Alt Box Analysis: My Friend’s Rank 428 Non-IAP Account

PADherder (link defunct since I accidentally overwrote the data with my main account and have no way of restoring it, sigh.)

I inherited this account from one of my IRL friends. His interest in the game seemed to be waning, so he’s letting me take care of his account while he takes a break of indeterminate duration. The goal is to set him up as well as possible for whenever he wants the account back or, in the worst case, have an alt account that can permanently co-op with my main.

A Misallocation of Resources

To be frank, the account is a mess. For a non-IAP account, far too many stones were spent on box space (2100+) and the ones that weren’t were used on a few too many special and collab REMs. What’s left is a box with far too little diversity for an account that’s about 500 days played.

The origin of the problem was that he got extremely lucky during his first PCGF, netting him fairly good Bastet and Shiva teams in a minimal amount of rolls (for reference, this was when Bastet was arguably the best lead in the game). I guess when you have a few functional teams, there’s little motivation to continue spending stones wisely, but that obviously didn’t work out in the long term. Now that those leaders are outdated — Bastet Ace when? — the box is left with no leader that would be considered elite. Even worse still, it’s short on MP (not that there’s an MP team in this box, but still). There’s also very little invested in farming teams; the account doesn’t even have a single Goemon.

Co-op Is the Only Solution

Since there’s little salvation within the box, we have to look outside. As IAP nor MP are options, only farmable solutions are available. Sadly, in today’s game the only real options are Miru and the various co-op teams (MHera, MZeus, etc). Seeing as the only solid Miru sub in this box is DQXQ, the only path forward is though co-op.

Luckily, this box has a few key cards will help pave the way for a decent rate of advancement; more than I expected than when I first gave the box a look over. Here are the major ones:

Card Notes
2903 - Awoken Liu Bei

At this point, Liu Bei is the best card in the box. Everyone should know how good Zeus-Dios is at this point and Liu Bei is generally regarded as the best leader for them. The goal is to get three hyper Dioses on this account ASAP with the fourth coming eventually.

2765 - One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth

Wew. This account also has Ra, but who needs Ra for MZeus carries when you have Sephiroth? Not only should I be able to carry this account to MZeus glory with my main, but there’s a good possibility that I can even farm skill ups at a decent rate.

2506 - King's Gaze Demon Lord, Baal

Really? Yes, really. Baal might be the best all-around SI base for co-op. Of course, this really depends on having MZeus, but with Seph that shouldn’t be a problem.

Cards aside, perhaps the greatest advantage this account has and the best reason to go co-op is that my main can carry it through just about every dungeon. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this as much as possible.

Zeus-Dios: The Savior

2948 - 超覚醒 Zeus DiosThe advent of Dios’s ultimate gives even the crappiest of boxes newfound hope. Even if you don’t have Liu Bei, there are plenty of MZeus-based Dios teams that are competent as well. Setting up this account with a good co-op team boils down to completing these steps:

  1. Getting an MZeus
  2. Evoing Liu Bei
  3. Farming Dios skill ups
  4. Farming +eggs for those Dioses

(1) is already covered by this box having access to Sephiroth (and in the worst case, I can get someone to carry me with the Ra-based dacho carry team). (2) is basically done outside a few Dub-Mythits. For (3), there are a few options, but farming Dios’s own dungeon is probably the easiest and most efficient. There’s no great solution in this box for (4), but I have a few ideas.

Farming Zeus-Dios Skill Ups

2006 - Avowed Thief, Ishikawa GoemonCurrently on NA, Dios is in the Descended Challenge meaning I have a prime opportunity to farm skill ups while also being able to grab a small amount of +eggs through 10x. The other options — Green Bowl and Beorc — are plausible, but Dios is the best if only for the small possibility of Griffin skill ups. Why Griffin? Well, believe it or not, it’s one of the better skill inheritance bases for a Dios-based team. On top of being farmable, the short cooldown means you can inherit an orb change for early use in a dungeon, then have the orb enhance ready later in the dungeon for the extra burst. The wood sub-element is also necessary when farming light absorb bosses like MHera.

