Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 6/30/16

It’s been a while since I’ve done a quick thoughts post, but it’s also been a while since a JP stream has truly been newsworthy; it just so happens that the first in a long time was one of the few I didn’t watch live. This post kinda rambles on so I’m going to hide it behind the break. As with all quick thought posts, there’s minimal editing and I might say wrong/stupid things, so please correct me if that’s the case.

  • Re-entering co-op rooms and co-op in general – This is the biggest news of the day for me. As someone that wasn’t enthusiastic about co-op when it was first introduced, I have to admit they’ve done a lot to make it attractive. Some of it feels forced — like half stamina to everything, shared awakenings, HP bonus, and giving MP and PAL rewards — but they obviously had to give some incentive to make the mode attractive and they’ve certainly succeeded there. I also think they’ve succeeded in fostering a community as I’ve come into contact with more players in the past couple months than the entire 600 days before that. There are still a few QoL issues, but major ones have been resolved through co-op rooms and reconnects. The ability to re-enter co-op rooms might not be important from a functional standpoint, but it fixes so many small problems with PAD’s co-op that it really makes it more attractive to me. As a hardcore farmer, one of the biggest issues outside finding a partner in the first place was all the overhead incurred in setting up a new room — mainly the time and effort wasted pushing the extra buttons and waiting for your friend — and this effectively eliminates that. If the final implementation is as demonstrated, this will actually save time compared to single player since you don’t have to reselect the dungeon (on top of already not having to fumble around looking for an unused friend).
  • Ramifications of the re-entering feature – The biggest is that people that don’t have to worry about room snipers anymore; once the first dungeon is made, you don’t have to deal with the room system anymore. As someone that has enjoyed public rooms for urgent dungeons, this is both good and bad, but overall more good. What’s good is that if you’re hosting a public room, you now have the option of clearing consecutive runs with the same partner. One of the most annoying things about sniping public rooms is that your host, well, gets sniped by other people, meaning you can’t have any reliable amount of runs. On the other side, as a host, I always feel bad when I’m running with the same person for a quite a few consecutive runs and they get out-sniped. Now, if you choose, you can run with the same person as long as both of you decide to run (any maybe find a permanent partner in the process if things go well). On the flipside, this could be bad for people who just want a couple of runs as there will probably be less public rooms to snipe.
  • Shinrabansho 8 – Meh. Although any updates to one of the few collabs we are almost guaranteed to get are a good thing. I actually haven’t found a translation for the new cards so I won’t speculate on them.
  • Quest/badge system – Once again, I don’t know the full details of the system nor is my Japanese very good so it’s hard to speculate. It doesn’t look particularly difficult for veterans to obtain these badges, but it looks like newer players will have a nice diversion with some great rewards (especially the +100 team cost badge). I’m a bit worried about the bind resistance badge, though, as it really devalues leaders that already have it. Maybe something like Sherias Roots is actually better than Ra Dragon now nad something like Kaede loses one of her few vulnerabilities. I’d be more excited for the skill boost badge if co-op hadn’t made them irrelevant for the most part, but I can see it being valuable for things like MZeus farming teams for people that don’t have access to all the subs. I could see the 50% SBR being useful for Liu Bei-Dios teams, alleviating the necessity of running things like Chester and Perseus to hit 100% (I’m assuming 2x SBR badges in co-op gives you immunity?). Then, of course, my best friend the time extend might actually be my most used badge–when I’m not using bind immunity, I guess.
  • New leader skill (stacking 3x for each light- or fire-cross made) – A 26244x multiplier was demonstrated on stream. Welp. Can’t wait to see what Reco and other wizards can do with it, though.
