JP 20-Box Update 4: Go Away, Ronove


A fairly uneventful update, the only major event being the godfest.

Since Last Update


I saved up six rolls in hopes of finally landing Pandora, but of course I’m relegated to non-IAP hell and never getting what I really want. The Freyja is a bit depressing as she’d go great on my NA alt. I’ve also rolled three Ronoves in my past 15 or so tries. Which is only slightly annoying because I can’t really use any 5-star GFEs anyways so which specific one I rolled is irrelevant, but it’s easy to get triggered about poor rolls when they’re all the same card. At the very least they’ll convert nicely to MP, allowing me to buy emergency evo mats; or maybe I can even dream of saving up for a Xin Hua. Now to start the stone grind again for the Summer REM… to be honest maybe I should just save for the long haul and hope the dark-heavy Halloween REM gets some nice upgrades.

Just wait, whenever Ronove hits NA I won’t be able to roll him for the life of me.


The only other thing worth talking about is that I finally evoed my Facet. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with her.

The Near Future and Managing Pys

I’ve definitely been playing this account less lately which is mostly a function of my overall PAD time decreasing with the majority of what’s remaining being dedicated to my NA alt. I really should be farming Zaerog skill ups every chance I get, but really, running that dungeon with a dark team is soul crushing. It doesn’t help that I went 0/12 on skill ups.

The big event I’m waiting for is the Summer REM so I can finally buy Claire. Until then, the main resource I have to manage are my Pys. Orochi is 4/5, Facet is 3/5 and Zaerog is 1/10. Here is my current Py breakdown, counting rewards that should hit in the near future:

  • 1 Badpy in mail (from PAD Radar)
  • 1 random Py dungeon in mail
  • 5 random Py dungeon stream rewards
  • 1 Bubpy stream reward
  • 39 rainbow stones in PAD Radar (basically 4 Pys)

That’s convenient; I need 12 skill ups and I have fairly easy access to 12 Pys. Since Claire is the only card I’m expecting to pick up in the near future and is easy to farm skill ups for, I can dedicate all my Pys to my current cards. However, there’s no need to be hasty. Basically, being able to store rewards in the mail is extremely valuable so I should conserve those as much as possible. Whereas stream rewards generally have to be used as soon as you get them so I should really only plan on using those for now. Especially since none of the cards in question need immediate skill ups.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Orochi: Bubpy stream reward, obviously.
  • Facet: Extremely low priority, might just wait for more Challenge Dungeons or stream rewards (or, perish the thought, farm actual skill up fodder). There’s some consideration in putting one of the stream rewards here so I can use one of the mail rewards to finish her off in an emergency, but I just don’t see myself needing her on such short notice (especially since I’d need to farm the Tans for SI, too).
  • Zaerog: Whatever is leftover will go here. Most likely all 5 of the random Pys dungeons, so that’ll leave my Zaerog at 6/10. Since I’m still struggling for team cost, there’s no rush to max him.
  • I going to try keeping the Py dungeon and Radar rewards in the mail for a rainy day. I’ll likely redeem Badpys in Radar as I get the orbs since I don’t really need anything else from there (thanks to all the +297 stream rewards JP gets).


3045 - 十本刀”明王”, Yukyuzan AnjiIn other news, I have a major regret in not picking up a Yukyuzan Anji, even if it was just a single one to throw Pys into later. Yeah, that farmable guy from the Kenshin collab. It’s hard to be on top of things for three accounts at once, so this just slipped through the cracks.

One of this account’s biggest weaknesses are PreDRA and similar, high defense floors since I have no multi-target laser or poison. He’s effectively a 100k laser when hypered with the upside of his defense void carrying to the next floor (useful for things like tamas and such). He also has good awakenings for a collab trash drop; a TPA and skill boost. He’s also in dark, something of particular importance since my box can’t really use SI and the teams need every bit of on-color damage they can get. What would I cut for him? Probably Lilith, even if it pains me to swap her out with an ugly looking dude.

So, in short, be sure to pick this guy up whenever Kenshin hits NA. Who knows when and where he’ll be useful, but the effect is certainly powerful (like he can already be useful in Zaerog Mythical Plus to easily deal with floors 7-9).


7 thoughts on “JP 20-Box Update 4: Go Away, Ronove

  1. After so many Void defense cards/Laser in the recent collabs in NA, this is the card I’m looking to farm…Yukyuzan Anji, hopefully the sword drops won’t be as annoying.. if he was a devil type, oh man, that’d be too good.


  2. Maybe you get lucky and bleach rolls around again and you can get mayuri. Low key one of the best things I’ve farmed since a z8


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