The one catch is that this version is 7×6, meaning everything has slightly more HP. The four-swipe team is really the only option for this box, but it needs to be slightly adjusted to compensate. Thankfully, the only real change is that you need an additional nuke after Goemon’s to clear Griffin, the adjustments made easier since my main team can supply the necessary skill boosts.

Also by good fortune, this account has enough materials to make two uevo Goemons. Which will certainly be put to good use for a long time.

Farming +Eggs

312 - Blazing Ice OgreThis box has a few button options, but outside Ra and maybe Zeromus, none of them are that appealing. This means there are really only two options for +egg farming: 1) relying on my main account to do the bulk of the work while supplying a Goemon or two for good measure and 2) Mechdragons.

I’m almost certainly going to be carrying this box through dungeons like Kanetsugu, but outside a well timed Challenge, the good descendeds aren’t exactly on a reliable schedule anymore. This means the other option is farming Mechdragons on 20x which should happen every three days even outside of events. Why Mechdragons? Because of this completely farmable, poverty button team:

There’s also the possibility of running a poverty team for Thieve’s Den, which I cover in this post. Luckily, this account should have enough poverty nukes to run the MZeus team with my main.

Liu Bei Team Options

2903 - Awoken Liu BeiWhile MZeus is a nice option, I believe we’re going to get the most use out of Liu Bei. There’s already a bevy of fairly optimized Liu Bei-Dios teams for just about every dungeon worth farming. The catch is we don’t have many utility options, meaning some of the super-optimal farming teams aren’t available to us. However, in most cases, this side can just supply three or four Dioses and leave the utility up to my main account.

Rather than go over possible team configurations, here are a few videos that demonstrate teams we can use to farm various dungeons:

Farming MP could be something we want to do in the future and Scarlet is one of the best dungeons to do so. This would allow us to pick up a solo leader like Xiu Min (the only MP card we’re close to a team for) or something like Christmas Sonia since we’re lacking a wood mass orb changer. If Awoken Cao Cao becomes a thing, having a max skill Scarlet or two might be nice as well.

Linthia is probably our best best for Dub-Mythlits; might as well pick up some MP in the process.

Finally, Zaerog∞ is pretty good for just about everything and only requires our side to have four Dioses.

Of course, if Liu Bei-Dios can do these types of dungeons, there should be a way to beat things like Challenge Dungeons and other descendeds that need farming. This team is my #1 priority.

MZeus Team Options

2528 - Awoken Machine ZeusThis box has few good MZeus options outside of maybe Baal. Even if we get creative, we’re really going to have to temper our expectations on what we can clear and farm. I do think a reasonable MHera team can be cobbled together, but it won’t be the most reliable. This box just lacks far too many quality cards to take on the most difficult content, but in the end, we aren’t looking to farm super-endgame content. Just as long as farming dungeons for skill ups gets easier, that’s a win in my book.


A Dios-based team is probably the most accessible MZeus lineup, especially for a box like this that has few good sub options. The idea is to run two or three Dioses, fill out the rest of the team with orb changers, then rely on our partner to supply any utility needed for the dungeon. Sadly, this box is really lacking for good mass orb changers. We have options, but none of them can replace a full-board option Avalon Drake or GSonia.

Card Notes
2903 - Awoken Liu Bei

Liu Bei is the only wood mass orb changer in the box; unfortunately he has a team to lead. So if I plan on farming something like MHera with MZeus, using him as a sub or assist skill means I won’t have access to his team in the interim.

2771 - Adventurous Wind, Bartz

After Liu Bei, Bartz is our best orb changer, guaranteeing at least 10 wood orbs on a given board. At worst, that’s enough for a row and a TPA. It’s a bit awkward changing columns into rows, but desperate times and all. He’s only at skill level 2 so I’ll have to feed him Woodpys.