  • Various buffs – Meh. I use Haku as a lead on my fledgling JP account, so the upgrade to 4x is quite nice.
  • Uuevo Sarasvati – Maybe a little better than what I’d expect from a uuevo these days. 100x with rows is obviously insane damage and she’ll probably make a lot of NA players question whether they really want to buy You Yu tomorrow. He almost always has the raw damage advantage, but is it enough to justify a 300k MP purchase? I don’t really want to get into a detailed comparison — I’m sure someone that cares will do it eventually; I personally have no interest in You Yu — but I’d probably be smart to hang on to your MP. Now that she has two rows and an extra one of those time extends I covet on top of that sweet active, she really increased her appeal as a sub, too. This is a great precedent for Krishna as fire could really use another quality leader. Let’s just hope their time in the spotlight lasts longer than their uevos’ did.
  • Awoken Cao Cao – Pretty much the fire version of Liu Bei. In other words, fairly disappointing and far from the savior fire needed. Liu Bei gets a pass since Dios increases his co-op value so much, but the same cannot be said about Goemon/Surtr/whatever for Cao Cao. If there’s a co-op team to be had, I’ll leave finding that to the co-op masters.
  • Uevo Constellations – I’m both surprised and pleased that they went with the Three Kingdoms route and gave them simultaneous split uevos. However, similar to the Three Kingdoms, their leader forms are pretty much worthless and it seems bizarre that they’d remove their resist clauses which were their defining traits. Their sub forms, however, look amazing, shoring up their biggest shortcoming with 2x skill boosts and adding an extremely powerful god killer on top of that. All the art is amazing; Castor is cute in both forms so I’m really looking forward to what they did with Alrescha and Spica.
  • Uevo snubs – Indian 2 is probably the pantheon that needed new uevos the most, but I’m surprised that Constellation 1 came before Egypt 2. I also would’ve liked to see Sengoku before them. Hopefully Japanese 2 gets some awoken love soon.
  • Machine Athena – To be honest, I’d have a hard time identifying that was Athena just from the art. Like, that would be the best guess to due various visual cues, but it doesn’t immediately strike me as an Athena card, mostly because her pose isn’t as imposing as it is on all her others. GungHo already got me excited for co-op with Liu Bei and Dios; hopefully Athena can add to that.
  • More Cross uuevos – I don’t think this was mentioned on stream, but it looks like there are more PAD X uuevos in the pipeline. There’s really not too much to say about this until we get the details, but if Ace was any indicator, they should be quite good. The point I wanted to make, though, is that there’s increasing pressure to hold on to dupes nowadays. Skill inheritance is a major factor, encouraging dupes for both assists and targets, but if this PAD X uuevo thing becomes a trend — probably a batch for all the major characters in the anime? — I’m going to be forced to hold on to even more. You might be asking yourself “since the PAD X uuevos are overwhelmingly better, can’t you just evolve your current card and be done with it?”. Well, for the cards these uuevos affect so far, there’s not much reason to keep their base forms, but let’s say they do this for something like Haku in the future. All of her current three forms are useful in their own way, so we’ll be forced to either abandon one of them or, short of having a spare dupe, hope there’s enough overlap so you won’t be sacrificing much either way. I’m sure some of this pressure to keep and/or (re)acquire dupes is intentional on GungHo’s part. Luckily, the current MP cards aren’t all that great relative to what else is available so at least there isn’t much pressure to sell dupes for MP.
  • Streaming on YouTube – From a high level standpoint, the trend towards streaming on YouTube is a great choice. As a fan of Twitch, I’d rather they’d use that platform, but YouTube is such a huge upgrade over NicoNico that it’s hard to complain. I’ve never watched one of their streams directly on NicoNico — said site’s premium “feature” usually preventing us plebs from watching — but it just seems like the video quality on YouTube was better. I’m not sure if they’re abandoning NicoNico entirely, but the more streams that go up on YouTube, the better.

