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I received the transfer code for this account on July 2nd, but have only been playing it in earnest for about three weeks. I’ve gone from rank 428 to 511, 0 to 70 stones, farmed over 300k MP, max skilled a couple dozen cards and hypered about a half dozen. I’ve only spent one stone on stamina so far and that was for farming skill ups. Not bad work for a month of non-IAP, if I do say so myself.

I’ve pretty much reached the end of abusing the Zaerog∞ dungeon. Assuming 60k EXP per run (a bit less when you get a latent invade), you can rank until about 510 off natural stamina refreshes; a bit more if you count overflow EXP and natural stamina regen. I’ve only been able to accomplish so much in this short time due to this dungeon so it’s a shame that the ride is just about over. While it’s still possible to rank up continuously past this off things like MHera and SUDR, the overall rewards aren’t as great, in my opinion. Zaerog is a literal cornucopia of resources — MP, rank EXP, Super Kings, +eggs — so it’ll be a shame to finally have to end it. I do see myself returning to this dungeon eventually, but that’ll be when I’m more comfortable burning stones on stamina. Right now, the highest priority is accumulating stones for a good godfest, so I just don’t have that option. Anyways, for anyone in the 400s or lower, I strongly recommend finding a way to farm this dungeon.

It’s been really rewarding playing this account so far. For a long time, I felt like I had all this knowledge on how to play a low ranked, non-IAP account efficiently and successfully, but just never wanted to play an account past the arduous early game and get trolled by the REM slot machine along the way (not to mention rerolling looks absolutely horrible now). So I’m thankful for the opportunity to play this account and prove that even though I’m heavy-IAP, much of what I’ve learned about the game is still applicable to the average account.

Rank 500


This isn’t much of an accomplishment these days, but it still feels good to hit a milestone. Then I think about how rank 500 is about 1/9th of the rank EXP of my main account and I wonder how the fuck I fit so much PAD in my life. Then I think about the players around rank 1000 — at least 5x my total EXP — and wonder how they fit so much PAD into their lives.

Farming Zaerog with Liu Bei

Farming Zaerog with Liu Bei is much, much easier than with my ghetto MZeus team (thank you to the various JP YouTube videos for the team ideas), making it quite easy to multitask. The most obvious way to improve the player 2 team would be to finish the fourth Dios so I don’t have to bother with matching the Sonia board.

Past that, there has to be a way to make further optimizations. Clearing floor 6 — a trash floor on par with the first two — with a Dios board is overkill and a waste of time. However, fitting in another nuke isn’t the simplest thing as you’d need to balance skill boosts, team damage and dealing with a possible change in turn order.

Another consideration would be the wasted turn no-matching on Zaerog. I could burst through the shield with MZeus because he was effectively 6x on Zaerog due to the killer and elemental weakness; I’m not sure if the same is possible with a Dios board and I’m too lazy to do the math. Maybe an enhanced Dios board?

Considering my Zaerog run is just about over, I’m not going to put in the effort to further optimize the team, but I may revisit it in the future, especially as we get get better subs (like dark Fafnir).

Swimming in Latents



It’s very tempting to just fuse them for +eggs. Considering this account has so much box space, there’s no real rush to use them.

Finally, Uevo MZeus


This was a long time coming, but I finally found the time to farm the Gold Keepers. I could really use those Light Jewels on my main account…

Max Skill Baal


This was the one thing I used a stamina refresh on, thinking it would take forever to get all the skill ups. However, this account has been clutch with important skill ups and Baal was finished in about 25 feeds. There’s no pressing need for him, but he’ll play an important role on this account’s future MZeus teams, especially when I get around to maxing some of the other cards on this account.

What to Spend MP On?

2594 - Anti-God Machine, Ragnarok DragonAt this point, there aren’t any MP cards that are a good fit for this account. Not only do I not have many good subs for them, but even if I did they just don’t seem worth the cost. The only one I’m considering at this point is Ragnarok Dragon who can potentially fit on Liu Bei and a future MAthena team. He might actually be the best overall MP card right now; crazy I know.

As for seasonal or collab cards, there isn’t much, either. This account already has Claire and Xmas Sonia. NY Ama isn’t much of an upgrade over her Awoken form. HKali, pending buffs, is pretty much useless (although I do have a Sephiroth…). No support for Yuria and she didn’t get buffs anyways. I’m probably forgetting something, but I feel like it can’t be too important if I did.

The other option is to just buy SDRs. Since I’m planning to mostly run Dios-based teams, the SDRs aren’t all that important since in most cases you can just protect them from delays with long inherited skills, but I’d definitely like a few to use just in case. I don’t really see PreDRA Infestation being a realistic option for this account, so in the end this might be a worthwhile use. I’ll need to decide on pulling trigger before this half-price event ends at the end of the week. Here’s hoping they reveal the rest of the Summer REM updates in the next couple of days (in the very unlikely case Claire gets a big enough buff where it’s worth getting another or they add another MP card).

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

Immediate Liu Bei

  • Jormungandr – Two skill boosts + poison, coming 8/4
  • Dios #4 – Beorc in Challenge until Sunday, dungeon 8/7
  • Michael – Another reason to do Beorc?
  • Tengu – Needed for SI
  • Ra #2 – ANeeded for SI
  • Spica – Perseus substitute, wait for biweekly to come back or farm Myr

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Persephone – Change to Awoken form
    • Beelzebub – Devil Rush
    • Indigo
  • Jize – Legelonte
  • Loki – Biweekly this week (int)
  • Claire
  • Dill Sirius – DC…
  • Grisar – Devil Rush


  • MZeus
  • DQXQ – Sadly, no light carnival in coins
  • Venus – MZeus
  • Thouzer
  • Vaan

Long Term Liu Bei

  • Christmas Alraune
  • Fafnir – Mechdragons
  • Armadel – Scarlet
  • Hanuman
  • Bartz
  • Goemon #2 – Summer Goemon instead?


  • Scarlet – Maybe Cao Cao someday
  • Surtr
  • Elia
  • Gainaut
  • Volsung
  • Nordis
  • Aamir
  • Christmas Echidna


  • Myr – No subs after DQXQ and Saria, but amusingly still might be this account’s best solo lead.
  • Amaterasu
  • Sakuya
  • Kagutsuchi – MHera
  • Bastet Ace
  • LValk Ana

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  1. 70 stones in 3 weeks? At rank 400+ I would assume that most of the content has already been cleared before you started playing the account.


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