Alt Box Analysis: JP Non-IAP 20-Box


One of my ideas for a new post series is to follow the journey of one of my alts. My main account is fairly boring to chronicle as it has just about every card and can clear every dungeon, but a non-IAP account is more interesting; not because it’s non-IAP, but because the decisions mean more since you can’t just use your credit card to cover up mistakes or bad RNG. Since I’m unsure which account I want to write about — sadly there’s no way I have enough time to write about all my alts, let alone play all of them seriously — I’m first going to go over each account, analyze the decisions I’ve already made on them, and plan out where I want to go in the future.

Account Summary

I believe this account came about quite naturally: so I could collect free stones to roll in all the neato JP-only collabs in hopes of alleviating some of my impulses to roll and spend money on NA. It also helps that it’s easy to run a JP and NA account on the same device without any shenanigans. The fact that it’s easy to stay non-IAP is great for me; it’s just enough of a pain to buy stones on JP to prevent me from doing so (I don’t really want to go through the trouble of buying and loading JP iTunes cards). The 20-box part of the equation was an extension of this: if all I wanted to do was roll, then why waste stones on box space? When I finally started to take the account somewhat seriously, it seemed like it’d be a shame to break this limitation. While it’s quite literally hell finishing awoken evolutions (usually takes two to three weeks depending on the materials needed), it’s also quite satisfying when it’s done.

This account is now about 400 days old, but I’ve put almost no actual play time into it. Most of the time spent has been clearing one-time, challenge and stream reward dungeons for the easy stones and rewards. Up until about a month ago I barely cleared any normal dungeons — just a few when I was one stone short of a roll — but I recently gave in and cleared up to Legendary Earth as I needed the Zaerog for my Yomi Dragon and I didn’t feel like I could clear Dragon Rush. Up until last week, I hadn’t cleared any technicals, but I’m now making my way through them just so I can reach the Mythic Stone Dragon dungeons. Why Mythic Stone Dragons? Well, I want another way to farm keepers instead of waiting for the Tuesday dungeon or wasting resources on Evo Rush. This is important because even one less day of evo materials hogging up box space is crucial to a 20-box account. As for descendeds, I haven’t really cleared anything beyond what was needed for evolutions.

After a few fortunate rolls, most of them coming via the Dark Gala of all places, I now have a fairly nice dark box. Granted, all the teams suck, but there’s a good mix of utility and power among the subs and I have my choice of a few different leader options. Yomi Dragon is obviously my best leader, but I still don’t have the team cost to use her effectively. To be honest, even when I do get the team cost I’m going to try my best to avoid using her as a lead; I want to continue using cute leaders rather than powerful ones.

JP Easy Mode

JP truly is easy mode compared to NA. To give some perspective, I’ve never once farmed solely for tamas, +eggs, skill ups, or level fodder and yet the majority of my box is hypermax. Between the superior stream rewards and supplemental rewards through PAD Radar, I’ve never really had a shortage of any of the essential resources in the game. Almost all of my skill ups have come from stream reward Pys, the rest through Challenge reward Pys; NONE of my skill ups were through skill up fodder. My account may be 400 days old, but think about that for a second; NA really needs to step up their giveaway game. With this round of stream rewards including three +297s, I won’t need +eggs ever again (assuming I stick to 20-box and feed old +297s to new cards rather than selling them for MP).

For comparison, my first NA alt is about 500 days old and has no hypers or max skilled cards. I have plenty of tamas in the mail, though :^)

Also, two words: Noel Rush.

20-Box Tips

To be honest, I really don’t have much pertinent advice as I really haven’t been 20-boxing in the true sense of the challenge. Beyond something like “save as many materials as you can in your mail”-type advice, I do have a couple tips, but for the most part my advice will be the same as I give for normal accounts: “play how you want”.

