otherwise the Summer REM usually never entices me ho ho ho. I’m all for my husbandos ❤ Rare instances where lack of interest in waifus can save me some spare change!



        • Chester existed to make people get happy about seeing a golden egg, then get sad. I’m not a huge fan of cards who exist to make people sad 😦

          Besides, Odin’s abs are soooooooooo much better. Particularly GrOdin’s.

          This REM came so close to forcing some actual cash out of me if I weren’t so poor because Akechi is my one true husbando. Still find it hilarious that I got him in one pull, but dark Akechi hasn’t appeared for me after so many pulls in the REM chasing him whenever he appears.


      • I’m still surprised they haven’t done a seasonal Odin, or any beefy male for that matter. Maybe that’s not what appeals to the lowest common denominator, but even I’d like to see more of a divergence at times.


    • Yeah, I don’t have any overwhelming affinity for Escha so not getting her this time doesn’t bother me too much. But, yeah, the Summer REM could be extremely dangerous for me. They still need to give Meimei and Karin seasonal cards and either would get me to break the bank for them (although it helps they’d likely be more “common” if they follow their sisters). I’m also looking forward to finally buying Claire, too, and hopefully Pandora gets an ult with new art 🙂

      Satsuki is a pretty nice roll. Good luck with the rest of your rolls.


      • …shit. I hadn’t even considered beach versions of MeiMei or Karin. Same here that either would break the bank for me. Haha, I re-read your summer REM post from last year, it’s funny that we were hoping Claire would show up randomly in the MP shop, but it’s funnier that it’s taken a year now.

        However, there’s a dangerous (or possibly advantageous) possibility. This was the first REM with an MP card, so there’s a chance they’ll add a second MP card, no way to know either way as there’s no precedent. Of course, if the MP card is GOOD, then all will be well, as buying an 8* card is generally simpler than rolling one.

        Also, in before the inevitable blue DKali 8* gold. Heck, they’ll make it a 9*, and give it a heart cross LS, just to make the whales weep. 😛

        I would also like some guys in the REM… and Chester doesn’t count. XD I’m not opposed to a summer Odin, but I AM opposed to a summer Godin. Bodin would make sense, and if we get a blue version of Rodin, I’m 100% down for that (Since I’ll be rolling a lot anyways, and will never roll a real Rodin), but we REALLY don’t need a blue Godin.

        Also, hoping for a summer Hatsume, but expecting summer Fuma. (And a green to blue orb change could be GREAT with Skuld.)

        Also, who will we get as chibis?


      • Rolled a pack, got an Akechi. I’m satisfied with this REM… 😀

        I got unlucky with golds, only getting my Akechi and a Kano from my pack, which feels a bit low. (I would haveat LEAST liked to get a Ruka. I’d never use her, but I used to main blue, so I had convinced myself that I MIGHT use her… 😛 ) 15/17 silvers… yikes.

        Still, no regrets, as my only want was Akechi, and I got a Satsuki from free stones. (RIP dreams of LSatsuki as an LBastet sub though… XD ) I’m getting my 750 day bonus in a day or two, I might roll it, IDK. (I have no self control, I’m totally gonna roll it. :P)

        I’m keeping a set of the silvers for niche uses. I’ll never use Echidna as I have multiple other versions skilled already, but I can dump extra nagas into her, so yay for efficiency? Same for Lilith. OTP Iza will see use when I get my ADQXQ up and running. Having a shield’s good man, real good. And Cinderella… IDK, but I don’t want to break up the set 😛

        I do unironically use L/G Cindy in JP though. She covers green on my chibi dqxq team! At least until I can Uuvo (And maybe Uuuvo once Valk cross arrives…) my Valk. Second real descend I’ve beaten with my janky-ass team, first was Surtr, which I entered blind and got REALLY lucky. I beat Valk on Legend, and got the drop, so yay! 🙂

        I ramble on so much online…


  4. Changing my outlook on this game has made it more relaxing for me too. Instead of trying to always strive for the in game meta.. I just play to have fun and work on teams that I find fun. I’ve began to roll for cards I like for their art and their random niche uses. I thank you for that! I actually had fun rolling during this collab rather than always for “value”

    Atleast you got Akechi and Satsuki, I wish I got one of those cards rather than 5 bastets out of 6 rolls… haha..

    it seems like that your luck in Collab/Season REM is very poor during the summer haha. Hopefully the summer REM will be better for you. It’s a good thing that you already have your waifu in Bikini-Dora so it shouldn’t be too bad!


  5. Dang 100 and still no eschamali. I somehow managed to pull eschamali on 2nd roll, gadius right after on 3rd and then 2nd pack another eschamali. Only missing satsuki and ra for completion, hoping I can get those 2 in my next pack later on. That 2% satsuki kinda make me iffy about rolling more for her.


  6. I rolled 20 times and ended up with 19 silvers and a Ruka. Gungho may want to rethink their rates in these things because they just killed all desire to IAP in me and probably many others.


  7. Wow! Grats Setsu!

    I’m only slightly bitter about this June Bride.

    Main: First roll Satsuki, 2 silvers
    Alt: Bastet in 3 rolls

    JP: 2 packs = 1 Satsuki and finally Akechi on my last roll :/ Not counting my 4 Ruka and 2 Kano of course.


    • Yeah, it just seems so scummy to mark him at 5-star rarity. They should just be up front about it and mark him at 6-star or if for some reason the rarity matters (for some future plan or who knows what), publish their actual rates.


  8. Sorry about your eschamali luck RIP. On the flip side, you did manage to get a gadius, who is good if only for the art. From Flandre’s post, I added up all the numbers and unfortunately it’s about 0.3% Q_Q


  9. I usually refrain from IAP, but Akechi broke me in that regard because I’m planning on making Miru when we get the heart cross patch (and dupeless Kaede, rip…). A pack later and I’ve gotten 4 ras and 2 Eschamali before I got the Akechi at the very end.
    Is it worth keeping all these ras around for inheritance?


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