Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 7/28/16

Since these posts seem fairly popular, I’ll continue to do them while I have time. All content will be hidden after the break. As with all quick thought posts, there’s minimal editing and I might say wrong/stupid things, so please correct me if that’s the case.

The content from this stream is bit lackluster compared to the previous one. Sources: PDX and reddit.

  • The whole Tamazou thing – I know there’s been some decent discussion recently on the means to acquire Tamazou. For those that aren’t aware, if you cleared the last JP One-Shot Challenge in its entirety within an hour of it going live you were given Tamazou who is a pretty nice card for something that is a guaranteed, “free” reward. The main challenge being you had to clear them blind since it was a brand new set of dungeons. The main points of contention were (1) whether this sort of challenge was fair to non-IAP players as it strongly encouraged stoning for stamina and/or continues and (2) that the later levels all had obnoxious element absorb shields, resulting in wasted time and stamina and was an obstacle for non-IAP players that didn’t have the team repertoire to get past them easily. Well, GungHo seems to have taken the complaints to heart and is giving everyone another chance to collect the reward. From the looks of it, it’ll be a single dungeon (solo, no dupes, 99 stamina, 20 floors with random spawns) which you have three hours to complete. Is this more “fair”? Probably, but the most important thing is the perception of fairness. Which is easy to achieve when you first bring out the unfair version then relax the constraints. Well, whatever, all that really matters is that more people will have a good chance of obtaining a nice card.
  • Tamadra farming improvements – It looks like there were two improvements: the 99 stamina dungeon guaranteeing at least one adult tama drop per run and the 50 stamina version being added to the coin dungeons. This is fairly relevant for both my alts who have trouble accumulating tamas (one is 20-box so I can’t stockpile them and the other I can’t play when most urgents are running). This being the only game improvement revealed is a bit disappointing, though. Hopefully this means Super King Carnival or even Thieves’ Den might be added to the coin dungeons in the near future.
  • Fist of the North Star
    • Rei – There aren’t many collab silvers that get uevos so there isn’t much of a precedent for how good they should be, but this still seems underwhelming. In my opinion, considering that they can only be so good, the ideal silver is one that fills a particular niche and does it extremely well, the poster boy being FFCD’s Berserker. Rei is the complete opposite, being decent at a few things but not overly impressive at any of them. The worst part being that he’s still a mediocre lead — too much work for the activation for what you get out of it — and nothing was done to improve him as a sub. That being said, FotNS has one of the best silver selections of any collab (Mamiya, Juza, Thouzer) and these Rei buffs only solidify the lineup.
    • Toki – 2.25/36/1 isn’t really what I was expecting from a uevo. Although considering the parallels Toki’s leader skill has with Raoh, there’s hope that Raoh’s leader skill will be buffed. It follows that Kenshiro would also be buffed and maybe even Yuria (gotta give them a reason to spend that MP).
    • New silvers Shuren and Huey – These are not bad for silvers. Their low cooldowns and multi boosts make them competent SI bases for co-op. Their lack of multiple skill boosts being their only real weakness in that regard, making them generally worse than the Blade Braves (Masamune, Kopis, etc). It also hurts that they probably won’t have skill up fodder, making them not the greatest poverty options, but if that’s the case you probably shouldn’t be rolling in collabs in the first place. At least their base actives have some relevance, both for the orbs and for the enhance (they also make the Sirius brothers’ look pretty bad). I can see Huey having some use on Liu Bei-Dios teams and, by extention, Shuren on Cao Cao teams.
  • Buffs
    • Avalon Drake – Getting new types is always a great thing for a card (unless you’re uuevo Perseus… sigh), but machine type makes AvaD a prime MAthena sub. Rows vs. TPAs aside, the board change and three skill boosts are what is most relevant for co-op farming.
    • Everything else – Whatever. Although the dual attribute lead buffs make me want Persephone even more on my JP alt.
  • Uevos