  • Don’t be afraid to use MP to buy materials – Usually you never want to use MP for this type of purchase, but 20-boxing is not a usual way of playing. Since you have so many more stones to roll on actual cards and you end up selling the majority of them, you’ll be flush with MP. As non-IAP, it’s unlikely you’ll have a team for more than maybe one of the MP cards anyways, so after that first purchase, feel free to buy other things in the MP shop. This is especially important for evolutions as buying materials can save you loads of time.
  • You can still run dungeons at 20/20 space, but you can’t fetch mail rewards – This makes ordering important when you have evo materials like jewels in your mail. You always want to put the material in your mail into your box before you farm the last evo material.
  • Make good use of the urgent and coin Evo Rushes – This might be obvious, but there will be times where you have spare stamina so you may as well try you luck and try to get the material you need a few days earlier. Many of the challenges now reward five million coins so you should be able to run the coin version fairly often.
  • PAD Radar is your friend, even outside Japan – This is just another way to buy materials and get access to evo dungeons on demand. This becomes particularly relevant when you don’t need to use Radar for +eggs anymore. With so many people going out and about for Pokemon Go now, you might as well swipe a few orbs on Radar at the same time.
  • Don’t be afraid to turn your box upside down – Whether this means starting a whole new team or just switching to an entirely different element/playstyle, don’t be afraid to let go of your cards if it means you’ll have more fun in the long run.

Card-By-Card Analysis

Card Notes
1195 - Moonlit Shadow, Hattori Hanzo

Hanzo was pretty high on my list to sell for a long time, even with my two Hakus, but after he got attacker and devil killer awakenings he’s now pretty high on my keep list. He represents one of the biggest problems with 20-boxing: you never know when cards will be buffed and whether you’ll regret selling them.

1268 - Lunar Corona Byakko, Haku

Haku is probably the biggest reason I kept with this account for so long. I actually didn’t evo her until her fire form got dragon and god killer awakenings; the original plan was to evo to her awoken form, but I was too lazy to gather the materials at the time. Considering how weak my leaders of choice are, killer awakenings are crucial in dealing enough damage.

2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite

Kite was my first big collab gold and the only one I’ve kept. I never had a good team for him, but I kept him around to sub on Nephthys (of all things). Until I got Castor, I struggled with SBRs, so he was key there in addition to providing one of my few time extends. He’s also the only heartmaker I have; at least until I get enough team cost to use Yomi Dragon.

859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ

Baggi is indeed powerful, but the game has progressed to the point where he doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Three mediocre awakenings aren’t acceptable and most modern leaders already come with built-in tankiness. He’s been a mainstay on my Nephthys team, though, which should be an indicator of how bad her leader skill — supposedly a tanky one — actually is in today’s game. I probably should’ve sold him long ago, but I’m just too attached as I wanted him for so long on NA.

2497 - Dark Bell Star Angel, Lumiel

Even after the addition of true damage to her active skill, Lumiel is of questionable worth. Since I have two Hakus and Kite, her board change is almost useless to me. The laser is nice, but can’t be used against floors like PreDRAs since it only hits a single target. The main reason I’ve kept her around is because my leads do so little damage that I need the triple TPAs; her main advantage over killer awakenings is that she represents good damage in all dungeons against all floors. My hope is she’ll get a nice leader skill upgrade with her uuevo, her bind immunity being more relevant as a leader.

2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys

I had intended to always lead with Nephthys, but she’s just too weak and I don’t have the OP subs to make up for it so I’ve switched to maining Awoken Haku (of all things). I’m looking forward to her eventual uuevo. I don’t expect a huge buff, but uuevo Sarasvati gives me hope that she’ll become much better. I think bumping her up to 16x would at least make her usable again; I wouldn’t mind a time extend, either.

2519 - Holy Night Witch, Lilith

Lilith’s delay has proven to be critical to so many of my dungeon clears, but I keep overlooking her when it comes to hypermaxing. However, once the free +297 stream rewards come in, I don’t really have to worry about that anymore. I’m conflicted about keeping her or Orochi.

