JP 20-Box Update 1



  • JP godfest rolls (9): Got Satsuki! 100% gold rate. 5/9 rolls were GFEs, with two being 6-stars. Pretty damned lucky. I now have more than enough MP to buy Summer Claire.
  • Various descended clears: I forget exactly which, but nothing particularly difficult. I need to keep better track of this.
  • To do: Evo Awoken Orochi. Hyper Satsuki. Continue to clear dungeons for easy stones.
  • 400 days!

400 Days


Forgot to take a screenshot of the login screen. If this came a day earlier, I likely would’ve rolled it in the godfest. I’ll roll these stones for Summer Pandora.

JP Godfest Results

Since I have no box space, I couldn’t take a nice box shot to summarize my rolls so I took screenshots of each roll instead.

I farmed stones all week and got up to nine rolls. Having only GFEs featured at 5x was too tempting to pass up. The hope was to roll Eschamali, Satsuki, Gremory, or Typhon, but anything GFE would suffice so I could reach 300k MP for Summer Claire when she hits JP again in a month or so (presumably).

Roll Analysis

Card Notes
2149 - Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki Satsuki was one of the rolls I most wanted so it felt great to get her on the first roll. If I didn’t need MP, I would’ve stopped here. I’ve never been a fan of pairing TPAs with low multipliers, but that’s really all I have to work with so any damage boost is welcome. She’ll most likely take Lumiel’s regular spot on my Haku team and she also makes a Yomi team a reality. As such, I’m strongly considering biting the bullet and making a Zaerog∞ now, but I’d need to clear two box spaces to make him since he needs three cards to evo. I do have some expendable slots, but I’m not sure I’m ready to do that.
1413 - Happy Forest Maiden, Red Riding Hood

Troll gold. Sasuga GungHo.

1704 - Drifting Wizard, Wee Jas

Wee Jas was always an intriguing assist skill, but now that he got devil and physical killers, he makes me wish I had kept my Kaede. If he was dark I’d probably keep him.

2508 - Green Dragonbound, Sylvie

Another roll to make me wish I kept my Kaede. Not too much, though, since she’s pretty ugly. I’ll take the 50k MP.

2994 - 魔伯爵, Ronove

Ugh. I’ll regret selling Kaede for the rest of my PAD career. I happen to have 300k MP to buy Ragnarok Dragon, too.

2944 - Balboa

Now fully punished for abandoning wood. Balboa isn’t a great card, but would be a nice complement to any wood box.

799 - Ame no Uzume

The least useful card I’ve rolled so far; at least Red Riding Hood is a good poverty Xiang Mei sub and Wee Jas is all-around improved after getting his killer awakenings.

1667 - Nephthys


1950 - White Beast Demon, Ilm

…and the final kick to the balls. This account has rolled more Ilms than my main. Sadness. I’ll feel better once I buy Claire (I think).

To Do List

  1. Evoing Awoken Orochi is the #1 priority.
    1. The first step is to finish evoing Tengu on Tuesday. Gotta get the Rainbow Keeper first (this takes up my last free box space), then I can run Gold Keeper for the Wood and Dark Keeper at the same time, allowing both to fit into the overflow space (pls no Rainbow invade on the Wood or Dark floors).
    2. Beyzul is a little bit trickier since I don’t have access to a blue Super King. There’s a Sapphire Kings urgent today at 9pm, but if I get one I won’t have space for the keepers for Tengu and would have to sell something to make space; something I don’t want to do right now. However, I’m currently at 42 fire orbs on PAD Radar and if I get a little lucky I might be able to buy the Tuesday dungeon before (need 50 orbs to buy it), but the downside is I’d likely have to stone for stamina. Decisions, decisions. Getting Beyzul is actually the easy part since I can run Legendary Seaway any time I have free stamina.
    3. I already have the jewels.
    4. Already +297.
    5. I have two Bubpys and three Py dungeons in my mail. I’m debating whether I want to skill him up now or just wait (I can use the Py dungeons on Satsuki who would have a greater impact on my teams). I’m thinking I’ll wait since Bubpys from Challenge rewards are useless to me otherwise.
  2. Hypering Satsuki
    1. When I get the evo materials really depends on when I finish Orochi.
    2. Thanks to the JP stream rewards, I already have a +297 for her.
    3. For skill ups, I have a maximum of four Badpys. I also have one Queen Metal in my box; maybe I’ll get lucky and get the last skill up from that (I mean, 5x skill up bonus is coming soon, so it’s a coin flip, I guess). If not, then the last one might take a while since I can only really only run SKC once per hour, twice if I time the rank up accordingly. I guess Enhance Carnival is also an option.
    4. The biggest shortage I have now are tamas. The +297 is on a tama so that’s one, but I’ll need to scrounge together four more after that. I’m going to start trying to S-rank some dungeons once I get some box space. Buying tamas from the MP store has also been a strong consideration…
    5. For levels, I only have two Snow Globes left. I also have my present egg which has the possibility for one. Normally I’d just feed them to Satsuki, no questions, but I also need to level Hanzo.
  3. Max level Hanzo – see: Satsuki.
  4. Evo Facet – Now that I have Satsuki, keeping Facet around for SI just got much more attractive. I still don’t think I’m going to use her, but I’m going to keep her around as long as I can. If I decide to make a Zaerog, she’ll likely be the first to go to make space.
  5. Keep clearing dungeons for stones. Funny thing: I totally forget challenge mode was a thing since it’s probably been a year since I’ve done them on NA.

Misc. Thoughts

This is the first time I’ve run into a tama shortage. JP actually does a good job of handing them out, at least one event a month featuring tama dungeons. I’ve ignored S-ranks up to this point, but I’ll probably pay more attention in the future. I understand how new NA players love getting tamas, but the stone is so much better, especially now that co-op is a thing.

This is also the first time I’ve had a shortage of level fodder. I’ve had so many Snow Globes stored in my mail that it’s never really been a problem. I’m hoping I have Satsuki evoed before the next Enhance Carnival ends.


4 thoughts on “JP 20-Box Update 1

  1. farming for z8 is going to be rough with a dark team… that dungeon is pure dark hate haha

    Selling your avatar waifu has cursed you 😦


    • Well, tbh you just need one, then wait for stream and challenge Pys. The real challenge will be getting all the evo mats. JP easy mode confirmed.


      • haha, how silly of me to compare NA to JP… Pys on Z8.. only in JP, easy mode indeed lol

        Have you planned ahead on how Skill Inheritance would work on your 20 box.. must be a pain trying to save 4 spots for the exact 4 tans you need


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