2500 - Archangel of Annihilation, Michael

For MHera specifically, we need cards with a wood sub-element in order to address her light absorb shield. Michael is the best in the box and will likely be used alongside Griffin to fill this role.

1212 - Royal Hunting Beast, Griffin

As stated earlier, Griffin is one of our better options. Underwhelming, for sure, but sometimes you just need something to fulfill a role.

1096 - Wind Twin Star Fafnir

Fafnir is also an option as an SI base. While four rows, he’ll be tempting to use. His other forms are intriguing as well; unforuntately none have machine killer, but a dragon killer is still quite nice.


We’re very far from a competent light-based team, but there are some pieces that are worth developing in hopes of getting better options in the future. This box’s biggest weakness is diversity, so while it may not look like much now, it’ll pay off in the future.

Card Notes
2506 - King's Gaze Demon Lord, Baal

Without Baal, there wouldn’t be any point in speculating about a light team. Even with him, it’s questionable whether this route is worth pursuing, specially since Dios should meet most of our needs. However, as stated earlier, we need to start diversifying our options.

1745 - Sacred Divine Flower, Xiao Qiao

DQXQ is our best light option after Baal. I’ll be evoing her to XQ and keeping her that way for the foreseeable future; while she lacks the light rows of her other forms, the dragon killer is much more valuable for what we’re trying to do.

1928 - Awoken Venus

Venus is pretty far from what we want to be doing since she only has one skill boost and no killer awakenings, but she’ll serve as a decent SI base until we get something better.

2441 - Judging-Claw Orange Dragonbound, Saria

Saria is far from useful for speedfarming, but there’s a chance we might need her board change to address hazard orbs in the future; it’s the only one we have (besides LKali, I guess).

1873 - Holy Emperor, Thouzer

Similar to wood, the biggest weakness of our light box is the lack of a mass orb changer. Also similar to wood, our best option is an orb spawner that doesn’t exactly make it easy to make rows. Like Bartz, Thouzer guarantees at least 10 orbs on a given board. He’s also known for making a nice follow-up to a Raphael board.

Utility and Roleplayers

These are cards in the box that have utility use or might see niche use in the future, almost exclusively as assist skills.

Card Notes
2777 - Novice Sky Pirate, Vaan

Vaan is probably best known for being an assist skill for fire-based MZeus teams. We’re extremely far from a team like that, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

2012 - Awoken Ra

Ra is our only real utility card, but he’ll allow us to farm Mythical Plus rogue dungeons for the PreDRAs and their MP.

2449 - Five Stars of Nanto, Juza of the Clouds

It’s unlikely we’ll ever get the pieces for a true button team, but it’s worth keeping Juza in mind, especially since we have a couple multi boost cards to inherit him on, Jize probably being the most likely target.

1349 - Exa-Hydra

We have a few mediocre delay options, but Exa Hydra is the only one we can use for skill inheritance. We’d obviously prefer Awoken Orochi for the lower cooldown, especially since we don’t have many good skill boost cards.

1127 - Angelious

With no Raphael, Elementals or even Ganesha, Angelious is unfortunately our best damage void option.

Janky, Farmable Substitutes

Sometimes you just need the active skill.

Card Notes
2434 - Light Dog Dragon, Chinbowdra

Raphael is simply one of the best cards in the game and is pretty much essential to any MZeus team. In lieu of the real thing, we’ll be using one of the dog skill up fodders in dungeons that allow it.

2532 - Yellow Ice Armor Dragon, Tsih

Orochi is almost as essential as Raphael, the reason he isn’t is because delays are somewhat replaceable. If we ever decide to skill up an MZeus, skilling up one of these skill up fodders will also be a priority.