    • Anima – Wow. This troll gold instantly became one of the top co-op farming leads, bringing a cool unconditional 56.25x for dragons and devils (and a small HP boost). With fire having no shortage of possible subs, this could be the leader that helps the element regain some of its lost ground in the farming department. I’ll leave it up to other people to figure out if he’s actually that useful in that capacity or not. Goemon is a dragon, by the way.
    • Cursed Dragon – Not as important as Anima due to MHera being the the go to dark co-op leader, but still pretty great.
    • Alrescha and Spica – Finally. Unfortunately, only the leader versions were revealed, but the art is pretty nice for both. It’s definitely hard to live up to their original artwork, but after being disappointed so many times in the past, I’ll happily take these. Gotta say I prefer Spica to Alrescha, though. I’d also like to start making Spica clear videos again.
    • Sengoku – I was expecting these sometime this year, but maybe in the winter; fall at earliest. I just thought there were too many other cards that needed the attention more (RIP Indian 2). It does surprise me that there will be split uevos, but I’m all for it if these and Constellation 1 are setting a precedent that future pantheons will get their splits at the same time (although only Constellation 2 is left at this point). There’s speculation that the Akechi split will be balanced (due to YamaP alluding to more dark cards of that type arriving via uevo) which would definitely be a boon for the recent dark-balanced push, but considering that would be his leader form, it remains to be seen if he’ll get any extra awakenings. If that speculation is true, then I’d also like to see what types the other members get and what new teams they could possibly sub on.
    • Izanagi – Izanagi has a long history of being a bad leader. While his awoken helps break that trend, the underlying problem remains: two damage enhances are rarely needed on the same team. SI alleviates this drawback, especially since his new cooldown is six turns, but it’s a flaw nonetheless; all the top cross leaders have base actives that help enable their leader skills. However, if you consider the addition of the RCV boost (4x for gods and balanced), things start to make more sense. At first, the extra healing seems unnecessary due to the heart-cross shield, but what it really means is that he can effortlessly stall for actives with only three hearts. So basically, outside situations where you absolutely need the shield, you can just stall for actives and only match the cross — and use Izanagi’s own active — when you’re ready to burst. This also means if you flub your heart-cross combo, you still have a good chance of surviving which probably makes him the most noob friendly cross lead. I’ve long hated Izanagi, but it’s hard for me to hate any card with a time extend; I’m certainly interested to see if he can make an impact.
  • New GFEs – Sigh. And the 6-stars have system-ready actives. Amazing.
    • Sitri – What is this? A water GFE at 5-star? Considering you can only reliably make two crosses of the same element on a 6×5 board, her ATK multiplier effectively tops out at 81x + whatever her boost to devils is (147.62x for 1.35x, 126.56x for 1.25x). Water actually has a pretty decent devil sub selection lead by Barbarossa, Isis and Hermes.
    • Dantalion – This feels like what Tsubaki should’ve been or at least close to it. Assuming two fire crosses and two heal combos, he (?) tops out at 1350.56x. Two fire crosses: 150.06x. One fire cross and two heal combos: 110.25x. Not going to lie, but I have a hard time evaluating these cross-based, glass cannon type leads. There are a lot of pros and cons when compared to Kenshin, but I feel like I can put them on the same level. In other words, I’m not very excited for this card and would expect more from a 6-star.
    • Paimon – Considering they’re both 6-stars, Paimon seems so much better than Dantalion. Her max multiplier is close to half of Dantalion’s (729x), but I’d gladly trade what is almost always overkill damage for the shield. Granted, making three crosses on a given board is no small task, so it’s not like it comes at no other cost, but she still has a much higher ceiling because of it. The extra time extend is also a nice bonus compared to Dantalion. Like light needed another good heart-cross lead.

17 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the JP Stream 7/28/16

  1. Wouldn’t Izanagi work paired with Miru/Myr? They seem made for each other and would negate having to have 2 spike actives on the team.


