Farming Kanetsugu Co-op

Kanetsugu!I hate doing quick and dirty posts with zero editting, but with NA getting Kanetsugu tomorrow, I’d much rather do this now than not at all. If I have time, I’ll try to clean things up later.

Co-op makes everything easier, but we might as well take advantage of it to the fullest extent and find the most time efficient, lowest effort team available. Sadly, even with co-op, team building for this dungeon is still fairly restrictive — mainly due to the all-attributes requirement and the bind on floor 4 — but at the very least we can reduce it to no-matching unlike the single player team.

Also, a bit of shameless advertising: if you’re interested in doing hour or longer Kanetsugu sessions tomorrow (or in the future), let me know. If you have both sides and can share the load, even better. Or if you have a better team setup, even even better.

Kanetsugu aside, if you plan on doing hardcore +egg farming now or in the future, add me on Discord (setsugetsuka#3699) and let’s see if we can work something out.

As with my Tengu post, my main constraints when coming up with teams were:

  1. As much as possible, allow sequential left to right or right to left button pushing
  2. Prefer skill inheritance combinations that will either see very little or very much use outside this team
  3. Minimize the number of elements to save on attack animations
  4. No latents required
  5. Minimize the number of times players exchange turns (new, for co-op)

Sadly, all of these requirements are difficult or impossible to meet. Instead, let’s look the constraints of the dungeon and build around that, instead:

  • All attributes – Mainly an annoyance. Between ROdin and Goemon, you already have three elements. Wood can be covered by a Tengu. That leaves water which is annoying, but not impossible as something like DMeta can be used as a skill boost and SI stick.
  • Random sub bind on floor 4 – This might actually be the most important requirement of the entire dungeon. There are various ways a bind can screw you over. The most obvious being a skill you wanted to use on a later floor is no longer available, but if you were relying on swipe damage and one of your damage dealers got bound, you might not be able to deal enough. This means cards like ROdin and DMeta who are unbindable, but also contribute skill boosts are that much more valuable.
  • High defense on floors 4 and 5 – Sadly, these floors can’t be dealt with a single Ra active as the high defense mobs are paired with ones with over 350k HP. The most common way to deal with these floors is using nukes in conjunction with a single defense break. A single turn defense void like Shiva will carry over between floors since floor 5 (and also floor 6) has no preemptive. The most popular way to deal with these two floors seems to be: defense void -> kill floor 4 with Goemon nuke -> kill floor 5 with Grudge Strike -> swipe floor 6.
  • If using Grudge Strike for floor 5, the base card needs 2448 or higher ATK – This requirement will die once we get Awoken Vritra, but for now this is what we have to deal with.
  • Relatively high boss HP – Most +egg button teams didn’t really have to worry about boss HP. Goemon only has like 3.5mil while Tengu is wood. Kanetsugu is 4.5mil; not exactly high, but you do have to make sure you’re doing enough, especially if you’re relying on off-color subs to fulfill the various requirements.

Long story short, here’s how I’m making my team:

  • Without Santa Fencer, we really don’t have an elegant way of dealing with floors 4 and 5. Instead, I’ll be hacking together a solution via SI; probably Shiva on DMeta.
  • For my Grudge Strike, I’ll be putting Vritra on Beelzebub (ah, yes, I get to use Beelzebub again :^). JP seems to prefer DMeta, but you have to put some ATK latents on her to hit 2448 ATK which is something I’d rather avoid (farming latents sucks).
  • I don’t think it’s possible to have fully sequential button pushing. It seems like Goemon needs to be a leader, so he’ll unfortunately be pushed out of order. There might be some way to lead with DMeta to put the Grudge Strike on one of the leaders to make the dream a reality, but I currently don’t have time to crunch numbers. It’d also put a lot more stress on player 2’s team. Maybe I’ll look into it a bit later.
  • I also want to minimize the sub requirements for player 2. Player 1 will be clearing floors 1-6 and the team generally having enough skill boosts by itself, all player 2 should need is a Goemon or ROdin lead, another fire board change, enough fire subs to kill Kanetsugu, and, of course, subs to cover all elements. All things considered, this is a pretty low bar to clear.

Here are the teams I’m looking to run. I’m assuming I’m player 1 so everything there can be assumed to be hypermax.

Player 1 (provides 13-16 skill boosts)

  1. Goemon/ROdin
  2. ROdin/Tengu – Tengu usually inherited with Awoken Ra
  3. ROdin/Tengu
  4. DMeta (Uevo Shiva) – Things like Kuromi and Kenshiro also work, but require more skill boosts. 75% defense breaks should also technically work. If you have enough skill boosts, you can use any bind immune card here.
  5. Beelzebub DMeta (Uevo Vritra) – I feel like this could be something like Zeromus instead. Can’t be Beelzebub since he’s only 50% bind immune, not 100%.

Player 2 (needs to provide anywhere from 0 to 3 skill boosts)

  1. Goemon/ROdin
  2. Goemon or Surtr
  3. Something water and wood
  4. Something fire-main with a lot of rows
  5. Something fire-main with a lot of rows

Player 2 could also run a sub or two to enable to team to recover in case player 1 screws up the button order. Dragon and attacker killers are also nice; get some use out of that Xiang Mei!