3062 - 滅刃の星機神, Castor

Castor quickly went from “meh” sub I only used to hit 100% SBR to an easy regular after his split uevo; those two skill boosts just make so much difference. It’s a little unfortunate that his god killer overlaps with Haku’s, but at the very least I have little trouble with those types of dungeons.

2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon

When you 20-box, you have no shortage of MP so I gave in and bought an MP Dragon. Yomi Dragon seemed like the only card that made sense for me, but she’s been largely unused due to team cost. It was also a huge pain in the ass to evo her, but at least clearing that box space allowed me to also awaken other cards.

2076 - Awoken Haku

There are worse things than dupe Hakus and this one has become my leader of choice, especially after her 16x buff. Yomi Dragon and Awoken Yomi are obviously better leaders, but I’ve been enjoying taking down dungeons with Haku, usually pairing with Christmas Haku when I need more firepower or Nephthys when I need tankiness against wood- and light-dominated dungeons.

2820 - Book Club's Literary Princess, Sleeping Beauty

I rolled pretty hard for Sleeping Beauty, needing both a bind clear (Yomi Dragon was not evoed at this point) and true damage (Lumiel didn’t get her laser yet). I’m unsure whether I’ll keep her around as I’ve barely used her, but she does see more use than Baggi at this point.

135 - Demon Viper Orochi

I’m planning to awaken Orochi, but I’m unsure what I’m going to do with him after that. I initially planned to use him for skill inheritance so I could ditch Lilith, but then I realized I don’t actually have a team to take on the content where such an SI would be useful.

2325 - Awoken Yomi

At least until I get better subs for Yomi Dragon, Yomi is probably my best overall lead. Sadly, I was never good at activating her consistently on NA nor do I feel like farming a Zaerog∞ for her team, so I probably won’t ever make the switch. She’s currently supplanted Nep as damage enhancer on my Haku team, her time extends proving more useful than Nep’s extra damage enhance.

2671 - Facet

Facet is the most questionable card currently in my box. The idea was to try making a TPA-based team with Orochi, Lumiel and Awoken Haku, meaning Facet supplies a 2.7x multiplier just from them. I’ll keep her around as long as I don’t need the space, hoping that someday I land a Satsuki. I’m not sure who I’d put her on, though.

Notable Sold Cards

I’ve sold way more cards than this, but these are the only screenshots I could dig up:

Aside from those, here’s what I can remember:

Card Notes
1672 - Norn of the Present, Verdandi

Verdandi was my starter roll back in the day when her team was one of the best available. For better or worse, all I rolled were dark cards so she was eventually sacrificed on the MP altar.

1927 - Abyssal Darkdragon, Vritra

My three rolls after Verdandi were Vritra, Hanzo and Haku. The plan at the time was to keep Verdandi as a backup plan while I paired Vritra with RSonia and rode the Haku + Hanzo burst combo to victory. I sold him once I rolled Nephthys, something I now regret due to his awoken form being fairly nice.

1950 - White Beast Demon, Ilm

Ilm was my first 6-star GFE on this account, something that made me a bit salty as I have yet to roll a second one on my main. With this roll, I could somewhat relate to non-IAPers when they roll a 6-star they simply have no use for and probably never will (although Ilm is pretty damned great for MZeus teams now).

1673 - The Norn Skuld

Another 6-star miss. Skuld is pretty damned nice with her recent uevo and buffs and I would’ve loved to have her as a starting roll, pairing with You Yu to take down all the content.

2353 - Eren Yeager

I think I was rolling Attack on Titan for Armin for use on Verdandi and got Eren in the process. His card is so underwhelming for a collab gold and the main character of the show. I’m sure I’ll regret it when the collab comes back, though, as buffs are almost certainly on the way, but seeing as I rolled almost no fire cards it won’t hurt that bad.

2145 - Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede

This was probably the most painful card to sell ever. I’m a huge Kaede fan — even before her ridiculous uevo — but I needed space to evo Yomi Dragon and the chance of me putting together a decent team for her were slim to none (again, this was before her uevo so I was thinking of her as a sub). If I rolled her after her buffs, I’d probably just scrap the rest of my box for her, but, alas, it was not to be.