    • Yes, it would work, for the most part, but I see little reason to do so. Myr’s strong points are bind immunity and 4 time extends built into her leader skill. Why would you forsake that for an RCV multiplier and damage enhance — both things that you have almost no use for — and a weaker shield?


  2. I am disappointed by Awoken Izanagi purely because Myr exists and I feel like an Awoken REM card should be more powerful than a farmable, even if it IS Myr and she has a uuevo. However at the same time, I’m going to see what videos JP pumps out to get a better handle of his playstyle.

    I’m glad that they buffed SQ, but it’s disappointing to realize it took TWO buffs to get him to the multiplier that Cao Cao and Liu Bei have. They should have just done that from the get-go–SQ has no tankiness, he’s a pure glass cannon lead, just like CC/LB yet he has a x36 instead of a x64 like what gives??? Who made that decision? Changing him to x64 isn’t really going to make him relevant but at the very least he’s more consistent in line with the rest. Matching a row + 4 attributes with ADQXQ also gives x64.

    New GFEs irritates me. At this rate they might as well as pull all the GFEs from the standard REM and make a new permanent REM machine that contains GFE-only, that appears biweekly like godfests do or something. I don’t know and I don’t care but I don’t need more GFEs. It’s hard enough to roll for pantheons as it is. RIP my Akechi that I’ll never get.

    I hope Bride Akechi gets buffed whenever June Bride returns to JP. So like, 2017. Lol.


    • I’ve pretty much come to terms with awokens being disappointing. I’ve had high expectations ever since the awoken Egyptians raised the bar so high, but GungHo seems satisfied with keeping MP and GFE cards at the top of the solo totem pole. Once in a while they’ll let a Lucifer or Pandora slip out, but that’s about it.

      Yeah, I don’t know what they’re thinking with SQ. He might have the same multiplier as Cao Cao and Liu Bei now, but he STILL has to match two attributes to get it. So he couldn’t even use Noah/Mercury in co-op even if they somehow got some more skill boosts. Oh well.

      GFEs… are tolerable to a point, but the fact that there are gala exclusives on top of that makes me want to stop spending money on this game completely. JP has had two GFE machines — one GFE-only and a godfest where only GFEs were featured — so it wouldn’t surprise me if that became more of a trend in the future. And like you said, if they do that then pantheon gods become even scarcer. I agree they should just have a separate machine.

      I don’t want to think what the game would be like right now if Myr wasn’t a thing.

      It looks like bringing season REMs back halfway through the year is becoming a trend so there’s still hope for June Akechi buffs. Of course, it remains to be seen if they’d buff a “5-star” :^)


      • I think they might be having more GFE-only sorts of events/fests in the future, so they’re filling up the pool to have as many GFEs as possible to bloat it up with all sorts of filler, making it that much harder to get Gremory/Kaede/DKali/Eschemali/whatever.

        Not really fond of GungHo intentionally keeping everything underpowered except for 6* GFE and MP cards but if they’re going to keep on digging deeper into the cash-grab pit who am I to say otherwise? The deeper they dig the less inclined I am to IAP in the future. Used to think about IAPing when I got a job, not anymooooooooore.

        I’m still going to play around with Awoken SQ some, if only because he’s cute and his active isn’t terrible. I’m going to be sad if June Akechi goes buff-less. :^(

        Also what are your thoughts on the 5x rates GFE-only godfest coming up in two days? I was thinking of rolling once or twice on Day 2.


        • I’ve played a bit with SQ/Hermes and they’re for sure viable. They do more than enough damage and with a short CD card like Nut in the mix health really isn’t a problem unless you make a mistake. Plays a bit like Tsubaki who I’ve been looking forward to. I ran Linthia a good dozen times coop and it’s a blast. Not invincible. You’re not going to tank your way out of a misstep. I don’t know I must just like glass cannon teams. Krishna is still my fave lead. I put together a XM team and it’s a beast, but it’s just so tedious:)


        • I think the 5x GFE godfest is a trap unless you’re focused on just landing those one or two few cards to complete a team. Even then, it’s still a fraction of a % to land one specific 6-star. Most people will be better served just waiting for the GFE-only REM (assuming it ever hits NA).