22 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 6/30/16

    • Cool, thanks. The option for a 40% gravity for inheritance could be nice, I guess. Two skill boosts and multiboost might make him a consideration for MZeus teams.


  1. Moving streaming to YouTube would be much appreciated; As much as I like content from NicoNico the site itself is garbage. Free users get their connection throttled to unwatchable levels and premium users don’t fare much better during peak times, which the PAD stream airs during.


  2. man the powercreep is so insane.. I wish it was still back in the Egyptian dominance days… now it seems everything does over 100x with very little comboing needed. There’s less anticipation and excitement in clearing descends when every lead does essentially millions of damage. I don’t know how I feel about it. I spent some money on the game (not an big amount but still significant nonetheless) and that’s starting to become a bigger reason on why I feel a bit “forced” to continue playing.

    The constellation UEVOs are already so OP.. not only do they cover their weakness (double SB), they also added godkiller.. that is insane. I feel like all relevant teams need a constellation as a sub to make it an ideal team now (if typing fits of course).

    The Chinese buffs were much needed although not many people use them for leads anyhow. The constellations were pretty much better than the Chinese leaderskills.

    Now that it seems non awoken pantheons like UUevo Sara and Izanagi all hit 100x+ or Massive Row multipliers like Liu Bei/CaoCao.. the original awoken pantheons like Sakuya/Ra/Bastet/Anubis all seem very weak so I expect a buff to all of them that pushes them near the current “meta”.

    As for Awoken Cao Cao,even if there is no Zeus Dios as a sub for him, isn’t he still incredibly powerful just based on his awakenings alone? Like every awakening I see is almost useful compared to the random Jammer awakening from Liu Bei? But I guess you probably mean that its boring and unoriginal rather than powerful/weak.


    • Regarding Cao Cao, requiring an active to heal and/or do damage has proven to be clunky on the past. With so many good options nowadays, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.


  3. I personally prefer the Leader Castor’s art over the sub Castor’s art which makes me sad. sub Castor’s hair isn’t quite to my tastes 😦 reminds me of Silas from Fire Emblem. Lol.

    Antares though. Omg. *drools* But again his leader art is better. Dat ponytail ❤ I love ponytail pretty boys omg. Overall the Constellations have such gorgeous art with the exception of LL Pollux why is her naked rear end hanging out lol? Pollux's face is so adorbs in both versions. I can't wait to see Alrescha! And Spica, but I don't have Spica.

    I'm wondering what the bankai uevos will do with Krishna and, more important to me, Durga. I LOVE her LS, it got me much better at color matching back when I was terrible at it (I still am since I don't use rainbow leads often, we'll see how well I use ADQXQ). I really hope she can get some love, Sarasvati-style.

    I'm like so ready to take the YY plunge don't make me doubt my decision!

    Or well, I won't be buying him until if/when the +eggs and evo materials are ready. By then I might get too lazy to push the "Buy" button at the MP shop/forget about it. The MP shop being moved to the "Shop" tab is so gracious for me because I almost never go there except for coin dungeons.

    The PAD Cross image had Valkyrie shown. Does this mean Valkyrie will be getting a Cross evo? If so I'm really excited. She's always had a special place in my box.

    This was a pretty exciting news drop!

    I think next they're going to finish up Indian 2, and then they should go and give evolutions to Sengoku. I guess the popularity of Akechi made them think they didn't need one yet. And then after that, I could see them either buffing Egypt 2, or giving JP 2 Awokens. And then after that…? The only thing I can think of would be giving Archangels awoken evolutions, or split ults for the Angels. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a bit of an Awoken gap/drought thing after JP2.


    • Agreed on Castor’s art. I really like Antares’s leader art, too. Also agree on Pollux. The l/l art is so cute, but, yeah, that ass seems out of place. Although I’m sure there are many people that appreciate it. Can’t wait for Alrescha and Spica who already have two of my favorite pieces of art in the game. I guess one of the good things about being a big spender is that now I don’t have to choose between art 🙂

      I’d be surprised if all the Indian 2s didn’t get uuevos on the same level as Sarasvati, at least from a raw power level. As for Durga, I think four-color leads are in a really awkward place right now. They obviously can’t have multipliers as high as rainbow leads and it’s not possible for them to be as flexible as something like DQXQ. Durga included hearts to be more flexible, but at the same time her multiplier suffered greatly. I’m quite curious what they’re going to do with her. It should also be interesting to see what they do with Ganesha. Will he continue to kinda be a joke or will they give him an actual leader skill? Although I guess any drastic change would be better left for his awoken.