Then, of course, here is the JP video that most closely resembles my build:

You can look up other teams with this YouTube search.

27 thoughts on “Farming Kanetsugu Co-op

  1. You lose out on one skill boost compared to Beelz, putting more strain on player 2, but a +99 attack Awoken Artemis can cover blue for player 1 and hits 2460 attack.


  2. Would Rodin (penta)/Urd/A.Orochi/RL Ares (+80atk)/Shivadra (penta) be sufficient for the player 2 slot? I know that comboing Urd and RL Ares is inefficient compared to using the one active of Sutyr, but I’ve been too much of a bum to farm up a Goemon or Sutyr. I also have D.Meta and A.Shiva if that provides a better work-around. I was definitely planning to do at least an hour of Kanetsugu tomorrow, if not a couple, and finding a partner now would be convenient. One thing that may turn you off is that I’m only working with 100 open box space, so I’ll probably have to feed more often than you. If you can get past that though, I’d love to farm with you. My discord ID is KangWonJun #4138.


    • I think it would work. At worst you can use Shiva for the orb enhance.

      I wouldn’t mind farming with you. I’ll add you on Discord and we can work out the time(s) we can farm. My ID is setsugetsuka#3699.


  3. Braves are nice for vritra inherits, might be worth mentioning. 2 sb with at least 1700 attack and multiboost means no attack eggs needed.


      • Thanks. I don’t mind at all telling you what I use. With how many times your blog has helped me I hope I can help you for a change. I’m no pro by any sort of measure, but I use Final Cut Pro to edit and Quicktime Player to record from my iPad.

        In FCP there are “Generators” that create video based on parameters. For this one I make my video and then put a generator on the timeline. Drag it to be as long as i want timed in the video and note the duration. Then I set the “start” value to 0 and the “end” to the duration and it counts off the time pretty well. I’d like it a bit better if it looked more time-like, but since most of my speed run videos with the timer are under a minute it’s not been a big enough deal for me to look into it further.

        There is also a generator for using the video timecode directly but with my intro and other edits I don’t know how well that would work. I like playing PAD more than editing video so I just sorta learned what I needed to get by and went from there.


        • I’ve been content with making no-frills videos for a while, but I’d like to step my game up a bit. In addition to the timer, I’d like to do branching like you did. I’ll definitely look into this, thanks!


          • That was done by putting a key frame on the transform for location and then after the floor walk animates a second key frame where I want the final location. FCP Handled all tween frames.

            In my first co-op videos I recorded both screens and did a side by side, but I got negative feedback on that technique and I agree that two points of view of the same move is redundant and busy.

            I liked using split view here for the two different run possibilities and illustrating the time difference for them with my build.


    • I’m sure there are, but it’s probably less streamlined since the dungeon is 10 floors. I’ll look into it for the future.


  4. Man I’d love to be able to co-op with you but I never did put in the time or resources for a push button team (I farm Kanetsugu with Lucifer, his trudamage on the dark ninja is the only push button I have rip me), and I also don’t have two ROdins or multiple Ras. Regardless I hope you had a productive farming day today! Kanetsugu on co-op is just insane, I’m ranking up so much more often than usual and hauling in more +eggs per stone, feels so good. I can dedicate more to the REM so that I can get even more silver eggs now!


  5. Really bummed I missed this, been super busy this week and didn’t get a chance to check your page. Next time though, especially if you are taking down the first 6 floors. I can run a team of Goemon/Hyper ROdin/ Hyper ROdin/ Hyper Ult Yamato Takeru/ Max Skill Ult Yamato Takeru that will decimate the final floor. And hold it’s own against a good number of floors in case there is a mistake made.


  6. Can Ult Lu Bu be the Vritra inherit, or is its 11 CD too long? Unbindable, 2193 base attack, 2 SB.

    How about AFreyr lead inheriting Shiva? 22 total CD, 1 SB, covers Blue for both teams, a little weaker than Rodin lead. Putting the defense break on a lead lets you use a cyclic order, too: 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, . It’s slightly better than one button being out of order, but worse than actual left-to-right. If -75% Def works, the total cooldown is 19 CD for AShiva/AKagu, 20 for GZL, God Knows for regular Kagu.

    Urd covers blue and is CD -3, SB +1 relative to AFreyr, but has no rows and isn’t physical, so its match turns will do less damage.

    Other Shiva targets as leaders, which don’t cover Blue: Raoh (CD -5, SB +0), Yamato (CD -4, SB +2), ACaoCao (CD -3, SB +0), Scarlet (CD -5, SB +1), Belial(?) (CD -5, SB +), R/D Shiva (CD -12, SB +0). Raoh has enough attack for a Vritra inherit.


    • This is why I didn’t want to put up such a rough post.

      Yes, there are many variations on the team. It’s pointless to go over all the iterations. You use what you have access to.


        • I think the basic requirements were laid out in the post, the actual sub choices come down to what’s available and how much pressure you want to put on your partner to supply skill boosts. Which isn’t a trivial requirement; sure if they have ROdin, Goemon and Xiang Mei it’s not hard to supply SBs, but if they’re relying on Urd + Ares or something to supply the full board, then it gets trickier (because they need to dedicate more sub slots to damage rather than just SBs). However, I don’t think the requirements are too strict.


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