Standard Teams

2076 - Awoken Haku1268 - Lunar Corona Byakko, Haku2497 - Dark Bell Star Angel, Lumiel3062 - 滅刃の星機神, Castor2325 - Awoken Yomi2513 - Snow Star Byakko, Haku
This is the team I use almost exclusively now. Awoken Haku’s resists are good in almost every dungeon and pairing her with Christmas Haku gives the team a good balance of offense and defense. Awoken Yomi has been a key player, giving me enough time to set up Haku boards for “massive” damage. Christmas Lilith is generally the only utility card I use; School Sleeping Beauty is used once in a while. This team only has 80% SBR; in the case I 100% I usually pair with another Awoken Haku or Nephthys. The most desired replacement would probably be Pandora or Satsuki over Lumiel.

2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys1268 - Lunar Corona Byakko, Haku2497 - Dark Bell Star Angel, Lumiel3062 - 滅刃の星機神, Castor2325 - Awoken Yomi2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys
Team look familiar? Yomi looks to be somewhat redundant with the Nep leads, but the team really, really needs the time extends; one of the easiest ways to increase damage on a low multiplier team is simply to make more combos. This team needs utility more often than the Haku team since it can’t do the burst necessary to bypass some mechanics. This means Baggi, Lilith and Sleeping Beauty all see regular use.

2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite2497 - Dark Bell Star Angel, Lumiel2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys2325 - Awoken Yomi859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite
My one Kite friend stopped playing and I’m not particularly sad about it. Yomi was a key pick up for the team as she covers wood, allowing me to also use Lumiel. Sadly, I don’t really have anything better to cover fire than Nep, but it’s not bad to have a second orb enhancer. Lilith can sub for her if the dungeon requires it. Baggi sees play because I don’t really have anything better and he can be useful to stall for orbs. Once I finish Hanzo, I might use him instead.

2325 - Awoken Yomi2076 - Awoken Haku1268 - Lunar Corona Byakko, Haku3062 - 滅刃の星機神, Castor2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon2325 - Awoken Yomi
If I had a Zaerog, I’d probably use him over the fire Haku unless she was particularly good against the dungeon at hand. An Izanami would also be nice, but I don’t know if she’s good enough to justify the box space. Once I hit a wall with Haku I may be forced to main this team instead.

2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon2076 - Awoken Haku1268 - Lunar Corona Byakko, Haku3062 - 滅刃の星機神, Castor2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, Nephthys2261 - God of the Night, Tsukuyomi Dragon
I actually don’t have any Yomi Dragon friends yet. This team is the best I can field and it isn’t exactly inspiring (even if I had the team cost to run it). There are a ton of cards I can roll that can make the team playable, though. It might be worth running Hanzo here even if he isn’t a god.

Plans for the Future

I plan to continue this account “for fun” and will continue to prioritize cute cards over good ones (although if they’re both, I wouldn’t complain). I don’t really have any in-game goals besides acquiring new cute cards. I’ve been trying to avoid rolling in collabs as of late, instead saving rolls for good godfests, but it’ll be hard to resist the Summer REM.

As the event and stream rewards provide just about everything I need, there’s no urgent desire to get an Arena 1 or +egg farming team going. Sadly, I also have almost no use for any farmable cards, either, with maybe Zaerog∞ being the only one remotely useful. I guess the goal is to get a team that can clear Challenge Dungeons Lv10s, but I’ll need a real leader for that.

As for what’s already in my box, I’m really hoping Nephthys and Lumiel get uuevos this year. Their awakenings are good, but they could really use a leader skill upgrade. Usually, I wouldn’t expect much, but the recent Sarasvati uuevo has given me hope that a uuevo can get a halfway decent leader skill.