      While I’m down on MP cards as a whole right now. I think You Yu is one of the few that actually feels worth it. I mean, no other lead can do that much damage so easily. He gets an added bonus for being fun in both single and multi play.

      Yeah, I’d assume LValk will get a Cross evo, which is doubly nice as she’s farmable.

      As far as ultimates, I think your general order is correct. I wouldn’t be surprised if they revisited the Greco-Romans who basically have no use nowadays. Venus was lucky to be just good enough to be an SI target, but the rest are awful.


  4. So many cool things this stream. I didn’t get to watch, but it almost makes me wish I had… almost. 😛

    The other sshinea bansho card is a shield based on the number of SBR on the team. No clue if its any good, but there’s the potential fir greatness.

    (On mobile. Sorry for typos.)

    The badges are pretty darn nice. Nothing OP, just a nice little boost. I do hope the HP amount gets buffed though, as 5% team HP is like, 2500 HP on a team that already has 50k+… Time extend is very nice. And actually, I take it back. Leader unbindable has the potential to be almost OP. Possible OK if it affected both leads. And suddenly having a random bind recover awaken iis pretty nice…

    A. Caocao will eventually be just as good as Liu bei. They are guaranteed to vote for surtr as the next farmable uvo, the only question is when the next vote is and whether gh is feeling generous…

    Constellations are AWESOME as subs now. And TBH, they never had a chance at getting a good LS. (However I agree that removing their defense is kinda odd…) I can actually forgive GH for skipping ahead because of how good the quality is. Two SB would have probably been enough to see significant use. God killer is SWEET. All in all, very hyped!

    The general consensus is that you Yu has higher damage, but Sara will be much more user friendly. Skyfall buff, not reequiring exactly 5 orbs, and lots of TEs, good deal. I have been considering you Yu for my next MP purchase, thinking I’ll skip him until the next full set is reevealed six months from now, as Sara seems more fun to me. (Love me my row teams! :))

    Cross uvos. I like them TBH. Old cards gettig new relevancy is never something to complain about! Now, making one of them a 6* GFE… a bit moreof a problem, but it wouldn’t be if I had a tTyphon, so yeah… 😛 hype for Ceres as I JUST pulled my first one two years later…


    • I wouldn’t be so sure Surtr will get a good uevo even if voted on. I don’t think there’s much advantage from GungHo’s point of view in making another team with farmable subs that basically does the same thing as one that already exists. Then voted ultimates are almost always trash, anyways. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, if we get it, nice, if we don’t, I won’t be disappointed.

      Yeah, I haven’t really been excited for anything pantheon-related in a long time, but the Constellations certainly have my interest. It also helps make all the pain and suffering endured in the biweeklies more worthwhile.

      I read a few posts in the reddit thread about You Yu vs. Sarasvati and it seems like his fans are ardent about her being inferior. Well, like you said, there are plenty of reasons why Sarasvati is also a great option. And I have to agree, I love row teams too. I don’t know what it is, but something about making a row feels so right to me in the game.


      • As one of his fans I must say that bamboo is way too easy to cut.

        Seriously though, who the hell thought it’d be a good idea to make 9 million damage on ONE card obtainable so easily!? Even then, just the sparkle alone of 5 orbs + 1 combo is like crazy damage. Hell, just the sparkle alone can take down most things.

        Sara feels completely different though. First of all, it takes the 3 water combos to deal damage. I felt like I was playing fustrate the bonobo: each time I would try to stall for the orbs to burst all the skyfalls would match. If I tried to burst without the orbs, NONE OF THE SKYFALLS WOULD MATCH. >.>


  5. I’m gonna make a case for Cao Cao possibly being way better than Liu Bei for general, non-farming use.

    First off, SBR; Liu Bei has none himself, so team building becomes tight with needing Perseus for the team to function, more or less, while Cao Cao is fairly flexible with his subs. Cao Cao has better awakenings in general, with valuable Orb Enhances loosening Teambuilding even more to get the 5 desired infinitely easier. Loss of a Skill boost is a bit of a shame, though.

