NA Alt Update 2: Grinding MP


I’m still not sure how I want to process these updates. It’s actually a lot more trouble keeping track of all the little accomplishments than I thought so I’m thinking of making most updates as simple as possible; basically just a dump of all the random screenshots I take and a few notes about them. If there’s something worth writing about, then I’ll put more effort into a separate post (like my Dios post).

So the big goal for last week was to finish off the last MP farming to buy Christmas Sonia. I get about 6-7k MP an hour farming Zaerog with my ghetto MZeus team so it took longer than I would’ve liked, but now I finally have a good assist skill for my Liu Bei-Dios team. This account had pretty good luck with Dios skill ups and that continued with Sonia, going 5/15. I button farmed Expert since Int had a surprisingly poor drop rate due to no fixed spawns (To clarify, none of the difficulties appear to have fixed spawns for the Sonia fodder. I meant that Int is usually the best for non-boss fodder due to these types of dungeons having fixed spawns, but not in this case. Expert just had a decent drop rate despite no fixed spawns and was also buttonable). I somehow got a Snow Globe drop.

With 99% of my PAD life being button and/or co-op farming, I’m surprised I can still use real leads. The tamadra struggle is real on this account and it’s really hard to fit in tama urgent runs when stamina has to be prioritized elsewhere, so S-ranking in one shot has become important again.

This is a bit late, but these are the teams I used to clear MZeus, on the first try no less. The idea was to just make a bastardized version of the dacho carry team except with Sephiroth, but it turns out that the carry side can actually clear floors on its own since Sephiroth can clear trash floors by himself. I’ll eventually have to skill up an MZeus, but I’m not looking forward to that at all. I’ll have to iron out a better set of teams that can clear it more reliably.


Yes, that’s a hypermax Griffin. I used I think I went like 80% on his skill ups. I still got impatient and Py’ed the last five. It may seem like a waste, but there’s just no good place to skill him up and I wanted to start farming now rather than later. Here he is in action:

Player 2 is fully farmable. Yes, I include Christmas Sonia as farmable since that’s basically what I did. Player 1 can basically be farmable, too. I think you can use like Jormungandr for the poison and then any true damage for the Dub-Mythlit floor (element or skill boost shouldn’t matter) and the team should still work (17 total skill boosts). I prefer using poison on the PreDRAs for this team since it saves you the trouble of manually passing. I switched from Zaerog to Linthia for the Dub-Myths, but I’ll probably go back to Zaerog once I figure out a team for it (the Super Kings are really nice).

Farming Linthia has brought attention to another problem this account has though: skill delay resists. I’m sure this is a problem for anyone that didn’t get in on the coin MHera train in the short window that we could co-op it. The immediate remedy would be inheriting garbage skills on top of the Dioses, but unfortunately this account doesn’t have any of those ready. As tamadras are already a scarce resource, I’ve accepted that I’ll be wasting time stalling out the delay if it hits this account. Maybe when I have less pressing matters I’ll look spending stamina to remedy this problem.

Going forward, the immediate goal is to uevo MZeus; yes, I still haven’t done that. That’ll be the priority on Tuesday and I’ll likely stone stamina to get it done in a single day. In the long term, I want to figure out an MHera team and skill one up. This alt actually has some decent dark cards — Lucifer and Jize being the best skill inheritance bases — and I want to eventually make an Arena 1 farming team. Outside that, I’ll be continuing the MP and rank grind.


7 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 2: Grinding MP

  1. I ended up buying a Christmas Sonia as well, partly for the art, partly as a luxury sub/inheritance, and partly because I was nearing max MP and felt like buying something from the shop. I wish I’d realized that Expert had guaranteed spawns; I tried Int a few times and got frustrated at how infrequently they appeared, and then went back to Mythical (since I needed skill ups for Chibi Hera as well). Ultimately I went 5/14, but there was a long drought in the middle where they never even spawned, so it was more painful than the numbers would make it seem.
    My co-op partner still needs one more Wood Jewel, but after that I’m looking forward to farming Z8 and getting back some of the MP I just spent (as well as finally max-skilling a Z8!). Fortunately I’ve got the “harder” half of the team to put together (the one that requires Jize/Mandrake + 2 nukes), which makes things easier for my friend’s side.


    • Sorry if I mislead, but Expert also doesn’t have guaranteed spawns, but you actually get drops at a decent rate at that difficulty opposed to Int where you get almost nothing.


      • Oh okay, gotcha. Yeah, Int was just a wasteland of lv1 Pengdras =/ Also, congrats on the Present Egg drop! I ran that dungeon a ton last week, and never even saw one. I was starting to wonder if they only appeared during actual Christmas..


  2. The idea of using something like Griffin to inherit something that is otherwise off color (e.g. Christmas Ronia) is something I hadn’t thought of before. Wow, that’s actually a REALLY good idea.

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    • Sometimes you have to do desperate things when you’re non-IAP. For what I want to do specifically — farm co-op with Dios — Griffin is a worthwhile investment. g/g Freyja with Avalon Drake assist would be ideal, but the chances of this account ever getting that are slim to none.


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