I’m also hoping to get a mono-color lead someday so I can take advantage of the Haku + Hanzo combo. It looks like Persephone is my best bet there. Pandora is also a possibility, but I don’t really have any good row subs. Gremory would be nice and would encourage me to make Xin Hua my next MP purchase, but having no qualifying heartmakers already would make the transition rough; I guess she’d make a nice sub. Nobunaga, Vritra and Lucifer are also options, but they’re not cute.

Most Wanted Cards

In no particular order.

Card Notes
2292 - Bleak Night Daughter, Pandora

Summer Pandora was one of my most wanted cards on NA, so it only follows that I’d also want her on JP. It helps that I’d have an immediate use for her on this account, both her heartmaking ability and TPAs being valuable on a Haku team. I’m planning to save as many stones as I can for the Summer REM, which should hit JP (and hopefully NA) in about an month. A normal Pandora would also work; I just really need a heartmaker of some kind not named Yomi Dragon.

2592 - Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali

Eschamali would obviously be a boon for any dark team, but the chances of landing her are slim to none.

2751 - Awoken Persephone

On the other hand, Persephone is relatively easy to acquire. As a bonus over Eschamali, she’s also a great leader and would probably be my lead of choice should I be lucky enough to acquire her. The Haku + Hanzo combo would finally have a great home.

2290 - Snow-White Beauty, Valkyrie Claire

Claire has been high on my NA wishlist for a year now, more so for the art than actually being all that great. I’m currently planning to buy her on my JP account as my second MP card whether she gets buffs or not.

2150 - Ominous Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki

The desire to acquire Satsuki has significantly lowered as I now have Castor and Yomi Dragon to cover light on rainbow teams, but getting an actual good triple TPA card would allow me to sell Lumiel (although I’d be reluctant do so).

1784 - moonbeam fang witch, lilith

You’re probably asking yourself: really? Yeah, really. Mini Lilith is probably one of the best possible utility cards for my box, mostly because she’s a great utility assist skill, but also because her devil boost is relevant and she’s not a terrible sub in her base form. It’s not always about being the most powerful, but making the most use out of a single card slot. Sadly, she’s a gold in an otherwise terrible REM so acquiring her is unlikely.

537 - Ultimate Fencer Santa

I actually rolled super hard to get either Fencer from FFCD, but came up empty. This not only made me sad, but it meant I had no stones to roll in FF, making me even sadder. More so than Mini Lilith, Fencer would be a great utility player in my box. I’ll definitely try for her again when the collab comes back (next year?).

Cards Most Likely to Sell

In no particular order.

Card Notes
859 - ドスバギィ&バギィネコ

As stated earlier, Baggi is still super-powerful, but I’m not sure if he justifies his box space anymore. Since I’ve moved away from Nephthys, I don’t need his stalling power. He’s not even a great assist skill since his main upside was being virtually “always up”. I don’t even think I have much to worry about as far as buffs, either; since he’s off-color, there isn’t much they could give him that would make me want to use him more. As a silver, it’s unlikely he’d get significant buffs, anyways.

2671 - Facet

Probably my #1 candidate for selling. I’m just keeping her around for now as a possible assist and seeing if I can improve my TPA cards with future rolls.

2230 - 気狂いピエロ, Kite

Outside Yomi Dragon, Kite and Yomi are my best leaders, but I actually don’t want to lead with any of them and Kite is probably the ugliest out of the three (yes, Yomi Dragon might be ugly, but at least she has an excuse being a dragon). Meaning he’ll eventually go when I need the space.

2519 - Holy Night Witch, Lilith

Lilith has been a key sub for me, but even if Orochi is off-color, he provides the more powerful effect so I’m inclined to hold on to him instead. It’s not unreasonable to think I’d sell Orochi before her, though, depending on how my box develops.

2820 - Book Club's Literary Princess, Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is the only active bind clear in my box, but to be perfectly honest I wish she was her standard REM form instead as the true damage has been less useful than I had hoped. Once I get more team cost to run Yomi Dragon as a bind clearer, putting her up on the chopping block becomes a greater possibility.