Most Wanted Cards

Card Notes
2501 - Archangel of Creation, Raphael See above.
2322 - Awoken Orochi See above.
2752 - Celestial Guardian Dragon, Avalon Drake

Avalon Drake would be able to pull triple duty for us: on Liu Bei and on both wood and light MZeus teams. Any mass orb changer for either wood or light is desirable — Ilm, GSonia, Apollo, Artemis, Australis, etc. etc. — but AvaD is by far the best for us.

654 - Freyja, the Fertility Goddess

Freyja represents just about all wood and light cards with relevant killer awakenings — Leeza, Sasuke, Hanzo, etc. — but she is particularly good because she helps trivialize MHera.

Future Plans

These are the overarching plans I have for the near future:

  1. Make 2x Goemons
  2. Make 4x Tengus
  3. Obtain and eventually evo MZeus
  4. Skill 3x Zeus-Dios
  5. Farm +eggs
  6. Wood evos: Bartz, Griffin, Fafnir
  7. Light evos: Venus, DQXQ, Thouzer

With the Christmas REM coming back, buying a Christmas Sonia is very tempting. We’re very short on MP, but over the course of a week we should be able to farm enough through Zaerog and Scarlet.


There’s enough to do with my friend’s account that makes it interesting to me. I can see myself dedicating a decent amount of time raising this as a co-op account, especially since it means that I’ll either have another partner to co-op with or an alt to co-op with myself. I’m interested to see how Liu Bei turns out and I’m also excited to see what kind of rolls the REM gives us.


8 thoughts on “Alt Box Analysis: My Friend’s Rank 428 Non-IAP Account

  1. I just inherited an account from a buddy that’s non iap and pretty neglected, and for the most part this entry helped a lot in just getting a sense of direction with it. are there any other farmable leads for Zeus dios teams besides Zeus dios himself? I was thinking of uevo kaguya for the unconditional 4x to team with my Liu bae, any suggestions?


  2. My friend gifting me his account that had a decent fire box with Freyr to pair up with my Raoh has breathed so much new life into Pad for me. Farmed the Monday dungeon like mad to get up to rank 250 before the last reset for the 150/250 machines…. was initially disappointed rolling Baal/Cao Cao but I think A Cao/Raoh is going to be an absolute blast to play. Basically a 1.5/36/2 team. I have Sun Quan on my main and Hermes on the alt which I was planning to build teams for at one point but a potential 2/24/2 team isn’t looking especially attractive anymore which is crazy:)

    Also both teams have a max skilled Sarasvati with pretty optimal subs and both have Tsubaki and at least one A Leilan ready….glass cannon teams for sure, but should be loads of fun to play. Have all the mats ready for Miru for both accounts which should be able to clear nearly anything. I really love how steadily they’ve upgraded old cards in this game along with introducing new.


    • Not a strong GF, but with nearly 100 stones built up on the alt from clears I decided to roll a few times this morning for fun. Wish list was Krishna for nostalgia slash optimism, Rodin, Sumire, and Saria because all that’s missing on the alt Miru team is a full board change.

      Berserker Z, Thanatos, & Saria. Happy and stopping.


  3. I know someone who is rank ~100, and she fused away all of her good/usable leaders and subs to worse ones. She kept things like RRH, since the flat multiplier, and fed things like Sakuya to her, not even selling her for MP. To make matters worse, so also fed away fat chocobo. I guess sometimes, it’s still worth to reroll, even at rank 100.


  4. How viable would it be for the alt to farm God Rush for Dios skillups? It’s slower, but you’d get some +eggs, Elia for Light, and fatdragons. It’s also always available.

    By my calculator, with Dios x 3 + Tengu on alt and Dios x 3 + Tengu@Vaan on main, you would only need 6/5/4 skillups on Dioses to start farming God Rush.
    (My notes, including list of rowmaker actives:


    • This is an interesting option, but I’m almost done skilling up my alt’s Dioses. I did it with no stones in about a week. I plan to write a post about it. If I remember, I’ll refer to this option in that post.


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