          That being said, I rolled in a similar godfest on JP. I had pretty good luck, but I know quite a few people that didn’t so YMMV. I think it’s okay for high rankers to get MP through this while trying for some 6-stars, but for most people (600 and lower) you’re better off just farming that MP manually. I think tossing a roll or two at the machine is just fine, though.


          • I might roll just once for kicks and giggles, now that I think about it I can’t think of any GFEs I’m really dying to own, except Zuoh.


  3. Well, I think the news I’m most pleased with is Anima becoming an OBSCENE lead in Co-op. Like, I’ve always told people to hang onto one of every card in case this exact thing happened, and BOY do I feel vindicated! 😛

    Aside from that, I’m glad that we’re getting a few cross orb leaders in the REM. Like, normally I’d cry foul, but so far the only ones are in a collab that NA will never get so… I can make an exception. And Blue gets a 5* to boot? Seriously pleased with that.

    I had predicted a while ago that there would be a heart cross orb cross leader, but I’m surprised it happened so soon. I think that they have the potential to be the next jump in powercreep, as that kind of damage PLUS a heart cross for survivability, AND the potential to set up a system… Just… yeah.

    Hoping that this is the end of the crosses for GFEs though. These 3 finish the set that Gremory and Ronove started, so I hope that GH can move onto something new. And yet… IDK. I’m actually pretty happy that GH has made a new mechanic after so long, and it’s actually good, and they’re actually supporting it. Like, I wanted poison to be the next big thing, and after that, I wanted jammers to be the next big thing… but people complaining killed the mechanics, and while support for jammers has slowly been coming out in farmables and collabs, poison support has pretty much died off.

    In before Jammer Cross meta.

    Side note: All I think it would take for the Jammer meta to be a thing is for a lead whose LS added a permanent chance for jammers to spawn. With that and a decent multiplier, I think there’s a shot.

    Side side note: Awoken Arc Angels are perfect for heart crosses. Think Red riding hood, a natural HP and RCV multiplier, with a heart cross tacked on, for effectively 9/x/9. With how fast the meta’s moving, I don’t think it’s even un-balanced at this point.


    • I got Anima in the last godfest and thought really hard about whether to sell him for MP. On the one hand, he was crap. On the other hand, I didn’t have one and I didn’t need the MP. Kept him. Best decision ever.


  4. Rao/Cao? I know you’ve used the hell out of him too:) 2/48/1.5 at 8 orbs seems insanely strong.


    • Yeah, it looks like it could be a good combination. However, it feels like the places you’d want to use it would be very limited, to places where the extra healing is absolutely necessary, just like Raoh-Freyr in the past. In most cases you’ll just want to run double Raoh so you won’t be hampered by the extra orbs required for activation nor the active-reliant clause. At first the active requirement doesn’t seem so steep since Raoh basically uses an active every turn anyways, but losing the haste out of your leader slot does make it more difficult to constantly chain actives. I don’t really see myself using this leader pair — which is more a function of co-op dominating everything at this point — but I’m curious to see if it’ll see any widespread use.


      • This is correct, he’s a 36x lead now.

        Disappointed? I mean, there’s only so much one can expect and I’m glad he got any buffs at all. A 180% buff to damage is nothing to scoff at, but I’m not sure how relevant it makes him considering there’s been so much power creep in the past couple of months. He was at his best as a solo farming lead for difficult content, but now that co-op dominates farming and there are so many OP leads for it, he’ll probably get lost in the shuffle.


        • I still like him. But I guess it’s more efficient putting him on an A.Caocao team right?

          But then I suppose he’s just an over-glorified Antares isn’t he?


          • Yeah, I wouldn’t use him as a sub. So, unless there’s some dungeon that he’s particularly good fit for as a leader, I don’t see much use for him going forward. Co-op has pretty much antiquated so many leads.

            But, yeah, I still like him too.


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