NA Alt Update 1: 3x Hypermax Zeus-Dios; No Stones Spent


With Dios in the current (now previous) Challenge set, I spent the week or so farming skill ups for my friend’s alt account (as I planned in the original box analysis post). While I easily could’ve just stoned for skill ups, I felt like there was little point in “wasting” stones on an account that needed every godfest roll it could get. Since the alt was still at a rank where it could go infinite farming Zaerog∞ (infinite meaning I could play continuously on rank stamina refreshes alone), I decided to use that dungeon to get the bulk of each rank, then fit in as many Dios runs I could with any extra stamina before the rank refresh. There are plenty of reasons why this is attractive beyond going infinite as the dungeon has so much value: Super Kings, +eggs, MP and Zaerog himself (this box needs every quality card it can get) in addition to the standard co-op bonuses. The MP was particularly attractive as I’m planning to buy this account a Christmas RSonia to fill the role of a wood mass orb changer.

Going Infinite With ∞

According to PDX, the minimum EXP Zaerog∞ Mythical Plus rewards is 59,000. PadGuide says the minimum is 60,449. Which ever number you choose, you can get a few ranks past 500 using continuous stamina refreshes only off Zaerog. However, considering we also want to get some Dios runs in, this strategy is best used at rank 460 or lower, thereabout. Those at higher ranks can use dungeons like MHera and SUDR to similar effect, but lose out on some of the benefits Zaerog offers, mainly MP.

I initially chose Zaerog because it’s “easy”, something particularly important for my alt account that has a limited number of sub options. The other rewards are indeed great, but this was the overriding decision. Instead of going too in depth about the teams, have a video:

Yeah, I could’ve been more efficient, primarily in choosing subs for my main account, but I didn’t really want to waste time theorycrafting and just stuck with what seemed to work. Here are some floor-by-floor notes for posterity:

  1. Match type priority: fire mass attack, dark mass attack, three-orb light + some other combo (can’t clear with just the light match).
  2. Try to clear with dark mass attack. If not, three-orb light and try to clear as many darks as possible.
  3. Light TPA only. Try to minimize dark skyfall chances or match fire (unlike the video, Raph should be positioned after the dark sub-element cards to negate the effect of the absorb shields).
  4. Most MZeus runs will probably have Raphael’s shield up going into this floor, but I like saving him for the boss floor to make a full light board for the easy kill. If you do get one of the preemptive strikes, just match to switch back to P1, have them Raph and swipe to switch back to P2, then P2 kills. My alt needs a row to kill a few of the spawns, but better teams can get away with a TPA. If you use Raph here, P2 must save Baal for floor 9.
  5. One of the spawns has a preemptive strike, but is also on a two-turn timer and also does nothing on its first turn so it should be easy to work around this. Although you won’t have to if you used Raphael earlier. I think all spawns on this floor can be killed with a TPA.
  6. Mass dark and three-orb light can kill.
  7. Can clear with a TPA and a few combos, but since this is one of few places you can die, I generally try to overkill to be safe.
  8. If P1 is up on this floor, pass to P2. P1 can use an orb change before passing if P2 needs it. P2 uses Ra.
  9. P2 clears with a row. If you used Raph already, use Baal here even if you don’t need the orbs.
  10. P2 eats the skill delay. P1 kills with Ra.
  11. P1 can kill through Zaerog’s shield with Raph -> heartbreaker or with two rows (could be less, not sure, didn’t try). If you can’t make enough orbs, then just no-match or single match so the turn goes to P2. Zaerog will dispel Baal’s counterattack instead of binding. P2 passes back to P1 and P1 kills with a row (once again, could be less, didn’t try).

P1’s MZeus would ideally have one SDR to deal with a floor 6 latent invade. That way when you get to the PreDRA floor, you can use MZeus’s haste to get Ra ready.

The Math

I was hoping to make a table, but the math is not so easy. There are quite a few variables that are beyond the scope of what I want to model, but if we run under the assumption that natural stamina regen is ignored and that each rank starts with no overflow EXP, we can at least draw a baseline for what can be done. Ignoring stamina regen is a big deal as for many ranks you could fit another Dios run in. With it, it becomes more likely that you fit in an extra run the closer your maximum stamina is to a multiple of 25. Of course, overflow EXP counts for a lot, too.

Rank 497 seems to be the cap for which you can utilize this strategy. Again, it’s probably effective for longer, but under our assumptions, this is where the line ends. However, past 484, you’re doing 1 Dios run for every 9 Zaerog runs which hardly seems to be worthwhile. Generally, until rank 446 you’ll get at least 3 Dios runs in for every 6 Zaerog, with the ratio generally getting better the lower rank you are.

I started skilling my Dioses around rank 430 and finished at rank 462; in general, I had to do about 6 Zaerog runs and usually got 3-4 Dios runs in. At lower ranks you’ll get a higher ratio of Dios to Zaerog runs per rank, so it really pays off for newer accounts to do this type of thing.

On a slight tangent, it looks like you can only run Zaerog continuously until about 528 (using PadGuide’s numbers). Which is a bit unfortunate as it’s great for farming MP, something this alt is in dire need of. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for MP after this; I guess stoning is the only choice unless they release a more generous dungeon. I guess it’s also possible to do the same thing we did for Dios for Zaerog except running MHera or SUDR instead (although I’m not sure this alt will ever have a SUDR-capable team).

Farming Dios

Another janky ass team, but it got the job done. I’m sure it could be optimized, especially on my main’s side, but, once again, I didn’t want to waste time researching teams when this one worked fine. This team was based on the farmable team outlined in this post, slightly modified because 7×6 has higher HP (on Griffin in particular).

Two Birds With One Stone


I wish I kept track of how much MP this account had when I started, but it’s pretty safe to say I farmed at least 100k MP. That’s pretty amazing value all things considered. Now the dilemma. Christmas RSonia is available for a week starting Monday. I can start farming the rest now (without 10x) or I can wait and see if Awoken Liu Bei and Dios make it to NA later in the week. I think I’ll just wait and see as farming with only 5x severely lowers the value. It’ll allow me to use some stamina on some much need urgents and evo mats, too.

I also managed to snag a few Griffin skill ups:


I don’t know where I’m going to finish off the rest of them, though. I skilled my main’s through Sky Dragons back in the day when 3x normals were a thing, but that doesn’t seem to be an option any more (unless normals are still getting 10x randomly, I haven’t really kept track, to be honest). I might just dump a few thousand pal points into the rare monster machine, but that seems like a waste, too, as those points could be used on the enhance machine.

Liu Bei-Dios Is Ready to Go… Kinda

Embarrassingly enough, I actually need some tamas to finish off the Dioses. If worse comes to worst, I can just buy the coin dungeon. Outside that, I have the evo materials and Woodpys for Awoken Liu Bei ready, hopefully he hits this week.


5 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 1: 3x Hypermax Zeus-Dios; No Stones Spent

    • First, you should ask yourself if you really need to skill him up in the first place. If you’re doing co-op, chances are you don’t.

      If this is for solo play, I actually can’t say. Seeing as I have a million fire jewels wasting away in my box and Super King Carnival costing half price due to co-op, I’m leaning toward recommending just skilling via max leveled dupes. However, if you’re non-IAP and have Flampys sitting around doing nothing, then you might as well use them.

      So, it really comes down to your specific situation; there isn’t a single answer that’s right for everyone.


  1. For mythical beasts actually the dupe method is / used to be quite efficient since these monsters don’t need that much xp for max level.


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