    Second, Their actives: While Liu Bei’s certainly is good with Bind Clearing and a double attack stance-esque active, it takes a turn longer than Cao Cao, and Cao Cao’s delay can help you charge up other skills as well or give you an extra turn to heal or set up the board vs a weaker boss for a later floor. Liu Bei’s 20% heal doesn’t seem like it’d come in handy very much. Cao Cao also clears poison, easing the need for a board changers as much, though red certainly does have some quality ones like Leilan that would work on his team. They’re about equal, I’d say, so this point is more of a comparison.

    Third, Fire’s row pool versus Green’s; Fire has a pretty large pool of subs to choose that have rows that produce orbs, while Green, while getting better, sill has fairly limited subs in this regard. Plus, Fire has three double orb changers in Yamato, Uriel, and Sanada, while green only has 2, Michael and Perseus.

    Also of note is Red’s quality of quick orb changers. Green’s generally have no SBR, such as Hanuman, or have other problems, like Algedi creating Jammers. Red has Awoken Minerva, however, who has SBR, A quick orb convert, good stats, and can even be used as a target for a Bind Clear inherit if you really need it.

    Overall, Cao Cao certainly isn’t going to be tearing up the Tier lists anytime soon, but I think he’s quite a solid leader, something that red really doesn’t have outside of Raoh, who’s a bit outdated at this point due to his multiplier. Obviously HP is an issue, but if you do end up using him with co-op, that becomes much less of an issue. Better than Liu Bei as a leader by himself, In my opinion, and about as good in co-op farming. Means people that already have a bunch of goemon/surtrs don’t have to spend several weeks skilling up 3 more monsters.

    Unrelated, As you mentioned in the Godfest post, Sarasvati’s buff is very good for me (Sadly, no Double SBR options outside of I&I, but still), and I am excited about Cao Cao as a Red lead that isn’t Yamato. And Pollux Evos make it justified that I’m keeping 3 of them, for easy farming purposes.


    • I mean, I guess you’re right, but I don’t think anyone ever contested that Liu Bei was particularly good outside Dios farming. I think it’s highly likely that uuevo Krishna will overshadow Cao Cao, anyways (although it’s funny to consider that a uuevo would be better than an awoken).

      “while green only has 2” http://puzzledragonx.com/en/monster.asp?n=841 :^)

      “Sadly, no Double SBR options outside of I&I, but still”. Water has probably the best 2x SBR option in the game in Andromeda and has historically had the easiest time hitting 100% of all the elements. Some other 2x SBR options are Alrescha, Rukia and Barbarossa.


      • I guess on Amitaka, but no SBR, still.

        On having no Double SBR, I was saying how I personally didn’t have any double sbr options for her, outside of I&I. I’ve been chasing Andromena for a long time, and now more than ever I wish I had her or Alrescha.
        I guess there is Blue Star Justice coming out whenever it does that I could use instead, which would also patch up bind problems…


        • Obviously the Amitaka remark was sarcastic.

          I don’t know what the obsession is with SBRs, though. In the age of co-op and soon to be SBR badge, SBR looks like it’s becoming deprecated. In addition, most of the newest dungeons don’t have it as a preemptive, if at all. Which is a wonderful thing considering cards have had their precious awakening slots taken up by this crap mechanic for far too long.


          • Yeah, SBR is quickly becoming a useless (ok, less useful) awakening, and I’ve actually always thought it was overrated. I know getting skill bound sucks, but so often “it doesn’t have SBR” or “the team doesn’t have 100% SBR” was an argument against how good a card/team was, when realistically only a fraction of dungeons actually have skill binds, and even less of them have it preemptively.

            That said, I do agree that 80% = 0% >_<


    • I’d like to do it more often, but the problem is there’s rarely anything exciting enough for me to write about. I feel like there’s only so often I can write about “how exciting that new 6-star GFE/MP card/collab gold is” and actual substantial game updates are few and far between.


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