Future of 20-Boxing

I never really intended to 20-box, but after remaining at that level for so long it just seemed like a shame to break it. It also presented interesting resource management dilemmas which made raising the account more interesting, even if at some times I regretted it due being forced to sell cards for space.

However, with new quest and badge system being released on JP, I’m beginning to question whether I want to break the limitation as the first couple of badges require you to increase your box space (30 space for the 100 team cost badge and 50 space for the one second time extend badge). I think I can do without the time extend badge, as much as I love extra time, but the team cost badge is mighty tempting, especially since it would allow me to finally make good use of my Yomi Dragon. On the other hand, I can definitely do without either badge, especially since I can eventually get the team cost by playing more.

Furthermore, there is increasing pressure to increase box space for skill inheritance. It’s one thing to have a team and its utility subs within 15 box spaces, but it becomes even more difficult to manage when you also need to consider assist skills. Even before the quest system was announced, I was thinking of increasing space to 25 just for assist skills.

For now, though, I think I’ll stay at 20. That limitation has really become the defining trait of this account and I’m more curious how far I can go with it rather than trying to make this account the best it can be or have a little more convenience.


I’ve become quite fond of this account as it provides a nice diversion from time to time. I’m looking to invest more time into it, mainly in the form of farming stones to roll for more cards (I’ve cleared almost no descendeds outside those needed for evo materials). I’m leaning towards blogging about this alt over my others, but since I’ve already accomplished so much on it, I’m not sure if it’s the best choice. However, since I presumably wouldn’t need to write about it as often, I might do this account in addition to whatever else I might choose.


9 thoughts on “Alt Box Analysis: JP Non-IAP 20-Box

  1. Love this box, you have Kite! and Baggie.
    Although does anyone care about Kite in the JP Meta anymore?
    From a collector stand point, its still very cool


    • Kite had his time in the sun. He was one of the top lead for the longest time. He’s still great for most dungeons but he can’t keep up in the end game dungeons. However, he will never be completely bad because his active is very powerful.


  2. The amount of giveaways Japan receives is nothing short of astonishing.

    I once wanted to do the 20-box challenge with my alt but in the end I just wasn’t strong enough hahaha. My boyfriend likes to play it anyways and he’s the type of person who will spend 20+ gems in a row on nothing but box space. With Sumire’s upcoming ult I’m super excited for what my alt will be able to do. Me having You Yu makes it easier to co-op as well.


    • I think what helped me get over the hump with 20-boxing is that I didn’t even really play the account for the first 300 days or so. This means I just didn’t have to deal with the lack of space very much and now that I’m playing the account in earnest, I don’t have to dedicate any box space to skill ups, +eggs, evo mats, etc. because it’s all already been done.


  3. I also main play a JP account(a bit of IAP at the beginning) and a non-IAP KR account. You are so right about JP being super generous with stream rewards and everything else, and also the recent addition of Quest Badges and rewards. With the introduction of PAD Radar, I never have to farm for plus eggs along with new +297 Hera/Zeus dungeons(I have about 20+ of them lined up in my mail). I wish NA would be even half generous as JP and just give us tama dungeons for a stone/tama during events and all but not sure that will happen to us.

    I got a bit lucky with rolls on KR account with a Radra team with one DKali and a Youyu team with two Skuld. I don’t know how anyone can do 20 box challenge, I’m a bit of pack rat and even on my non-IAP side I have about 500 boxes >_< It will be interesting to see what will unfold on your 20 box adventure though 🙂


  4. Ah, I miss the good ol’ days of tons of Kites everywhere… Sadly, I lost most of my Kite friends except for my one BF.
    I also started my first 20 box with Rukia (on JP) just yesterday, and holy crap it is very difficult to evolve things. XP


  5. Hey Setsu,
    I also set up a non-IAP JP account, but not doing the 20 box challenge. Could you evaluate my box, as to whether I should restart or not?


    • Sure, assuming that your box pretty small, I can do that outside the godfest help thread. Just link a screenshot to your box and I’ll give it a quick look over.


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