JP 20-Box Update 3: Zaerog∞ Acquired, Kinda


The Zaerog hunting went well. Now I need to balance my stamina use between clearing the new One-Shot Challenge and getting awakenings — and hopefully some skill ups — for my Zaerog. I also need to eventually evo my Facet.

RIP Kite, your ugly mug won’t be missed. Dragon Rush is actually quite easy to clear with Yomi. Legend Plus on 1.5x drop doesn’t drop Zaerog 100%.


RIP Sleeping Beauty.


I actually screwed up along the way, bought a Badpy through Radar and opened the mail, thinking I could feed it to Satsuki. Nope, already max skilled her; RIP my box space. Instead of wasting the Badpy, I decided to take the risky plan I was trying so hard to avoid by getting the last two materials I needed in the same run (see my last post about overflow space). Luckily, it only took two stones to get the god run that netted me the red fruit and Devilit I needed to finish my last Zaerog. I don’t know if the trade was worth it, but I really didn’t want to waste the Badpy nor sell another card to make space, so at least in the short term it made me feel better. With all the material Zaerogs done, now it’s time to get the real thing.


Apparently Awoken Yomi still does a shitload of damage (sadly, everything else does about 5x more shitloads nowadays).

The team and plan I laid out worked like a charm and I cleared the dungeon the first time. The Shieldra floor makes things quite risky for this team which became apparent as I’ve tried to clear the dungeon more for the awakenings. I don’t think it’s all that difficult to set up the board to kill via Baggi or Satsuki, but it’s also really easy for me to screw up, even after popping a Yomi active.


Everything is ready. That was easier and faster than expected. I can now take it relatively easy until the Summer REM hits. The main goals will be hoarding stones to roll for that Summer Pandora I’ll never get. As for long term goals past this, I’m not sure. I was thinking of lowering this account’s priority again as I think I’ll be busy on NA for at least the next month.

7 thoughts on “JP 20-Box Update 3: Zaerog∞ Acquired, Kinda

  1. A quick question about your dark box: You said you got most of your cards from dark gala? Does that mean you purposely rolled in gala, not godfest most of the time?


    • No, I’d never recommend anyone roll outside a godfest. On this account, I’ve rolled in the last three JP godfests that have overlapped with dark galas which is how I’d recommend doing it. It’s even worse rolling in galas only now as they’re 1.5x instead of 2x like they used to be before the gala exclusives (Gemstone Princesses, Legendary Heroes).


  2. I hope the box limitation isn’t too restrictive for you. Every time I’ve tried it it always led to me being more frustrated with the game as each grind just felt three times worse. It’s even debatable whether it’s a good way to save stones in the first place.


    • It’s called an alt for a reason. I just find it quaint to play the game under a set of restrictions completely opposite of what I’m used to. If it gets bothersome, then I’ll just set it aside again.


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